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    Dear Vues Master
    My son went to a Purim party & was shocked to see

    his rebbie pouring his talmidim from high school al-
    cohol. It’s hard enough to keep my son from drinking

    with his friends on Purim, but for him to get alcohol
    from his 11th grade rebbie?
    Vues Master’s Note: No one should be served alcohol on
    Purim if they are underage. We have enough problems
    these days with kids at risk. You should definitely discuss
    this with the principal of the yeshiva.
    Dear Vues Master:

    Stop it. Just stop it. Enough. Enough with the ha-
    tred on both sides. Enough calling people traitors

    and enough doing everything in our power to bring
    the government down, including causing irreversible
    damage to our home. Enough with people taking the
    law into their own hands and acting like anarchists!

    Want to know what’s interesting about that last sen-
    tence? The left in Israel will read that and of course

    think I’m talking about the “Settler violence” while
    the right will read it and think I’m talking about the
    protests. Guess what. They’re both right. Just stop.
    I won’t stop saying this. I hate double standards. I
    hate hypocrisy. Where were these protestors in 2005?
    Are they worried about democracy as they say? Why
    weren’t they protesting when 10,000 innocent Jews
    were forcefully and undemocratically removed from
    their homes? They’re worried about individual rights
    being taken if the reform passes? Where were they
    when innocent people were jailed for protesting the
    removal of them and their families from their homes?

    And on the flip side, if people are going to delegiti-
    mize the protests because a few people held Pales-
    tinian flags and called the government traitors, where

    were you in the right wing protests when a few sickos
    compared Rabin to Hitler? You want to block the main
    highway in Israel? Fine. It’s a democracy. Protests
    are allowed. Just kindly explain to me why when the
    chairedim did the same thing, they were beaten within
    an inch of death? As far as the horrible violence in the
    Arab village, what the actual hell is wrong with these

    people? Forget the fact that revenge is literally pro-
    hibited in the Torah. Forget the fact that it’s disgusting

    and highly barbaric to do what they did. Do they not
    realize how much damage they’re causing to the state
    of Israel? Do they not care? Sick stuff. And the other
    side. Collecting money for the Arab victims of that
    violence? Cool. Cool. So so kind. Just show me your
    crowdfunding campaign for the many Jewish families
    who lost their sons, fathers, brothers, and mothers this
    month alone. Why did you not raise money for them?
    Why did you not cry out against Palestinian terror?
    Furthermore, back to the reform. Why can’t you sit
    with the government and find a compromise? “You
    won’t negotiate with Bibi?” Got it. So you’ll sit with

    the Palestinian leader who is literally a holocaust de-
    nier and a terrorist but you won’t sit with your own

    government? Makes sense. And if you agree that a re-
    form is needed, which I’m told most people do, then

    maybe instead of doing what you’re doing, suggest an
    actual corrected reform? Didn’t you learn that “Just

    not Bibi” didn’t work? “Just no reform” isn’t work-
    ing either. Don’t tell me what no. Tell me what yes.

    Also, and this goes to both sides, maybe stop yelling
    at each other and calling each other names, perhaps
    grow up and find a solution already. But to me, this
    entire debate has nothing to do with a reform. This
    is a much deeper issue of the nature of the state of

    Israel. Aharon Barak who basically created the judi-
    cial system we are trying to fix has basically stated he

    knows nothing about Judaism and is all in on democ-
    racy. I think the group that is protesting the reform

    sees eye to eye with Barak. And no, not everyone. But
    life is about generalizations. The group that wants
    the reform wants the Jewish nature of this country to
    manifest in actual practical ways. We can’t just claim
    we deserve this country because of the tanach (Bible)

    and reap the benefits of Judaism but commit to abso-
    lutely nothing jewish. So if you agree that this is Jew-
    ish country, how does that manifest? Should the state

    promote Shabbat? Kosher? Holidays? Torah? And if
    you don’t think this should be a Jewish country, great,
    but stand up and admit that and stop pretending that
    a reform or politics is the issue. Judaism is the issue.
    So to sum it all up and to state very clearly what my
    opinion is here. The Supreme Court is highly political
    and has infinitely more power than it should. A reform

    is needed. But more important than any
    reform is unity. So both sides, get off your
    high horse, come to the negotiation table
    (to my friends on the left, pretend you’re
    sitting with a Palestinian. That should
    make you act pretty nicely! And to my
    right wing friends, pretend you’re sitting
    with chareidim who wants your money to
    learn Torah.) and find a compromise. The
    double standards here are staggering. Oh,
    and one more thing. The violence we saw

    yesterday with Jews burning an Arab vil-
    lage? Despicable. As I said before. And

    my entire feed is full of condemnations
    of that event, as it should be. Just curious,

    why don’t I see as many posts denounc-
    ing Palestinian terror when Jews are mur-
    dered? “We are not them and they are not

    us. Two wrongs don’t make a right. We
    don’t want to stoop to their level.” First
    of all, that is literally the definition of a
    double standard. One for the Arabs and
    one for the Jews? Second of all, “We are
    not like them. We need to hold ourselves
    to a higher standard?” How convenient

    that that’s your argument now but some-
    how when it comes to all other aspects of

    life, just because we are Jewish doesn’t
    make us better or different. So make up
    your mind. Are we just like them or are
    we on a higher level? Be consistent. Both

    sides. Enough with the crazy blatant hy-
    pocrisy. And just to leave you with one

    more point. We know how this ends and

    it’ll be ok. I spoke to a billionaire yes-
    terday and he called because he saw my

    posts saying that the business sector will
    be just fine. He disagreed and told me he
    knows people pulling their money. So I’ll
    say it as clearly as I can. There will be
    damage. There already is. But this whole

    situation is the definition of a self fulfill-
    ing prophecy. People are worried about

    the Israeli economy crashing so they’re
    pulling their money, calling for boycotts,
    and literally causing the damage they are

    afraid of? Well I think we can see how ri-
    diculous that is. But at the end of the day,

    we will get through this just like we’ve
    gotten through everything. Israel isn’t
    going anywhere. Israeli democracy isn’t
    going anywhere. Israeli tech isn’t going
    anywhere. One year from now, we’ll be in
    a better place than we were before all this
    craziness. Meanwhile, stop it already. We
    are family. Family members fight but they
    never forget that they are family. We have
    one country. We need to find a way to live
    in it together.
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: In this country we have
    the same. January 6 riots were processed by

    US courts. As a matter of fact our tax mon-
    ey is going to pay to protestors who were

    crushed by the NYPD. Go figure!
    Dear Vues Master:
    This past February 26th marked thirty
    years since the first World Trade Center
    attack which killed six people and injured
    thousands. I happened to be in Manhattan
    that day and remember the smoke rising
    from the North Tower. It was a frightful
    day and was a ominous foreboding of the
    murder of nearly 3000 innocent people
    on September 11, 2001. Many questions
    were raised after the first WTC bombing
    in 1993. Unfortunately, leadership failed
    to learn valuable lessons from this 1993

    act of Middle Eastern terrorism on Ameri-
    can soil. The main question is how a sec-
    ond bombing could have been allowed

    to take place at the very same targeted

    location. I have never gotten a good an-
    swer to this question. The mistakes and

    failures occurred on so many levels. It is
    a credit to law enforcement that acts of

    terrorism on the scale of 9/11 have not oc-
    curred in America since. Valuable lessons

    were learned from 9/11 but could have

    been learned from the first WTC bomb-
    ing and unfortunately were not. However,

    mistakes were made even before the first
    WTC bombing. On November 5, 1990
    Rabbi Meir Kahane was assassinated by
    El Sayyid Nosair around 9PM at the New
    York Marriott East Side Hotel. Police

    carted off 47 boxes of documents, para-
    military manuals, maps, and diagrams

    of buildings including the World Trade
    Center from Nosair’s residence. The
    overwhelming evidence that a network
    of Muslim radicals connected to Osama
    bin Laden was swept under the rug. Had
    due diligence been done not only could
    9/11 been prevented but Feb. 26, 1993 as
    well. The FBI had placed an informant by
    the name of Emad Salem in the middle of
    the New York group of Muslims aligned
    with El Sayyid Nosair. The FBI informant
    later became the personal bodyguard for
    Sheik Abdel Rahman (known as “the
    blind Sheik”). Sheik Abdel Rahman was
    convicted of “seditious conspiracy” for
    the 1993 WTC bombing. In 1992 Emad
    Salem warned the FBI more than once
    that radical Muslims were planning a
    large bombing in New York City. The
    FBI disregarded his dire warnings. Had
    the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane

    been taken more seriously and investi-
    gated properly, Salem’s remonstrations

    about a serious bomb threat to New York
    City would have been heeded rather than

    called “tall tales”. Had the proper lessons

    been learned from the Rabbi Kahane as-
    sassination and the first WTC attack, cer-
    tainly the second WTC apocalypse could

    have been prevented. I hope we have be-
    come better at preventing these catastro-
    phes now 30 years later.

    Vues Master’s Note: Hindsight is 2020. We
    still have bail laws favoring the criminals!
    Dear Vues Master:
    When a collector came to the front door
    of an עשיר for tzedakah, the wealthy man

    fled through the side door. When he fi-
    nally returned, his wife asked him why he

    ran from the man. He replied:
    “כמת חשוב עני and since I’m a kohen,
    it’s אסור for me to be in the house with
    a corpse.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Some people will do
    anything to save a dime!
    Dear Vues Master:
    V’Ha’ir Shushan Navucha-Tzahalah
    V’Samecha I have mixed emotions this
    Purim Es Lvkos Ves Lrkod. Do I dance
    Lyehudim Haysa Orah Vsimcha? But
    what about the Piller & Boyer families?

    Piller children in Eretz Yisroel & the Boy-
    ers in Arizona? Rav Ephraim Wachsman

    once said over Baruch Gozer Umikayem
    that Hashem helps you keep the Gezera! I
    will watch my Rav in Monsey dance and
    sing and I will copy him. Az der Rebba
    Tantz Tantzin ala Chassidim! Perhaps the
    2 Piller children are our Shaloch Manos

    to the Kiseh Hakovod & the 4 Boyer chil-
    dren are the daled Kosos? We will dance

    very soon when Moshiach comes with all
    the Akeidos-Keili Keili Lama Azavtani”.
    Vues Master’s Note: Yes Hilchos Aveilus is
    derived from Hilchos Chol Hamoed.
    Dear Vues Master:
    Decades ago Rabbi Meir Kahane HY”D
    asked a question that at the time had no
    answer: Where is Shimon and Levi today?
    Rabbi Kahane posed this question after
    an IDF soldier was brutally murdered in
    Shechem and no adequate response was
    undertaken by the Israeli government. By
    Israel not taking a strong stance against
    Arab terrorism and refusing to send a
    clear message to those who arm, train, and
    support bloodthirsty murders they ensure
    that these atrocities will happen again and
    again, G-d forbid. The enemies of Israel

    want nothing less than the death of inno-
    cent Jews, and if Israeli leaders don’t take

    retaliatory action, then they are essential-
    ly ensuring that these savages continue

    their murderous ways. In recent days, we

    have finally seen an answer to Rabbi Ka-
    hane’s question. The Shimon and Levi of

    our time are the dozens of protesters and
    rioters who took action in Huwara. These

    Jews sent a message which made the ac-
    complices of the murders tremble in fear.

    The world has now witnessed that young
    Israelis will not stand by idly when their
    brothers are massacred in cold blood, even

    if the Israeli army is shackled by the Is-
    raeli government. Sadly, there are Israelis

    that believe the opposite of these modern
    Shimons and Levis. People like Avraham
    Burg and Yaya Fink epitomize self-hatred
    and choose to stand with murderers rather

    than their own nation. Avraham Burg bra-
    zenly stated that he has more sympathy

    for the residents of Huwara than the Jew-
    ish victims in Har Bracha. For many years

    the families of Har Bracha have been tar-
    geted by terrorists. How could Israel have

    ever allowed a man like Burg to have ever

    served as Speaker of the Knesset? If Is-
    raelis really cared about security issues

    they would never allow such a man to
    attain a top position in government ever
    again. When one’s brothers are being

    murdered in cold blood, if you show sym-
    pathy to those who celebrate your own

    demise, then you must not have any role
    in the leadership of the nation. There is no
    possible way to explain such a man. It’s
    like a turtle advocating for more plastic
    to be dumped into the ocean. Even worse
    than Burg is Yaya Fink. Fink did not
    just make some pathetic statement. Fink
    actively fundraised for the residents of
    Huwara. Unlike Burg whose words have
    little impact, Fink has had an impact. To
    go out and raise money for a town that
    produced such evil sons and celebrates

    its atrocities is immoral. If a person re-
    ally cares about justice and about their

    fellow Jews, this is the opposite of what
    needs to be done. If anything, Fink should
    have crowdfunded for the family of those
    murdered by the very people he is trying
    to help. Just like the ancient residents of
    Shechem, the residents of Huwara should
    be held accountable. As the ancient Torah
    commentators explain, the reason why

    the entire city was condemned was be-
    cause they allowed their leader’s son to

    rape Dina. In the end Yaakov Avinu was
    angry at his sons for their actions: but not

    because of the morality of the punish-
    ment that they meted out but because of

    their anger. At the end of Yaakov Avinu’s

    life, he cursed the brother’s anger not the
    rationale for their armed response. What

    the rioters did to the Huwara was not cor-
    rect. They should have acted on their own

    in Huwara, it’s the government’s role to
    hand out punishments to our enemies.
    However, when the government refuses to
    act it is not for us to sit in our comfortable
    homes and condemn those who believed
    they had no choice.
    Vues Master’s Note: You think that will
    work? Here you have Arabs who
    don’t care to die and we fight with them and
    then we have more Jewish
    blood shed. I am not sure that is the answer.
    Dear Vues Master:
    What’s the difference between reading the
    news in a newspaper and reading it on a
    smartphone? Have you ever tried to swat
    a fly with a smartphone?
    Vues Master’s Note: In Meah Shearim they
    kill flies with smartphones and by cracking
    Dear Vues Master:
    Two Asians left a Jewish restaurant. One
    said to the other: “The problem with
    Jewish restaurants is that after two days
    you’re hungry again.”
    Vues Master’s Note: That is because they
    are not Jewish. In my family five minutes
    after the meal my kids are complaining they
    are hungry again!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Why am I waiting on a mixed line in the
    bank where I end up between 2 Women or
    a lady is between 2men? There’s a frum
    bank in Israel ( Eretz Yisroel sorry) where
    they have separate lines. A Chiloni asked

    a Daati why? He answered him sharp-
    ly with humor; “ don’t you see that the

    men are on the line for the Deposits, &

    the women are on the line for the With-

    Vues Master’s Note: My wife got on the
    withdrawl line and now she has withdrawal
    symptoms as we overdrew my account!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Yeshiva boys were debating whether a
    person grows from below or from above;
    from his feet or his head. One of them
    said: “My father bought me a pair of
    pants last year and when I wore them,
    they would drag on the ground. Now, they
    reach up to my ankles. This shows that a

    person grows from his feet.” His friend
    responded: “It’s just the opposite. Just
    look at us. Below, all our feet reach the
    floor equally. But above, some of us are
    short and some are tall. This shows that a
    person grows from his head.”

    Vues Master’s Note: I don’t know my par-
    ents tell me I never grew up!

    Dear Vues Master:

    When the turn came for Esther’s daugh-
    ter of Abihail to go to the king, she did

    not ask for anything but what Hegai, the
    king’s eunuch, guardian of the women,
    advised. – Esther 2:15 When the turn came
    for Nachum Tzvi son of Dovid to go to the
    RY, he did not ask for anything but what
    the rabbis, the RY’s enthusiast, guardians
    of counsel, advised – Father 2023 I took
    a poll, if someone in his yeshiva should
    tell my son about his loss (he lost a house
    because he wasn’t in touch with me) so
    it doesn’t happen again? 60% said “yes”,
    40% said “not sure” and nobody said
    “no.” Without dissension, someone in
    the yeshiva should tell him. Also, if they
    should tell him about losing in this world,
    how much more should they tell him
    about losing in the next world! Who will
    tell my son to come over for Pesach, he
    hasn’t come for three years. Who will call
    him and who will be silent; who will be
    Yisro and who will be Iyov? He doesn’t
    have to get permission from the Rosh
    Yeshiva like Esther had to do from the
    King. He just needs to hear, from a Rabbi,
    that it is okay to eat at his father’s table.
    Here is what Rabbi Yehoshua Alt writes

    about kibbud av: We know Esav, the an-
    cestor of Haman, excelled in honoring his

    parents as Rabban Shimon Ben Gamliel
    said no one honored his father more than
    him besides Esav (Devarim Rabba 1:15).
    So, who is the one who brings about the
    miracle of Purim? Esther, the one who
    doesn’t have parents and therefore has no
    2:5 Esther – .כבוד אב ואם in deficiency
    Vues Master’s Note: You have a one track
    mind! Your letters are constantly knocking
    RY. You will never be successful this way!
    Dear Vues Master:
    What is the halacha (law), do I have
    to listen to my parents if they want me
    to come for Shabbos or if they want to
    know about my shidduchim (dating)?
    Rav Azriel Auerbach says: There is a
    mitzvah (commandment) to listen to
    what your parents ask you. Some say
    it falls under the mitzvah of kibbud av

    v’eim (honoring your father and mother)
    while others say it falls under moreh av
    v’eim (fearing your father and mother).
    If you are asking my advice on whether
    you should listen to your parents, my
    answer is that not only should you listen

    to them, but you should run after the op-
    portunity to do the mitzvah of honoring

    your father and mother. If you are look-
    ing for zechuyos (merits) to find your

    spouse, then there is no better zechus

    (merit) than kibbud av v’eim. Regard-
    ing spending Shabbos with them, if that

    is what they want, you should definitely

    spend Shabbos with them. It gives par-
    ents great nachas (delight) to have their

    children at their Shabbos table, and to

    deprive them of that is extremely pain-
    ful for them. As far as sharing your per-
    sonal lives with them, they are asking

    you because it’s very important for them
    that you get married, and they want to
    know how things are progressing. It
    would be painful to them if you do not
    share this with them. – abridged from
    Rabbi Daniel Travis Notice that the
    Rav added in his teshuva (answer) the
    words “If you are asking my advice.”
    Had he not qualified his ruling it might
    have been taken as an absolute ruling.

    In such a case the child wouldn’t get re-
    warded for honoring/fearing his parents

    but for honoring his Rav. To illustrate,
    there is a story about a man who went to
    his rav complaining that he doesn’t have
    shalom bayis. The rav told him to buy a

    bouquet of flowers for his wife. He fol-
    lowed what he was told, without adding

    or subtracting from his words. He went
    home and extended the flowers to his
    wife. Pleasantly surprised she couldn’t
    help but ask him what this is for. Oh, the
    rav told me.
    Vues Master’s Note: Again see response to
    the previous letter!
    Dear Vues Master:
    I went to the bank where there was a huge
    line before Purim. By the time I got back
    to my car, you guessed it. I got a ticket

    for not displaying a muni meter park-
    ing ticket. Mi K’amcha Yisroel, I found

    a paid ticket on my windshield stuck in
    between the parking ticket & the orange
    envelope! It was the exact starting time as
    the parking ticket was 3:19! It means he
    went out of his way specially to buy me a
    muni meter ticket in order to win!
    Vues Master’s Note: I think you should pass
    it on and help the next guy!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Moshe had been to a neighborhood bar
    and was so drunk that as he stood up to go
    home, he fell flat on his face. He pulled
    himself up, only to fall down again.
    When he finally made it outside, he fell
    a third time and wound up crawling the
    few blocks home. He managed to stand
    up to open the door but once inside fell
    again and crawled into bed. When he
    awoke the next morning, his wife shouted
    at him “You broke your promise. You’ve
    been drinking again.” “What makes you
    say that?” Moshe responded. Giving him
    a piercing look, his wife said “The bar
    called. You left your wheelchair there
    Vues Master’s Note: This joke had me
    laughing in circles!
    Dear Vues Master:

    The American press attacks those it per-
    ceives to be undermining the indepen-
    dence of Israel’s Supreme Court, yet

    criticizes the pro-Court movement as

    somehow not having enough Palestin-
    ians. Notably, people have been seen

    holding Palestinian flags at the protests.
    Where else in the Middle East can people
    demonstrate against any branch of the
    government without being jailed and/
    or shot? Furthermore, Palestinians have
    a voice and a vote in Israel’s Knesset.
    If you’re a conservative American Jew,
    you’re not allowed to speak out against
    Israel’s Supreme Court going against the
    will of the people. If you’re a secular Jew,
    the American left calls your support of

    Israel’s judiciary’s independence “nar-
    row” as it doesn’t include Palestinians as

    full partners. (New York Times). Where,
    pray tell, are these allies? Are they the
    ones dropping rocks on innocents’ cars
    or shooting people in traffic? It’s time for
    the American media to recognize Israeli
    Vues Master’s Note: It has become in style
    for the liberal left to not recognize Israel!