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    Dear Vues Master:

    We do not need a casino in Coney Island. Gam-
    bling is a yetzer harah for many people. They

    built one upstate & there are tons of yidden there
    every night. It’s mamosh an aveirah to gamble.
    We must speak up loud & clear. Please spread
    the word!!
    Vues Master’s Note: I bet you that most people
    will not care! But yes gambling is a machlah!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Outside of Shulamith, Yeshiva of Flatbush &

    some of the Syrian yeshivas, how many ye-
    shivas in Brooklyn these days celebrate Yom

    Haatzmaut? How many say hallel? Just curious.
    Vues Master’s Note: There are many people
    that say hallel in Brooklyn on Yom Haatzmaut.
    I honestly do not know who does & doesn’t. All
    I could say is that the geulah should come very
    soon so that we ALL say hallel with a bracha

    To all Jewish Vues readers,

    The 2023 Flatbush Chametz Gemach is now fill-
    ing the pantries of Brooklyn families. This year,

    we gave out 9,000 pounds of food in just five
    days. That has to be a new record! In fourteen
    years, the Gemach has collected and distributed
    70,000 pounds of food, and you all are part of
    that. I’m the guy who puts stuff in boxes, but all
    of you donated the food and money, helped with

    distribution and helped with supplies and logis-
    tics. Thank you all for that. I could not do this on

    my own. It was made even more successful due

    to your help: Shoshana, Leah and Mrs. Rosen-
    berg, amazing ladies of chesed; Yoni, driver

    extraordinaire; Mordechai and Shmuel Anflick,

    two hard working Torah Vodaath bochurim; Ag-
    gie, thanks for driving so much food to its des-
    tination and making me laugh. All of you keep

    this chesed project moving smoothly. Of course,
    a gigantic thank you to Reisman’s bakery, who

    brightened the day of so many families. Fami-
    lies were very excited to receive these treats.

    They, and I, appreciate it. Thank you to the best
    weekly Jewish publication, The Jewish Vues for
    helping to spread the word. Thanks again for
    helping Brooklyn’s needy families and making
    the Gemach a success.
    Yitzchak Relkin
    Flatbush Chametz Gemach
    Vues Master’s Note: Tizku L’mitzvos!

    Dear Vues Master:
    We have completed the Yom Tov of Pesach
    and are counting up the days till Shavuos. So
    it’s appropriate that the past week’s Parshios
    answers a question that has puzzled people
    throughout the centuries. It is well known the

    answer to the question of where the main char-
    acters in the Megilas Esther are mentioned in

    the Torah. Mordechai is mentioned with the
    words Mor-dror. Esther is referenced in the

    posuk Haster, Aster in Parsha Va’yeileh. Ha-
    man is alluded to in the words HaMin Haeitz.

    However, the question remained: where is
    Vashti mentioned in the Torah? And how do

    we know she had Tzaraas? Well, if you exam-
    ine the Posukim at the end of Parshas Tazria,

    you will find the answer to these

    questions and more. Because actu-
    ally Vashti had two lesser known

    sisters, Hashti and Vishti. All three
    sisters worked for Achashverosh in
    his harem. Hashti, the oldest, was
    in charge of providing drinks to the

    guests, sort of a Saaras Hamash-
    kim. In case, you are wondering

    where she was mentioned in the
    Megillah, it say Hashti’a Kadus
    v’ein oines. She provided drinks

    and therefore she was too valu-
    able for Achasverosh to force her

    to come. Vashti was lower in sta-
    tus – she vashed all the cups and

    dishes. Vishti was the youngest and
    lowest – she just vished them and
    put them away. Vishti is alluded in
    the Megilla where it say that Vashi
    usu mishtei nashim; she worked
    together with another woman – her
    sister Vishti. It says they grew up
    between the Pelishtim and the Eirev
    Rav. They were a sinful family and
    spoke much lashon hura and were
    punished with Tzaraas. The Saras
    Hamashkim became the Tzaraas

    Hamashkim. So when Achashvero-
    sh asked Vashti to come, she had to

    discard her beggad because of her
    Tsaraas. She couldn’t vash it; she
    had to burn it. So she didn’t show
    and you know the rest. All this is
    alluded to in the words OIY Hashti,
    OIY Vashti, OIY Vishti.
    D F
    Vues Master’s Note: Wait what month
    are we in? Iyar not Adar!

    Dear Vues Master:
    The איש חזון explains* why is

    לרעך ואהבת a בתורה גדול כלל” ?Any-
    one who is willing to give up his

    wants & needs to others will also be
    willing to give up his wants & needs

    to Hashem. That was also Hillel’s in-
    tention with the גר when he told him

    “זו היא כל התורה כולה,
    “ואידך פירושה הוא
    Vues Master’s Note: I love this letter!!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A wife is standing in front of a full
    length mirror taking a hard look at
    herself. “You know dear,” she says,
    “I look in the mirror and I see an
    old woman. My face is all wrinkled.
    My hair is gray. My shoulders are
    hunched over. My legs are fat and
    my arms are flabby.” Turning to her

    husband, she says “Tell me some-
    thing positive to make me feel better

    about myself.” He looks at her for a

    moment and then says in an assur-
    ing voice “Well, dear, there’s nothing

    wrong with your eyesight.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Don’t they say
    seeing is believing! I believe in this

    Dear Vues Master:
    The comedian Rodney Dangerfield
    was quoted as saying that his parents

    hated him. “My bath toys were a ra-
    dio and a toaster. I remember the time

    I was kidnapped and they sent a piece
    of my finger to my father. He asked
    for more proof.”
    Vues Master’s Note: It is a wonder
    you are still frum!!

    Dear Vues Master:
    After a horrible argument, Jack and
    Alice were giving each other the silent
    treatment. That night Jack remembered
    that he needed to get up at 5:00am
    the next morning to catch a flight. He
    wanted to have his wife wake him, so
    he simply handed her a note saying
    “please wake me at 5:00am.” The next
    morning he awoke, only to discover
    that it was 6:30 and he missed his flight.
    Furious, he wanted to confront his wife
    when he noticed a piece of paper on his
    night table. It said: “It’s 5:00am. Wake
    Vues Master’s Note: This letter left
    me speechless!!

    Dear Vues Master:
    An old man meets a young man
    who asks: “Do you remember me?”
    And the old man says no. Then the

    young man tells him he was his stu-
    dent, And the teacher asks: “What do

    you do, what do you do in life?” The
    young man answers: “Well, I became
    a teacher.” “ah, how good, like me?”
    Asks the old man. “Well, yes. In fact,

    I became a teacher because you in-
    spired me to be like you.” The old

    man, curious, asks the young man
    at what time he decided to become
    a teacher. And the young man tells
    him the following story: “One day, a
    friend of mine, also a student, came

    in with a nice new watch, and I decid-
    ed I wanted it. I stole it, I took it out

    of his pocket. Shortly after, my friend
    noticed the his watch was missing
    and immediately complained to our

    teacher, who was you. Then you ad-
    dressed the class saying, ‘This stu-
    dent’s watch was stolen during class-
    es today. Whoever stole it, please

    return it.’ I didn’t give it back because
    I didn’t want to. You closed the door
    and told us all to stand up and form a
    circle. You were going to search our
    pockets one by one until the watch
    was found. However, you told us to
    close our eyes, because you would
    only look for his watch if we all had
    our eyes closed. We did as instructed.
    You went from pocket to pocket, and
    when you went through my pocket,
    you found the watch and took it. You
    kept searching everyone’s pockets,
    and when you were done you said
    ‘open your eyes. We have the watch.’
    You didn’t tell on me and you never
    mentioned the episode. You never
    said who stole the watch either. That
    day you saved my dignity forever.
    It was the most shameful day of my
    life. But this is also the day I decided
    not to become a thief, a bad person,
    etc. You never said anything, nor did
    you even scold me or take me aside
    to give me a moral lesson. I received
    your message clearly. Thanks to you,

    I understood what a real educator
    needs to do. Do you remember this
    episode, professor? The old professor

    answered, ‘Yes, I remember the situ-
    ation with the stolen watch, which I

    was looking for in everyone’s pocket.
    I didn’t remember you, because I also
    closed my eyes while looking.’ This

    is the essence of teaching: If to cor-
    rect you must humiliate; you don’t

    know how to teach.”
    Country Yossi Toiv
    Vues Master’s Note: What a lesson

    from a real teacher with love for ev-
    ery student! Not just for the metzuy-

    Dear Vues Master:
    Frum lobbyist Ezra Friedlander,
    founder of the Friedlander Group,

    made headlines last week after tweet-
    ing photos of himself speaking with

    two controversial Islamic congress
    members, Ilhan Omar and Rashida
    Tlaib. Friedlander tweeted: “Was

    invited by a guest of @RepAndre-
    Carson as a plus one to the Muslim

    Congressional staffer Iftar in the US

    Capitol where I utilized the opportu-
    nity to lay the foundation for future

    communication w @Ilhan and @Re-
    pRashida. As easy as it would be to

    not engage in conversation, I believe
    to my core that not communicating is
    even more risky. Had no idea what to
    expect when I entered the room but
    the reception could not have been
    warmer and hopefully can lead to
    mutual understanding somewhere
    down the road even if it’s a remote
    possibility.” He added, “If you read

    my tweet, I did not set out on a mis-
    sion to establish a relationship with

    Omar or Tlaib, that was not my inten-
    tion, it is not my goal. I am a lobbyist

    who spends a considerable amount of
    time in Washington. I was invited to

    meet with Congressman Andre Car-
    son, I was told he was going to be

    at an Iftar, and the person arranging
    the meeting asked me if I wanted to
    join at the Iftar, she brought me as a

    guest.” I think that he is an embar-
    rassment to the Jewish people &

    should not meet with any of these
    Vues Master’s Note: There were
    Jewish lobbyists who were able to
    save many Jews from the Nazis! You
    never know!

    Dear Vues Master:

    The sons of Aaron, Nadav and Abi-
    hu, each took his fire pan, put fire in

    it, and laid incense on it; and they
    offered before the Lord alien fire,
    which He had not enjoined upon
    them. (Vayikra 10:1) The sons of
    Aaron – They were Aaron’s sons,
    but they slighted him by acting on
    their own, without consulting him.
    (Rashi) Why wasn’t there a slight
    on Moshe? The reason is that had
    his son’s skipped over their father to
    ask Moshe that would have been a
    slight to their father. One doesn’t go
    over their superior’s head just like
    one can’t skip over a lower court.
    Today’s youth skip over their father
    so much that one wouldn’t recognize
    them as being related. When I hear
    the word Passover I think of my son
    doing the pass over me and going to
    his mom’s side of the family.

    Vues Master’s Note: You are consis-

    Dear Vues Master:
    To distinguish (להבדיל (between the
    unclean and the clean, between the
    living things that may be eaten and

    the living things that may not be eat-
    en. (Vayikra 11:47) To distinguish

    – Not that one should only learn the
    laws, but it is a command that you

    should know and recognize the dif-
    ferences and be expert in them. (Si-
    fra) To distinguish – The language

    הבדלה) differentiation) applies to

    similar matters which are distin-
    guished with a tiny difference, and

    it does not apply to completely sepa-
    rate matters. There is a difference

    between להבדיל) to distinguish) and
    להורות) to teach or direct) as להבדיל
    is from the senses, while להורות is
    theoretical. (Malbim) If I can see or
    feel it raining it is wrong to say it is
    raining because the weatherman said
    so. Similarly, if the Torah exhorts me
    to honor my parents I don’t need a

    rabbi to tell me how to do it. Any-
    one who has to be told what to do

    is because his ego is too big. Any
    person, relative or rabbi, that is an
    accomplice with the ego will have
    to answer to Eliyahu Hanavi. One
    does not need simicha (ordination)
    to poskin (to determine the law) on
    kibud av v’eim, and a person can do
    that themselves.
    Vues Master’s Note: I would love for
    you to extinguish your hate!


    Dear Vues Master:
    Hillel Fuld posted this online & I
    think that your readership would
    love it. A man came home from
    work late, tired and irritated, to
    find his 5-year old son waiting for
    him at the door. SON: ‘Daddy, may
    I ask you a question?’ DAD: ‘Yeah
    sure, what it is?’ replied the man.
    SON: ‘Daddy, how much do you
    make an hour?’ DAD: ‘That’s none
    of your business. Why do you ask
    such a thing?’ the man said angrily.
    SON: ‘I just want to know. Please
    tell me, how much do you make an
    hour?’ DAD: ‘If you must know,
    I make $50 an hour.’ SON: ‘Oh,’
    the little boy replied, with his head
    down. SON: ‘Daddy, may I please

    borrow $25?’ The father was furi-
    ous, ‘If the only reason you asked

    that is so you can borrow some
    money to buy a silly toy or some
    other nonsense, then you march
    yourself straight to your room and
    go to bed. Think about why you are
    being so selfish. I don’t work hard

    everyday for such childish frivoli-
    ties.’ The little boy quietly went

    to his room and shut the door. The
    man sat down and started to get
    even angrier about the little boy’s
    questions. How dare he ask such
    questions only to get some money?
    After about an hour or so, the man
    had calmed down, and started to
    think: Maybe there was something
    he really needed to buy with that
    $25.00 and he really didn’t ask for
    money very often. The man went
    to the door of the little boy’s room
    and opened the door. ‘Are you
    asleep, son?’ He asked. ‘No daddy,
    I’m awake,’ replied the boy. ‘I’ve
    been thinking, maybe I was too
    hard on you earlier’ said the man.
    ‘It’s been a long day and I took
    out my aggravation on you. Here’s
    the $25 you asked for.’ The little
    boy sat straight up, smiling. ‘Oh,
    thank you daddy!’ he yelled. Then,
    reaching under his pillow he pulled
    out some crumpled up bills. The
    man saw that the boy already had
    money, and started to get angry

    again. The little boy slowly count-
    ed out his money, and then looked

    up at his father. ‘Why do you want
    more money if you already have

    some?’ the father grumbled. ‘Be-
    cause I didn’t have enough, but

    now I do,’ the little boy replied.
    ‘Daddy, I have $50 now. Can I buy
    an hour of your time? Please come
    home early tomorrow. I would like

    to have dinner with you.’ The fa-
    ther was crushed. He put his arms

    around his little son, and he begged
    for his forgiveness. It’s just a short
    reminder to all of you working so
    hard in life. We should not let time
    slip through our fingers without
    having spent some time with those
    who really matter to us, those
    close to our hearts. Do remember
    to share that worth of your time
    with someone you love. If we die
    tomorrow, the company that we are
    working for could easily replace us

    in a matter of hours… But the fam-
    ily & friends we leave behind will

    feel the loss for the rest of their
    Vues Master’s Note: Some say time
    is money I say money is time.

    Dear Vues Master
    Incredible ה׳ קידוש !This happened a
    few days ago in Israel, on a Friday,
    shortly before Shabbos, in a large
    “Yochananof” supermarket in Ramat
    Hasharon. It was a stormy day and
    an hour before closing, there was a
    power failure. The supermarket was
    bursting with shoppers with their carts
    packed to the brim for erev Shabbos

    needs. (eve of the beginning of Shab-
    bos). Payment machines were down,

    and it was impossible for customers

    to pay for their purchases. The super-
    market manager had to make a quick

    decision. Seeing people with their
    Shabbat purchases, the manager, Tzvi
    Abraham, announced to customers:
    “Take your groceries and go pay next
    week.” Nearly a hundred customers
    left with their purchases unpaid. On
    Sunday, the day after Shabbos, 70%

    of customers came to pay for shop-
    ping they made on Shabbat Eve. Pret-
    ty much everyone else came to settle

    their bills for the next few days. The
    store manager, interviewed on TV,
    couldn’t believe it. Customers came
    back with lists they had prepared and

    photos of their smartphone purchas-
    es, with barcodes highlighted. More

    than $37,000 worth of goods were

    paid for the week and the supermar-
    ket didn’t lose a penny.

    Vues Master Note:
    !!מי כעמך ישראל גוי אחד בארץ!