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    Dear Vues Master:
    Dear Friend,
    We are a group most comfortable operating behind the
    scenes, doing what we do, not stepping out into the
    limelight or writing letters. But we are reaching out to
    you, our dear brothers and sisters, because we need you.
    But who are we? Some people call us heroes. Some
    say we’re courageous. Some might call us “Supermen.
    “ We feel uncomfortable with these titles. So who are
    we? Simply put, we’re family. We’re a band of brothers
    – your brothers. We’re people who undertook to be
    part of a group that is devoted 24/7 to all of you. We
    are Hatzolah. As members of Hatzolah, we often have
    to make certain decisions, putting other people’s lives
    before the time we get to spend with our family, but,
    of course, we know that there is no greater honor, no
    greater deed, no greater zechus that stopping whatever
    we are doing and going to help someone in a medical
    crisis. Our families feel the same way, too. They know
    how important and necessary our work is, and they
    encourage us, with amazing selflessness and altruism, to
    keep stepping out there, day after day and night after
    night, to help others they don’t even know. Because
    that’s what Hatzolah does. You are fortunate when you
    don’t need our services, but when you do, you should
    be comforted by the knowledge that we are always just
    a phone call away, ready and eager to drop everything,
    putting our lives on hold, for you. For every single one
    of you. All year, when people are in need, they turn to
    Hatzolah. At this time, Hatzolah is turning to you. On
    May 25th & 26th, the eve of Lag Ba’omer, Hatzolah
    of Flatbush will be holding a vital fundraiser, whose
    success will be dependent on your involvement. We at
    Hatzolah are counting on you. By supporting us, your
    Hatzolah members, you will be showing just how much
    we mean to you. Hatzolah of Flatbush’s budget is $2
    million annually. We desperately need your help in this
    campaign. This is the only Hatzolah fundraiser of the
    year. We at Hatzolah will always be there for you. That’s
    our mantra. But please, at this time, be there for us. On
    May 25th & 26th, please respond generously, helping
    Hatzolah help you.
    Vues Master’s Note: Everyone should donate to
    Hatzolah. You should look at it as an insurance policy.

    Dear Vues Master:
    I take exception to the cover of your 5/15–5/21/2024
    issue with the headline “They betrayed us!!“ The reason
    for my disagreement with this headline is that it implies
    some level of confidence in Biden and Schumer vis-a-vis
    Israel, as well as vis-a-vis their world outlook in general.
    I have never been under any such illusion. Let’s start
    with “Jihad Joe“ Biden. This is the same Joe Biden who,
    when Senator, threatened Menachem Begin with cutting
    off of arms supplies to Israel. This is the same Joe Biden
    who was opposed to the elimination of Osama bin Laden
    and was the only Cabinet member so inclined. This is
    the same Joe Biden who pulled out of Afghanistan at the
    cost of lives of United States Armed Service members
    and billions of dollars of military equipment left behind.
    This is the same Joe Biden who provided (and continues
    to provide) sanctions relief for Iran, as well as billions
    of dollars in ransom payments. This is the same Joe
    Biden who has woefully inadequately responded to
    attacks on vessels in the Red Sea by Houthi Yemenite
    rebels, funded and supplied by Iran. This is the same Joe
    Biden who was silent in the face of chants of “Death
    to America“ by Islamist radicals in Michigan. Biden
    has always been “Jihad Joe“ Biden and will continue to
    be “Jihad Joe“ Biden. Let’s now turn our attention to
    Charles Schumer – Schumer the Schemer/Scammer, who
    never met a camera that he didn’t like. The compendium
    of Oral Law, the Talmud, relates how the pig holds
    its split hooves aloft, proclaiming loudly, “Look! I’m
    kosher! I’m KOSHER!!“ Schumer, in a similar fashion,
    loudly proclaims “I am the shomer (guardian) of Israel,”
    but lacks the required characteristics for that title.
    Schumer the Schemer/Scammer, at the time that Obama
    was ramming the JCPOA with Iran down the throat of
    America, was against that agreement at first, then for
    it, then finally against it – but not on the grounds that
    it would do incalculable damage not only to American
    and Israel, but to the world in general. Rather, he was
    permitted by Obama to publicly oppose it since his
    opposition would not affect the adoption of the agreement
    and so that Schumer would be able to speciously claim
    to have “stood up for Israel,” even though his “stance”
    had no material effect on the outcome, since he did
    nothing to try to influence enough other Senators to
    prevent the agreement. This is the same Schumer the
    Schemer/Scammer who threatened violence against

    two Supreme Court justices because of
    opposition to their positions on abortion.
    This is the same Schumer the Schemer/
    Scammer who attempted to interfere in the
    internal affairs of not only an independent
    sovereign nation, but an ally of the United
    States, by calling for the resignation of its
    Prime Minister at the time that nation is in
    the midst of a struggle for its very existence.
    Schumer the Schemer/Scammer does not
    raise a peep against the Communist (Bernie
    Sanders)/Islamist coterie that has hijacked
    the Democratic Party and the legislative
    and executive branches of the American
    government. This is the same Schumer the
    Schemer/Scammer who expressed support
    for withholding arms supplies to Israel while
    it is involved in a struggle for its existence,
    rather than demanding that actions be
    taken against Iran if it continues to arm its
    proxies. Schumer is not only no “guardian“
    of Israel, but his name can be thought as
    being an acronym for “SCHakran U Motsi
    shEm Ra” (liar and defamer, besmirching
    Israel for fighting a war that was forced
    upon it). Schumer is indeed “the pig who
    would be kosher.“ Your article omits
    mention of Biden and Schumer’s crony
    Nattering Jerry Nadler. This is perhaps
    not an oversight of significance, although
    he is as contemptible as “Jihad Joe“ and
    Schumer the Schemer/Scammer. One who
    is reading this letter might feel that it is full
    of vitriol, to which I would respond that it
    perhaps lacks sufficient vitriol. Truly the
    most consequential election in our lifetime
    is now less than six months away. The
    choice is simple and stark. We are given to
    choose between “death to America”(“the
    Great Satan“) and “death to Israel“ (“the
    Little Satan”) versus “make America great
    again” and make Israel safe again. I choose
    to “make America great again” and to make
    Israel safe again.
    One Who Learns from History
    ***Subsequent to the above letter having
    been written, there has been the travesty of
    the International Criminal Court equating
    Benjamin Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant with
    the terrorist leaders of Hamas. It remains to
    be seen if Biden, Schumer et al will restore
    some measure of sanity by working to
    have criminal arrest warrants, as well as
    sanctions, issued by the U.S. government
    against any and all individuals affiliated
    with the I.C.C.
    Vues Master’s Note: Remember, there is one
    thing we learn from history is “that we don’
    learn from history!”

    It’s so hard to please anyone these days!!!
    Here is a partial list of my clients …. I
    couldn’t even get them one date, and that

    is why I am finally quitting and going into
    the pickle business. Avraham Avinu: How
    can you recommend him to my daughter?
    Wasn’t he involved in a family feud with
    his father over some idols? Then he left
    home without a GPS or a viable business
    plan! Yitzchak Avinu: His brother is an
    Arab terrorist!!! Rivka Imeinu: Sorry, she
    seems nice but did you hear about her
    mishpucha??? Her father’s a murderer
    and her brother’s a ponzi scam artist… .
    Yaakov Avinu: Okay, he sits and learns all
    day… but his brother is a no-goodnik. And
    anyway, we heard he has a limp….. . Leah
    Imeinu: Her father’s a con artist, and she
    has ophthalmological problems. Maybe
    it’s genetic? Moshe Rabbeinu: Are you
    kidding? His parents are divorced! And
    worse.. they remarried! And we hear he’s
    in speech therapy…. King David: How dare
    you suggest him to our yichusdike family?

    Our neighbor Yenti told us that his great-
    grandmother was a giyoret!!! Chava: Do

    you know anything about her family? We
    never heard of them. No one knows where
    she came from and she can’t come up with
    any referrals! (Please chevra, judge the
    person for him/herself – you’re going to
    marry the person, not the family as much.
    You’re getting married to build your home,
    not to please your neighbors. And finally,
    remember that if you are in this world, you
    are not perfect and neither is your spouse)
    Vues Master’s Note: Ha Ha very funny, but
    it’s still a very serious problem.

    Dear Vues Master:
    What was this week that everyone was busy
    with Rav Shayeles Yahrzeit? Who was he?
    What is the significance?
    Vues Master’s Note: Reb Shaya was a
    Hungarian Rebbe that helped out the poor
    and his yahrzeit is celebrated by people
    giving free food to others.

    Dear Vues Master:
    A prominent and philanthropic Jew in a
    community was deathly ill and the doctors
    said that unfortunately there was nothing
    more that they could do for him. The Rav
    of the community immediately called for
    the leader of the town’s ganavim (robbers).
    “I’m counting on you to save this man’s
    life, the Rav said. “I want you to gather
    nine of your colleagues and say תהילים
    for him.” The ganav agreed to do so and,
    to everyone’s amazement, the choleh had
    a miraculous recovery. The Rav was asked
    what caused him to select these ganavim
    to say tehillim for the choleh. He replied:
    “Simple. I saw that the רחמים שערי were

    locked and I knew that these ganavim were
    בקיאים in picking locks.”
    Vues Master’s Note: The story sounds fishy
    to me, more like Lox!

    Dear Vues Master:
    I loved your cover picture last week of
    Biden and Schumer. How about this
    week you follow up with a picture of
    the Jewish Benedict Arnold–Jack Lew,
    the US ambassador to Israel, Obama”s
    representative in Biden government. A self
    hating “orthodox jew”.
    Vues Master’s Note: We put news on our
    cover, not old stuff!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Three boys are in the schoolyard bragging
    of how great their fathers are. The first one
    says: “Well, my father runs the fastest. He
    can fire an arrow, and start to run, I tell you,
    and he gets there before the arrow”. The
    second one says: “Ha! You think that’s fast!
    My father is a hunter. He can shoot his gun
    and be there before the bullet”. The third
    one listens to the other two and shakes his
    head. He then says: “You two know nothing
    about fast. My father is a civil servant. He
    stops working at 4:30 and he is home by
    Vues Master’s Note: With workers like
    these, you may as well get volunteers!

    Dear Vues Master:
    This week marks the 100th anniversary of
    the infamous U.S. immigration law that
    ultimately made it extremely difficult for
    Jewish refugees to find haven in America.
    The way that President Franklin D.
    Roosevelt’s administration implemented
    that law helped ensure the abandonment of
    millions of Jews seeking to flee Nazi Europe.
    This troubling chapter in America’s history
    began in the late 1800s, when the public
    began turning sharply against immigration.
    Fear of radical ideologies, concern about
    competition for jobs, and a growing belief
    that Anglo-Saxons were racially superior
    all fueled resentment of foreigners.
    Congress responded by repeatedly passing
    immigration restrictions, but most of those
    bills were vetoed by several presidents.
    The Communist takeover of Russia in 1917
    intensified anti-immigration sentiment
    in the United States and spurred the
    introduction in Congress of the Emergency
    Quota Act. It stipulated that the annual
    number of immigrants admitted from any
    country could not exceed 3% of the number

    of immigrants from that country who had
    been living in the U.S. at the time of the 1910
    national census. The bill was presented
    to Congress with a report by the chief of
    the U.S. Consular Service, Wilbur Carr,
    characterizing would-be Jewish immigrants
    from Poland as “filthy, un-American, and
    often dangerous in their habits…lacking any
    conception of patriotism or national spirit.”
    President Warren Harding signed the bill
    into law in 1921. But that law was only a
    temporary measure. So in May 1924—100
    years ago this week—Congress adopted,
    and President Harding signed, a permanent
    and more restrictive measure, known as the
    Johnson-Reed Act. The specified percentage
    was reduced from 3% to 2%; and instead of
    the 1910 census, the quota numbers would
    be based on an earlier census, the one taken
    in 1890—a move intended to reduce the
    admission of European Jews and Italians,
    since most of them had not arrived in the
    U.S. until after 1890. In response to the
    onset of the Great Depression, President
    Herbert Hoover reduced immigration
    further, with a 1930 executive order barring
    the admission of anyone “likely to become
    a public charge” (dependent on government
    aid). The annual quota for Germany was
    25,957, but that limit was almost never
    reached, thanks to extra requirements
    and regulations that the Roosevelt
    administration piled on. Barely five percent
    of the German quota was filled in 1933,
    Hitler’s first year in power. In fact, it was
    filled in only one year out of Roosevelt’s
    twelve years in office, and in most of
    those years, it was less than 25 percent
    filled. Wilbur Carr, who authored that
    antisemitic report in 1921, was kept on by
    Roosevelt as assistant secretary of state. He
    played an important role in implementing
    the president’s harsh immigration policies.
    So did George Messersmith, a senior US
    diplomat in Germany and Austria whom
    Roosevelt made assistant secretary of state
    in 1937. The best known of these State
    Department officials was Breckinridge
    Long, a major donor to FDR’s presidential
    campaign who was rewarded by being
    named U.S. ambassador to Italy. But
    Long’s praise for Mussolini’s “punctual
    trains” proved embarrassing to the
    administration, eventually leading to his
    resignation. Roosevelt then rewarded Long
    by promoting him to assistant secretary of
    state, putting him in charge of 23 of the
    State Department’s 42 divisions, including
    the visa section. In one infamous memo
    to his colleagues in 1940, Long wrote of the
    need “to put every obstacle in the way [of
    refugees seeking to enter the U.S.] and to
    require additional evidence and to resort to
    various administrative devices which would
    postpone and postpone and postpone the

    granting of the visas.” Long regularly
    briefed President Roosevelt on his efforts
    to suppress immigration below the level
    allowed by existing law. In a diary entry
    in October 1940, Long described his
    meeting with FDR to discuss “the whole
    subject of immigration, visas, safety of the
    United States, procedures to be followed.”
    He found that the president “was 100% in
    accord with my ideas.” One of those
    ideas was a June 1941 regulation—
    personally approved by FDR—that
    rejected all visa applicants who had “close
    relatives” in German-occupied territory.
    The new edict affected significant numbers
    of European Jews. During the period of
    the Nazi genocide, from 1941 to 1945,
    only 10% of the quotas from Germany
    and Axis-controlled European countries
    were actually utilized. Almost 190,000
    quota places were left unused. Thus
    the Johnson-Reed Act, signed into law
    a century ago this week, established the
    framework that would help doom many of
    Europe’s Jews. But it was the Roosevelt
    administration’s harsh implementation
    process that actually shut America’s doors
    in the face of those who most desperately
    needed a haven.
    Rafael Medoff
    Vues Master’s Note: As usual you are on

    Dear Vues Master:
    Something happened to me yesterday
    and I have to admit, I was shocked. I am
    ashamed to say it, but I was shocked! I was
    on the way back from Toronto to Israel.
    Actually I was back in Israel getting off the
    plane. We were all walking down that long
    corridor leading into Ben Gurion airport. It
    was basically a single file line. Nothing out
    of the ordinary. But a few people in front
    of me, there were some people arguing. It
    looked like they were arguing about who
    was before whom in line… Things were
    getting heated. One of the people was
    an elderly secular lady, probably in her
    early 70s. The other was a chareidi (ultra
    orthodox) family, a husband, wife, and
    two kids. “Oh boy, I did not miss this,
    seeing Jews fighting with each other…”
    is what I thought to myself. The tension
    between the religious and the secular in
    Israel is well known. When the media in
    Israel is not talking about the war, that’s
    what they’re talking about. The internal
    division in Israel. So I see this secular lady
    getting visibly worked up while talking to
    an ultra orthodox family. Of course they’re
    fighting. The news keeps telling me these
    people are supposed to hate each other.
    Well, guess what. They weren’t fighting.

    So then what was the topic they seemed
    to be getting all worked up about? You
    see, the religious family had a few kids
    and a ton of bags along with two baby
    strollers. The secular lady had one small
    carry on. What were they arguing about?
    The secular lady was asking if she could
    help them and take some of their bags. The
    family didn’t want to let an elderly lady
    carry their things. They were younger.
    They could handle it. But the lady wasn’t
    letting up. “Just give me two bags. I have
    free hands. Let me carry them for you.”
    “No, it’s ok. Really. Thanks. But we’re
    ok.” “So one bag. Give me one bag. Let
    me help!” Back and forth a few times until
    finally the family gave the lady two of their
    lightest bags. The elderly lady put them on
    her trolley carry on and began to walk. But
    they kept falling off and getting dragged.
    The mother went over to the lady, adjusted
    the bags on the trolley, and watched as this
    elderly lady carried her family’s bags for
    her. It was clear that the Chareidi family
    didn’t want to let the elderly lady carry
    their bags. They felt it was disrespectful.
    But it was also clear that as much as they
    didn’t want to let her carry the bags, she
    wanted even more to yes carry them. And
    so the family let her. For HER. And so
    when she was struggling, they didn’t take
    the bags back, they helped her carry them.
    Here we have two Israelis who could not
    be more different “fighting” for the other
    to be comfortable. Don’t believe anything
    you read in the media. This is Israel. This
    is the real Israel. This is not the kind of
    story that gets clicks. Lies sell. Hatred
    sells. Poison sells. The love that Jews feel
    for one another? That’s not as exciting as
    showing two Jews fighting over the war
    or some political issue. This was beautiful
    and it was just a regular occurrence in
    Israel. In fact, it was so “regular” that I
    kind of forgot about it. I didn’t even think
    to write about it. I didn’t tell my wife or
    kids about it. It was just a normal thing in
    Israel. But a few minutes ago, it occurred
    to me that this normal event was anything
    but normal. You wouldn’t see anything
    like this anywhere else in the world. And
    you sure as heck won’t see it written up
    in any online publication or newspaper.
    That’s why I wrote this post, to tell you, the
    Jewish people are a lot more united than
    the media would have you believe. It is
    that unity that is at the core of our strength
    and it is the reason we will win this war
    and will be here after Hamas, Hezbollah,
    and Iran are long gone. I even chose this
    picture because I knew you’d read the post
    thinking it was some “juicy” story about
    two Jews hating each other. See how that
    works? Don’t believe the lies. We are

    united. We are strong. We are one. And we
    will win!
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: Another Hillel Fuld
    letter that is right on target!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Mendel was on a ship emigrating from
    Russia to America. On the second day, a
    huge storm erupted. People screamed and
    chairs went flying. Yet Mendel calmly
    read his book. “Mendel!” yelled a fellow
    passenger, “How can you sit there when
    the ship may be sinking?!” “Why get
    excited?” Mendel answered. “The ship
    doesn’t belong to me.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Oh! I used to love
    reading these Chelm stories!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A CNN reporter, a BBC reporter, and an
    Israeli commando are captured by Hamas
    in Gaza. The leader of the terrorists told
    them that he would grant them each one
    last request before they were beheaded.
    The CNN Reporter said, “Well, I’m an
    American, so I’d like one last hamburger
    with French fries.” The leader nodded to
    an underling who left and returned with
    the burger and fries. The reporter ate it and
    said, “Now, I can die.” The BBC Reporter
    said, “I’m a reporter to the end. I want to
    take out my tape recorder and describe the
    scene here and what’s about to happen.
    Maybe someday someone will hear it and
    know that I was on the job till the end.”
    The Hamas leader directed an aide to hand
    over the tape recorder and dictated some
    comments. The reporter then said, “Now
    I can die knowing I stayed true until the
    end.” The Hamas leader turned to the
    Israeli commando and said, “And now, Mr.
    Israeli tough guy, what is your final wish?”
    “Kick me in the butt,” said the soldier.
    “What?” asked the leader, “Will you
    mock us in your last hour?” “No, I’m not
    kidding. I want you to kick me in the butt,”
    insisted the Israeli. So the terrorist leader
    shoved him into the open and kicked him
    in the behind. The soldier went sprawling
    but rolled to his knees, pulled a 9 mm
    pistol from under his flak jacket, and shot
    the leader dead. In the resulting confusion,
    he jumped to his knapsack, pulled out his
    carbine, and sprayed the terrorists with
    gunfire. In a flash, all terrorists were either
    dead or fleeing for their lives. As the soldier
    was untying the reporters, they asked him,
    “Why didn’t you just shoot them in the
    beginning? Why did you ask them to kick
    you in the butt first?” “What?” replied the

    Israeli, “And help you to report that I was
    the aggressor?”
    Vues Master’s Note: It is the truth. Look at
    the International Court going after BIBI.
    What a sick Sedom we live in!

    Dear Vues Master:
    There are many issues, policies, and
    positions we care about but they are not all
    equal and we must not get confused about
    how we prioritize them and which matter
    most. When you are in a burning building
    and the fireman comes to save you or you
    are being chased by an armed madman and
    a policeman comes to save you, you don’t
    have the luxury of making sure you are
    in alignment in your beliefs and lifestyle,
    or you approve of their character and
    behavior. You embrace their sacrifice and
    efforts towards your safety and security
    with gratitude and appreciation. Maybe
    in a perfect world you’d prefer another
    policeman or fireman to intervene who
    better aligns with your values and general
    worldview, but in a crisis, you don’t
    get that choice, and we are in a state of
    perpetual crisis.
    Rabbi Efrem Goldberg
    Vues Master’s Note: Even my sugar is not

    Dear Vues Master
    Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    has thrown her support behind a New York
    state bill that aims to revoke tax-exempt
    status from nonprofit organizations that
    support Israeli yishuvim. “It is more
    important now than ever to hold the
    Netanyahu government accountable for
    endorsing and, in fact, supporting some of
    this settler violence that prevents a lasting
    peace,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a statement.
    Can you please explain to me how AOC is
    a politician in New York? No one I know
    likes her.
    Vues Master’s Note: Apparently people
    do vote for her. We live in a sodom