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    Dear Vues Master:
    I was having a coffee in Dunkin Donuts upstate
    when a frum woman standing behind me was
    discussing which donut her daughter wanted.

    At this location they are selling complete non-
    kosher products.. including chicken and cheese

    wraps… When I mentioned to her that the donuts

    here are not kosher, she was upset and said, re-
    ally?? It was as if I was interfering with her

    daughter’s wishes to have a donut there. Point
    is.. coming from Flatbush where Dunkin Donuts
    is Kosher (not cholov yisroel) people are used to
    eating the donuts/muffns and are not aware that
    the locations need to have a hechsher to purchase
    the donuts. Thanks so much, perhaps you can
    alert the ‘country crowd’ in your next issue and
    remind them to be vigilant with DD. Thanks!
    A. Teichman
    Vues Master’s Note: Shtunken Donuts!

    Dear Vues Master:
    I could not believe my eyes last Friday. Mountain
    Food just built this big beautiful grocery store in
    the heart of Monticello with parking for over 150
    cars. Not only was the parking lot full but the
    street on the side of the store was completely full
    as well all day Friday. It’s amazing how much
    business is upstate over the summer. B”H.

    Vues Master’s Note: Over a half a million peo-
    ple come upstate over the summer. They have to

    shop somewhere!

    Dear Vues Master:

    El Al Israel Air Lines and Delta Air Lines an-
    nounced a “strategic partnership” the companies

    say will make traveling easier for passengers fy-
    ing between Israel and the United States. This is

    big news for people who fy alot to Israel. Under

    the partnership, the airlines will recognize re-
    ciprocal frequent-fier miles and passengers can

    check their luggage through to their fnal desti-
    nation. “Working closely with El Al will further

    strengthen Delta’s connection to Israel,” stated
    Matteo Curcio, Delta’s senior vice president for
    Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. “This
    partnership marks another important milestone

    in our long-term strategy and offers our custom-
    ers unparalleled service,” added Shlomi Zafrany,

    El Al vice president for commercial and industry
    Vues Master’s Note: Now will Delta provide
    minyanim too?

    Dear Vues Master:
    What is this world coming to? Shoplifters are

    wreaking havoc in New York City to such an ex-
    tent that high-end ice cream containers are now

    equipped with special locked lids to deter heart-
    less thieves. The NY Post reported last Friday

    that Fairway supermarket located on the Upper
    West Side has taken measures to safeguard $6
    cartons of Häagen-Dazs by securing them with

    bolted plastic tops that can only be opened us-
    ing a device at the checkout. Other stores have

    resorted to padlocking their freezers containing
    these delectable treats. A sign at Fairway informs
    customers of the reason behind the barriers on
    the beloved summertime desserts. It states, “To

    help maintain the lowest possible cost, a protec-
    tive lock has been placed on some units of ice

    cream. This lock will be removed at checkout by

    a store associate. We apologize for any inconve-

    Vues Master’s Note: I scream, we all scream….
    Ice cream locked up!

    Dear Vues Master

    Drama unfolded at Monticello’s new-
    ly opened ‘Mountain Mall’ when the

    owners announced plans to construct
    an outdoor food market and seating
    area. The intention was to provide
    visitors with an opportunity to order
    food from various establishments and
    enjoy a meal with their families in an

    open-air setting. However, this devel-
    opment has faced opposition, lead-
    ing to a disruptive incident that took

    place this past Monday. According to
    eyewitnesses, a group of individuals
    took matters into their own hands and

    arrived at the Mountain Mall to ex-
    press their discontent. In a disruptive

    act, they proceeded to overturn tables

    and chairs in front of the popular eat-
    ery, “Upstate Burger.” The incident

    immediately caught the attention of
    the Monticello Police Department,
    who promptly responded to the scene.
    The Catskill Scoop reported that the
    mall’s owners have invested millions
    of dollars in the facility, successfully
    attracting a variety of stores that now
    operate year-round. The new outdoor

    food market was seen as an enhance-
    ment to the overall mall experience,

    offering patrons an opportunity to en-
    joy food from different vendors while

    taking advantage of the pleasant out-
    door setting. There are many other

    establishments located just a mere
    20 seconds away from the Mountain
    Mall, which already offer outdoor
    seating options without experiencing
    any similar issues. This observation
    raises questions about the motivations
    behind the opposition to the mall’s

    outdoor food market. The manage-
    ment of the Mountain Mall and local

    authorities are now working together
    to address the incident and ensure the
    safety and well-being of both visitors
    and business owners.
    Vues Master’s Note: It seems that
    there are always issues opening up
    businesses upstate!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Max had everything going for him.

    He married late, after making a for-
    tune, and had a beautiful young wife.

    One day, he asked her “If I lost every-
    thing, the business, the mansion, the

    Rolls, would you still love me?” “Yes
    dear,” she replied. “And I’d miss you
    Vues Master’s Note: There you see
    what she really loved!

    Dear Vues Master:
    The Zohar says that Hashem removes
    deceased parents from Gan Eden and
    bring them with him to participate in

    the simcha (wedding) of their chil-
    dren. It seems from the Zohar that

    no invitation is necessary for them to
    attend. (Trust in Hashem to take care
    of it) There is no source anywhere
    about inviting deceased parents to the
    wedding. Placing printed invitations
    (some with return cards) seems even
    silly. Many Chasidim do have this
    minhag of inviting parents & even
    others to the wedding. It was started

    by Rebbes who were able to com-
    municate with the neshamos. Only

    those with Chasidic background need
    to follow this minhag. For all others,
    there is no such minhag of inviting.
    Vues Master’s Note: I think you got to
    put an invite down so the dead will
    know when the smorgasbord is!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Demand for fairness in any context

    raises awareness of an alleged un-
    equal reality. Irrespective of the au-
    thenticity of the allegation, one party

    in the situation feels unjust treatment.

    In such a situation, it raises a ques-
    tion: should feeling defne reality?

    The consequences of answering that

    question are quite signifcant. How-
    ever, while one deals with that di-
    lemma, one should consider another

    angle. Someone feeling unjust treat-
    ment feels defensive and most of the

    time, the immediate response will be
    foolish and wrong. Such a response
    to “unjust” situations comes from
    a place to “get back” at the other
    party. Of course, though, rational

    people agree that “getting back” in
    the heat of a moment is foolish. The
    “getting back” mindset IN the heat
    of a moment is obviously wrong; it
    defnitely is wrong and foolish when
    done AFTER the heat of the moment.
    The Supreme Court last week ruled

    that the decades-old practice of af-
    frmative action is unconstitutional.

    Affrmative action was a practice,
    specifcally in universities, where
    institutions would factor a person’s
    race into qualifcations for acceptance
    into university. The rationale behind
    the policy was as a result of slavery,
    the educational level of blacks was
    inferior. Therefore, considering the
    unjust treatment that they were dealt

    with, their victimized race should re-
    ceive equal results in return. Morally

    from a standpoint of emotions, the

    policy was understandable. Practical-
    ly though, the practice did not make

    sense. Setting exterior racial quotas
    for any institution that requires actual
    qualifcations, defeats the purpose of
    the qualifcations! A university that
    instills education, knowledge, and

    a way to process and apply logic re-
    quires students who not only desire

    education but also are qualifed for
    the institution. If a person does not ft
    in a place because of his unnurtured

    and low-quality academic levels, ir-
    respective of the reason, does not be-
    long in that institution. Putting people

    in environments that go beyond the
    respectable desire of “challenging” is
    wrong and self-defeating. Did putting
    black Americans in top colleges like

    Harvard and Yale, lead to better re-
    sults for them? A 67% rate of single-
    parent homes, a 52% murder-crime

    rate, and a 42% college graduation
    rate would all beg to differ. Would not
    putting low-tiered academic students
    in a college that is on their level, or

    is even somewhat “challenging” pro-
    duce better results? Instead, black

    Americans have been taught to feel
    entitled. The once lofty goal
    of treating people equally has now

    turned into an expectation of receiv-
    ing equal outcomes. Blacks receiv-
    ing favored results in college, jobs,

    income, housing, etc., are all exam-
    ples of racism. Racism against white

    Americans is as much racist as it is

    against blacks or any other race. Ap-
    pointing people in positions of power

    because of race or any other external
    factor is simply going to the other

    extreme. The past of widespread rac-
    ism against blacks should never lead

    to the current racist society against
    whites. Making the assumption that
    every person with light melanin has

    something called “privilege” or label-
    ing people white supremacists, while

    supporting black supremacists is
    hateful and racist. Racism is bad
    no matter who it is. The automatic

    assumption of unequal results in dif-
    ferent areas as proof of “systematic

    racism” is false and hateful. Giving
    extra money to black farmers, as Joe

    Biden’s administration did, is system-
    atic racism against whites. Idolizing a

    criminal like George Floyd because of

    his dark melanin, while ignoring non-
    criminals, unarmed and unidolized

    white Americans being shot is racist.
    Though we aren’t living in the Jim
    Crow era, we are living in the George
    Floyd era of racism against whites.
    A color-blind society is the only way
    forward toward a more equal future
    because society’s existence depends
    on it.
    Sincerely, DSG
    Vues Master’s Note: When will the
    liberals learn? There is no such thing
    as equality!

    Dear Vues Master:
    All it takes to make a wife happy is
    to tell her the three little words that
    all women long to hear: “You were
    Vues Master’s Note: I think my wife
    wrote this letter so therefore I will say
    Yes dear you are right!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Rav Pam writes that the Mishnah
    in Eduyos (2:9) says, ‘‘A father

    endows a son with a handsome ap-
    pearance, strength, wealth, wisdom,

    years (longevity), and with the

    number of generations before him.’’

    The frst fve traits are easy to un-
    derstand. Certain physical features

    and characteristics run in families,
    so it is logical to assume that if a
    father is handsome, strong, wise,
    and/or blessed with long life, his
    son will be the same. Wealth, while
    not hereditary, is usually passed

    down from father to son. Addition-
    ally, a father can have the zechuyos

    (spiritual merits) to be worthy that
    his son have some or all of these
    special characteristics or be blessed
    with wisdom (see Tiferes Yisrael

    §67). Rav Yaakov Moshe, grand-
    son of the Gra, explains part of the

    Mishnah as follows, ‘‘And with the
    number of generations before him.’’
    It is not only a father, he says, who

    bequeaths wisdom and other char-
    acteristics to his son. It may be a

    grandfather, great-grandfather, or
    earlier ancestor who does so, or
    in whose merit the descendant is
    granted these attributes. This is why
    the Mishnah uses the words, a father
    endows a son, to show that it is not
    only the father himself who passes
    on these characteristics. Even an
    ancestor of previous generations
    can have a profound effect on the
    physical and spiritual makeup of

    his descendants. Rav Moshe contin-
    ues and says that this explains how

    a righteous person, through no fault
    of his own, can have a son who is
    terribly wicked and conversely a
    wicked person can merit a son who
    becomes a great tzaddik. Rav Pam
    concludes that a father must never
    underestimate how far his infuence
    will be felt and how his behavior
    and zechuyos (spiritual merits) will
    impact the lives of his descendants
    for generations to come. This is

    relevant in a generation where chil-
    dren see themselves as students and

    not sons. They think having a rela-
    tionship with their rabbi is greater

    than having a relationship with their
    father. They assume their children
    are going to follow their rabbi and
    continue his legacy. What happens
    is the son ends up with no father

    or rabbi and the son is completely

    lost. This is the reason G-d has in-
    troduced artifcial intelligence now

    to show that knowledge, the rabbi,
    is disposable but not your father. If
    this generation doesn’t wake up it
    will be the L- generation, the lost
    Vues Master’s Note: Once again you
    have a one track mind! I feel for you
    as you are getting nowhere!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Rav Eliyahu Boruch Finkel asks
    that Aishes (wife of) Ohn Ben Peles
    should have told her husband about
    the fact that Moshe Rabbeinu (our

    master) is the Adon HaNeviim (pre-
    mier prophet) and one is not allowed

    to go against him. Why instead did
    she discuss things like who would

    be in charge? Rav Elya Boruch an-
    swers that if she would discuss this,

    then Ohn Ben Peles would argue that
    in fact Moshe Rabbeinu was not the

    Adon HaNeviim and we aren’t obli-
    gated to listen to him. She understood

    that due to the negiah (vested interest)

    of kinah (jealousy) and kavod (hon-
    or), Korach and his eidah (assembly)

    were biased to feel that Moshe Rab-
    beinu was not right etc. Therefore,

    the way to deal with this issue was

    not to talk about the ideological is-
    sues, but rather to discuss the negios

    (vested interests) that were causing
    Korach and his eidah to make their
    mistakes. Aishes Ohn Ben Peles felt
    that Ohn Ben Peles must hear that
    even according to the argument of
    the yetzer hora that Moshe Rabbeinu
    was wrong, Ohn Ben Peles still had
    nothing to gain from this machlokes
    (argument). Once Ohn Ben Peles
    would hear this, he would see clearly
    that Moshe Rabbeinu was right and
    Korach was wrong. Adas (assembly
    of) Korach only made their mistake
    due to their negios. Once the negios

    of Ohn Ben Peles would be invali-
    dated, he would immediately see that

    the arguments of Korach were wrong
    and Moshe Rabbeinu was right. It

    was the chachmas nashim (wisdom
    of women) of aishes Ohn Ben Peles

    that saved her husband from destruc-
    tion. Life and death are in the hands

    of the wife, the mother. I had a guest

    over for Shabbos and she hasn’t spo-
    ken to her father since she was six. I

    asked why and she said she couldn’t

    talk about it. I told her about paren-
    tal alienation and that 90 percent of

    the alienation is perpetuated by the
    mother. When the mother supports
    the father then the father endows his
    son with good qualities.
    Vues Master’s Note: A mother will
    include the father if the Father is a

    mentch to her not if the father is di-
    vorced and just fighting for the sake

    of fighting!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A Chiloni Jew visiting Israel went to
    Meah Shearim to buy tefllin for his
    grandson. The storekeeper showed

    him a pair of tefllin, but the cus-
    tomer said that his family is modern

    and asked if he could get the בתים in
    color. Perhaps gold or silver, he said.
    The storekeeper said he was sorry,

    but it’s impossible. “We have a kab-
    balah that it all has to be black.” The

    visitor said: “OK. Then let’s at least
    get colorful straps.” The storekeeper
    again explained that it couldn’t be
    done. “As I told you,
    customer The” .הכל חייב להיות שחור
    then asked for the price, took out his
    wallet, paid for the תפילין and asked
    for a receipt. The storekeeper said:
    “We don’t give receipts. As I told
    you, our קבלה is that בשחור הכל.“
    Vues Master’s Note: I highly doubt

    you can get tefllin on the black mar-
    ket, maybe in the grey market!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Sam came home very late one Sunday

    night after a long day of golf, drink-
    ing and hanging out with his buddies.

    When he walked into his house, he
    was confronted by his angry wife,

    who went into a rage and barraged
    him for nearly two hours with a tirade
    beftting his actions. But he refused
    to apologize. Finally, she screamed:
    “How would you like it if you didn’t

    see me for two or three days?” He re-
    plied: “That would be fne with me.”

    Monday went by and he didn’t see his
    wife. Tuesday and Wednesday came
    and went with the same results. But
    on Thursday, the swelling went down
    just enough where he could see her a
    little out of the corner of his left eye.
    Vues Master’s Note: I can just see
    this story happening!

    Dear Vues Master:

    Woody Allen once said: “I was pon-
    dering whether to take a vacation or

    get a divorce. I decided that a vaca-
    tion is over in a week but a

    divorce is something I can enjoy for-


    Vues Master’s Note: I thought dia-
    monds are forever?

    Dear Vues Master:
    One night a man walked into a bar
    looking sad. The bartender asked the
    man what he wanted. The man says
    “Oh just a beer.” The bartender asked:
    “Whats wrong, why are you so down
    today?” The man said “My wife and
    I got into a fght, and she said she
    wouldn’t talk to me for a month.”
    The bartender said “So what’s wrong
    with that”? The man said “Well the
    month is up tonight.”
    Vues Master’s Note: I guess talk is