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    Dear Vues Master:
    As I cry for the 7 murdered in Nevei Yaakov, I think about
    the number 7. Shabbos when it happened is the seventh
    day. Our tears pierce the seven skies. Channa and her seven
    sons. I am listening in the background to Yaakov & Moshe

    Dovid Shwekey sing their heartfelt song Lcha Atzmi Le-
    cha Ezak Lecha Edvak To You I shout out ( I cry out) To

    You I cling. This heart rendering song is the second song
    on Yaakov Shwekey’s “Toast To Life”album. They sing it
    with such Heartz & Neshama, it’s not possible not to cry
    your soul out! It was composed by Shwekey’s brother who
    harmonizes to Yaakov. As I listen and sing along to this
    piyut from the Even Ezra on Leil Yom Kippur, I think of
    the 7 ushpizin who come to our Sukkah & the number 7
    is Dovid Hamelech Chai Vkayam Moshiach Ben Dovid
    baah bkorev! This week’s parsha Shabbos Shira (7th day
    of Pesach) is a remez to techiyas Hameisim Rashi to Az
    Yaasher Moshe Rabbeinu will once again sing the Shira
    with Klal Yisroel & with the 7 from Nevei Yaakov!
    Vues Master’s Note: I cry along with Klal Yisroel!
    Dear Vues Master
    Recently, fans of a certain celebrity called the cops to conduct
    a wellness check at their private home. The fans’ concern?
    The celebrity quit social media. One would think this is the
    best thing the star could do for their health. Gains made by
    in- person learning and a return to “normal” life after the
    pandemic have been undercut by social media use amongst
    young people. This has been a worrying trend since 2009
    when social media and smartphones came to prominence,
    notes Duncan Young, CEO of Effective School Solutions. As
    Young told The Hill, the increase in technology use has led
    to a decline in mental health. Social media is like a vehicle
    which has to be driven safely. The alarm was sounded in The
    Lancet, which published a study back in March 2007, entitled
    “Mental Health of Young People: a Global Public-Health
    Challenge.” Rabbi Efrem Goldberg notes, there are those who
    may disagree with the Internet Asifah which took place nearly
    12 years ago, but it should engender discussion about the harm
    heavy technology use can have on people of all backgrounds.
    Then, as now, we should be thinking about best practices for
    the safe and healthy use of online platforms. Be mindful of
    the minefield, Rabbi Goldberg warns. The Surgeon General
    of the United States, Vivek Murthy, feels that children 13 and

    under should not be on social media altogether. “Their rela-
    tionships and the skewed and often distorted environment of

    social media often does a disservice to many of those chil-
    dren,” he warns. On the Inspiration for the Nation podcast

    with Yaakov Langer, Rabbi Yisroel Majeski stated that people
    feel pressured to take lavish vacations simply because they

    see their friends going to far flung places online. Langer stat-
    ed that he was once going through a hectic time, scheduling

    guests for his show, when he agreed to sit down and give his
    wife three hours of his time. Unfortunately, Langer stated, he
    was very busy checking his phone during that time. His wife
    responded: “I’d rather you give me 10 minutes of your time
    than this.” These are powerful and important words and speak
    to the disconnect the constant connectivity has on us all. As

    the recent Yeshiva Week break has taught us, social compari-
    son with peers leads to increased anxiety and depression. In a

    study entitled “Social Media and Mental Health, researchers
    from Boston University, MIT and Tel Aviv University found
    that “social media has a negative impact on mental health.”
    While the survey was limited to college students, it speaks
    volumes: the best wellness check we can do for ourselves is
    to check out of these platforms. It is therefore ironic that a
    celebrity who, granted, had been undergoing mental health

    challenges, and did what they felt was best: hanging up on on-
    line hangouts, literally had the police called on them by “con-
    cerned” fans. We live in a drive-by society. The Hill recently

    reported that most Americans consume a lot more online than
    they actually post. We need celebrities to entertain us, tell us
    what to buy and where to go on vacation. However, we are
    not any happier. We find in this week’s parsha, Beshalach,

    that the Jews who despite keeping separate from the Mitzriy-
    im, keeping their own names, values, and clothing, were still

    on the 39th level of tumah: one more step and they would not
    be able to leave. This added to the urgency to leave the land of
    both physical and spiritual servitude. We saw in Lech Lecha
    (12), that Avraham Avinu and Sarah Imeinu were compelled
    to go down to Mitzrayim to acquire food during a famine.
    The impurity of the land permeated the air. This had an effect
    on Avraham, who, according to Medrash Tanchuma (Lech
    Lecha 5) noticed Sarah’s beauty for the very first time. As
    Refael Kramer of Breslov.org states: even if we take just one

    step toward spiritual growth we can experience our own Yet-
    zias Mitzrayim. When the tide of social media tries to over-
    take you and influencers are surrounding you from all sides,

    scream to Hashem. As Hashem told Moshe: “Why do you
    cry out to Me? Speak to the children of Israel and tell them
    to go ahead” (Shmos 14:15). Be the Nachshon ben Aminadav
    that takes the initiative. You can leave your phone behind and
    immerse yourself, at least for a few minutes, into a world of
    quality family time. Just tell your friends first.
    Chaim Yehuda Meyer
    Vues Master’s Note: Well written letter

    Dear Vues Master:
    Laughter is the best medicine, second only to
    grandchildren. I got a good chuckle and just
    had to share: LIGHTEN UP…… IT AIN’T
    ALL THAT BAD!!! I hate it when I see an
    old person and then realize we went to high
    school together. I told my wife she should
    embrace her mistakes… so she hugged me.

    My wife says I only have 2 faults. I don’t lis-
    ten and something else…. At my funeral, take

    the bouquet off my coffin and throw it into

    the crowd to see who is next. I thought grow-
    ing old would take longer. I came, I saw, I

    forgot what I was doing. Retraced my steps,
    got lost on the way back, now I have no idea

    what’s going on. The officer said, “You drink-
    ing?” I said, “You buying?” We just laughed

    and laughed…. I need bail money. The adult
    version of “head, shoulders, knees and toes”
    is “wallet, glasses, keys and phone.” A dog
    accepts you as the boss… a cat wants to see
    your resume. Oops…. did I roll my eyes out
    loud? Life is too short to waste time matching
    socks. Wi-fi went down for five minutes, so I
    had to talk to my family. They seem like nice
    people. If you see me talking to myself, just

    move along. I’m self-employed; we’re hav-
    ing a staff meeting. I won’t be impressed with

    technology until I can download food. Some
    people call me crazy. I prefer ‘happy with a

    twist’. My doctor asked if anyone in my fam-
    ily suffers from mental illness. I said, “No, we

    all seem to enjoy it.” I really don’t mind get-
    ting old, but my body is having a major fit.

    Camping: where you spend a small fortune to
    live like a homeless person. Project Manager.
    Because Miracle Worker isn’t an official job
    title. I told my wife I wanted to be cremated.
    She made me an appointment for Tuesday.
    The world’s best antidepressant has 4 legs, a
    wagging tail and comes with unconditional
    love. Love is how excited your dog gets when
    you come home. I’ve reached the age where
    my train of thought often leaves the station
    without me. If you’re happy and you still
    know it, it’s your meds.

    Vues Master’s Note: I am not sure how to re-
    spond. Should I laugh or should I cry?

    Dear Vues Master:
    Last week I went with my family to one of
    the Century Villages in Florida to visit my
    mother. The main shul is a nice walk from her
    apartment so many people in the surrounding

    buildings get together everyday to daven min-
    cha/maariv at the zman in the middle parking

    lot. Last Thursday, one of the men that came
    to daven pulled up to the minyan in his car
    right before chazaros hashas and parked his
    car in someone else’s reserved parking spot.
    No one was parked there & the person felt
    that he would daven right outside his car and
    watch to see if the owner of the spot would
    come. All of a sudden a major argument
    broke out. The shliach tzibur had to stop in

    the middle of Shmonei Esrei and people were
    yelling at him for parking in the reserved
    spot. They were screaming back & forth for
    five minutes & it was a tremendous chilul
    hashem. The man said he lives in Brooklyn
    & people block driveways on his block all the
    time when going to a minyan on a shul on his

    block. The reason why I’m writing this let-
    ter to you is that people should be aware that

    whether the person was right or wrong is not
    the issue. The issue is that we live in a world

    right now where there are so many anti sem-
    ites that we need to always be on our best be-
    havior. Please send your readers this message.

    Vues Master’s Note: Oy, the fun of Century
    Village!! I say don’t daven in a parking lot!

    Daven under a roof as it is paskened in Shul-
    chan Aruch! Park a little further away and

    you will get schar halicha!
    Dear Vues Master:
    This Monday is Tu B’Shvat and my mother
    used to take our esrogim from Sukkos &
    make jam out of them on Tu B’Shvat. Is there
    any source for doing this?
    Vues Master’s Note: I am sure there is a
    source for this but I hope your mother added
    a lot of sugar to the jam!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Four rabbis met for lunch at a Brooklyn deli.
    In an effort to show them proper respect, the
    owner of the deli personally served them.
    After they finished their sandwiches, he
    brought them slices of watermelon. As soon

    as he walked away from their table, he real-
    ized that he had made a terrible mistake. The

    watermelon that he served them was spiked
    with liquor and was intended for another
    table. He feared the worst. As soon as the
    waiter returned to the kitchen with the empty
    plates, the owner asked “What did they say?

    What did they say?” “Nothing,” the waiter re-
    sponded, “they were too busy searching for

    watermelon seeds and putting them in their
    Vues Master’s Note: Can I get some please!
    Never had that before!
    Dear Vues Master:
    We attach ourselves to narratives because
    they comfort us. It’s comforting to think that

    the terrorist who murdered seven Jews com-
    ing out of a Jerusalem synagogue on Friday

    evening was striking a blow against “the

    civilized world,” as President Joe Biden as-
    serted. But he wasn’t, Mr. President. Alqam

    Khayri, 21, a resident of eastern Jerusalem,

    was specifically going after Jews. His Pales-
    tinian brethren who celebrated his murderous

    act by dancing in the streets and handing out
    candies were not thinking about the civilized
    world. They were rejoicing at the death of

    Jews. When the Palestinian Authority glori-
    fies terrorists who murder Jews, as they did

    just recently with Karim Younes, or teaches

    Jew hatred to their children, they’re not think-
    ing about the opera halls of Vienna or the art

    galleries of Paris. They’re thinking about
    the dreaded Jews who had the chutzpah to
    return to their biblical homeland after 1900
    years. When Hamas launches rockets from
    Gaza to murder Israeli civilians, they’re not
    thinking, “Boy are those Jews civilized, we
    better get rid of them.” No, they’re thinking
    of the Hamas Charter that obligates them to
    destroy the world’s only Jewish state. This
    is not a comfortable narrative. It’s a lot more
    “civilized” to sanitize and universalize our
    conflicts; it helps us manage and control
    them. If we can frame the Palestinian terror
    against Jews as an attack on a grand idea like

    the “civilized world,” it reduces our frustra-
    tion and anxiety. Instead of dealing with

    a conflict that is ugly and personal, we can
    come together around a sophisticated ideal.
    The problem is that the hatred for Jews within
    much of Palestinian society is just that– ugly
    and personal. There’s nothing civilized or
    universal about teaching Palestinian kids that
    “the Jews don’t belong here.” That is a hatred
    of aspiring annihilation. No amount of clever
    reframing can change that. Three decades
    ago, Israel made the mistake of sanitizing and
    overlooking that hatred by pretending that a
    political agreement based on geographical
    borders could end the conflict. I was one of
    those dreamers, and part of me still dreams
    of that day. But ugly, deep, personal hatred
    dies hard. The narrative that has always been

    exceedingly difficult for westerners to con-
    template is that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    is not a political conflict but an existential
    one. This narrative is horribly inconvenient
    for the simple reason that it doesn’t lend itself
    to solutions—the drug of choice of civilized
    diplomacy. From the minute Israel was born
    75 years ago, continuing with its building of a
    vibrant nation with the strongest army in the
    region, Israel has been a victim of its success,
    becoming a source of constant humiliation to
    Arab neighbors who could never match that

    success. This has been especially true for Pal-
    estinians, who have been cursed with corrupt

    leaders who have rejected every Israeli peace
    offer while fattening their own bank accounts
    and blaming their people’s misery on those

    “Zionist invaders.” But unlike the Palestin-
    ians, who kept saying no and built an iden-
    tity around victimhood, those Zionists took

    what the United Nations gave them in 1947
    and built a powerful state. The contrast with

    the Palestinians can’t help but be humiliat-
    ing. Here are the Jews, who for centuries had

    to accept their second class “dhimmi” status
    in Arab and Muslim lands, breaking free to
    a place of empowerment through the Jewish
    state. No amount of political appeasement

    can cure Palestinian leaders of this humilia-
    tion, indeed of this epic failure to serve their

    own people. If anything, given this shameful

    failure, Palestinian leaders have a more ob-
    vious incentive to keep nurturing their status

    as the most coddled victims in the world, op-
    pressed by the “little Satan” Israel. You take

    your status where you can get it. That may
    also explain why murdering Jews who come
    out of a synagogue, as heinous as it is, is so

    acceptable in the perverted Palestinian al-
    gorithm of Jew hatred. The terror act itself

    serves to reinforce and dramatize the des-
    peration of victimhood. Until a radically new

    and brave leadership infiltrates Palestinian
    society, teaching its people that Jew hatred is

    violently against their interest, we are relegat-
    ed to dealing with facts on the ground. Those

    facts go as follows: Terrorists will continue to
    try to kill Jews, and Jews will continue to try

    to stop them. This may not be very comfort-
    ing for the civilized world, Mr. President, but

    for the Jews of Israel, it’s the only world they
    Vues Master’s Note: I am not so sure Mr.
    Biden loves Jews to begin with!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Is it a hoax?
    The popular Minhag of המן פרשת on בשלח‘ ג
    was unheard of just one generation ago. Not
    even Riminover Chasidim of the past ever

    heard of it. In all of the כתבים of R. Men-
    del Riminover Zt”l there is no mention of the

    סגולה בשלח‘ ג The first source of this Minhag
    is in the חדש מנחם ילקוט ספר published in

    1991. The Sefer writes that Rav S.W. Wein-
    berger Zt”l heard from the Stropkover Rebbe

    Zt”l in the name of R.M.Riminov Zt”l about

    the סגולה המן פרשת בשלח‘ ג After the pub-
    lication of the Sefer, this Segulah spread like

    wildfire. All the weekly Torah pamphlets &
    every frum internet site and App. reminded
    us not to forget to say המן פרשת on Tuesday
    בשלח* .At a later date Rav Weinberger’s
    כתבים were found in which he writes that he
    heard from the Stropkover Rebbe how R,M,
    Riminover said
    EVERY פרשת המן, שנים מקרא ואחד תרגום

    DAY & had in mind that parnasa is min ha-
    shamayim. R.M.R. claimed that by having

    this kavanah while reciting the Parsha you are

    assured not to ever lack in parnasah (As men-
    tioned by the קדמונים (Rav Weinberg wrote

    that it was on בשלח‘ ג when he met the Strop-
    kover Rebbe. The confusion came about from

    this one line. that he heard about this segu-
    lah on בשלח‘ ג from the Stropkover Rebbe

    R.M.M. never said that there is a special day
    פרשת המן the say to ג‘ בשלח of
    Vues Master’s Note: You may as well do it!
    You have nothing to lose!
    Dear Vues Master:
    I have come to notice how you answer some

    letters. Some of you answer nice, others hu-
    morous. But some of you answer in a very not

    nice way. I am talking about the weekly letter

    writer who signs his name ‘’DG’’. From read-
    ing his letters, he seems to be going through

    a difficult time. And you always answer in a
    nasty way. You can never say anything nice.
    Why don’t you put yourself in his shoes?

    How would you feel if you were in his situa-
    tion and on top of everything, when you write

    a letter to the Vues, all you get is a nasty re-
    sponse? Even if the writer is one track minded

    and even if writing letters to the Vues is not
    the answer to solve your problems, you still

    should be a little bit nicer. Perhaps he is wait-
    ing for you to say something nice, to show a

    means of understanding. Maybe that is why
    he keeps on writing his letters. I don’t mean
    to offend anyone but I feel this should be
    brought to attention.
    Vues Master’s Note: When one constantly
    knocks Rosh Yeshiva then he does not deserve
    a nice answer!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Want to become rich?
    The segulah for Monday בשלח פרשת and

    also for every weekday of the year. The ge-
    mara in Niddah says, “If one wants to become

    wealthy he should, 1) increase his hishtadlus
    in business. (בסחורה ירבה (2) Be honest in
    his business dealings. 3) Daven to Hashem to
    grant him riches.
    Vues Master’s Note: I am rich already! BH !
    Dear Vues Master:
    A Satmar chasid announced at a fundraiser
    that he was contributing $47,000 to the Shul
    in honor of the rebbie, whose name, יואל ,has
    the גימטריה of 47. The רבי thanked him, but
    said: “My mother called me יולאיש“.
    Vues Master’s Note: I heard that the guy
    gave him a check for the latter amount and
    it bounced!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Was told that you were hired to review the
    Letters to the Editor…….Everytime DG writes
    a letter he gets a SIN……Every Time YOU
    publish his letter YOU get a SIN…..Every
    time someone reads the letter YOU BOTH
    get a sin.
    Vues Master’s Note: I am mocheh! And if it

    hurts one must scream! These letters are post-
    ed in many other publications!

    Dear Vues Master:
    There is a disturbing recent development that

    I thought that you should be aware of. Univi-
    sion Radio, a large Spanish language broad-
    caster, has recent sold eighteen of their radio

    stations to a group headed by Stephanie Va-
    lencia and Jess Morales Rocketto, two Demo-
    cratic activists. The purchase was funded by

    an affiliate of George Soros. By now you’re
    most probably asking yourself…so what?
    Well, in Miami the transaction has caused

    outrage among a large number Cuban listen-
    ers because of one of the stations, WAQI AM,

    known to its listeners as Radio Mambi, is a
    station known for its hard right Republican
    oriented programming has been sold to new
    company, Latino Media Network. Its Cuban
    listeners fear that its far-right programming

    will be converted by the station’s new own-
    ers to a more moderate, Democratic lean-
    ing format and that they will lose their hard

    right Republican oriented megaphone. But
    what is so concerning that it prompts me to
    write you is that in their daily broadcasts the

    stations’ commentators have taken the posi-
    tion that the purchase is a leftist conspiracy

    in which a wealthy Jew, George Soros, who
    many Cubans view as a far left liberal or
    worse a communist, will turn the station into
    a platform dedicated to bringing socialism to
    South Florida. Keep in mind, most Cubans

    became exiles because of a communist dic-
    tator, Fidel Castro whose policies were the

    reason for their leaving Cuba. For many of
    these Cubans Democratic progressives are
    equated with socialists or communists. A
    characterization frequently mentioned in the
    programming offered on Radio Mambi, and

    for them the paymaster for this socialist take-
    over is a Jew, George Soros. The Anti-Semitic

    implication of their on-air rhetoric is clear. It

    is my opinion that a powerful force encour-
    aging the anti-Soros, anti-Jewish campaign is

    the South Florida Republican party. It stands
    to benefit most by gaining new Republican
    voters by placing the blame for their loss of
    Radio Mambi platform on liberal Democrats
    and the Jewish funder of the Latino Media
    Network’s purchase of Radio Mambi. This
    needs to be exposed and publicly condemned.
    George, how did we even get to this point?
    Please step-in and right this wrong quickly,
    which as usual, casts an unfair shadow on all
    Vues Master’s Note: This Soros is a disgrace
    to Jews!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Who was the greatest comedian in Nach? It
    was Shimshon. He brought the house down.
    Vues Master’s Note: Oy I don’t have koach for
    this letter!
    Dear Vues Master:
    I heard the following story from someone
    who saw it firsthand. There was an Arab
    woman living in Morocco who didn’t have
    children and she went to her religious leader
    for help. He told her if she raised a Jewish

    boy, she would have children. She knew no-
    body was going to give over their child to her,

    so she resorted to kidnapping. She went to the
    food market and kidnapped a five-year-old
    boy. The parents were planning to go to Israel
    with the rest of their family and they asked
    the Baba Sali if they should stay to look for
    their son. He said he would show up in Israel

    much later. Thirty years later, in 1990, the son

    felt he didn’t belong with his mother and sib-
    lings, and he had heard about a boy who was

    kidnapped. This incident was taught in Jewish
    schools, so it was well known and public. He

    went to Casablanca, a large Jewish commu-
    nity, to convince them he was the boy but the

    people didn’t believe him as they thought he
    just wanted to go to Israel. They reached out
    to the relatives in Israel and the uncle said that
    the boy and a distinct mark on his back. They
    checked it out and there it was. He stayed in
    Casablanca for three months so they could
    teach him Jewish customs. They made a big
    celebration for him in Israel, but he didn’t
    want it to be published because he didn’t want

    to embarrass his “mother.” He had a sensitiv-
    ity to his “mother” because in Morocco the

    Arabs respect their parents and this is how he
    was raised. The “mother” treated him well, so
    he didn’t have any hard feeling against her.
    Vues Master’s Note: Does that mean you will
    kidnap your son?
    Dear Vues Master:
    Stockholm syndrome is a coping mechanism

    to a captive or abusive situation. People de-
    velop positive feelings toward their captors or

    abusers over time. This condition applies to

    situations including child abuse, coach-ath-
    lete abuse, and relationship abuse. – Google

    The story of the kidnapped boy is a case of
    Stockholm syndrome but instead of being
    abused he was taken care of. This is a good
    example of how far someone will go to not to
    rock the boat. Fortunately for him he was able
    to get back on track and accept this as part of
    life. Parental alienation is based on Stockholm
    syndrome. I would say STALKs-at-HOME
    syndrome because the mother is controlling
    with her money and lies; essentially stalking

    him from seeing his father. The sign of an un-
    healthy relationship is someone Controlling,

    Unreasonable and a Taker (C.U.T.). A taker
    can be generous with their money; however,
    there are cords attached that are unreasonable.
    A child “kidnapped” when they are young is
    going to have a harder time finding his way
    back to his father because he never bonded
    with him. Fortunately my son was older and

    rebellious so he must go through this separa-
    tion like Yaakov, Yoseph and Moshe . The

    sooner he comes home the better, as Charles
    Wadsworth said, “By the time a man realizes
    that maybe his father was right, he usually has
    a son, who thinks he’s wrong.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Children are never
    wrong, just misled!
    Dear Vues Master:
    I heard this story from Rav Yaakov’s einekel
    who taught the theory of relativity in St Johns.

    A math professor walked into Slobodka ye-
    shiva and listened in to Rav Moshe Morde-
    chai Epstein’s shiur. The Rosh Hayeshiva was

    very mechabed him as an old classmate of his

    learning from Rav Chaim Brisker. He was
    now working with Albert Einstein on the atom
    bomb, where Einstein was the science genius,
    and he was the math genius. The talmidim
    gathered around and out of curiosity asked
    him who had a better mind Einstein? Or Rav
    Chaim? To which he replied; Rav Chaim was
    a better Baal Masber! Rav Chaim used to say

    the better you know it the better you can ex-
    plain it! The einekel told his Zeidy, Rav Yaa-
    kov Kaminetzky ztl that he believes there’s a

    Rav Chaim Halevy al Harambam in Kaveres
    in hilchos Tumah Vtaharah that is the Theory
    of Relativity! It looks like Rav Chaim Brisker
    explained it better than Albert Einstein lhavdil
    eleph Havdolos who only used up 2 % of his
    brain! Rav Chaim on the other hand would
    have to wrap wet shmatters around his head,
    since he would get headaches from thinking
    deeply into Torah!Zchuso Yagein Aleinu!
    Vues Master’s Note: Great stuff!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Aaron was touring in Israel. On Monday,
    he was in the Gallil and the guide pointed
    out “This is the kever of the Rambam. This
    is the kever of Rav Meir. This is the רבק
    of Shmuel.” The next day, they were in
    Yerushalayim and the guide said: “This is the
    kever of Dovid Hamelech. This is the kever
    of Avshalom. This is the kever of Shmuel.”
    “Wait a minute,” Aaron said, “When we were
    in the Gallil yesterday you said we were at

    the kever of Shmuel.” “Yes,” the guide re-
    sponded. “That was Shmuel Aleph. This is

    Shmuel Beis.”
    Vues Master’s Note: I’ve heard this joke in
    many versions! Version alef and version bais!
    Dear Vues Master:
    I’d like to bring to your attention that this

    week’s front cover said it’s the “Engine Fail-
    ure Edition ‘’ because of the cover story of the

    recent tragedy involving B. Taub a”h and B.
    Chafetz a”h. I would hope in the future The
    Vues would try to be more sensitive in this
    area. (keep to funny ones like the previous
    “scrambled eggs edition”).
    Vues Master’s Note: It was just depicting what
    the main story was! All issues are named for
    either the time or main story! We apologize if
    it offends anybody!