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    Dear Vues Master:

    I’m sick. I ate too many donuts this past Chanukah.

    What should I do?


    Vues Master’s Note: Eat some more to keep your

    equilibrium. Just kidding. Refuah Sheleima!


    Dear Vues Master:

    I’m so upset. I went to the Ishay Ribo/MBD concert

    this past Sunday night in Manhattan and I spent

    over two hours looking for a spot and couldn’t find

    anything!! There were 3 parking garages in the

    area and each of them were charging $55 and they

    were all full an hour before the concert.


    Vues Master’s Note: Ever heard of mass transit?

    Ah so you don’t want to get mugged? I don’t blame



    Dear Vues Master:

    I can’t believe Chanukah flew by so quickly. It’s

    such a fun holiday. Every day I went to a different

    party & it’s the only time all year that my entire

    family gets together.


    Vues Master’s Note: Maybe get together every

    Rosh Chodesh!


    Dear Vues Master:

    It was cold out there last Shabbos!! I don’t remember

    it being so cold in December before. I’m

    dreaming about Florida these days. Am I the only



    Vues Master’s Note: Shhh! It is global warming!


    Dear Vues Master:

    A rabbi is sitting on a park bench in Moscow in

    1951, studying from a book of Torah. A KGB

    agent sees this, walks up to him, and says, “Komrad,

    do you know that you can go to prison for

    studying religion here in the Soviet Union, and

    especially for studying religion in that strange

    non-Russian language? Why are you doing this?”

    The Rabbi replies, “So that when I go to Heaven,

    I can speak to Hashem in his Holy Language!”

    KGB agent then says, “Well, what if you end up

    in the Other Place?” Rabbi says, “No problem. I

    speak Russian too!”


    Vues Master’s Note: I heard they speak in sign language!

    Sign your life away!


    Dear Vues Master:

    The local news station was interviewing an

    80-year-old Jewish lady because she had just gotten

    married for the fourth time: The interviewer

    asked her questions about her life, about what it

    felt like to be marrying again at 80, and then about

    her new husband’s occupation. “He’s a funeral

    director,” She answered. “Interesting.” The newsman

    thought. He then asked her if she wouldn’t

    mind telling him a little about her first three husbands

    and what they did for a living. She paused

    for a few moments, needing time to reflect on all

    those years. After a short time, a smile came to her

    face and she answered proudly, explaining that

    she had first married a banker when she was in her

    20’s, then a circus ringmaster when in her 40’s,

    and a rabbi when in her 60’s, and now – in her 80’s

    – a funeral director. The interviewer looked at her,

    quite astonished, and asked why she had married

    four men with such diverse careers. (Wait for it)

    She smiled and explained. “I married one for the

    money, two for the show, three to get ready, and

    four to go!!


    Vues Master’s Note: When they asked her how

    all her husbands die she said the first three were

    drinking coffee the fourth one died because he did

    not want to drink it.



    Dear Vues Master


    I was there

    when you wanted me

    I was there

    when you needed me

    In your hour of despair

    I was there

    When you’re troubled

    please remember

    Through that cold

    And dark December

    When you needed

    love and care

    I was there

    So when my race is run

    And my trial’s almost done

    And they ask me

    Are there words

    I wish to share

    On that final

    Judgment day

    I know exactly

    What I’ll say…

    I wasn’t always good

    But I was there


    Vues Master’s Note: Amazing!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Notice the similarities between LGBTQIA+ and lehavdil, the seven names of Hashem. Also, Hashem’s name consists of seventy-two letters and lehavdil, there are 72 genders. What is the connection? It says in Berashis (3:5), “But Hashem knows that as soon as you (Chava) eat it your eyes will be opened and you will be like Hashem, who knows good and bad.” The serpent is telling us that women will become like Hashem if she eats it. Is it a coincidence that the new marriage act, passed on December 13, 2022, happened the same year that they produced 72 genders? Furthermore, without getting into detail, shouldn’t the letter G come before L? The answer is women will exert their power at the end of days therefore the L comes first. The letter L also has the same phonics as kel (Lord) in Hebrew. Lord refers to the Hashem of justice and the English word Hashem, letter G, refers to the Hashem of Mercy. By emulating Hashem, in the wrong way, people are showing their true colors. When Hashem gave the sign to Noach that he will not destroy the world he used a rainbow positioned like an upside-down arrow to show peace and discontent. Therefore, the pride flag is using that which is unique to Hashem to antagonizing Him like the Dor Haflagah: (the generation of the division). There could have been a rectification for Chava’s sin during the chet hagel (sin of the golden calf). Even though the women were rewarded for not giving their jewelry they still could have done more. They could have prevented their husbands from giving. How do I know, it says that Chava cried and wore Adam down until he finally ate it. If she was able to get him to eat it, then she was able to stop him as well. The end of days will rest on the women to fear the Lord as it says in Sifra, Kedoshim, (1:4-10), “Scripture likens the fear of father and mother to fear of the Lord as it is written (Shemoth 20:17) And he who curses his father and mother shall be put to death” Only the mother can make sure that children honors and respects their father.


    Vues Master’s Note: I think you are giving these mushchasim too much credit! They are not that thought out!


    Dear Vues Master:

    You must be extremely careful to honor and revere your father and mother for the Torah compares their honor and reverence to the honor and reverence you must have for the Almighty. [In other words, after the Holocaust you must revere and honor Hashem, so you must revere and honor your parents even if you feel otherwise and with good reason. For example:] To what extent must you revere them? If you were dressed in costly clothing and presiding over the assembly and your father or mother came and tore your clothing, struck you on the head and spat in your face, you must not embarrass them, or show distress in their presence or anger towards them; but you must be silent and fear the King who is King of Kings, the Holy One, Blessed is He, Who so commanded. Even if your father is wicked and a sinner you must honor and fear him even a bastard is obligated to honor and fear his father. Whoever disgraces his father or mother even by words or gestures [or ignores them] is among those whom the Almighty has cursed. As it said, “Cursed is one who disgraces his father or mother.” If senility or insanity should affect the mind of your father or mother, you should try to deal with them in accordance with their mental status until Hashem will have mercy on them. But if it is impossible for you to endure because of their severe retardation, you may leave them, and delegate others to take proper care of them [and not abandon them and surely not ignore them]. One who truly wishes to honor his father and his mother should involve himself in Torah study and good deeds, for the greatest honor to parents is when people say, “Fortunate are the father and mother who have reared such a son.” [I’m not sure why he writes good deeds after Torah study as good deeds are a prerequisite for Torah study and good deeds reflect more on the parents then their Torah learning] If the son does not walk in the right path, his parents suffer humiliation because of him, and he embarrasses them with the utmost embarrassment. Kitzur Shulchan Arukh 143:21 (Metsudah Pub., 1996) On the other side, according to the Torah, the parents have all the rights, save causing their child to strike them. For example (Nedarim 48b): There was a certain man who had a son who had stolen sheaves of flax, and the father took a vow prohibiting his son from deriving any benefit from his possessions. They said to the father: And if your son would become a Torah scholar, and you would want him to be able to inherit your possessions, what would you do? He said to them: Let this son of mine acquire the possessions, and only if the son of my son becomes a Torah scholar, then let him, my grandson, acquire them from my son.


    Vues Master’s Note: Again! One track mind and one track letter! Do you think or write about anything else?


    Dear Vues Master:

    Mother Goose tells the Shochet, “ Eat your heart out, you can’t touch me for the next two months, unless you eat my heart.”

    The רמ”א†writes, “ Some Shoch

    tim have the Minhag not to shecht any geese i in the months of Teves & Shvat. There is a Kabbalah (tradition), that there is a certain hour in these two months, if a person shechts a goose, he will die, unless he eats from it. The Minhag is to eat its heart.”


    Vues Master’s Note: Fascinating! Good thing I am not a shochet and I

    don’t eat Gestopte Genz!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Now that Chanukah is over, my wife and I want to vent. What is going on with this world? Why do kids need presents and parties all day? Chanukah is a special Yom Tov during which we celebrate miracles that happen. If I don’t buy my kids any presents, they will resent it. If I do, I’m giving in to the new-age mentality. Aren’t we supposed to stay away from presents? How can we stop this downward spiral?


    Vues Master’s Note: Don’t stay away, you want your kids to have fond memories! It is only once a year. Big deal!


    Dear Vues Master:

    In his hit Broadway play “Leopoldstadt,” Tom Stoppard chronicles a fictional family of self-described “Austrians of Jewish descent” as they are confronted by the rise of interwar antisemitism and, eventually, the Holocaust. The chief drama critic of the New York Times has described the play as “harrowing.” The real history of the Jews in Vienna’s Leopoldstadt district and other Jewish communities in that region is equally harrowing. The Jewish experience in the Austro-Hungarian empire through the centuries veered from relative tolerance and assimilation to blood libels and deportations—as well as a surprising connection to the U.S. government’s refusal to bomb the railways leading to Auschwitz. Vienna’s Leopoldstadt district was given its name by antisemitic residents in gratitude to Emperor Leopold I for his mass expulsion of the Jews from that neighborhood in 1670. St. Leopold’s Church was built on the ruins of the main synagogue. There is another city named after Leopold I, sixty-five miles to the east of Vienna. Same namesake, different backstory. In the 1660s, the emperor established a fortress there which later became the largest prison in that part of the country. The town built around it came to be known in Czech as Leopoldov, and then in German as Leopoldstadt during the Nazi occupation. The latter Leopoldstadt is part of the Trnava region, an area rich in Czech and Slovakian Jewish history and tragedy. In 1899, the year that Tom Stoppard’s play begins, there was a major blood libel case in the Austro-Hungarian town of Polna. A young Jew named Leopold Hilsner was accused of murdering two Christian women in connection with Passover rituals. Among Hilsner’s supporters was a little-known philosophy professor named Tomas Masaryk. He rose not merely to defend Hilsner, but, as he put it, “to defend the Christians against superstition.” Angry demonstrations by antisemitic students forced the cancelation of Masaryk’s lectures at Charles-Ferdinand University, but that did not stop him from speaking out in the later blood libel case of Menachem Mendel Beilis, in Russia. After his election as president of Czechoslovakia in 1918, Masaryk became a strong

    supporter of Zionism and visited Palestine.

    He received honorary citizenship

    from the city of Tel Aviv in 1935, a forest

    was planted in his honor, and Czech

    Jewish immigrants established a kibbutz

    named Kfar Masaryk near Haifa in 1938.

    Both Leopoldstadts—the one in Vienna,

    and the one in Czechoslovakia—have

    a place in the history of the Holocaust,

    although in very different ways. The

    Jewish ghetto that was created in the Viennese

    Leopoldstadt in the 1600s was

    reestablished by the Nazis, in preparation

    for deporting its 65,000 inhabitants

    to Auschwitz. An estimated 97% of them

    were murdered. The Czechoslovakian

    Leopoldstadt drew attention in the spring

    of 1944, because it was an important hub

    along the railway routes used by the Germans

    to deport hundreds of thousands

    of Jews from Hungary to Auschwitz.

    That May, two Jewish rescue activists

    based in Switzerland, Yitzhak and Recha

    Sternbuch, presented officials at the

    U.S. consulate in Bern with a detailed

    list of the railways and bridges used for

    the deportations and urged them to recommend

    U.S. air strikes on those routes.

    On June 24, Roswell McClelland, the

    U.S. War Refugee Board’s representative

    in Switzerland, sent a cable to the State

    Department, presenting the Sternbuchs’

    request in detail. He began by explaining

    the brutal round-ups of Hungarian Jews

    and how “people were deported 60 to 70

    per sealed freight wagon for a trip of two

    to three days without adequate water or

    food, probably resulting in many deaths

    en route.” Regarding the potential

    targets, McClelland listed five specific

    “stretches of railroad,” one of which was


    Trencin.” Significantly, McClelland’s

    cable pointed out that one of the

    routes was being used not only to deport

    Jews, “but also many thousand [German]

    troops to and from the Polish front were

    transported daily over this line.” That was

    important because it meant there was no

    conflict between America’s war effort

    and the idea of bombing the railways to

    interrupt the mass murder of the Jews;

    such an attack would serve both purposes.

    The McClelland cable was one

    of many appeals to the Roosevelt administration,

    from Jewish organizations and

    others, pleading for bombing of the railways

    and bridges leading to Auschwitz or

    the gas chambers and crematoria in the

    camp. One of those advocates was Jan

    Masaryk, foreign minister of the Czech

    government-in-exile and son of the former

    Czech president. “My government

    [has] decided to approach all Allied governments

    with the request to carry out

    the measures which you suggested,” the

    younger Masaryk wrote to World Jewish

    Congress co-chair Nahum Goldmann

    in July 1944, in response to Goldmann’s

    request for help in promoting the idea

    of bombing Auschwitz or the railways.

    But in a later follow-up letter, Masaryk

    reported that he ran into “considerable

    difficulties” when he raised the issue with

    Allied officials. The main “difficulty”

    was that the Roosevelt administration had

    decided, long before the first bombing request

    was received, that it would not use

    any military resources for non-military

    objectives—even, apparently, when such

    an attack would also disrupt German

    troop movements. Sadly, President Roosevelt

    and his advisers believed the fate

    of Jews such as the residents of Leopoldstadt

    was none of America’s concern.


    Vues Master’s Note: Wow! A long history



    Dear Vues Master:

    A woman noticed her husband standing

    on the bathroom scale and sucking in

    his stomach, obviously hoping it would

    somehow lower his weight. “It’s not going

    to help,” she said. “It’s the only way I

    can see the numbers,” he replied.


    Vues Master’s Note: Not worth looking at

    the numbers. It keeps on going up like the

    prices of gas inflation!


    Dear Vues Master:

    The Turei Even (R.H.18b) & Minchas

    Chinuch (#301: 6) both claim that in the

    early days when they were mekadesh the

    new moon al pi re’iya, in those places

    where the shluchim couldn’t make it on

    time to notify when Rosh Chodesh was,

    they kept 9 days of Chanukah. (misafek)

    The Pri Chadash gives 3 reasons why

    today we don’t keep 9 days of Chanukah

    in Chutz La’Aretz. 1) Chanukah

    is a D’Rabbanan 2) 8 days of milah the

    Yevanim tried to stop 3) We want to be

    mefarsem nes Chanikah which was only 8

    days & not 9 days.

    Vues Master’s Note: And don’t forget it

    would cost us more money in gifts and

    Chanukah Gelt and one more day of parties!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Has Jewish identity become nothing

    more than a joke? Celebrities, politicians,

    and activists have been using their

    Jewish identity to push their “unJewish”

    agendas for far too long. The late Rabbi

    Meir Kahane was successful in reviving

    the tarnished Jewish pride among young

    Jews whose parents abandoned Judaism

    in every way but name. Relatively recently

    this newfound Jewish pride has

    been exploited for personal gain. Whenever

    an important Jewish holiday comes

    around there are always those one or two

    politicians who like to distort what the

    holiday is authentically about and inject

    their toxic modern views into the meaning

    of the holiday. Recent examples of

    this are President Volodymir Zelensky’s

    agenda pushing holiday wishes and Vice-

    President Kamala Harris’s Chanukah remarks

    two years ago with her Jewish husband.

    President Zelensky, who’s country

    has been invaded by Russia, sent his

    distorted Chanukah greetings by comparing

    the Maccabees triumph over the

    Syrian-Greeks to his military’s success

    over the Russians. “The few defeated the

    many, light defeated the darkness – this

    will be the case this time as well.” While

    this may be a beautiful use of words and

    imagery in reality the Maccabees were

    fighting against the very thing Zelensky

    is advocating for, liberal Westernism.

    Things like same-sex marriage and acceptance

    of all forms of religion as being

    equal are exactly what the Maccabees

    were fighting against. Kamala Harris just

    two years ago spoke about the “light”

    and “joy” of Chanukah. But what “joy”

    does Harris think we are celebrating on

    Chanukah? We commemorate the defeat

    of the Syrian-Greeks and their assimilated

    Jewish allies. Jews, like Kamala Harris’s

    husband who does not feel the need

    to separate themselves from the other nations

    and reject Torah Judaism in favor of

    the morals and culture of gentiles. Kamala

    often appropriates the Jewish concept

    “Tikkun Olam.” This term, and the very

    words themselves, have been hijacked by

    the left. The left wants people to think

    Tikkun Olam means acceptance and

    love, when it actually means restoring

    world order, in other words, smashing

    anti-Torah views, which Zelensky and

    Kamala Harris both exhibit. People tend

    to forget how bloody and dark the true

    story of Chanukah is. My history teacher

    in yeshiva always said that Chanukah

    was more like a civil war. The start of

    the revolution saw Matisyahu decapitating

    a Jew and stopping the bringing of

    an offering to an idol. The modern interpreters

    of Tikkun Olam would be horrified

    to find out that Chanukah represents

    battling Jews who throw off the yoke of

    heaven and serve false Hashems. If Kamala

    Harris truly understood Judaism at

    all, and wasn’t just trying to get rich Jewish

    donors to support her, then she certainly

    would not have made such foolish

    comments and neither would Hashemless

    Zelensky. May it be the will of our

    Father in Heaven to restore his presence

    to the world and return true meaning to

    what it means to be a Jew.


    Vues Master’s Note: Reminder! We are

    still in galus!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Two friends were talking about how their

    children had grown up. One said to the

    other “When my children were little, they

    were so sweet I wanted to eat them. Now

    that they’ve grown up, I’m sorry I didn’t.”


    Vues Master’s Note: It’s like an Arab

    mother telling her friend look at this picture

    of my child! Look how quickly they

    blow up!


    Dear Vues Master:

    Donuts or Pizza? In Shulchan Aruch,

    there is no mention of eating foods fried in

    oil on Chanukah .(Latkes & donuts etc.)

    In Shulchan Aruch (Rema) it says to eat

    cheese on Chanukah. Probably the first &

    only (source) for donuts on Chanukah is

    from a copy of a (manuscript) that Rav

    Y.M. Toledano z”l found. Somehow the

    location of his find is unknown now. Rav

    Toledano was a Rov in Tel Aviv & also

    the minister of religion in Ben Gurion’s

    Government. In his Sefer Sarid Upalit, he

    quotes from a manuscript of R. Maimon

    (Rambam’s father) where he mentions the

    Minhag of donuts on Chanukah. I am not

    sure if Rav Toledano himself was convinced

    of this manuscript to be authentic.

    Donuts or Pizza It seems that the mesorah

    of our mothers (fried foods) has precedence

    over Halacha in Shulchan Aruch



    Vues Master’s Note: Well that would

    put bakeries out of business. I guess we

    should all eat cheese donuts. That is a

    cheesy response to