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    Dear Vues Master
    Lag Ba’Omer was beautiful this year. The weather was great
    & everywhere you went in heimish Brooklyn there was either
    a bonfire, a parade or some sort of family entertainment. I
    wish Lag Baomer was every year on a Sunday.
    Vues Master’s Note: Between the weather & this year it being
    on Sunday it was a really great day. We should all make it a
    point to thank the NYPD and Shomrim for all their help in
    making everything work out smoothly this year. Many of the
    streets were closed off & they did a great job!

    Dear Vues Master
    This is absolutely crazy! I tried to book a flight to Israel
    in October and the prices are insanely high. Now they are
    starting something new. Starting August 1, 2024 visitors will
    not be able to enter Israel without a permit or visa. Effective
    August 1st, visitors of all ages from visa waiver countries,
    such as Canada, Europe, and the US, will need to apply for
    an electronic travel authorization, or ETA-IL. You will need
    approval before you can board a flight to Israel. The ETA-IL
    will cost 25 shekels and is valid for stays of up to 90 days.
    It will expire 2 years after approval, but if you get a new
    passport you will have to apply for a new ETA-IL. USA
    citizens can begin to apply in June 2024.
    Vues Master’s Note: With Israel’s tourism down because of
    the war, you would think that is an odd time to add another
    hassle and expense to visit Israel, but like taxes and death,
    bureaucracy is one of the great certainties of life.

    Dear Vues Master
    This past weekend many of the Jewish social media websites
    showed how many people went to Meron on Lag Baomer
    & didn’t listen to the army’s warning to stay away. Many
    chayalim were violent in getting rid of these people. Why do
    these social media web sites put this online? It only spreads
    sinas yisrael. There are enough people in this world that hate
    us. Why add to it?
    Vues Master’s Note: This is just another reason why someone
    should stay away from social media.

    Dear Vues Master

    This past Sunday I went with my son to a local barber to
    get a hair cut & shave. The barber was packed. There are
    three barbers in this particular hair salon. Two of the people
    are workers, the other the owner. I’ve been there many times
    over the years & when I use one of the workers & not the
    owner, I’m not that happy with my cut. Many people feel this
    way & many people wait for the owner to give the haircut. I
    felt very awkward when we were waiting 45 minutes for the
    owner when the 2 workers had no one that they were cutting.
    Should I have used one of the workers? I feel bad that they
    want to give us a haircut but we prefer the owner. I know
    many people that feel the same way.
    Vues Master’s Note: Maybe it’s time for you to go to a new
    barber shop.

    Dear Vues Master
    No other war in the history of all wars was under such an
    international microscope. No other army had to behave so
    politely towards its worst enemies. No other nation had to
    feed the criminals who murdered and kidnapped its own.
    No other soldier had to be so lenient with the savages that
    raped their women and burned their children and parents
    alive. No other country was ever more hated and questioned
    for defending itself. No other people, of any country in the
    world, were more harassed, insulted, punished, sanctioned,
    lied to, dehumanized by supporters of online terrorism and
    attacked and bombed daily by bloody sick terrorists. No other
    country had more UN resolutions. No other country attacked
    by terrorists of all kinds and coming from all parts of its
    borders was ever called a “terrorist state” when defending its
    citizens. No other body of military evidence about terrorist
    war crimes was more ignored by the WHO and other official
    bodies. No other truly occupied territory – like northern
    Cyprus by Turkey or Crimea by Russia… – ever flooded the
    streets or university campuses with such absurd and pathetic
    “activism” for a country that never cared about them before
    October. No other woman, of any nation or religion, was
    more doubted or less supported than Israeli women. No
    other hostage, from any terrorist attack, was more ignored by
    public opinion. No other BABY in the world was kidnapped
    for 7 months, during which time neither UNICEF, nor RED
    CROSS, nor AMNESTY…, no one even tweeted once about
    it or questioned his captivity… Welcome to antisemitism, the
    new season, produced by Iran and radical Islamists around
    the world.
    Vues Master’s Note: Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    Dear Vues Master
    A while ago my good friend and Rebbie
    Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss suggested I
    write a tune to the words of Asher Yuhtzar
    so that kids and adults alike would easily
    remember them. He stressed that it was a
    very important and often recited Brucha
    that no one seems to have recorded and it
    would be a big Zchus to be the composer
    of such a niggun! I thought that was a
    great idea, accepted the challenge and
    set about seeking divine inspiration
    for a catchy, uplifting melody suitable
    for those holy words for I believe the
    songwriting process cannot ultimately
    be successful without direct input and
    direction from above! Let me explain.
    Looking back over the hundreds of
    original songs I’ve written over the years,
    amazingly, I have almost zero memory
    of the actual process of writing those
    melodies! It’s as if someone else wrote
    them! I believe the creative songwriting
    process is a modern day permutation of
    RUACH HAKODESH where one goes
    into a mystical trancelike state where time
    doesn’t exist and you are one with your
    guitar or keyboard and when you emerge
    from that sublime musical dimension you
    are mentally, emotionally and spiritually
    exhausted! Six hours may have passed
    but you feel as if only minutes have
    gone by. The only proof you have that
    you were actually involved is that new
    tune you’re now singing! Apparently, the
    composer is merely the human conduit
    for the musical SHEFA that flows from a
    sublime, divine source! But I digress! The
    simple but singable melody I eventually
    came up with for Asher Yuhtzar came
    rather quickly as if heaven itself wanted
    it sung without delay! So give it a listen,
    teach it to your children and the next time
    you sing it. Remember- it’s heaven sent!
    Country Yossi
    Vues Master’s Note: As usual, you did a
    great job Country Yossi. When’s your next
    album coming out?

    My Dear Chaver,
    Please excuse me for not signing this
    letter. Were I to do so, everyone in shul
    would know that this letter is being
    written to you, and I do not want to cause
    you public disgrace. I have known you for
    many years and I value our relationship.
    Hopefully, you feel the same towards

    me. Your commitment to Limud Torah
    and your unrestrained gemilas chesed
    are truly enviable. In fact, I had even
    hoped that by sitting next to you in shul
    some of your midos would rub off on me.
    But one thing that disturbs me greatly is
    your talking during davening. At first, it
    was barely more than a word or two to
    amplify a facial expression. But now, you
    begin conversation almost as soon as you
    come into shul. I am not calling this to
    your attention, now, to give you tochacha
    (reproof). Certainly, my own slate is not
    nearly clean enough to make a reckoning
    for you. But I just want to let you know
    how your talking in shul is affecting me.
    First and foremost is Shmoneh Esrei.
    You probably assume that I am very well
    off financially, and in other ways, too.
    But I have some very pressing personal
    problems, which even my best friends
    know nothing about. Now, considering
    my pekle, I don’t stand Shmoneh Esrei
    nearly as long as I should, but somehow
    you always seem to finish ahead of
    me. I realize that you are trying to talk
    quietly, but since you’re standing right
    next to me, it disrupts my entire kavonah
    (concentration). Sometimes, I get so
    angry with you that I feel like blurting
    out in the middle of my Shmoneh Esrei,
    “Why don’t you just go outside to talk?
    I can’t walk out now; but you can!” And
    who knows if my tefillos are not being
    answered because of inadequate kavonah?
    Of course, I am not blaming you for my
    tzoris, but since Shmoneh Esrei is my
    chance to plead for some mercy, I would
    appreciate it if you would conduct the
    conversation outside, and then come in
    for Kedusha. Next is Chazoras Hashatz,
    when the chazan repeats the Shmoneh
    Esrei. Even though I am aware of the
    bountiful reward to be earned with each
    omein, I am, unfortunately, far too lax
    in responding properly. Nevertheless,
    when I hardly hear the chazan above
    your schmoozing, I end up losing out
    on even more opportunities. Now, you
    might argue and say that you are talking
    to the man on the other side and not with
    me. yes, that is true. But I also have an
    inclination to schmooze in shul. When
    I see you practically smacking your
    lips over a delicious interchange, I am
    tempted to join you. Sometimes, I tell
    myself that I will only listen to your
    conversation. Then I find myself an
    accomplice, by encouraging you with
    my interest. At other times, however, I

    even find myself sucked into actively
    participating in the conversation, which
    I had promised myself only to overhear.
    The krias haTorah is difficult enough to
    follow, with the inevitable noise of foot
    shuffling, coughing, and (in the summer)
    air conditioner blowing. But when that
    combines with your conversation, I go
    home each Shabbos wondering whether
    or not I have been yotzei krias haTorah.
    Finally, I must say that our shul is a very
    special one. We have some excellent
    shiurim, a highly respected Rabbi, and
    a minyan full of bnei Torah. In general,
    there is a fairly good decorum in our
    shul, compared with many others. So I
    suppose I could just change my seat. But
    at this point, it would be too awkward
    to explain without embarrassing you
    or myself. Our shul, in many ways, is
    truly a mikdash me’at – a sanctuary in
    miniature. But whenever I am about
    to reach the full appreciation of that,
    especially on Shabbos, your talking cools
    me off. The other day, you asked me why
    I don’t bring my five year old son to shul
    more often. I told you that he’s still too
    young. Now I’ll tell you the real reason.
    He still feels kedushas beis hamedrash –
    the sanctity of the place – when he walks
    in. Even after davening, he whispers in
    shul. If I bring him every week and sit
    him down between us, I am frankly afraid
    of your example. How can he retain his
    reverence for shul if he observes your
    behaviour? Each Shabbos he begs me to
    take him along and I’m running out of
    excuses. You don’t owe me any respect.
    And you may feel that my kavonah does
    not take precedence to you socializing.
    But think of our children in shul. What
    will become of their davening? I see you
    are already having trouble controlling
    some of your children in shul. Whenever
    you are not schmoozing with a friend,
    you are reprimanding your children.
    Yes, their conduct is reprehensible,
    at times; but where do you think they
    learned to be callous towards kedushas
    beis hamedrash? In writing this letter, I
    have tried to avoid giving away my own
    identity or that of our shul. If others read
    this letter, however, they may waste time
    trying to figure out whom this letter was
    meant for. But you know. Wishing you
    and your family all the best.
    Name and City Withheld by request
    Vues Master’s Note: What happened to
    just talking and socializing during the

    Dear Vues Master,
    Thank you so much for providing
    a wonderful weekly publication!
    Recognizing your commitment,
    dedication, and sensitivity for Am
    Yisroel, I am confident that you would
    appreciate the following being brought
    to your attention. Several weeks ago, you
    published something on the ‘Laughter’
    page which is far below the bar you
    have set for yourselves over the years.
    In the 4/10-4/16 issue, your joke read-
    ‘Message from Agudas Yisroel of
    America- Possible Causes…’ and went
    on to list various shortcomings of our
    community. ‘Possible causes’ of what;
    the awful losses, the hostages, trauma,
    anguish, and agony since October 7? As
    a publication that weekly updates the
    hostage list, and engages us to feel for the
    soldiers of the IDF and all the injured and
    suffering, how can the same newspaper
    belittle, make light of, and mock the
    unfathomable pain by making a ‘joke’ and
    try to elicit a laugh or a smirk about the
    tzaros??!! Imagine if a widow, orphan,
    or a hostage’s relative would read that
    ….?! And shouldn’t we try to feel their
    pain? And… Agudah??? I don’t recall
    EVER seeing such a statement from that
    respected organization. Additionally, are
    we not called upon to do some serious
    introspection especially at a time of
    national crisis and consider how we can
    possibly improve ourselves? Thank you
    again for a very worthy publication and
    please be more discerning in the future.
    Daniel Yormark

    Dear Vues Master
    Due to a strange series of events, I
    chanced upon a kever. It was the Kever
    of Ida Davidowitz at Old Montefiore
    Cemetery (Springfield Blvd.) Her kever
    reads only as Eige Bas Ezriel (spelled with
    an aleph). It seems that she was a 38 year
    old childless woman and her Meitzeva
    reads in yiddish “ Beloved people, I am
    very alone here, I didn’t leave behind
    any children. Please grant me a candle,
    and beg for my neshama. In this zechus,
    may Hashem help you, you should live
    to see children and grandchildren in
    their old age with all good. I believe
    her kever is, Gate 360/e, block 17, row
    006R Grave 3 in the Viznitz chelka. I
    hope you are able to visit this kever and
    grant her request, AS HER YAHRZEIT

    it be a zechus for you and your family.
    Kindly circulate this to others who are in
    need of their own yeshuos. You may not
    need to make the trek to all corners of
    the world to beseech various tzaddikim
    and tzidkonios, you may find the answer
    right here.
    With Much Hatzlocha, L.M.
    Vues Master’s Note: Thank you for

    Dear Vues Master,
    Borer on Shabbos is a melacha easily
    overlooked because selecting/sorting
    is done many times a day by most
    people. If we don’t follow the correct
    formula, a person could transgress
    Shabbos multiple times just by throwing
    out a spoiled blueberry or sorting the
    dishes in their dishwasher. In order to
    select from a mixture on shabbos (a
    mixture is defined as anything in very
    close proximity to other items even if
    similar) you must take what you want
    from what you don’t want, use your
    hand (or fork), and for immediate use.
    Something that isn’t mixed with other
    things doesn’t need to be done this way.
    So examples: vegetable drawer of mixed
    veggies, a fruit bowl of different fruits,
    a full suitcase full of clothes, a cluttered
    cabinet, a book shelf, a cake platter, a
    candy assortment, cold cut platter, meat/
    fish and bones, and also even a single
    type thing like blueberries or grapes
    but where some are rotten and some
    are fresh. To select properly, the same
    formula applies to all of Shabbos. Keep
    in mind that this is only good for what
    you’re immediately using. When putting
    a mixture away, selecting for separation
    is no longer permitted. So while you may
    be able to put a book you were reading
    back on the Shelf, if you have a pile of
    10 books it becomes a problem to start
    putting them in different places. One
    option is to read something from each
    cover, or you could break up the whole
    mixture and separate all the books. Then
    you can put one away at a time. This
    comes up in shul where some people
    like to collect all the books to put away.
    If they find themselves with a pile that
    is not all siddurim/chumashim, Borer
    must be kept in mind. If you are a guest
    somewhere with a full suitcase and your
    clothes are completely mixed in there,
    you shouldn’t sort through the suitcase

    at night to take out your morning stuff.
    It should be left for the morning. If you
    have a bowl of blueberries and you see a
    few rotten ones, take a good one out with
    them. If the meal is over and you have
    a whole cold cut platter, don’t separate
    the meat into different bags, put it in a
    bag and fridge it the way it is. Also many
    times a kiddush will have many types of
    pastry boxes like chantille, if they were
    all put out on separate platters it would be
    permitted to return them to their boxes.
    Once you have full assortments on the
    table of mixed boxes, they shouldn’t be
    separated and returned to different boxes
    anymore. They can all be put into one
    box to avoid sorting. With all that’s
    going on in Israel and the pain our people
    are going through, we need the mekor
    habracha to be strengthened with the
    knowledge of its laws and application to
    our weekly Shabbosim, this knowledge
    generally doesn’t come by itself. And
    after a few years it is easily forgotten or
    overlooked. Join me on this Quest as we
    learn the laws of Shabbos little by little
    and earn the protection of “Ki eshmera
    Shabbos kel yishmereni”
    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for the
    shiur! Learning hilchos Shabbos is
    always very important.

    Dear Vues Master
    News Flash: Unconfirmed reports
    indicate a massive cover-up by the
    Islamic Republic of Iran in regard to the
    alleged death of its President Ibrahim
    Raisi in a helicopter crash attributed to
    bad weather conditions. According to
    sources, Raisi and his entire entourage
    have actually defected to Israel, after

    having engaged in extensive deep-
    soul searching and penance. Each of

    the involved individuals intends to be
    “mitgayer” (convert to Judaism) and
    each will embark on an intensive study
    program at a prominent Yeshiva in
    Jerusalem (the name of which cannot
    be disclosed, for obvious security
    reasons). Further, Raisi intends to earn
    a livelihood by training to become a
    Schochet (ritual slaughterer), so that
    he will transform from having been
    the “Butcher of Tehran” to being the
    “butcher of Mea Shearim.” Raisi will
    reportedly assume the name Avraham
    ben Avraham and allegedly stated in
    regard to the Iranian Supreme Idiot (oops

    – “Supreme Leader” – not to be confused
    with Diana Ross, leader of the Supremes
    – although some gowns/robes of each do
    have a bit of a resemblance to those of
    the other), “Khamenei – Schmamenei.
    Let him rot in Gehennom/Hell.” Not the
    IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency)

    Dear Vues Master
    As the State Assemblywoman
    representing South Queens, I am
    proud to announce a historic victory
    for yeshiva education in New York
    State. Through tireless advocacy and
    strategic partnerships with TeachNYS
    and Agudath Israel, I have secured
    record-breaking funding for yeshivas
    in the recent 2024 State budget. Since
    my election in 2017, I have made
    it my mission to be the strongest
    advocate for yeshivas in Albany. This
    commitment stems not only from my
    role as a representative, but also as
    the only Jewish elected representative
    in South Queens. The numbers speak
    for themselves: a staggering $75.5
    million dedicated to STEM (Science,
    Technology, Engineering and
    Mathematics) education, a doubling
    of funding since my first term. But
    it’s not just about the numbers; it’s
    about the tangible impact this funding
    will have on the lives and futures of
    yeshiva students across the state. I am
    particularly proud of the establishment
    of a reimbursement fund for arts and
    music education at yeshivas. As a firm

    believer in the importance of a well-
    rounded education, I fought hard to

    ensure that yeshiva students have
    access to the arts, fostering creativity
    and expression. However, perhaps the
    most significant achievement is the
    $105 million allocated for yeshiva
    security funding. In partnership
    with the Nonpublic School Safety
    Equipment Grant and SCAHC, we are
    investing in the safety and security of
    our schools, creating an environment
    where students can learn and thrive
    without fear. For me, safety and
    education are not just priorities; they
    are fundamental rights that every child
    deserves. By securing this funding, I
    am ensuring that yeshiva students have
    access to a cutting-edge education
    that prepares them for success in an
    ever-changing world. Rabbi Yeruchim

    Silber from Agudath Israel of America
    said, “This is a budget we can be
    proud of. Increased security funding
    and mandated service will benefit the

    students in every yeshiva and non-
    public school across the state. We are

    incredibly grateful to our champion,
    Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato,

    for securing the needs of the non-
    public school community. “These

    are transformative dollars directly
    impacting our schools,” said Sydney
    Altfield, Executive Director, Teach
    NYS, a division of Teach Coalition.
    “The State of New York recognizes the
    importance of investing in the future of
    tomorrow no matter the choice of school
    they attend, and we are so grateful to
    our partner, Assemblywoman Pheffer
    Amato, for fighting alongside us to
    make this a reality.” The praise is
    humbling, but this victory belongs
    to all of us – especially our children!
    It is a testament to what we can
    achieve when we come together with
    a common purpose and a shared vision
    for the future. As I look ahead, I am
    more determined than ever to continue
    fighting for yeshiva education and the
    future of our community. Together, we
    can build a brighter, more prosperous
    future for all New Yorkers, regardless
    of their school choice.
    New York State Assemblywoman,
    Stacey Pheffer Amato
    Vues Master’s Note: Thank you
    Assemblywoman for all your great work!

    Dear Vues Master:
    In the Lag Baomer edition last week
    in Rafael Medoff’s letter, he said
    that in 1924, President W. Gamaliel
    Harding signed on to the anti-Semitic
    immigration laws. Harding died in 1923.
    Did he mean 1923? Or Calvin Coolidge?
    Vues Master’s Note: Not sure. You
    should reach out to the author directly.