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    Dear Vues Master
    Is it just me or am I the only one that doesn’t enjoy eating
    so much milchigs on Shavuos? My wife insists on making 4
    meals on Shavuos that are dairy. I try to explain to her that
    there is no simcha without meat but she doesn’t go for it.
    Vues Master’s Note: The Nine Days will be here before you
    know it!

    Dear Vues Master
    A few months ago there was a Israel real estate show in
    Flatbush that was canceled the night before the event
    because certain people were worried about anti-Israel rallies
    in the neighborhood. This past Monday there was an Israel
    real estate show at the Kingsway Jewish Center & they did
    have people protesting. I am happy to say that there were
    also plenty of counter protestors there & everything was fine.
    The cops did their job & everything was ok. We can’t be
    scared of them!
    Vues Master’s Note: Am Yisrael Chai!

    Dear Vues Master:
    To those that go away for the summer, remember your
    bungalow needs smoke detectors just like your apartment
    needs them. Make sure there is a fence around the swimming
    pool and do not allow kids to swim without supervision.
    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for the warning!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A slight correction- explanation.
    I previously mentioned that there was no outcry when we
    bombed Hiroshima –Nagasaki- when actually there was some
    adverse sentiment ; those war objectors erroneously believed
    we could have won without the devastation wreaked upon
    Japan. They did not understand the mind and will power of
    the Japanese warrior- and so they were mistaken. But like the
    situation today in Israel- where the “Conscientious objectors”
    en masse- are yelling- “Cease Fire” etc Israel Must finish
    the War by destroying the infrastructure of Hamas . This is
    imperative if we are to have peace and security in the area.
    There is no negotiating with a terrorist regime who has no
    regard for human life. Not unlike with Japan- The forces
    knew that Japan would not surrender under any circumstance.
    For a Japanese soldier’s surrender was dishonorable even at
    the cost of taking one’s life called SEPPUKU(Hara Kiri).

    Japan was ready to fight until death -hoping to demoralize the
    American Army and thus become victorious under Japan’s
    terms. America initially had no intention of entering the
    war- (as with Israel today) America was content to supply
    the Allies with equipment. But then came Pearl Harbor and
    America was forced to enter the War (as was Israel today)
    ;the goal for America had to be to destroy Japan and in turn
    the Nazis. We were forced into the war with Pearl Harbor
    and we ended our part in the victory of Normandy. We lost
    thousands of Allied soldiers on D Day- but we enabled the
    other hundred thousand soldiers to cross Europe and defeat
    Hitler’s Germany. Fast forward to today. Today the world is
    shouting: “Apartheid ““Occupiers”- but one must ask how
    are we the occupiers if in normal times a Jew CANNOT
    even enter Gaza. We are being accused of Genocide” by the
    International Court (which itself is a farce) and by many in
    the world . I recall Golda Meir saying ”When peace comes
    we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing
    our sons, but it will be harder for us to forgive them for having
    forced us to kill their sons. Peace will come when the Arabs will
    love their children more than they hate us.” No Jewish person
    initiates killing- we are responding to a threat of annihilation;
    we are protecting our Nation and Our Land from an enemy
    who has no regard for human life- not even their own. While
    these cowards put up children and women as human shields
    to deflect the bullets from themselves- while they put their
    children in harm by putting arsenals of weapons and human
    terrorists in their schools- we protect our children and mourn
    every Jewish person who dies in the War. Let us understand
    – Hamas is not interested in a 2 State Israel- it is very clear
    what they want is a ONE STATE PALESTINE devoid of any
    Jews (Yudenriech). That which we NEVER allow. And so we
    fight for our Freedom from this ruthless enemy. Yes the cost
    of Freedom is high- but the sacrifice must be made to ensure
    our Liberty. No child should go to sleep worrying that he may
    once again hear a siren go off – and he must once again hide
    – and he might fear that (Chas Veshalom) he be victim to the
    scenario of October 7th There was a Ceasefire on October the
    6th- but it was shattered unequivocally on October the 7th!
    As general Eisenhower said “we will accept nothing less than
    full victory” – Israel has existed for many millenniums- she
    has been targeted for annihilation a thousand times- but has
    always emerged victorious in each aspect of life. We were
    here “before” and we will be here “afterwards”’ –we are
    H’s warriors- and He is and always will be Our Leader and
    Guardian” Beware World Do NOT Mess with Us!
    Rachel Laufer Fischer
    Vues Master’s Note: After this letter even I won’t mess with

    Dear Vues Master:
    One of the customs of Shavuos is to read
    Megillas Rus on the second day outside of
    Eretz Yisroel. At least most shules do. My
    shul just starting setting aside time to read
    Megillas Ruth this year. Before that, we were
    known as the Ruthless mispallelim. Now that
    we read it more carefully, I derived several
    interesting side points from the text. After
    Orpah left Rus, she went back to Moab and
    changed her name a little, switching a few
    letters. She started her own talk-show and
    became very rich. When Ruth returned to
    Naomi from her first encounter with Boaz,
    she described what occurred. Naomi replied,
    “Boaz will be Boaz. ‘’ In Perek Gimel, we learn
    that the pizman we say Friday Night, Aishes
    Chayil, refers to Rus. Boaz is called an Ish
    Gibor Chayil. In Perek Beis. Later in Perek
    Daled, Boaz first gets permission from the
    Goiel or redeemer to marry Rus. He called him
    “Peloiny Al Money”. He was just interested in
    the financial aspect of the Yerusha but not the
    marriage part. Some say he was a Malach as in
    Hamalach Ha’Goiel. Others say his real name
    was Toiv. Later on, he became Toiv Me’Oid of
    Agent Emes fame. When the baby was born,
    before his bris, they put on his birth certificate
    “Babey Ruth”. Dovid and Shloima Hamelech
    were descendants of Rus and built the Bais
    Hamikdash. Because of this ancestry, some
    people called it “the House that Rus Built”.
    The Shabbos after Shavuos we read Parsha
    Nosoi which includes the part of the Nazir
    and the corresponding haftorah of the story of
    Shimshon Ha’gibor. Shimshon’s father was
    Monoach who was mentioned in Megillas Rus
    in Perek 3. Some say he was related to Boaz
    or as he was also known as the Shofet Itztevan.
    What was the name of the Malach there? The
    malach didn’t give his name; it says “Pali”.
    That just means my friend, my pal. Some say
    his name was Yoina since we say in zemiros:
    “Yoina mutzu boi Monoach”. On Purim,
    we say the Yiden were “kimu ma sha’kiblu
    ke’far”. So there is a hemshech between Purim
    and Shavuos.
    Vues Master’s Note: I think this letter should
    have been written before I ate my cheese cake!

    Dear Vues Master:
    At a business conference, one of the attendees
    heard that a storekeeper to whom he had
    extended credit had lost his mind. “Is he paying
    his debts?” the man asked. “Of course not,”
    was the response. “He’s not that crazy.”
    Vues Master’s Note: I guess you gotta give
    credit where credit is due!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Today we have a problem of having too many
    Weak Men in society today. When their wife

    wants to get a lace top wig they just nod along
    and sing to “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” Next
    their wife starts wearing pants outside and again
    the men get weak knees and allow it to happen,
    especially in front of their children. In Me’Am
    Lo’ez we learn that Korach’s wife encouraged
    him to challenge Moshe Raibenu. She even
    made fun of Moshe Raibenus teachings. Stop
    thinking your wife is always right! These
    weak men can learn from this lesson that the
    word NO is one of the most powerful words in
    the English dictionary for a reason!
    -Captain Avious
    Vues Master’s Note: I hope my wife does not
    read this letter!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A successful man is one who makes more
    money than his wife can spend. A successful
    woman is one who can find such a man.
    Vues Master’s Note: No such thing! You can
    never please a wife!

    Dear Vues Master:
    We unfortunately live in a generation where
    rabbis are often not respected. Although there
    is an aspect to human nature that tends to shun
    Authority, as a Jew this nature is completely
    forbidden. People mistakenly think that because
    they spend their time in Torah, this means that
    they don’t have significant knowledge of what’s
    going on, and that they aren’t “professionals”
    so to speak. This couldn’t be further from the
    truth. There is nothing in life that comes up that
    isn’t fully discussed and covered in the Torah.
    Every topic, every issue, every scenario was
    covered by the creator of the world in giving
    the manual of life to his people. And there is no
    better people to guide us in those instructions
    than the people who spent their entire lives
    learning it. Therefore, when a rav gives you a
    psak, it is indeed the message of hashem. You
    may not like the answer you get, but it’s not
    his job to please you. How many times do we
    see the leaders of Our Generation cry out about
    something that they feel is dangerous and
    unfortunately people don’t respect what they
    have to say. Even more so, the comments online
    and even on many Jewish sites can be horrific
    to say the least. Does anyone not see today
    how right they were about the internet? About
    smartphones? And about the content that every
    person gets exposed to no matter what type of
    kosher content they meant to be accessing?
    Even kosher media still gets you addicted
    to wasting your time. The amount of time
    someone could spend following up on blogs
    and stories on Instagram of someone popular
    will still waste significant parts of their life,
    and also block plenty of Holiness from coming
    in. You see spirituality doesn’t just get ingested
    easily after hours of shtuss. The heart gets
    blocked and the soul gets numb when it spends
    all its time exposed to all sorts of nonsense. So

    it’s not just the internet and phones they were
    warning us about, it was about spending our
    entire life consumed by the inescapable prison
    of gashmiyus. Be honest with yourself and see
    how the quality of your learning and praying
    went down because of that constant buzzing.
    Of course it’s not the same. And even reading
    an innocent news site will still expose you in
    the comment section to plenty of people that
    don’t share your hashkafos or ruchniyus level.
    Reading their content will have an effect on you
    too, and eventually you might agree with them
    on something. At that point they become not so
    bad, and you don’t know how low you fell until
    years later where you see what your company
    looks like. Our rabbanim are the holiest people
    on earth because they didn’t fall into this trap,
    and they warned us about it. They knew about
    what would happen in school group chats and
    news message boards. They knew about the
    lashon hara, the immodest ads, the glorification
    of gluttony and materialism, the bitul Torah
    and tefila, and the treif hashkafos we would
    be exposed to and our poor children. The next
    time the rabbanim or even your school issues
    a takana, or a new rule or regulation, you must
    realize that they are years ahead of their time,
    and they have the Torah knowledge which we
    don’t necessarily have, and in the end you can
    always see that they were 100% right. After
    120, everyone will need those rabbanim on
    their side, be careful with their honor!
    Vues Master’s Note: Let’s hope the Rabbonim
    are on our side!!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Many people spend eight hours earning money,
    eight hours spending money, eight hours
    spending more than they earn, and eight hours
    wondering why they can’t sleep.
    Vues Master’s Note: Not enough hours in the

    Dear Vues Master:
    I have been in awe of Rabbi Feiner for years.
    I truly can’t fathom how he has such strength
    and emunah. The chevrusa answer to the Ari
    Hirsch interview was one of the most powerful
    statements I have ever read. Thank you so
    much for your interviews. My family loves the
    Jewish Vues!
    Vues Master’s Note: We ran this fun question
    before Shavuos last year & it went viral so we
    decided to put it in again this year. Yes, both
    Rabbi & Rebbetzin Feiner are very special

    Dear Vues Master:
    Illegal settlers! Occupied territories!
    Colonialism! Police brutality! Those
    accusations have been shouted with passion

    from tents on college campuses across America
    in recent weeks. But do those concerns apply
    only in select circumstances? Because an
    overseas conflict that should rouse the ire
    of the nation’s protesters has so far failed to
    attract their interest. The site of the conflict
    that dare not speak its name is New Caledonia,
    an island nation 900 miles east of Australia. In
    recent months, the indigenous tribes there have
    been waging a battle for independence against
    the French colonialist authorities. For nearly
    two hundred years, France has been illegally
    occupying the island country, exploiting
    its vast nickel reserves, and settling French
    citizens there irrespective of the wishes of its
    indigenous inhabitants, the Kanaks. Unlike
    Israeli Jews, who have strong historical, legal,
    and religious ties to the land where they live, the
    French settlers in New Caledonia are just white
    Europeans who have pushed their way into
    somebody else’s country without permission.
    In fact, the very name of the country is a sham.
    The British explorer James Cook, sailing in
    the vicinity in 1774, thought the mountains
    resembled the terrain of the Caledonia region of
    his native Scotland. Not surprisingly, the native
    Kanaks would prefer a name more authentic
    than the one a seafaring Scotsman chose for
    them. The French seized New Caledonia in the
    1850s because they needed a distant territory
    to serve as a penal colony. Thousands of
    French criminals finished their sentences and
    then took up residence in the country. Once
    again, the Kanaks had no say in the matter.
    Major news outlets that have been devoting
    disproportionate attention to Gaza have paid
    scant attention to what’s been happening in
    New Caledonia. Last week, the New York
    Times belatedly reported that the French have
    been pouring security forces into the country
    to suppress the fight for independence. And the
    French parliament is enabling recently-arrived
    French citizens in New Caledonia to vote in
    future referenda, which could tilt the results
    against independence. The Times noted that a
    widely-circulated video shows French police
    officers “forcing a Kanak protester to his knees
    so that one officer could kick the man’s head.”
    This must all come as quite a surprise to readers
    of the New York Times. Until last month, there
    had been just one article in the Times about the
    New Caledonian independence struggle in the
    past ten years. The major human rights groups
    that are so concerned about Gaza likewise
    have not shown much interest in the human
    rights of the Pacific island’s natives. Amnesty
    International issued its first-ever press release
    about New Caledonia last month. The last time
    Human Rights Watch issued a news release
    mentioning New Caledonia was thirteen years
    ago—in a complaint about Israel arresting a
    Palestinian Arab rock-thrower who claimed he
    was in New Caledonia at the time of the attack.
    What about America’s leading professional
    associations? In recent months, numerous
    groups of academics and other professionals
    who have no ostensible connection to the

    Middle East have been issuing denunciations
    of Israel for defending itself against Hamas.
    The National Women’s Studies Association,
    the American Sociological Association, the
    American Psychological Association and
    the American Studies Association, among

    others, have weighed in with bitter, one-
    sided criticism of Israel. These groups are

    vigorously opposed to “colonialism” and
    “illegal settlers” when there’s a way to
    accuse Israel. But when there are no Jews to
    blame, they don’t seem too interested. What
    about all the angry college students? Surely
    those who have been marching for Gaza are
    equally outraged about white Frenchmen
    oppressing brown Pacific islanders. After all,
    many of the placards at the Gaza rallies and
    the manifestoes issued by their sponsors rail
    about the evils of colonialism. Yet colonialism

    in New Caledonia doesn’t trouble the Arab-
    American and Muslim students who are

    leading the campus protests. Despite their
    lofty slogans about opposing all oppression,
    the only targets of their hatred are Israel
    and Jews. Nor are the Kanaks on the agenda
    of the fellow-travelers who populate the
    rallies and tent encampments. The students
    who denounce Israel because it’s exciting
    and popular to join the mob seem to have
    no interest in what the French are doing.
    Apparently, if Instagram influencers aren’t
    talking about New Caledonia, it just doesn’t
    count. The professors are silent, too. All
    the faculty members whose letterheads
    acknowledge that their universities sit on the
    land of indigenous people (yet never offer to
    actually vacate that land) have turned a blind
    eye to the plight of the indigenous tribes of
    New Caledonia. The same seems to be true of
    the Jewish anti-Zionist students who are the
    frequent subjects of media attention. Setting
    up tents outside French consulates wouldn’t
    facilitate their acceptance into the social
    and political circles to which they aspire.
    Hating Israel, and only Israel, is the price of
    admission. So pity the poor Kanaks. Their
    country overrun by foreigners, their natural
    resources plundered, the very name of their
    country imposed by a Scottish explorer of
    long ago—they are the very epitome of
    People of Color battling White Colonialists.
    But they can’t get anybody interested in their
    plight—because there’s no way to blame Jews
    for their suffering. If only Israel would invade
    New Caledonia, the Kanaks might yet have a
    Rafael Medoff
    Vues Master’s Note: As usual you are right on

    Dear Vues Master:
    It may seem perplexing that anybody would
    criticize Israel’s rescue of four hostages from
    Gaza. But in 1976, there was criticism of
    Israel’s rescue of hostages from Entebbe, too.
    While Israelis celebrated the June 8 rescue of

    hostages held by Arab terrorists and civilians
    in Gaza, United Nations special rapporteur
    Francesca Albanese accused the Israeli
    commandos of “perfidiously hiding in an
    aid truck” in order to enter the neighborhood
    where the hostages were imprisoned.
    MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin asserted
    that the rescuers’ tactics “raise(d) moral and
    ethical questions,” while former MSNBC
    host Krystal Ball denounced celebrations of
    the rescue as “depraved.” In June 1976,
    Palestinian Arab terrorists hijacked a French
    plane on its way to Israel, and forced it to
    fly to the Entebbe airport in Uganda. There
    they released the non-Jewish passengers, and
    held the remaining 106 passengers and crew
    hostage, demanding the release of terrorists
    who were imprisoned in Israel. Ugandan
    dictator Idi Amin was deeply sympathetic to
    the terrorists, and Ugandan soldiers helped
    the hijackers guard the hostages. On July
    4, Israeli commandos raided the airport and
    freed the hostages. All seven terrorists, and
    several dozen Ugandan soldiers, were killed.
    The only rescuer killed was the raid’s leader,
    Yonatan Netanyahu, brother of Israel’s current
    prime minister. Mrs. Dora Bloch, an elderly
    passenger who had been taken to a local
    hospital, was murdered there by Ugandan
    soldiers. Most of the world celebrated the
    rescue raid on Entebbe. But not everybody.
    The Organization of African Unity, consisting
    of several dozen African countries, accused
    Israel of “wanton aggression” and demanded
    reparations for damage to the airport. The
    Soviet and Chinese governments denounced
    what they called “the Zionist aggression.”
    United Nations Secretary-General Kurt
    Waldheim charged that Israel had committed
    a “serious violation of the sovereignty” of
    Uganda. A few years later, Waldheim’s past as
    a Nazi war criminal was exposed. (However,
    that did not prevent his election as president of
    Austria in 1986.) The Mexican government
    criticized Israel’s “flagrant violation” of
    Ugandan sovereignty, and declared its “firm
    rejection of the use of armed force by any
    state as a means of trying to solve conflicts.”
    The Mexican position was especially
    surprising because just months earlier, it had
    explicitly promised to refrain from anti-Israel
    policies. That promise was made in order
    to secure an end to the boycott of Mexico
    announced by Jewish organizations following
    its support of the infamous Zionism-is-racism
    resolution at the UN in 1975. The French
    government’s response to the Entebbe rescue
    was particularly troubling, given the fact that
    it was a French plane that was hijacked, and
    French crew members who were held hostage.
    The French Foreign Ministry issued a brief
    statement which expressed satisfaction at the
    rescue, but emphasized its condemnation of
    the casualties, almost all of whom were the
    terrorists or the soldiers who assisted them.
    A spokesperson for the Air France crew

    read a statement hailing President Amin for
    his “constant care to ensure our safety, our
    material comfort and even our health.” The
    statement appeared to have been dictated
    by French officials. The U.S. government
    publicly praised the Israeli rescue mission,
    but it also introduced an “even-handed”
    resolution at the UN Security Council. While
    condemning the hijacking, the resolution also
    affirmed “the need to respect the sovereignty
    and territorial integrity of all States.” The
    resolution did not secure enough votes to
    pass, so it was withdrawn. At the same
    time—according to declassified documents—
    Secretary of State Henry Kissinger informed
    Israel’s ambassador in Washington that
    because the Israelis had used US equipment
    in the raid, “we will have to put a temporary
    freeze on military shipments.” Ambassador
    Simcha Dinitz replied: “You are kidding
    me.” Kissinger was not kidding. “You know
    you have no right to do this without prior
    consultation,” he admonished the ambassador.
    Dinitz argued that the relevant U.S. law
    applied to “only weaponry, not equipment.”
    But Kissinger insisted that the US-made
    C-130 transport planes were a “military
    version” of that aircraft and therefore could
    not be used outside Israel’s borders. Kissinger
    could have looked the other way; instead, his
    response was to penalize Israel following its
    miraculous rescue of the hostages. Israel’s
    prime minister in those days was Yitzhak
    Rabin, and the government was ruled by the
    Labor Party—a reminder that whether Israel’s
    government is from the political left or the
    right, and whether its leader is named Rabin
    or Netanyahu, there will always be those who
    complain when Israel takes action to defend
    the lives of its citizens.
    Rafael Medoff
    Vues Master’s Note: Ah! A bunch of sore

    Dear Vues Master Is it just me or does it seem
    like there are more hachnosas sefer torahs in
    Brooklyn this year than ever before? There
    were 3 Hachnosas Sefer Torahs in just 2 blocks
    over the last two weeks in my neighborhood.
    Vues Master’s Note: I was thinking the same
    thing the other day! Isn’t it beautiful!
    Dear Vues Master My rebbie insists that I
    be chazzan in my Yeshiva at least twice a
    week. I usually jump to do a mitzvah but I
    find that when I’m chazzan I have to rush my
    shemoneh esrei for the tzibur and I have less
    kavanah. What should I do? SK
    Vues Master’s Note: Listen to your rebbie!

    Dear Vues Master A little boy is going
    through the attic in his house and he finds

    a stone. The stone looks like a very valuable
    and rare gem, so the boy goes downstairs
    to his dad and says “Dad, how much is this
    stone worth?” The dad tells him to go down
    the block to the grocery store and show the
    stone to the owner. He tells him that when the
    owner asks him how much he wants for the
    stone, he should lift up two fingers. The boy
    runs down the block and when the man at the
    grocery store asks him how much he wants
    for the stone, the boy holds up two fingers as
    instructed. The man says “Oh, $2? Great. I’ll
    take it.” The boy runs home and reports to his
    dad excitedly that the man was willing to pay
    $2 for this stone. The dad then tells the son
    to go to the local jewelry shop and when the
    jeweler asks how much he wants for the stone,
    to hold up two fingers. The boy does it and the
    jeweler says “Oh, $200? Ok I’ll take it.” The
    boy is in shock and runs home to report to the
    dad that he offered him $200!! The dad then
    tells him to go to the antique shop and to do
    the same. Hold up two fingers. The man at the
    shop looks at the stone, examines it, and asks
    how much he wants for the stone. He holds
    up two fingers to which the man replies “Only
    $2000? I’ll take it!” The boy is in disbelief. And
    the story goes on. Throughout our lives, we let
    others dictate our value to us and they do that
    based on their own biases and shortcomings.
    They are simply not equipped or qualified to
    see your true value. If the boy truly knew the
    value of the rare gem, he wouldn’t have been
    so surprised or excited when offered $2, $200,
    or even $2000. If only we really knew our
    true value, the ways others appraise us would
    have zero impact on our own self esteem or
    self worth and we know how much we’re
    really worth. When bullies act up, it’s because
    they feel bad about themselves. When people
    put others down, it’s because they’re down
    on themselves. When people shame others,
    it’s because they are consumed by their own
    shame. It’s through that lens that they value
    others. Don’t let others tell you how much the
    stone is worth. They don’t even know what
    they’re looking at. If I told you that you could
    have a billion dollars on condition that your
    life ends, you’d never take it. That’s because
    you are worth more than a billion dollars
    or any other sum of money. If people don’t
    recognize that, it’s on them, not you.
    Vues Master’s Note: Great lesson! Thanks for