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Dear Editor:
I don’t understand how there could be so many siyumim in the nine days but during the rest of the year there are very few. I feel that if there would be as many siyumim during the rest of the year then Mashiach would come and we would not need to celebrate the nine days anymore.


Editor’s Note: You make a good point. But it definitely is better to make siyumim than not to make siyumim at all!

Dear Editor:
I wanted to make a siyum in Flatbush but not one restaurant was ready to serve meat. Why do the hashgachos not allow siyumim in their restaurants? Why can’t people take the food to go?


Editor’s Note: This question you will have to pose to the hashgachos. It stands to reason that they want everyone to keep to halacha. That is probably why many hashgachos will not allow television into their stores.

Dear Editor:
Please have your readership remember to drive safely. We have seen way too many accidents on the NY 17 this summer.


Editors Note: Couldn’t have said it any better than you. Everyone must be extremely vigilant when driving in the country.

Dear Editor:
Page 12 of the Vues for 7/1 5-7/21/17 mentions an article on Rav H. Schachter in “last week’s issue”. I searched in 3 weeks worth of issues but could not find it. Is it only in “country vues”? Kindly send it to me and please consider publishing it in the City Vues. Thanks

Gavriel G.

Editor’s Note: Please go to thevuesonline.com and you will find all the amazing articles that have been printed in all versions of the Vues. We will also I”yh be reprinting this article in the city in the fall.

Dear Editor:
I loved the Hey Taxi! article by Rabbi Steinfeld in last week’s edition. I love when the rabbi quotes Rabbi Zilbershtein.

David Goldberg

Editor’s Note: Rabbi Steinfeld’s definitely enjoying your feedback. Keep reading and enjoying.

Dear Editor:
Do you know if Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss is giving a shiur this summer in the Woodbourne shul? Last summer I went numerous times on Thursday nights and I enjoyed them. I haven’t seen the rabbi at the Woodbourne shul this summer.

Editor’s Note: I would suggest you contact Rabbi Jungreis at the Woodbourne shul. He would be better equipped to answer this question.

Dear Editor:
Who makes up your parsha bonus question of the week? Every week I ask my Rebbi for the answer and he even has a hard time with the answers sometimes.

Editor’s Note: This question cannot be answered because it would mean giving away our trade secrets!

Dear Editor:
I went this past Sunday to the Hit 4 HASC tournament in Monticello field in memory of LOBO. I enjoyed myself very much and miss LOBO very much. I can’t wait to see the LOBO tribute edition of The Country Vues at the end of the summer.

Joe G.

Editor’s Note: We are looking forward to that issue as well. Who can believe how quickly the summer is flying by?

Dear Editor:
I just want to tell you that my family looks forward to your Fun Question of the Week. We really love the 3 dinner guest question and love the answers even more. Keep up the good work.

Shoshie from Green Tree Acres

Editor’s Note: You keep reading and enjoying and we’ll keep writing!