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    Dear Editor:

    I really think that the new paper in Boro Park, the Boro Park View is
    wrong for stealing your name. You guys have been in Boro Park under
    The TV Vues, The Vues and now the Jewish Vues. How can they steal your
    Bracha Cohen from Boro Park
    Editor’s Note: As we wrote last week we are the ones being imitated that shows what and who we are. Of Course it is not right of them to steal our idea but we will continue to provide you the best Jewish view in the Jewish Vues.



    Dear Editor:

    Did you guys open a new paper in Boro Park? You just changed the format before Pesach and my entire family loves it. Why would you change your format again?
    Meilich Singer from Boro Park

    Editor’s Note: See response above.



    Dear Editor:

    If a new magazine wanted to open in Boro Park, why do they have to take your name? I really hope they don’t take business away from your paper. My family has been reading The Vues for over 40 years and we look forward to it every week. It’s just wrong. You would think that a frum publication would not do something like this.
    Chanie E. from Kensington

    Editor’s Note: See response above.



    Dear Editor:

    It is my expectation that President Trump is going to do all of us a big favor and decide some time in early-to-mid 2020 not to run for re-election in part because of an economic slow-down.  When that happens, I hope that the Republicans will nominate someone of good character such as Nikki Haley or Carly Fiorina.

    Personally, I don’t know what I find to be more despicable about the guy–the way that he makes fun of and insults people’s physical appearance, or the way that he views women in a not proper way.


    Stewart B. Epstein

    P.S. By way of background, I am a retired college professor of Sociology, Social Work, and Psychology who loved teaching and loved his students and who still enjoys informing, teaching, and educating people when I believe that I have something to offer to them. That is why I write these letters.

    I taught at West Virginia University and Slippery Rock University.


    Editor’s Note: What does you background have to do with your hate of Trump? Could it be that the Colleges of the USA espouse leftist views thereby you besmirch Trump this way? When a liberal like Clinton was in the White house, where were you then?



    Dear Editor:

    I’ve heard chosson cigarettes are given so that the chosson’s friends shouldn’t put an ayin hara on the shidduch. Why doesn’t this apply to girls? We could give out jewelry or something…whatever the equivalent of cigarettes are for girls.

    Lucy H

    Editor’s Note: Number one, there should not be cigarettes or Juuls given out at all. Are you sure you are not a feminist trying to be equal to men and that is why you are jealous about cigarettes? Get with the program: men and women are different.




    Dear Editor:

    City leaders want to further limit where homeless people can sleep on the sidewalks of Los Angeles. Isn’t this grand of them. I guess it’s still okay to clutter our sidewalks with electric scooters. The use of these devices endangers pedestrians (which include seniors and the physically challenged), taxpayers who have funded these sidewalks. I can barely walk down a street without these scooters blocking my path. How shameful that we value scooters more than people. Please do not reelect any of these city leaders.

    Sruly L

    Editor’s Note: What do you have to say about bicycles and motorized vikes that don’t obey any city rules?



    Dear Editor:

    I was pleased to hear the announcement that carmakers will have a built-in reminder to take out the baby from the back seat. This is a great invention as too many of our children have dies in the car. Now if we can only create a law to help the babies from not being killed at birth what a sick state we live in that they are ready to kill babies, but if you kill an animal you get arrested.

    Judy K

    Editor’s Note: I could not have said it any better.


    Dear Editor

    Is the rise in hate crimes in Flatbush and Brooklyn related to the campaign to register the Jewish Vote for the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party’s agenda is to support late term killing babies, murder, gender fluidity, toeiva pride… immorality.

    The Socialist agenda …stealing. Taking from the rich to give to the poor. Corrupt Judges and legislation whose leftist bias is against G-d’s Laws. Empowering those who want Israel and Jews destroyed off the map,  like the Quad and Al Sharpton…etc..

    Let’s not forget the Democrats push and support for the Iran Deal.

    Major Jewish organizations were effectively silent. There was a Token protest.  Was it coincidence that this lack of protest was followed by $80 million freed up for Yeshivas?

    By registering as a Democrat, we automatically become a partner and complicit and give legitimacy to the Democratic Party and their platform and will be held accountable for the erosion of the Foundation of Universal Morality;  Hashem’s  Laws for Non Jews, namely the 7 Noahide Laws. 

    This political campaign to register as Democrats isn’t “practical”.

    A better word is betrayal or disloyal as President Trump put it.

    Why are we in shock when they normalize their “values” and push their “values” on our kids be it in the local library and textbooks and education requirements as we do nothing of substance to raise awareness as per the danger of the immoral compass of the Democratic Party and its leaders.

    Joining all the other private schools to protest the “new” educational standards and curriculum requirements being rammed down our throats without openly addressing the anti G-d content will ultimately fail. Do you not care about all the students in public schools indoctrinated with anti G-d values. Will it not come one day to haunt us as we see quite clearly as is happening today with today’s millennial’s social justice values and norms which are also anti Israel, considered as the norm and acceptable?

    We sadly can agree that registering as Democrats “influences” policy.

    Registering as a Democrat strengthens Democrats and empowers them and not the opposite.

    We now have to choose between Ms. Boylan and Mr. Nadler, or Tiffany Caban and Melinda Katz. Mr. Nadler, who supported the Iran Deal, is the moderate and Melinda Katz, who hosted a CAIR unity event, is the moderate.  There is no thought to find a real pro Israel, Pro Judea and Samaria moderate since the bar and expectation is so low. By their definition and based on slander, being pro Judea and Samaria is being extreme. 

    We the Jews empower Democrats. We as G-d fearing Jews, a  Mamlechet Kohanim veGoy Kadosh, a Kingdom of Priests and a a Holy Nation,  remain silent and do not cry out in protest against their anti G-d agenda.

    Where is the outcry against late term abortions or against Toeiva Pride and Gender Fluidity and all the defense of Al Sharpton by the Democratic Presidential candidates,  the one that invited the pogrom in Crown Heights. I am not exaggerating when I call it a pogrom. I personally have a friend who was there who described it as such.

    This “partnership” will work so long as we can remain their useful idiots. That is, keeping the Democrats in power. When we are no longer useful, the entitlements end. This is the price we need to pay for the funding of newspapers ads and Yeshivas security. Seriously, it is short lived. 

    If you don’t believe me, try it.  Try speaking out against their LBJTQ Toeiva Pride, Gender Fluidity platform. Will you lose the funding for being insensitive in promoting and expressing Biblical religious values and norms?

    If so, the funding came from a bad place. If not, great! BH it was sincere. 

    $60 million dollars for  “security”? Who, if not G-d, protects us?

    $30 million for Stem. Nobody loves computer education than myself but we can be moichel if it means we need to zip our mouth about Israel’s protection and values that are dear to us. 

    I know that I am only touching on the tip of all our entitlements and funding for very worthy causes whose sources of funding I suspect comes from very unKosher sources with an agenda. But please, I beg you to prove me wrong. 

    Please reflect upon these recent newspaper articles in the most pro Israel pro Orthodox leaning, politically conservative Jewish papers by pro Israel albeit political leaders encouraging Jews to register as Democrats.

    Do you really want to be known one day as the Jewish leader who sold Israel and Torah down the drain in order to keep political “influence”?

    Please reflect how come davka in NY where there are the largest concentration of Torah observers and Orthodox Jews, the City Council and State Assembly are all Democrats. It did not happen in a vacuum. These Democrats were voted into office unopposed as per our own advocacy or lack of.

    I am not judging anyone since I am not in your shoes. It’s easy for someone like myself to be critical.

    I have no real interest or desire to run for office. G-d will judge me if I could have done more.

    But if Hashem gave you leadership qualities, to influence, you will be judged whether you influenced l’Chaim or leMaves, l’Tov or l’Ra.

    I am a child of Holocaust survivors. I remember the disdain my parents had for the Kapo in our neighborhood, the one that partnered with the Nazis.

    You are all good people but there comes a point when we become entrapped to a point of no return. I don’t want that to happen to you.

    We are not at the point where we are completely at the mercy of the Democratic Party.  However in New York and California it is very close, especially  if we continue to encourage voters to register as Democrats. So what can we do? Is there a better alternative?

    Resign from the Democratic Party en masse. Speak out as a Jew about the 7 Noahide laws and how the Platform of the Democratic Party is in direct conflict with G-d’s laws.

    Put all your efforts in supporting the Republican party and Republican candidates this November and watch as the Democratic party changes its tune to put  their most Israel loving candidates to run for office. You will have raised the bar and thereby seriously challenge and threaten the radical leftist Democrats,  way better than by registering Jews as Democrats. 

    However, don’t be duped. The extremists will lie low and you will be deceived as they try to buy you once again as they know that your support is the key to their success!  Good Jews like yourselves supporting them, feeds and nurtures the Sitra Acher. 

    Nationally, if Trump is defeated along with the Republican party candidates, we are totally at the mercy of Democrats and not only will our $60 million for security be useless, we will need to run for our lives with nothing but the shirts on our backs if history proves to repeat itself chas veShalom.

    Boruch P

    Editor’s Note: The frum Jews are a small minority in NYC if we fight from within the party we may have a chance to succeed but to secede from the party is basically giving up as NY will never be a Republican town.




    Dear Editor:

    Last night was the 2020 Democratic Debate or as I call them charade. If you watched these debates and didn’t know what time you were living in, you would think that America was right now in the Great Depression. However, the reality is that we are actually in the middle of the Great Expansion. We are in a time period of the biggest economic expansion that this country has ever had. Before Trump became president, people said that there would be recessions and a Great Depression, but all of that is false. Day after day, record after record, you see the economic success that is helping our middle class like never before. President Trumps focus on middle and low income families is not surprising. Former President of the NYC Council, Democrat Andrew Stein, wrote an op-Ed a few weeks ago that stated what Trump did as a civilian to help low income communities. He said that Trump invested a lot of money to help many African American communities. He said that he called Trump a lot of times to ask him for money to help these people. From civilian Trump to President Trump, there hasn’t been a difference. Trump is still the same giver he was, as he is today. Democrats complained about the inherent foundation of our country as racist and the “ongoing segregation”. Isn’t it hypocritical that these are the same Democrats that want to strain relations with African Americans and Whites, by supporting reparations? History has moved on, this is not a racist country. We might have our own personal problems with people, but that’s not what our country is. Democrats attempted to cite made up numbers about white supremacy in our nation, but they come up short giving real solutions. Democrats said that the biggest existential threat to our nation right now is, Climate Change. However, the biggest existential threat to our country right now is the opioid crisis. Hundreds of thousands of people died from opioids last year. This is caused by smuggling from our southern border and is even caused by Medicaid Expansion Programs. Yes, the Medicaid Expansions gave easier access and lower pricing to many individuals, but it also gave much easier access to the drug causing this problem, fentanyl. The Democrats love to lecture America, but maybe it is time to listen to America. Instead of undermining the votes that Donald Trump received in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and etc, respect the success in this nation and start giving real solutions. Democrats should stop the false drama and instead should start to blot out their false narratives!
    Donny Simcha Guttman

    Editor’s Note: As always your opinion is appreciated and to be commended.



    Dear Editor:

    I just saw that the NYC DOE gave permission to students to miss school to be able to protest climate change. What’s next? May students protest against straight lifestyle? Since when is our education dept. taking political sides? Is the next thing abolishing religion?
    Shimon Z

    Editor’s Note: This sounds ridiculous I wonder if the DOE will allow students to be absent when they protest against their teachers etc.



    Dear Editor:

    Senator Felder issued this statement on the Mayor’s announcement that NYC will no longer charge homeowners for sidewalks damaged by street trees.

    “I am happy to commend the Mayor for taking the leadership to correct a longstanding wrong that infuriated New Yorkers. Those of us who have fought these violations and fines for many years predating this administration are glad to see this arbitrary and unfair policy go.”

     Thank you.

    Editor’s Note: How about the City should stop issuing bogus sidewalk summons that require the homeowners to shell out thousands of dollars to pay for new sidewalks at the whim of some inspector.