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    Dear Editor

    Senator Felder is co-sponsoring legislation to combat the rampant problem of robocalls. It prohibits any person or entity from generating robocalls to any telephone number owned by a New Yorker without prior consent and requires telephone companies to provide New York consumers with free call blocking technology. During the last session, the Robocall Prevention Act (S3297) was passed in the State Senate, but was not taken up in the Assembly. 

    “The average person who comes home at the end of a busy workday, or mothers and caretakers who are home all day with children and family, are bombarded and literally harassed by nonstop robocalls,” said Senator Simcha Felder. “Moreover, what began as an all-to-common annoyance has devolved into a public hazard. People are being conned and victimized to the tune of millions of dollars. With a new scam every few weeks, preying on seniors and vulnerable New Yorkers now is the time to take serious action.” 

    Nationwide, robocalls topped over 47 billion in 2018. Consumer Reports estimates that 40 percent of robocalls are scams that generate more than $350 million in annual losses. Through April 2019, the NYPD had received over 200 complaints of losses totaling more than $2 million, up from only three similar complaints in 2018.

    The Robocall Prevention Act aims to curb unwanted robocalls in New York by enacting stringent new restrictions, requirements and penalties that include:

    Requiring telephone companies make free call blocking technology available to customers 

    Prohibiting fraudulent “spoofing” using disguised numbers

    Granting the State Attorney General new enforcement powers to go after scammers with harsh penalties for violators who would face fines as high as $2,000 per illegal robocall

    Giving New Yorkers the right to sue illegal robocallers

    “Taken all together, this bill is the toughest action taken by any state in the nation to deal with robocalls. New Yorkers deserve nothing less,” concluded Senator Felder.

    Sheri T

    Editor’s Note: This needs to be put on the phone companies to take care of we pay for their services why should this not be part of basic service to stop robo calls.



    Dear Editor:

    2 days ago from when I wrote this letter, Speaker Pelosi announced the beginning of an impeachment inquiry into President Trump. This whole episode started with a whistleblower who said that they had concerns in a call between President Trump and newly elected Ukrainian President Zelensky. The Democrats claimed that Trump pressured President Zelensky to investigate Biden, despite the fact that Zelensky said a few days ago that no one has pressured him. Trump asked him to do this because Ukraine is known for the corruption in their government, but last year, a political outsider promised to get rid of corruption in Ukraine and was elected in a landslide. President Trump wanted to follow the Democrats Golden Rule that, “No one is above the Law.” When Biden was Vice President, he got a prosecutor who was looking into Biden’s sons company, who made a nice income, fired. Biden as Vice President, threatened to withhold 1 billion dollars that the United Stated was supposed to give to Ukraine if this prosecutor wasn’t fired. In 2017, Biden in a public interview admitted that he was the reason that this prosecutor got fired. If you read the transcript of Trump and Zelenskys call, it shows that Biden wasn’t the only conversation that they had, they also talked about energy independency, strengthening each other’s economies and etc. The Democrats want to impeach someone based on political biases. Their entire basis for impeachment is the whistleblower. However, not only was this whistleblower someone who didn’t even listen to Trump and Zelenskys conversation directly, this whistleblower also has a political bias in favor of one of Trumps opponents as an IG report confirms. This information is not secret, these are the facts that Democrats are refusing to look at. Pelosi announced impeachment before seeing the transcripts, and before hearing the head of the DNI speak about this. People say that this the end of Trump, but no, it actually is a guarantee of the re-election of Trump. President Trumps White House has been very transparent in this entire episode. While Biden gaffes all day, he gets a free pass for putting our national security under risk. Ultimately, are you really surprised that the same person who said before the passing of ObamaCare, “We need to pass the bill, so you know what’s inside of it,” to start an investigation before knowing the facts?!
    As a Republican, thank you to Speaker Pelosi for the over 5 million dollars raised in one day and for reenergizing the Trump base.
    Donny Simcha Guttman

    Editor’s Note: The Democrats are just letting hate cloud their minds.



    Dear Editor:

    All these climate change activists should stop using electronic devices no air condition and all other things that they claim causes the world to be destroyed. They are very good at telling other people to lose their jobs but they won’t change their own life style.

    Boruch G

    Editor’s Note: Progressives are big on do as I say not do as I do.



    Dear Editor:

    The Democrats are up in arms that Trump is trying to collect all homeless in California and house them in Federal buildings. What is going on is the Democrats policy to do everything the opposite of Trump?

    Editor’s Note: You got it! They will cut off their noses if Trump likes it.




    Dear Editor:

    I am so tired of hearing the Democrats waste money and resources to impeach the President. Could it be that they know he will win in 2020 otherwise why waste time on it we are almost at the next election?

    Editor’s Note: They could not stop him the regular way so they wil try everything at their disposal.




    Dear Editor:

    Trump only thinks Republicans are idiots. If they give him a free pass to get away with his Ukrainian caper, I’d say there’s some pretty good evidence he’s right.

    Barbara Carlton

    Editor’s Note: Time will tell.




    Dear Editor:

    Once again, there’s another opinion piece by a Republican noting that the Senate will never vote to remove Trump from office. If Trump continues to show poor numbers in the polls, there should be a growing number of astute Republican senators willing to make Mike Pence the new president. Then he or some other stable Republican could be the party’s nominee in 2020.

    Jordan Austin

    Dear Editor: Wishful thinking.



    Dear Editor:

     “U.S. House of Representatives: Impeachment inquiry set;” and “Brexit: PM broke law, British court rules.”

    Two leaders of great democracies stand accused of trying to act above the law, and that happens while both are at the United Nations where they and other world leaders were castigated by a 15-year-old for failing to act to protect her and all her generation’s futures.

    Bad day? No, actually a great day because democracy is working.

    Alonzo B.

    Editor’s Note: Or is it what the gemara says that when Moshiach comes there will be a lot of chutzpah.




    Dear Editor:

    For the Democrats to announce a redundant impeachment inquiry while our president was making a powerful speech at the United Nations touting America’s success was despicable and harms our national interests. Not to wait to see the transcript and speculate on what was said to the fawning media will backfire like a loaded cigar.

    It seems there is no end to how low they will go to try to emasculate President Donald Trump and deny him what was an incredible victory. The duality of this performance is to also knock out former Vice President Joe Biden, because he is not progressive enough and aging in front of everyone’s eyes. The so-called whistleblower has already hired the attorneys who advertise for anyone who can spill dirt on Trump. Watch closely as the president’s poll numbers continue to climb steadily to a second term, much to the left’s chagrin.

    Anton Skell

    Editor’s Note: I couldn’t agree with you more.




    Dear Editor:

    I heard there was a fire in Uman. I hope everyone is okay.

    Boruch J.

    Editor’s Note: It was a small fire and everyone is okay B”H.



    Dear Editor:

    I read this on Matzav: Joe Biden may be the front-runner among Democratic presidential hopefuls, but the former vice president isn’t cutting it with Rep. Ilhan Omar.

    “There are few people who fit into the kind of progress that we all want to see in this country,” ​the Minnesota Democrat told The Guardian on Saturday. “And I would say he is not one of them.​”​

    ​Omar, speaking at the People’s Presidential Forum in Iowa, said the country needs to elect a president who understands that “we are fighting for the very soul of our democracy and what society we want to become.”

    “I think it has been very clear to many of the people who have been creating the kind of movement that is exciting generations, that we want somebody who really has a plan that is going to tackle a lot of the systematic challenges that we have, and he doesn’t​,” the first-year lawmaker said. ​

    I guess she will not be happy until we put in a Fascist Moslem.

    Sury K

    Editor’s Note: Why give her credence. She is not somebody we use as a barometer.