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    Please note that the author of Speak Your Vues is in no way affiliated with the publisher of

    this paper. The author of this column is an independent third party contributor. The views and

    opinions expressed by this author may not reflect the views and opinions of the publishers. If

    one has any issues with any of the views, please write a letter to the Vues Master.



    A group of fans sat courtside at a Nets-Pacers

    game in Brooklyn wearing T-shirts reading

    “Fight antisemitism.” Men in the group

    wore yarmulkes. The display is an apparent

    response to Nets guard Kyrie Irving, who

    recently promoted an antisemitic movie on

    his Twitter account. In his last meeting with

    the media this past weekend, Irving stood by

    his tweet and was combative with reporters

    when asked about it. “I can post whatever

    I want,” Irving said when asked by ESPN’s

    Nick Friedell why he promoted the movie on

    his social media. The Nets released a separate

    statement that they” strongly condemn

    and have no tolerance for the promotion of

    any form of hate speech.” The NBA then

    released a statement on Sunday that “Hate

    speech of any kind is unacceptable and runs

    counter to the NBA’s values of equality, inclusion

    and respect.” -Yahoo Sports Why do

    the Brooklyn Nets keep this guy? He’s only

    been a trouble maker. Yes, he has tremendous

    talent. No one argues with that. But now he

    is clearly an anti-semite!!! I don’t care how

    much talent he has. Get rid of him.

    Vues Master’s Note: This time he went over

    the line! I love the picture & it’s a brilliant

    move. Get rid of him. We don’t need a person

    like him in Brooklyn or the NBA!!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Last week I went shopping in two different

    local grocery stores & I couldn’t believe how

    expensive a bag of romaine lettuce and one

    honey dew were. They were both over $10

    each. This inflation business is really driving

    me crazy! When is it going to end?


    Vues Master’s Note: Inflation is here to stay

    it will keep on growing until we get a Republican

    White House and Republican Senate

    and Congress!


    Dear Vues Master:

    All the local rabbonim have backed Lee

    Zeldin for governor because they think he

    can help with the yeshivas. Can he really? Is

    that his job?


    Vues Master’s Note: Of Course! The governor

    appoints the education chancellor! But

    more so, how about fighting anti-Semitic attacks

    on a daily basis by imprisoning hate

    crime perpetrators with high bail not springing

    them out before thy have a chance to

    contemplate their crimes. There is no cooling

    period these violent criminals are back

    on the street within eight hours of being arrested!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Why does it feel that Governor Hochul has

    been in hiding for the last month? Why has

    she not been speaking to the orthodox media?

    New York historically votes democratic

    & it appears that she is losing ground everyday.


    Vues Master’s Note: Simple she does not

    like us she is Cuomo’s protégé. Remember

    during Covid how we were singled out? She

    was part of the problem not the solution.

    Look, is she doing something for the Yeshivos?

    At least Zeldin claims he will help! That

    is a start.



    Dear Vues Master:

    Do you think that we should care what Kanye West or Kyrie Irving think about Jewish people? I don’t even want to write this letter because I feel like I’m giving them the attention that they want. But who are they? Do I really care what a musician or a basketball player thinks? But can we just stay on the sideline when someone is an antisemite and just ignore them?


    Vues Master’s Note: Yes! Because many of our children follow these athletes and actors! We need to stop these attacks and let people know that the Holocaust could happen again!


    Dear Vues Master:

    I’ve always been the shortest kid in my class. Both my parents are short people. New studies show that incomes rise for men for every inch of height by approximately $1000 per inch. Taller people also have higher average earnings for men and for women from the National Child Development Study (NCDS), a British birth cohort study of children born in 1958; the British Cohort Study (BCS), a birth cohort study of children born in 1970; and the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, a longitudinal study of U.S. households. (For both men and women, the relationship is striking: a one-inch increase in height is associated on average with a 1.4 percent to 2.9 percent increase in weekly earnings, and a 1.0 percent to 2.3 percent increase in average hourly earnings. The Thompson Elevator Shoe Company took these studies and rounded it off to $1000 per inch on average. Should I be worried that my children are going to have a hard time finding a shidduch because they are short & are bound to make less money than a tall person?


    Vues Master’s Note: My grandmother used to say that you got to be tall enough to reach the floor. There are ladders to make you taller but one can’t get shorter in any way! Everything is from Hashem he will take care of your children’s shidduchim!


    Dear Vues Master:

    I never enjoyed politics. I honestly believe all politicians are corrupt. They all promise the world & rarely deliver. I think the system is really the issue. If someone gives a candidate money, isn’t it obvious that the candidate, if elected, will do everything to help that person or business. What about the little guy that can’t afford the donation to the candidate?


    Vues Master’s Note: At least the little guy is not disappointed when the politician messes up the rich donors! They never keep their word; they are almost as bad as shadchanim!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Your comment to my last letter is similar to what most men think of now in regards to marrying more than one wife. The common response to that idea is that “one wife is enough.” Yet, if someone had two wives he would only hear half of his wives drama than normal. If he had 4 wives he would only get 25% of it. Even then it would incentivize his wives to behave properly to get his time and not take him for granted like what happens to most men these days. Fellas, next time you get home from a long hard day at work would you rather have a wife who greets you at the door with a nice cold beer or one that scolds you the minute you walk through the door and demands you do 100% of the household chores two day ago ? Think about it.


    Vues Master’s Note: Or maybe you get scolded four times as much! They are called tzaros in the Gemara for a reason! We are not meant to handle multiple wives! As women are not apt to share a man it just causes tzaros!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Two poor brothers who lived on tzedakah were regular visitors to the Rothschild mansion where, once each month, they were given 100 marks each. When one of the brothers died, the other made the usual call alone. The family treasurer who disbursed funds to the poor handed him the usual 100 marks. “Excuse me,” he said, “where is the other 100?” The treasurer replied: “Your brother is dead. Your share is 100 marks.” “What do you mean, my share?” the schnorrer said. “Who is my brother’s heir – me or Rothschild?“


    Vues Master’s Note: I don’t know if my father in law in Yerushalayim promised me his route in the USA to collect money. He was very generous!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Eila Toldos Noach Noach These are the generations, leisure. The word noach means comfortable; doubling the word, noach-noach, amplifies it to mean very comfortable or leisure. For example, Dak means thin and Dak dak means very thin; similarly, gal means wave and gal gal means circle. With that in mind this is how to read the next parsha, Lech Lecha – (And G-d said) to Avram, hasten! Lach means “go to” and lach-lach means “go from.” To “go to” means going to something like making a goal; making a goal takes time and thought. However, to “go from” means going from something like a bad crowd; leaving a bad crowd should take no time and no thought. Another way of understanding the double wording is when we put all our eggs in our offspring we end up sit on our laurels and bring the flood; however, having alacrity, like Avraham, we role model and bring b’nai Yisrael.


    Vues Master’s Note: : I read this letter quickly!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Every year, at this time, I recognize someone in the world who puts themselves on the line for others despite the repercussions. I call it the “Noach Award” because even according to the opinion that Noach was only great in his generation he’s still distinguished for breaking the ice, for being the first person to rebuke the public. Last year’s award was James O’Keefe of Project Veritas and this year it is Chaya Raichik of Libs of TikTok. With that said, here is an example of the challenges of doing the right thing. I went with my father-in-law to get his car back from Kings Auto Group Collision Center. We went with our wives as I expected they weren’t going to give the car back so easily. It took close to two hours, $1,500, raised voices and some body slamming into me before we got it out. We are going to file a complaint and get our money back. Let’s learn from Avraham and Chaya Raichik about, sur mira vasa tov, leave bad and do good. The first step to leave is always the hardest.


    Vues Master’s Note: Great opportunity to work on patience!


    Dear Vues Master:

    It seems that Israel has at least one election every year. I honestly do not understand their system at all. Do you think that the election process is better in America or Israel?


    Vues Master’s Note: Well that

    would depend if you like going to

    mekubalim for votes or to dead

    people for votes. Both election

    processes are flawed!


    Dear Vues Master:

    I’m writing this half in jest and half

    in awe. Imagine for a minute you’re

    the most skilled politician on Earth.

    You know it’ll be decades before

    anyone can even approach your skill

    level. This isn’t ego or pride, it’s an

    assessment of your competition.

    You win election after election, and

    know just what you can and can’t do

    to stay in power. You lead successfully

    for over a decade. No wars,

    the economy skyrockets, and your

    party consistently ranks at the top in

    all polls. After a decade it becomes

    a little tiresome. You’re not ready

    to retire (that would be even more

    boring), you love your country and

    want to help it grow even more, but

    you could use a break. Your house

    is in disrepair but you don’t want to

    live in a house undergoing a complete

    restoration. A sabbatical would

    be a dream. Yet, you know a sabbatical

    for a world leader is out of the

    question. What do you do? Can you

    imagine if you were so good, so unbelievably

    good, that you could actually

    purposefully lose an election

    by just enough to get yourself a one

    year break and then orchestrate the

    politics “just enough” to have another

    election one year later…and…

    after the country has bought you a

    private plane, completely renovated

    your house, and gone through just

    enough division not to ruin the country

    but cause the people to want you

    to step back in, you begin earnestly

    campaigning to return – refreshed

    and ready for another twelve year

    run? Welcome to Bibi 2.0


    Vues Master’s Note: Ha! You wish

    that was what he did! He lost last

    election. Lost it to an incompetent

    guy who is not even running again!


    Dear Vues Master:

    This Shabbos is the yahrtzeit

    of Rachel Imanu. Mama Rachel

    was the quintessential mother.

    Mama Rachel was the mother

    of all Jews. Her life was one of

    hardship, yet she rose above it

    all. A true Jewish woman. Mama

    Rachel was the mother of us all.

    Do you think that she was the

    most beloved woman in tanach?

    It always bothered me that

    she wasn’t buried with Yakov

    at Maarat Hamachpela? Being

    buried by herself, everyone goes

    out of their way to visit her specifically.


    Vues Master’s Note: A Mother

    knows best! And helps the most!


    Dear Vues Master:

    A mother sternly said to her son: “I

    received a note from your Rebbe

    today.” “That’s OK Mom,” he responded.

    “I promise I won’t tell



    Vues Master’s Note: Are you more

    scared of your father or your father

    in heaven?


    Dear Vues Master:

    Two men in a graveyard noticed

    an elegant marble Matzeiva upon

    which was written outstanding

    Praises about the deceased. One

    of the men commented: “I never

    knew that he was such a special

    person.” The other responded: “I

    knew him well. If he could read

    these praises, he would think

    that he was buried in the wrong



    Vues Master’s Note: This is a

    dead issue!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Mr. Friedman had dinner at a kosher

    Chinese restaurant and was

    surprised to hear the Chinese

    waiter speaking to him in Yiddish.

    On the way out, as he was paying

    the bill, he said to the owner “The

    food was great and having a Chinese

    waiter who speaks Yiddish

    was a special treat.” “Shhh! Not so

    loud,” said the owner. “He thinks

    we’re teaching him English.”


    Vues Master’s Note: But at least

    the food was good! How was the



    Dear Vues Master:

    What bracha would someone

    make if they win the 1

    billion dollar

    Powerball lottery drawing?


    Vues Master’s Note: Any

    bracha on any food he

    wants! He now has enough

    money to spend!


    Dear Vues Master:

    These days even in baal habatishe

    circles the norm has become that

    the music at a bar mitzvah be djs

    playing club style music with

    strobe lights flashing. It’s safe to

    say that the origins of this type of

    scene do not come from the Alte

    Heim. Are there any rabbonim

    saying anything about this?


    Vues Master’s Note: My Rebbe would

    say it is more Bar than Mitzvah