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    Dear Vues Master:
    I’m so glad that so many people are away this
    week. It feels like it’s summer time. I can find
    parking spots wherever I go & the stores are

    empty. I feel bad for the store owners but it hap-
    pens every year at this time of year.


    Vues Master’s Note: I heard that the store own-
    ers open up pop up stores in Florida!

    Dear Vues Master:
    For many years winter/yeshiva break meant that
    everyone went to Florida, an island or Israel.
    It seems that the new place for people to go to
    this year is Panama. I’ve been told that Panama
    has over 45 kosher restaurants. That is amazing!

    Klal Yisrael is everywhere now. What will hap-
    pen when Moshiach comes? Will everyone live

    in Israel? Will there be enough room for every-

    Vues Master’s Note: The Mishna says no one ever
    said that Yerushalayim was too packed. There
    will be enough room. Let’s get to this problem!
    Dear Vues Master:
    I just found out that my passport expires in 2
    months & because of that I won’t be able to fly
    to Israel until I get my passport renewed. I was
    supposed to go to Israel in two weeks and come
    back in 4 weeks & I still can’t fly. Why is that?

    My expiration says March 15 and I plan on com-
    ing back the second week of February & I still

    can’t fly. Why is it so misleading?

    Vues Master’s Note: It is just a way for the gov-
    ernment to make more money!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Moshe Rabbeinu is a leader because he protested
    when he saw injustice. As a result of his protest,
    he ran for his life and was imprisoned; this is
    part of the reason people don’t protest. When
    you stand up for good the bad guys are going to
    try to stop you. Many times, they are successful
    because they have a network of people that paint
    you as the bad one; however, learn from Moshe
    that you should do it anyway. Alienated fathers
    are afraid to speak up because it is them against
    everyone else. I had to deal with my ex-wife, her
    husband, her brothers, father, and Yeshiva. They
    try to put doubt in my mind, but the more I stand
    up for myself the more I see their falsehood. I
    met someone, a few years ago, from Monsey at a
    parental alienation meeting. He was well dressed
    and religious. He spoke up during the meeting
    and I went to him afterwards and asked what he
    was doing here. He said he hasn’t spoken to his
    son in over twenty years and all he knows about
    him is that he is some kind of doctor and lives in
    Woodmere. I asked him which yeshiva he went

    to, and he told me CCY. His ex-wife got remar-
    ried to someone from that yeshiva as well and

    the rest is history. I enlightened him about the
    yeshiva and told him how the Rosh Yeshiva and
    his brother tried to bully me into submission.
    The Rosh Yeshiva threatened to alienate my son
    from me. He called me names and even told my

    son he doesn’t have to do kibbud av. After I fin-
    ished my story, the person was bewildered and

    said he doesn’t believe me. I told him I have it
    in writing and on recording. He said he didn’t
    believe me because he loved the Rosh Yeshiva
    because he tried so hard to help him. I told him
    that this is how he gets away with it, he puts thi

    facade of being humble and helpful
    in front of the parent(s) and tells his
    students, behind closed doors, to stay

    away from you. This father was re-
    jected by his son, and he doesn’t want

    to contemplate that the Rosh Yeshiva
    also rejects him. So he bends the truth
    for his own emotional well being.
    However, he is doing himself, his
    son, and his grandson a disservice by
    not publicizing this. One day, if not
    already, he will be accused of being
    an absentee father and the stepfather
    will take credit for raising him. The
    father’s misplaced humility is what
    the Rosh Yeshiva takes advantage of.
    This son, the doctor, works in Staten
    Island so anyone who knows him,
    please tell him to call his father. It is
    a disgrace to see people in “yeshiva”
    acting like animals. My rebbe, Rabbi

    Shlomo Brevda, would talk about ye-
    shiva students that learn all day, but

    they never change as a person. This

    doctor is a good example, and it re-
    flects on the yeshiva as well.

    Vues Master’s Note: I am mocheh on
    the kavod of the Rosh Yeshiva You are
    doing an injustice with your tirades.
    Shame on You!
    Dear Vues Master:
    The word “flip out” is a positive word

    among students in yeshiva and it de-
    scribes a person who goes to yeshiva

    and becomes more religious than their
    father. However, they fail to realize
    that this was coined by parents who
    see their kids being taken advantage
    of. One reason fathers can’t have a

    normal conversation with their chil-
    dren is because they don’t know the

    true meaning of words. Rav Brevda

    said that children are not more reli-
    gious than their parents. This is a par-
    ticularly important concept to teach

    children as anyone can come along
    and flatter a child by telling him how

    holier he is than his father. The offi-
    cial definition of “flip out” is to be-
    come crazy or suddenly lose control.

    Besides this term one should sit down

    and read George Orwell’s 1984 with

    their son. Here are some other use-
    ful terms that can help make your

    son more discerning: “Doublethink”
    is used to describe one’s capacity to
    hold two contradictory beliefs at one
    time. For example, flip out which is
    negative and positive. “Newspeak”

    is used to control what people are ca-
    pable of thinking. A father would like

    to know what are the pros and cons of
    someone who flips out? “Unperson”
    refers to someone whose existence is

    denied due to a political or ideologi-
    cal crime. Is this person, who flipped

    out, making his father an unperson?

    I will coin the term “unfather” to de-
    scribe a son who denies the existence

    of his father due to frumkeit.
    Vues Master’s Note: Again you have a
    one track mind!
    Dear Vues Master:

    There has been much discussion late-
    ly about people listening to Hatzolah

    calls without permission. People get

    a hold of radios, find out the chan-
    nels and listen in as an elderly man

    with dementia is treated, a call is an-
    swered regarding a mother in distress,

    or a kid who swallowed poison, r”l.
    These are just some of the examples
    of the hundreds of calls Hatzolah
    takes every day. Unlike the need for

    the community to find a missing per-
    son or general awareness of health is-
    sues in our community, specific calls

    are none of our business. It’s chilling

    to think that someone should feel un-
    safe calling Hatzoloh because some-
    one might be listening in. There has

    been debate about Hatzoloh treating

    women, for example. I am all for Hat-
    zoloh, but it has to find a way to close

    down its radio transmissions snd keep
    a tight grip on what gets out. Worse
    yet is the possibility that people will
    potentially talk on the line or clog the
    transmissions with traffic. This is a
    privacy issue and a safety issue. As
    Jews, we answer to a higher calling.
    A violation of privacy raises theft and

    modesty concerns. So the next time
    you hear the sirens don’t answer “that

    call-” unless you’re a Hatzolah mem-


    Vues Master’s Note: I think that Flat-
    bush Shomrim has a radio signal no

    one can listen to!
    Dear Vues Master:
    An elderly woman was speeding

    when she was stopped by a police-
    man. “License and registration,” he

    said. “What did he say?” the wom-
    an asked her husband. “He said he

    wants your license and registration,”
    the husband replied. “Do you realize
    how fast you were going?” the officer
    asked. “What did he say?” she asked

    her husband, who repeated the ques-
    tion for her. The officer then looked at

    her license and remarked “I see you’re
    from Brooklyn. I once dated a woman

    from Brooklyn. She was the most dif-
    ficult woman I ever met.” Again, the

    woman asked her husband “What did
    he say?” “He said he thinks he knows
    Vues Master’s Note: I Hear.
    Dear Vues Master:
    והיה לאות על -ידכה ולטוטפת- בין עיניך
    שמות י“ג:ט“ז
    כל הקורא ק“ש בלא תפילין כאילו
    מעיד עדות שקר בעצמו
    ברכות י“ד ע“ב
    When the Chasam Sofer learned with
    his תלמידים Parshas בא and Parshas

    ואתחנן he made sure to wear his Tefil-
    lin*. ג :ד“פ ס“חת מנהגי*

    Vues Master’s Note: This is important
    for those that don’t make zman krias
    Dear Vues Master:
    A new record may have just been
    set—for the most Hitler analogies in
    a 24-hour period. From Moscow to
    Mar-a-Lago, public figures this week

    were inappropriately invoking Nazi-
    related terms to denounce develop-
    ments that did not at all resemble

    those of the Nazi era. Russia’s foreign
    minister, Sergei Lavrov, declared that

    the United States and its European al-
    lies are attempting to solve “the Rus-
    sian question” in the same way that

    “Hitler wanted a ‘final solution’ to the
    Jewish question.” Meanwhile, more

    than five thousand miles away, for-
    mer president Donald Trump tweeted

    that the FBI agents who recently re-
    moved classified government docu-
    ments from his Mar-a-Lago residence

    were “the Gestopo” (as he spelled
    it). Before the news cycle was done,
    a former Israeli attorney general
    called proposed judicial reforms in
    that country “a pogrom,” and New

    York Times columnist Thomas Fried-
    man described those proposals as a

    “putsch,” the term commonly associ-
    ated with Adolf Hitler’s failed coup

    attempt in 1923, known as the Beer
    Hall Putsch. Whew! If such outbursts
    were an aberration, it would be bad

    enough. But there have been numer-
    ous such remarks flung about in public

    discourse in recent months—just not

    all in a single 24-hour period. Film-
    maker Ken Burns, speaking on CNN

    about Holocaust-era immigration

    policies, said the decision by Flori-
    da’s governor to fly fifty migrants to

    Martha’s Vineyard was “straight out
    of the authoritarian playbook.” Not to
    be outdone, the Republican nominee

    for governor of Illinois, Darren Bai-
    ley, declared that “the attempted ex-
    termination of the Jews of World War

    II doesn’t even compare on a shadow
    of the life that has been lost with
    abortion.” And Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
    said last year that America’s Covid
    vaccination policies are even more
    dangerous than Hitler’s policies,
    since in Nazi Germany there was (he
    claimed) the option of “hiding in an
    attic, like Anne Frank did.” At least
    Kennedy retracted and apologized for
    his comment. That’s rare among those
    who use Nazi analogies as political
    weapons. Five years ago, the United
    States Holocaust Memorial Museum

    announced that it “unequivocally re-
    jects efforts to create analogies be-
    tween the Holocaust and other events,

    whether historical or contemporary.”
    It issued that statement after one of its
    staff historians, Rebecca Erbelding,
    expressed support for the claim by
    Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez that
    U.S. immigration facilities resemble
    “concentration camps.” Erbelding’s
    statement was made “in a personal

    capacity” and “does not reflect the po-
    sition of the Museum,” the museum

    emphasized. Given the sudden prolif-
    eration of comparable statements by

    public figures, at home and abroad,

    this might be a good time for the Ho-
    locaust Museum to publicly reiterate

    its opposition to Nazi analogies. Such

    analogies both exaggerate contempo-
    rary controversies and minimize what

    the Nazis did. Policies concerning is-
    sues such as immigration, abortion, or

    Covid restrictions naturally generate

    intense debate. But it should be pos-
    sible to discuss even the most sensi-
    tive issues without resorting to absurd

    and insulting historical comparisons.
    Abortion is not another Holocaust.
    America’s immigration facilities do

    not resemble Dachau. And Mar-a-
    Lago is not on the way to Auschwitz.

    Rafael Medoff
    Vues Master’s Note: You are so right!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Marriages are made in Heaven, but
    the details are fought out here on
    Vues Master’s Note: I can’t argue with
    you as I don’t want to get into a fight!
    Dear Vues Master:
    After boarding the plane, taking their

    seats and awaiting takeoff, the pas-
    sengers heard the flight attendant an-
    nounce: “There will be a short delay.

    We are waiting for the pilots to arrive.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

    Looking out of the windows, the pas-
    sengers saw two men dressed in pilot

    uniforms and accompanied by seeing-
    eye dogs approaching the plane. Not

    knowing what to make of this, most of
    those on board assumed its some kind
    of joke. When the two men entered
    the cockpit with their dogs, nervous
    chuckles could be heard throughout
    the cabin. Although the plane taxied
    to the runway, picked up speed and

    began its takeoff in a normal fash-
    ion, the passengers looking out the

    windows saw that it was nearing the
    end of the runway and not lifting off.

    Immediately, sensing impending di-
    saster, the entire cabin began scream-
    ing desperately. With only seconds to

    go before plunging into the water, the
    plane finally took off. In the cockpit,
    the pilot turned to the co-pilot and
    said: “You know, one of these days
    people are going to scream too late
    and we’re all going to die.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Not funny!
    Dear Vues Master:

    This week, the New York State Sen-
    ate passed legislation (S-1242) spon-
    sored by Senator Simcha Felder (D-
    Brooklyn) that protects New Yorkers

    from hefty gotcha fines for expired

    inspection stickers. The law will re-
    quire the Department of Motor Vehi-
    cles to provide drivers with advance

    notice of their upcoming annual ve-
    hicle inspection date requirement

    and provide a five-day grace period

    before a ticket may be issued. Cur-
    rently, the DMV does not provide any

    notice to motorists regarding their
    vehicle inspection. The parking fines
    for expired inspection sticker tickets
    contribute to over $565 million in
    revenue to NYC. Under the new law,
    DMV would notify drivers via postal
    mail or e-mail thirty days before their

    vehicle inspection sticker is set to ex-
    pire. “For hardworking New Yorkers,

    these GOTCHA tickets are infuriat-
    ing! I am proud to continue my leg-
    acy that began with my first bill ever

    signed into law creating the 5-minute

    grace period for parking meter tick-
    ets. NYers are not a cash cow,” said

    Senator Felder. Rachel N. in a call to
    Senator Felder’s office said, “I got
    a ticket for expired inspection on a
    Saturday and the inspection station
    I trust was closed on Sunday. I was
    so upset that I made this expensive

    mistake, but even worse was watch-
    ing my husband worry about getting

    another ticket before we could get an
    inspection. A notice in advance would

    save such a headache!” After pass-
    ing Senator Felder’s bill, for the third

    time in recent years, the Senate sent it

    to the Assembly, where it has previ-
    ously stalled. “Every business that ex-
    pects payment from a customer sends

    an invoice and New Yorkers deserve

    no less from their government agen-
    cies. Give people a fair warning, with

    a pinch of grace, and they will get it
    done without always reaching into
    their wallet first,” said Senator Felder.
    Vues Master’s Note: Now if we can
    only get rid of the camera tickets!
    Dear Vues Master:

    A distinguished Professor was stand-
    ing at the lectern in front of a roomful

    of people waiting to hear him speak.
    However, the Professor just stood
    there, not opening his mouth. When an
    attendant approached him and asked
    why he didn’t begin, the Professor
    explained that he forgot his dentures
    at home and his assistant went to get
    them. As soon as the assistant arrived
    and gave him his teeth, the Professor
    began speaking. He went on and on
    for hours without pause until finally,
    the attendant approached him and
    asked why he doesn’t
    complete his talk. The
    Professor responded:
    “My apologies. My
    assistant brought me

    my wife’s teeth in-
    stead of mine.”

    Vues Master’s Note:
    Imagine if he would
    have gotten someone
    else’s wife’s teeth?

    Dear Vues Master:
    I could not believe my eyes that the
    Jewish Vues would put in the letters
    F-K Israel while quoting a Hamas
    follower cursing a Jew. I’m melamed
    zchus that they meant the word Frank?
    They should have written that it was a
    four letter curse word, and not spell

    out the two letters which when pro-
    nounced will sound like the real four

    letter curse word! I am so surprised
    that the editors missed that one. I
    enjoy the Jewish Vues but they have
    to be more careful what they print if
    our Tzon Kodshim, our Tinokos Shel
    Bais Rabim are being exposed to four

    letter curse words! Abaya in the Ge-
    mara says that the motzi hevel shel pi-
    hem are holier & have more kedusha

    than our learning Torah shel Baal peh,
    since they don’t speak nivul peh! We
    have to protect what children & adults
    are exposed to!
    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for
    bringing it to our attention. We will
    be more careful in the future!
    Dear Vues Master:

    Fifty percent of marriages end in di-
    vorce. But the other fifty percent end

    in death. Who’s to say which ones are

    the lucky ones? Fifty percent of mar-
    riages end in divorce. But the other

    fifty percent end in death. Who’s to
    say which ones are the lucky ones?
    Vues Master’s Note: I heard that all
    divorces follow after a wedding cake!