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    Dear Vues Master:
    It’s so sad that we lost another gadol last week.
    The Bostoner rebbe from Flatbush was loved by
    all. He was a tremendous talmud chacham & was

    always very nice to my son & I. We have been do-
    ing Kaparos on the corner there for many years.

    May his neshama have an aliyah!
    Vues Master’s Note: We are lacking gedolim!

    Dear Vues Master
    Over the last few years there were three major
    fres in the town of South Fallsburg. The restaurant

    called The Venetian Cafe burned down three sum-
    mers ago, T-Spoons burned down in the middle of

    last summer & Boosar burned down this past Octo-
    ber. There are three empty holes in the ground right

    now in the town of South Fallsburg. First of all I
    would like to warn people to be careful around fre.
    It obviously is life threatening. I would also like to
    thank the great fre departments we have upstate.
    They have a lot of work over the summer months
    & they risk their life for the public.
    Vues Master’s Note: Stopping by a local fre station

    with baked goods is a great way to show appre-
    ciation to frefghters. Also donating money is also

    a good way to say thank you to frefghters. Every
    summer the local fremen take out their buckets
    and collect by the four corners, be kind & give a
    generous donation.

    Dear Vues Master:
    My daughter just left to camp this past Tuesday &
    next Sunday is visiting day. Isn’t that a little crazy?
    I love my kid but I can’t believe I need to shlep four
    hours to visit her when she just left. Why so soon?
    Vues Master’s Note: I never understood camps that
    did that!

    Dear Vues Master:
    I can’t get over how beautiful the new Mountain
    Food grocery is in Monticello. It’s amazing that a

    business that is open only ten weeks a year can af-
    ford such a beautiful store! May they have much

    bracha & mazel!
    Vues Master’s Note: We defnitely can use more
    groceries upstate!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Another year and Gourmet Glatt is not ready to be
    open in Kiamesha. What is taking so long? Why do
    businesses take so long to open upstate?

    Vues Master’s Note: There’s always an issue up-

    Dear Vues Master:
    Why does South Fallsburg have no parking? It’s
    so hard to patronize businesses in South Fallsburg.

    You have to park by Landaus & walk up the moun-
    tain. It’s not easy for elderly people to do that.

    Vues Master’s Note: I heard there is an airport
    shuttle going to transport all people to get their
    pizza! Just kidding!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A student once asked his rebbie: “Everything was
    taken from איוב, his wealth, his home, his sons, and
    his daughters. Why didn’t השם also take his wife?”
    The rebbie answered: “As you know, איוב was to
    receive double of everything that was taken from
    him. Therefore,
    “.ריחמו עליו מן השמים ולא לקחו ממניו את אשתו
    Vues Master’s Note: I always thought he would not
    be able to survive two shviggers.

    Dear Vues Master:
    The number of accidents with people

    riding scooters has skyrocketed. Hat-
    zolah members in all neighborhoods

    have been responding to incidents in-
    volving scooters every day. Many of

    those incidents resulted in serious and
    critical head injuries. As the summer
    gets underway, I am pleading with all
    parents to make sure your children are
    wearing helmets, and are driving safely.
    The same goes for adults. Don’t think
    you are immune to injury. Just ask your
    local Hatzolah member about the latest
    horror story.

    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for the re-
    minder. This is a very serious issue!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A lot of people use Kiamesha lake to
    toivel their dishes & make a big mess
    on the side of the lake. I just wanted

    to let people know that it’s a big chi-
    lul Hashem to do that & people should

    clean up after themselves. By doing
    a mitzvah & making a chilul Hashem
    it doesn’t seem right to me. Please be
    aware & clean up after yourselves.
    Vues Master’s Note: Although I’m sure
    some of the mess comes from people
    that picnic there illegally, people should
    always remember to make a kiddush
    hashem & not chas v’shalom a chilul
    hashem. The extra two minutes it takes

    to clean up will make a very big differ-
    ence in the way outsiders look at us.

    Dear Vues Master:
    Monticello appears to have received a
    nice facelift this past winter. I like the
    sidewalk on Broadway & all the new
    stores. I hope traffc isn’t going to be
    crazy this summer.
    Vues Master’s Note: As long as there
    are no traffc camera tickets you will
    be ok!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Who were the frst tourists in the

    world? In Parshas Shelach, Moshe Ra-
    beinu sent a group of people “la’tour es

    ha’urtez” – to tour the land. Possibly
    the word tour comes from that word
    in the Torah. However, Rashi uses the
    word “me’ragel” which means to spy
    and that’s generally how we interpret
    it. So what was the mission to tour or
    to spy? There are several answers to
    that question but for the person who is
    familiar with spy stories the answer is
    quite simple. How does a spy succeed
    in his mission? He has to have a cover
    identity and façade. These anushim
    were sent to spy but they had to portray
    themselves as tourists. They wore loud
    clothing and were constantly taking
    pictures (or the equivalent in that era).
    They were quite good at it and were
    never caught even after going through
    the whole land for forty days. In fact,
    the whole mission was meticulously
    planned out. Each one of the spies had
    a particular part in the military team.
    Reuven’s representative Shamuo ben
    Zakir was in charge of eavesdropping
    and records. Shimon’s representative

    Shafat ben Choiri handled legal mat-
    ters and freed captured soldiers if they

    were caught. Caleiv ben Yefuna from
    Yehuda took care of the canine squad.

    Yigal ben Yoseif could also call in re-
    inforcements to free detainees. Hoishea

    ben Nun captained an underwater craft
    shaped like a fsh. Palti ben Ruf headed
    the medical team to treat any potential
    casualties. Amiel ben Gmali provided

    the camels which carried all the sup-
    plies for the mission. Sesur ben Mi-
    choel set up the demolition explosives

    to be used to prevent pursuit by the Ca-
    naanim. Nachbi ben Vuvsi brought the

    Vufen or ammunition that would have
    been needed in case of actual confict.
    Ge’uel ben Muchi made sure to erase
    all evidence of their incursion from the
    enemy. To understand the last two, one

    would have to be familiar with Ameri-
    can history during World War II. In or-
    der to fght the Nazis who were trying

    to sabotage the US ports, the govern-
    ment enlisted the aid of the Mafa who

    also had Jewish members. This proved
    to be very helpful. The Mafa actually
    started a long time ago. One of the

    meraglim was Gotti ben Susi who pro-
    vided the equine transportation for the

    people on the mission. He also intimi-
    dated the enemy by placing the heads of

    horses in their beds. The last one was

    Gottiel ben Soidi; he was another g-
    dfather who developed encryption rou-
    tines to ensure secret communications

    between the meraglim. So they were
    very accomplished spies; how did they
    go wrong? Well, the problem is they
    had poor self esteem. For instance,
    when Gotti was growing up other kids
    called him a ben Sissy. So he along
    with most of the meraglim thought of
    themselves as grasshoppers. This was
    true even though the Canaanim feared
    them and called them the Dirty Dozen.
    Finally, this is for those old timers who
    are familiar with the work of the Jewish
    comedians – the three Stooges. Their
    mentors could have been mentioned in
    Parshas Shelach. They lived in Chevron

    where the meraglim met them – Achi-
    man, Sheishai, and Salmai – the Neflim

    since they used pratfalls as part of their
    act. They were best known however as
    the bnei a-nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. Soitenly!
    Vues Master’s Note: Dos heist gelerent
    mit yenem taam! You should write a
    book with your letters and then it will
    get banned and you will sell millions of

    Dear Vues Master
    Why do we get so worked up about

    a fight attendant calling Israel Pal-
    estine? Israel is a successful coun-
    try, it’s older than half the countries

    in the world, it has a top ten military,
    economy, and its people are the fourth
    happiest in the world. An Italian fight
    attendant says something stupid and
    we get all worked up. Why? If this
    plane was approaching America and
    the fight attendant had said “We

    are now approaching Native Indi-
    an land,” would anyone get upset?

    Would it make the news? Of course

    not. Who cares? It’s not going to af-
    fect Israel one bit. We need to stop

    worrying about what inconsequential
    people say about Israel. We need to
    build national self-esteem to ignore
    foolish people.
    Vues Master’s Note: Couldn’t agree

    Dear Vues Master:
    Rachel and Steven got into a terrible
    shouting match. “You’ll be sorry. I’m
    going to leave you,” she screamed.
    “Well it can’t be both,” he replied.
    “Make up your mind and pick one or
    the other.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Which one did he

    Dear Vues Master:

    Reuven and Shimon met for lunch. Re-
    uven thanked Shimon for joining him

    and disclosed that he wanted to see
    him to personally tell him that he was
    getting divorced. “I’m stunned,” said
    Shimon. “Your wife seems like such a

    kind, generous woman.” Reuven point-
    ed to his shoes. “You see my shoes,”

    he said. “They look great, don’t they?”
    Shimon agreed that they did. “But what

    does that have to do with getting a di-
    vorce?” he asked. “Well,” said Reuven,

    “I’m with them the whole day and I
    know how worn out they are, how they
    pinch my toes and the pain they give
    me each day.”
    Vues Master’s Note: I was waiting for
    the other shoe to drop!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Question: I heard a very prominent
    Rav and Rosh Yeshiva in Monsey say
    he doesn’t open a girls’ school because
    there is no shortage of them and he
    doesn’t want to become a cult. With that
    said, should I date a boy in a yeshiva that
    has a girls’ school? I feel if I get married
    to him I will always be a stranger and
    the odd girl out. However, the school
    is hamish as all the rabbis are related in

    some way and there is a wedding practi-
    cally every week; therefore, I will have

    an easy time marrying off my children.

    Also, It is a mussar yeshiva and the rab-
    bis say their students have the best mid-
    dos (character). Answer: That kind of

    yeshiva most likely has a vetting process
    to weed out any independent minded
    women. I wouldn’t be surprised if the
    Rosh Yeshiva or his close confdence
    have a hazing process for outsiders. As

    far as good middos are concerned the
    Meraglim (spies in Bamidbar 13:32)
    said, “men of middos” so be careful

    who is telling you who has good mid-
    dos. Also, don’t get fooled by a stoic

    personality, it doesn’t equate to having
    good middos. Before you warm up to
    a comatose husband, one who will put
    the Rosh Yeshiva before you and the
    family, I suggest you ask your father
    what he thinks. In case the person is coy
    and avoids answering where he went to
    yeshiva here are some questions to fnd
    out. Ask about his relationship with
    both his parents. Ask him if he thinks
    living at home is a red fag? If he tries to
    sidestep the questions, looks uneasy or
    gives outright disturbing answers like
    I haven’t eaten Shabbos by my dad in
    four years or thinks anyone living with
    their parents must be a nebuch. I would
    run for your life.
    Vues Master’s Note: Once again you

    come through bashing your son’s ye-
    shiva and Rosh Yeshiva!

    Dear Vues Master:

    Modern parenting fails. It fails at pro-
    ducing caring, giving, self-sacrifcing

    human beings — the kind of human
    beings the world depends upon for
    working on great causes and moving

    us forward. Hard work, duty, obliga-
    tion — these words do not exist in the

    modern vocabulary. Indeed they rep-
    resent the antithesis of current values,

    which stress fun, self-fulfllment, and
    instant gratifcation. Today’s children
    know how to get what they want. What
    they don’t know is how to give others
    what they need. And it is our fault. We
    have misled them. From the time they
    were infants, we worked hard to give
    them everything, to gratify their every
    need and wish. Past toddlerhood, when

    the frst stirrings of independent striv-
    ings occurred, we did for them and did

    some more. Into the school years and
    into the teen years, our only concern
    was to make them happy and provide
    them with every opportunity, gift, and
    service that would enable them to
    fourish and prosper. Not that it was so
    wrong of us to give in this way. What
    was wrong was that we did not, in our

    process of diligent giving, teach them

    to give back nor even to show grati-
    tude! The result is the “me” generation

    or, in heimish circles, the “es kumt
    mir” generation. This is a generation

    of children who feel that they are en-
    titled to every good thing. When de-
    nied, their self-righteous anger knows

    no bounds. As young adults they are
    still demanding of their parents: “You
    owe me. Your money is mine. Buy
    me. Give me.” Where did children

    ever learn the idea that the world ex-
    ists for them? From their parents. We

    taught them this by our endless giving,
    never asking for anything in return,
    never teaching them that, in fact, it is
    we who are owed and not they. Yes,
    children owe their parents. They owe
    them gratitude for bringing them into
    this world and for providing for them,
    taking care of them, educating them,
    and raising them to adulthood. They
    owe them honor and respect for being

    their teachers and leaders, their spiritu-
    al, emotional, and physical protectors,

    defenders and guides. They owe them
    service in return for all the service that
    was provided. And if children can’t
    recognize that they do, in fact, owe all
    of this to their parents — and more —
    then how will they recognize the good

    that anyone does for them, even Hash-
    em? How will they develop the feeling

    of wanting to give in return? Indeed,

    instead of wanting to do for their chil-
    dren what their parents did for them,

    children like these are more likely to

    see their own offspring as impedi-
    ments to their freedom and enjoyment

    of life! People who have been taught
    only to take and never to give fnd it
    diffcult and cumbersome to give, give
    up, or to put themselves out. Are these
    the children who will gladly bring
    their aging parents into their homes to
    return the caring and giving they once

    received? No. These children know lit-
    tle about serving Hashem, with putting

    their own interests aside. These chil-
    dren, used to having it all their way,

    cannot extend themselves beyond their
    comfort zones. – Avi Shuman who was
    my frst life coach.
    Vues Master’s Note: Oy! You are so

    Dear Vues Master:
    Moshe went to a well-known rav and
    asked him whether he could remove a
    curse that he has been living with for
    more than 30 years. The rav replied:
    “Its possible, but I need to know the
    exact words that were said when the

    curse was placed on you.” Moshe re-
    sponded: “I now pronounce you man

    and wife.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Oy! The perfect

    Dear Vues Master:

    Last week Israel notifed the Biden ad-
    ministration that later this month it will

    announce plans for thousands of new

    homes in Judea and Samaria. Three Is-
    raeli and U.S. offcials confrmed that

    Jerusalem had informed Washington of
    the pending move, which will include
    at least 4,000 housing units in several
    existing communities. Why does Israel
    need to do that? Why do we have to
    tell America anything? The American
    left will condemn Israel either way.
    Vues Master’s Note: I think they were
    hoping that the USA would tell them
    that they would give them more aid if
    you didn’t build it!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Last month’s page 10 reprint of Spring

    2014’s OU/Jewish Action “Rabbi Ma-
    tis Greenblatt: A Dedicated Editor Re-
    tires” used the ancient phrase “Chassi-
    dism or Mitnagdism.” A Rav/Yeshiva

    Rebbe Z”L after whom another grand-
    son was recently named, once put

    down his pencil beside the legal-size
    pad on which he was writing Divrei
    Torah, stood up, and calmly responded

    to my having used the word “MisNag-
    Dim” by saying: that battle is over, and

    Torah won. He couldn’t see how any-
    one, then (or presumably now) could

    use the word.

    (signed) No More MitNagDim/Mis-

    Vues Master’s Note: I oppose this let-
    ter! I am not a chossid of this letter!

    Dear Vues Master
    In the next three years, all Missouri
    school districts must have a plan in
    place to annually instruct students
    about the Holocaust. They must also
    designate the second week in April
    as “Holocaust Education Week” for

    grades 6-12. I believe that the inten-
    tion of Holocaust Education Week is

    to educate students on its history but
    also to inspire in students a sense of

    responsibility to recognize and up-
    hold human value and to prevent fu-
    ture atrocities. I was raised in Kansas

    CITY, Missouri and feel this is a valu-
    able tool in the teaching of the Shoah,

    the Holocaust. I am passionate about

    preserving the memory of the Holo-
    caust — but not in the way it’s been

    done in the past. “The Holocaust can
    no longer be only about the brutality,
    the murder of 6 million, the murder
    of 1.5 million children, all the horrors
    that go along with it, It also needs to
    be about what these brave souls went
    through, what we can learn from it.
    We need to charter that into education
    about love, about caring. If we take

    from it only the horrors and the mur-
    ders, that will destroy the relevance of

    the Holocaust.” The younger genera-
    tion of Jews does not wish to become

    mired in the pain of the past. We want
    to take these lessons and apply them
    to a more positive, generous future
    of Jewish being. When the personal

    touch of survivors dies out, the em-
    phasis on courage and faith in the face

    of death, not the affiction of being
    singled out for being Jewish, is the
    lesson that needs to be passed on.
    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    Vues Masters Note: Why only Mis-
    souri? They should do this everywhere.