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    Dear Vues Master:
    Inflation is crazy these days. I just went to get a
    haircut last week after Lag Baomer & my barber
    raised his price from $15 to $24. Is that insane

    or what? Milk is up, gas is up, poultry is up. Ev-
    erywhere you go these days, it seems like busi-
    nesses are raising their prices.

    Vues Master’s Note: I heard the price of helium
    is so high that the balloons are not within reach
    anymore! Just wait for the shortages!

    Dear Vues Master
    I am typically a generous tipper when I go out to
    eat in a restaurant. According to a recent report
    in the Wall Street Journal, numerous companies
    – including airports, bakeries, coffee shops and

    sports stadiums – have introduced self-serve tip-
    ping options, despite patrons having zero inter-
    actions with an employee. The tip is of course

    optional, but as anyone who has encountered
    them can attest, they leave you feeling guilty if

    you choose not to tip. Isn’t that chutzpa? Every-
    thing is so expensive these days. Now they want

    us to give a tip when no one did anything for
    you. What is this world coming to?
    Vues Master’s Note: Businesses are struggling
    these days & are trying to get anything they can
    off the consumer. It’s sad!

    Dear Vues Master

    I find it crazy that the cheapest bouquet of flow-
    ers on my corner is now $15. Just a year ago I

    was able to purchase a 5 rose bouquet for $5.
    Why is it now three times more than what I paid

    last year? I usually buy flowers for my wife,

    mother, mother in law & grandmother for Sha-
    vuous. This year it’s going to cost me over $100

    for the 4 nice bouquets. I think I’m going to
    have to cut out my mother in law out this year!!
    Vues Master’s Note: Picking on the shviger is
    risky business!

    Dear Vues Master

    On May 15th, Palestinians and their support-
    ers around the world marked Nakba Day, com-
    memorating 75 years since the “catastrophe”

    of Israel’s establishment. Over the years, Na-
    kba Day events have devolved into hate-fests

    against Israel and against Jews and have of-
    fered platforms for broadsides against Israel’s

    very right to exist, as was reported recently in
    the Jerusalem Post. Last week, the egregiously
    anti-Israel member of Congress, Rep. Rashida
    Tlaib (D-Michigan) who has been also accused
    of exhibiting patently anti-Semitic behavior,
    sought to organize a Naqba Day event in the
    auditorium of the Capitol Visitor Center as she
    sought to “uplift the experiences of Palestinians
    who underwent the Nakba and educate members
    of Congress and their staff about this history and
    the ongoing Nakba to which Israel continues to
    subject Palestinians.” The event, titled “Nakba
    75 & The Palestinian People,” was organized
    in collaboration with several organizations that
    support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions

    (BDS) movement against Israel, including Jew-
    ish Voice for Peace (JVP), as well as NGOs that

    have expressed support for terrorism, accord-
    ing to a report on the World Israel News web

    site. The ADL has condemned JVP as a “radical

    anti-Israel activist group” that honors
    terrorists. ’Nakba Day’ events across

    the country are platforms that propa-
    gate revisionist histories, tolerating

    – and at times – even encouraging
    hateful, anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic
    rhetoric. Last May, during similar
    events, speakers referred to Israelis as

    the ‘stench of white European invad-
    ers’ and chanted for ‘death to Israel.’

    Tlaib, the daughter of Palestinian im-
    migrants, routinely refers to Israel

    as an apartheid state and has made

    statements that perpetuate the anti-
    Semitic stereotype of Jews control-
    ling the world. Israeli Ambassador to

    the United Nations Gilad Erdan said
    Tlaib’s “ignorance and hate toward

    Jews and Israel know no bounds” af-
    ter she posted a tweet about the Nak-
    ba, calling Israel an “apartheid state”

    that “was born out of violence and
    the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians”.
    “Tlaib’s ignorance and hate toward
    Jews and Israel know no bounds. The
    facts are clear: the Arabs rejected the

    U.N.’s resolution to establish a Jew-
    ish state and started a war to annihi-
    late it,” wrote Erdan, referencing the

    fact that in 1948, five Arab armies
    attacked the nascent state, with full

    support from the Palestinian lead-
    ership, WIN reported. “Palestinian

    leadership is leading its people to ca-
    tastrophe by inciting hate/terror and

    rejecting peace,” Erdan wrote. ADL
    CEO Jonathan Greenblatt had written
    to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy
    (R-California) expressing concern
    about Tlaib’s event and calling for

    scrutiny to ensure that no events tak-
    ing place under congressional auspic-
    es are used to promote hate. Green-
    blatt drew McCarthy’s attention to

    some of the event’s cosponsors, who
    have trafficked in anti-Semitism,
    expressed support for terrorists and
    called for boycotts of Zionist Jews
    – which is to say, the overwhelming

    majority of Jews everywhere. Speak-
    er McCarthy was originally success-
    ful in having the event cancelled. On

    Tuesday, McCarthy tweeted, “This
    event in the US Capitol is canceled.

    Instead, I will host a bipartisan dis-
    cussion to honor the 75th anniversary

    of the US-Israel relationship.” Green-
    blatt said he was “grateful Speaker

    McCarthy took rapid action. There’s
    room to talk about the issues – but

    not at an event co-sponsored by peo-
    ple who traffic in anti-Semitism and

    hate.” But then things took a turn for

    the worse. Upon learning that Mc-
    Carthy had succeeded in having the

    Naqba Day event cancelled, in walks
    Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont),
    who offered Tlaib the Senate Health,

    Education, Labor and Pensions Com-
    mittee’s hearing room. As the chair-
    man of this committee, he controls

    this room. The room is located in
    a Senate office building, which puts
    it outside McCarthy’s purview, as
    was reported by the Jerusalem Post.
    Greenblatt called Sanders’s move
    “disgraceful.” He’s right. Sanders’
    history is replete with his embrace

    of virulent anti-Israel forces and per-
    sonalities. As the doyen of progres-
    sive politics, he remains adamant

    in refusing to admit that despicable
    anti-Semitism lies in the bedrock of
    the beliefs of the woke progressives
    that he champions. While embracing
    the enemies of democracy and the
    loathsome purveyors of anti-Israel

    propaganda, Sanders not only severe-
    ly damages US-Israel relations but

    he will soon come to learn that the
    haters that he proudly stands up for
    will come for him at the end because
    after all, Sanders is a Jew. While
    playing the part of the “useful idiot”
    and working with those who would
    decimate Israel and Jews around the
    world, Sanders is digging himself
    into a hole that he will never get out
    of. We wholeheartedly support and
    enthusiastically applaud all members
    of Congress, be they Democrats or
    Republicans, who had the courage to
    vocally denounce Rep. Tlaib and this

    abhorrent Naqba Day event in our na-
    tion’s capital.


    Vues Master’s Note: Anyone in con-
    gress that goes up against the anti

    semites of Rashida Tlaib, Bernie

    Sanders & the squad definitely de-
    serve a big thank you!

    Dear Vues Master
    I want to share my story. I have been
    dating for a while and I heard about

    Kollel Zichron Naftali Sponsor-A-
    Daf program. It gives you the op-
    portunity to donate something small

    on a daily basis, and still be part
    of something that gives you a big
    zechus. I heard about this opportunity
    on Wednesday night and I know that
    Torah is the best segulah so I signed
    up right away to give $1 a day. They
    partnered me with someone from the
    kollel and each day before he learned,
    he would say out my name as zechus
    to find my Zivug Hagon B’karov.
    B’Chasdei Hashem that same Motzei
    Shabbos a shidduch was redt, and
    now I am engaged TWO months
    later! I recommend doing this daily
    giving, to all my friends and to you

    as well. They have a website sponso-
    radaf.square.site and phone number

    call/text 718-338-0655
    R.B. Flatbush
    Vues Master’s Note: Mazel Tov! May
    you build a Bayis Ne’eman B’Yisroel!

    Dear Vues Master:
    My son just informed me that he
    wants to stay in Eretz Yisrael to learn
    for a third year. I’m having a very
    hard time with that. I want him to go
    to college & get a degree & move on
    with his life. I don’t think he wants
    to go into chinuch & I’m pretty sure
    he’s not learning in the Beis Medrash
    full time. What should I do?
    Vues Master’s Note: Nothing! He
    probably won’t listen to you. So let
    him figure it out!

    Dear Vues Master:
    I would like to suggest some reasons

    why Rabbi Akiva thought Bar Ko-
    chba was moshiach. It says, maasa

    avos siman lebanim (the actions of

    the forefathers are a sign for the chil-
    dren). Just like Hashem redeemed the

    Jews after four fifths died and there
    was a collective bris milah so it will
    be in the future. The Zohar says the
    future redemption can have an even
    higher percentage like 1:50 or 1:500.
    Rabbi Akiva had 24,000 students die
    and he started again with 5 students

    which is already 1 in 5,000. Regard-
    ing the bris milah, Rashi (Yevamos

    72a) says that Bar Kochba defeated
    the Romans, and then ruled as king of

    Israel for two and a half years. Dur-
    ing that period the Jews circumcised

    themselves again. Lastly, just as Na-
    dav and Avihu had to be taken, for the

    sake of the Mishkan, perhaps his stu-
    dents were the karbonos for the third

    Beis HaMikdash.
    Vues Master’s Note: Maybe!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Rav Yoel Gold relates a story. One
    Friday in late August, Rabbi Shlomo
    Adelman sat in his office, which was
    unusual. As a high school principal,
    this was his busy season. School was
    starting the next week, and he had

    spent the entire day walking the hall-
    ways, running through administrative

    procedures, checking in on teachers,
    and signing for deliveries. He had
    just sat down behind his desk for the
    first time in hours when the phone
    rang. “Is this the Hebrew Academy
    of Nassau County?” It was the voice
    of a teenage boy, no older than 15. He

    introduced himself as Daniel and ex-
    plained that he had just started tenth

    grade at a public school in Queens,
    but what he really wanted was to go
    to Yeshivah. “My mother can’t afford
    it,” he said, “but there has to be a way
    to work something out, right? There
    has to be!” Rabbi Adelman talked to
    the boy for a few minutes to gauge his

    sincerity. For a young teenager, Dan-
    iel showed an unexpected passion for

    Yiddishkeit and a maturity beyond his
    years. Then he put his mother on the
    phone to plead his case. “He’s been
    talking about Yeshivah nonstop,” she
    said helplessly. “I’m not sure why he
    wants to go, but I’ve always stood

    behind him 100 percent in whatev-
    er he wants to do, and I can’t do it

    this time. I just can’t afford private

    schooling. I can pay for his transpor-
    tation from Queens to Uniondale,

    but that’s about it.” It wasn’t the first

    time Rabbi Adelman had encoun-
    tered a public school student consid-
    ering HANC. HANC’s parent body

    runs the gamut from right-wing
    Modern Orthodox to irreligious.
    Since public school is free, new
    HANC parents are usually shocked
    by the cost of private school tuition.

    HANC awards generous scholar-
    ships, often reducing the usual rate

    by more than half, but sometimes
    families are not motivated to pay
    thousands of dollars when they can
    send their children to public school
    for free. With 10 to 15 former public
    school students enrolled in HANC

    each year, that’s a budgetary short-
    fall that has to be made up somehow.

    A group of HANC Rebbeim have
    dedicated themselves to doing just
    that— raising tens of thousands of

    dollars each year to keep their stu-
    dents out of public school. But the

    money they raise fills the gaps. They
    aren’t expected to raise the entirety
    of a student’s tuition. And Daniel’s
    mother couldn’t pay anything at all.
    Rabbi Adelman called one of the
    fundraising Rebbeim and related
    Daniel’s story. “How do you want to
    handle this?” The Rebbe said, “Have

    the boy call me to explain the situa-
    tion. I want to hear it straight from

    him.” Rabbi Adelman called Daniel
    and gave him the Rebbe’s number.
    Ten minutes later, his phone rang.
    “This kid belongs in Yeshivah,” the
    Rebbe said. “I will guarantee that
    his tuition is raised. Let’s make it
    happen.” HANC set Daniel’s tuition
    rate. The team of Rebbeim worked

    tirelessly to raise the amount need-
    ed, and when HANC opened the

    following week, Daniel was a stu-
    dent. Daniel took to Yeshivah like a

    fish to water. He was placed in re-
    medial classes and worked hard to

    get out of them. By midyear, due
    to the devoted Rebbeim of HANC,

    it was hard to tell that he had ever

    been in public school. Rabbi Adel-
    man and the Rebbeim of the fund-
    raising team beamed with Nachas

    as they watched him thrive. The
    next summer, just a few days before
    Daniel’s first day of eleventh grade,
    Rabbi Adelman got a call from his
    mother. “Hi, Rabbi Adelman. Thank
    you so much for everything you did
    for Daniel this past year, but I just
    want to let you know that it won’t

    be necessary anymore.” “Is every-
    thing okay?” Rabbi Adelman asked,

    expecting the worst. “Yes, every-
    thing’s fine. We’ve found a spon-
    sor who will pay his tuition!” Rabbi

    Adelman almost dropped the phone.

    The next day, there was another sur-
    prising call from a well-known Jew-
    ish philanthropist, Rabbi Hyman Ar-
    besfeld. He told Rabbi Adelman that

    he planned to pay Daniel’s eleventh
    grade tuition, and the next year’s as
    well, and that he also wanted to make
    a significant donation to the school.
    “That’s incredible, but why?” Rabbi
    Adelman asked. “I’m currently in
    recovery from open-heart surgery,”

    Rabbi Arbesfeld said. “A double by-
    pass. When I had the heart attack, I

    thought I was going to die. I said Vi-
    duy. It was terrifying. But with the

    help of Hashem, the doctors were
    able to save my life. After a week

    in the hospital, I was release to re-
    cover at home, so I hired a nurse to

    care for me over the next few weeks.

    On her first day, we made conversa-
    tion. She was a single mother with a

    son going into eleventh grade. The

    nurse boasted that her son was en-
    rolled in Yeshivah, getting the Jew-
    ish education she’d never gotten,

    and he was loving every minute of

    it. The school was lovely, very ac-
    commodating, and the teachers were

    amazing, and they had personally
    raised his tuition. I was stunned. On
    the spot, I told her, ‘First of all, those
    Rabbis are never going to pay your
    son’s tuition again. I will. Second
    of all, please give me the principal’s
    phone number. I’d like to speak with

    him.’” Rabbi Adelman was momen-
    tarily speechless. When he regained

    his voice, he asked, “I know you’re
    a Ba’al Tzedakah, but what was it
    about this story that made you take
    action like that?” Rabbi Arbesfeld
    grew somber. He said, “Several

    years ago, my sister Shirley was ter-
    minally ill. She knew she was dying.

    Throughout her life she had been
    passionate about Kiruv, but she felt
    strongly that campus outreach and
    adult programs were too little, and
    too late. Since she never married and
    had no children, she appointed me
    the executor of her estate, and asked
    me to ensure that the bulk of her
    money would go to organizations

    that promote Kiruv among school-
    age children. I did some research but

    never found a place like that, until
    I had a heart attack. I was literally
    minutes from death. Hashem gave
    me a new lease on life, and the first
    person I saw after surgery, besides
    my family, was this woman whose
    son was seeking a Jewish education.
    It’s like I was brought back from
    death to help him!”
    Vues Master’s Note: Wow! I got no

    funny remarks here. What an inspir-
    ing story! Thanks for sharing!

    Dear Vues Master
    B”h Lag B’omer was observed with
    great simcha and with little problems
    at Meron. Now, we are in the week
    of Yesoid. So let us discuss some
    Yesoidois surrounding Lag B’omer.
    The forty-nine days of Sefira can be
    divided into two periods – the 32
    days before and the 17 days of and

    after Lag B’omer. This is symbol-
    ized by the phrase Lev(32) Toiv(17).

    Actually, the day before Lag B’omer
    is Lev Toiv itself since it falls on the
    seventeenth of Iyar. Now, on Lag
    B’omer, we see a remez to Rebbe
    Shimon in the calendar also since
    Yud Ches Iyar spells Yechoi R’.
    Why do we light bonfires on Lag
    B’omer? Several possible answers.
    Rebbi Elozor ben Aruch was the

    one who proclaimed the Lev Toiv is
    the most important characteristic of
    a person. Why was he called Ben
    Aruch? It could be from the Arichin
    that he was shukel ka’neged kulem.

    Or it could be that he proposed mak-
    ing A’ruach – smoke from the bon-
    fire. Another reason for bonfires on

    that day could be that in the days be-
    fore the modern bonfires they used

    Logs to burn. Also Logs of oil were

    used for the fires. Speaking of Ye-
    soid, where does Yesoid come into

    the picture? We say in Shachris
    ha’gevurah, v’tiferes, v’haNetzach

    v’hahoid. But except for in Kor-
    banos referencing the Yesoid of the

    Mizbeach, we don’t see the word
    Yesoid. Also, Yesoid typically
    means the foundation. So it should
    be first. However, we can interpret
    it a Yud-Soid. Where the Yud is the
    initial of ben-Yochuii and Soid is the
    secrets he revealed. Then it makes
    sense. Finally, we know that Purim
    comes out the same day of the week

    as Lag B’omer. What is the signifi-
    cance of that? Well, there is a pasuk

    in Tehillim to tie them together that
    we say during Shachris on Shabbos:
    “..Rabos Suvu lu Nafsheinu Ha’lag

    ha’sha’anamim , ha’booz ligei Yo-
    inim”. This can be interpreted as the

    Lag B’omer goes with the nes for
    the people of Shushan. We have a
    big Seuda (Sava) and drink booze

    on Purim. We can also tie this to-
    gether with Chanuka. Yoinim can

    reference the Yevonim and the fact
    that Yehudis intoxicated Elifornus
    to contribute to that nes. Days of
    Simcha Bayomim haheim, b’zman
    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for the
    voirt! Very creative!