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    Dear Vues Master:
    I just want to give Askanim Abe Rosenberg & Abe
    Rutner and all of his helpers a big yasher koach for the
    JCC of Sullivan County breakfast this past Sunday.
    They had a very large turnout & it was a way to thank
    people that do a lot for the summer visitors. Keep up
    the good work for Klal Yisrael.
    Vues Master’s Note: Klal Yisrael is lucky to have
    askanim like Abe Rosenberg & Abe Rutner! They are
    constantly looking out for the klal.

    Dear Vues Master:

    This past Sunday my family & I drove upstate for vis-
    iting day. It took us forever to get home because the

    Palisades was flooded & was closed for a long time. I
    wish they had a way to unflood these major highways
    when flooding occurs. It happens all over New York!
    Vues Master’s Note:There was so much flooding that
    some of the highways near Bear mountain won’t be
    open for months!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Antisemitism is everywhere these days. A yeshiva

    bochur from Eretz Yisrael was stabbed this past Fri-
    day night while walking on Union Street in Crown

    Heights. The bochur, who is a chassan and traveled

    to NY to receive an aliyah at 770 before his chasu-
    nah, was walking at about 2:30 a.m when he was

    accosted by two Afro-Americans who asked him if
    he was Jewish. When he answered yes, they stabbed
    him in the arm, apparently with a screwdriver. The
    bochur, who speaks very little English, didn’t call

    for help and went to sleep with his wound untreat-
    ed. When he arrived at 770 on Shabbos morning,

    his friends called Hatzalah, who brought him to
    Methodist Hospital for treatment. We are living in
    crazy times!
    Vues Master’s Note: You are so right!

    Dear Vues Master:
    U.S. officials granted full approval to a closely
    watched Alzheimer’s drug last Thursday, clearing the

    way for Medicare and other insurance plans to be-
    gin covering the treatment for people with the brain-
    robbing disease. The Food and Drug Administration

    endorsed the IV drug, Leqembi, for patients with
    mild dementia and other symptoms caused by early
    Alzheimer’s disease. It’s the first medicine that’s been

    convincingly shown to moderately slow the cogni-
    tive decline caused by Alzheimer’s. Do you think that

    in our lifetime there will be a cure for Alzheimers? I
    have a relative of mine that was recently niftar from
    Alzheimers. It was very sad.
    Vues Master’s Note: If there is a cure, I hope those
    afflicted remember to take their medicine to become

    Dear Vues Master:
    This past weekend a delegation of leading American
    Roshei Yeshiva traveled to Israel to consult with Rav
    Moshe Hillel Hirsch shlit”a about the Shidduch Crisis.
    The group is considering a dramatic move – shortening
    the amount of years boys learn in yeshiva before they

    begin dating. The delegation led by Rav Mendel Slo-
    movitz shlit”a of Lakewood consists of R’ Mottel Dick

    shlit”a, Rav Yehuda Svei shlit”a, and the Novominsker

    Rebbe shlit”a. They are reportedly considering elimi-
    nating one year of high school or bais medrash, which

    would hopefully decrease the infamous “age gap”, by
    encouraging boys to begin dating sooner. This dramatic
    move would appear to be a strong endorsement of the
    “age gap theory”, which posits that the main reason for
    the Shidduch Crisis is that there are more girls in the
    dating pool than boys, due to population growth each
    year, combined with the fact that older boys tend to date
    younger girls. Do you think that this will actually help
    the shidduch crisis?

    Vues Master’s Note: No, because the crisis has noth-
    ing to do with the age gap!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Rabbi Shimon said: There are
    three crowns: the crown of Torah,
    the crown of priesthood, and the
    crown of royalty, but the crown
    of a good name supersedes them
    all. There are three crowns that
    the Torah teaches us to respect:
    1) one who has learned Torah; 2)
    the priest; 3) the King. These are
    representative of the three types
    of leadership in Israel, the sage/

    prophet, the priest who is con-
    nected to the Temple and the king

    who governs the people. How-
    ever, Rabbi Shimon says there is

    a crown greater than all three, and
    that is the crown of a good name.
    This can be proven by the fact that
    if any of these three, the sage, the
    priest or the king behaves badly
    by sinning and thereby gains an ill

    reputation, we are no longer obli-
    gated to respect that person. This

    is a statement of the responsibility
    of leaders. A leadership position
    in society does not automatically
    entitle one to respect, without any
    connection to actions. A leader
    who wishes to be respected must
    earn that respect by his deeds. An
    interesting commentary on the

    three crowns is that they are rep-
    resentative of three types of quali-
    ties that leaders often have: the

    king is wealthy, the priest is from
    an aristocratic family, and the sage
    is intelligent. In all of these cases

    the crown is meaningless, with-
    out the crown of a good name. –

    Pirkei Avot 4:13 from sefaria.org
    Students honoring their rabbi is
    common, honoring the wealthy
    is a given and honoring a Kohen
    is halacha. None demonstrates a

    good name but someone who hon-
    ors their father is rare just like a

    good name is rare. Can there be
    some connection?
    Vues Master’s Note: I was worried
    you would not get your topic this

    week but lo and behold you have a
    one track mind!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A rav was once asked to explain

    why the Rambam said that a hus-
    band is required to buy new shoes

    for his wife for each Yom Tov.
    The rav explained that today’s דף
    relates that after receiving good
    news, Vespasian couldn’t remove
    that said ר‘ יוחנן בן זכאי .shoes his
    the hearing of good news causes
    the feet to swell, as ל ,טו משלי,

    states: עצם תדשן טובה שמועה. Ac-
    cordingly, since every טוב יום is a

    שמחה, and feet swell, a husband
    is required to buy his wife new
    Vues Master’s Note: My foot!

    Dear Vues Master:
    We see the yearly parade of 1/2

    million Brooklyn residents com-
    ing to the Catskills and putting

    millions of dollars into the pock-
    ets of businesses owned by local

    residents that won’t put a penny
    into the pocket of religious Jews.
    Before you shop in mom and
    pop non Jewish stores or conduct

    business with non Jewish trades-
    people remember those that you

    are giving your money to do not

    like religious Jews and they boy-
    cott any store they know is owned

    by a Torah observant Jew. If you
    must spend money then I suggest
    you shop in national chain stores

    where the profit goes to the share-
    holders not to local anti semites.

    H T
    Vues Master’s Note: You gotta
    give the benefit of doubt! There
    are plenty of good people in the

    Dear Vues Master:

    An Aeroplane cleaner was clean-
    ing the Pilot’s cockpit when he

    saw a book titled, “HOW TO FLY

    NERS (Volume 1). He opened the

    first (1st) page, which said: “To

    start the engine, press the red but-
    ton….” He did so, and the airplane

    engine started…. He was happy
    and opened the next page… “To
    get the aeroplane moving, press the
    blue button…”He did so, and the

    plane started moving at an amaz-
    ing speed…. He wanted to fly, so he

    opened the third (3rd) page, which
    said: To let the aeroplane fly, please
    press the green button… “He did so,
    and the plane started to fly.. He was

    excited..!! After twenty (20) min-
    utes of flying, he was satisfied and

    wanted to land, so he decided to go
    to the fourth (4th) page…. And….
    page four (4) says; “To know how

    to land an aeroplane, please pur-
    chase Volume 2 at the nearest book-
    shop!” Moral of the Story 1. Never

    attempt anything without complete
    information. 2. Half education is

    not only dangerous but destruc-
    tive! 3. Stay in your lane; stick to

    what you know and are good at. (c)
    Source unknown
    Vues Master’s Note: I still fly in
    airplanes despite the fact I don’t
    know how to fly.

    Dear Vues Master:
    Uber Eats, DoorDash and Grubhub

    sued New York City last Thurs-
    day to block its new minimum

    pay rules for food delivery work-
    ers. The recently announced rules,

    touted as a national first, could
    nearly triple average earnings for
    app-based delivery workers in the
    coming years. An increased pay
    rate of $17.96 an hour is set to take
    effect July 12. New York’s more

    than 60,000 delivery workers cur-
    rently make an average of $7.09

    an hour, according to the city. The

    food delivery services are seeking
    a temporary restraining order in

    state Supreme Court in Manhat-
    tan to stop the changes from going

    into effect on July 12. The compa-
    nies claim the changes would re-
    sult in higher costs for consumers.

    It seems that everything these days

    is going up in price excpt my pay-
    check. Why is that?

    Vues Master’s Note: Maybe you
    should become an Uber driver!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Why does גיטין מסכת come before
    provides השם Because? קידושין
    the רפואה before the מכה.

    Vues Master’s Note: That is a bit-
    ter pill!


    Dear Vues Master: Why is a get re-
    ferred to as כריתות ספר ?Because

    the תיבות ראשי of גט can stand for
    .גמר טוב
    Vues Master’s Note: Oh get lost!

    Dear Vues Master:
    At a meeting with the wealthy
    men of his town, חריף אייזל ר׳ was
    asked all kinds of crazy questions

    about the matters under discus-
    sion. As the meeting was ending, a

    woman came in and said she must
    speak with the rav. She explained
    that she had a dream that her son,
    who was living in another town,
    had lost his mind. “What does my
    dream mean?” she asked. The rav
    responded: “The dream that you
    dreamt is a סימן that your son will

    become wealthy.” When the wom-
    an asked why, he said:

    “.כל העשירים משוגעים”
    Vues Master’s Note: I would be

    OK being meshuga if I was a mil-

    Dear Vues Master:

    Motty saw a guy today walk-
    ing and saying parshas hamon

    by heart, so he asked him: “Why
    don’t you say it from a chumash
    like a mentsch?” He answered: “I
    need parnassah, but I don’t want
    it to be on the books!”
    Vues Master’s Note: I saw a guy

    under the table because he want-
    ed his paycheck to be unter the


    Dear Vues Master:
    The beginning of Parshas Pinchas

    begins with the story of the hero-
    ism of Pinchas who slew Zimri

    and Cuzbi to stop the plague. At
    the end of Parshas Balak, we see
    that he went all the way to Cuba

    to smite them. To commemo-
    rate that event, people go there

    as a segula for shidduchim – to
    ha’Amuka in Israel. Zimri and

    Cuzbi descendants still are fa-
    mous in our recent history. Zimri

    ben Sully’s namesake landed an
    airliner in the Hudson River some
    years ago. Captain Sully became
    famous as the pilot of the Miracle
    on the Hudson. As for Cuzbi, her
    descendant is still doing the same
    despicable things she was killed
    for – Bill Cuzbi. There is a place
    in Egypt, I believe, near the border

    with Eretz Yisroel called TachPin-
    chas. Is there a relationship with

    Pinchas? Well, it’s mentioned
    in the haftora of Maasei in sefer
    Yirmiyahu. Usually, we lein it
    the week after Pinchas during the

    three weeks. So it’s Tachas Pin-
    chas – under or after Parshas Pin-
    chas. The parsha continues with

    a census of the Yidden. Again
    some names are very interesting.
    We find the first occurrence with

    the Bnei Menashe where the Yid-
    den in Eretz YIsroel were called

    mishpachas ha’Isreali. There was

    a mishpacha from the Bnei Zevu-
    lon that liked sardines. One of the

    Bnei Gad lived in the north. Even
    more interesting were the other
    bnei Gad. One mispacha was
    mishpachas ha’uzni while the

    next one was mishpachas ha’ear-
    y. Now that’s eerie. In shevet

    Reuven, there were the nefarious
    characters, Dasan v’Avirum. It
    turns out that they were brothers.
    What’s less known is that there
    was a third brother ‘ Ne’muel.
    He was ashamed of his brothers
    and tried to stay away from them.
    He was the “white sheep” of the
    family. A few pesukim later, we

    see Ne’muel was listed in She-
    vet Shimon. There were probably

    two Ne’muels; could be short for

    “Nuch a’muel”. However, nowa-
    days we could say he identified

    as a member of Shevet Shimon.

    Once we say that, the Bnos Tlaf-
    chad would have no problem these

    days either. They would identify
    as sons. Finally, in case you were
    wondering where all these double
    meanings originated, there was a

    family from Yissachar who spe-
    cialized in them – mishpachas

    Vues Master’s Note: Don’t quit
    your day job!

    Dear Vues Master:

    Hashem spoke to Moshe, say-
    ing: “Pinchas, the son of Elazar,

    the son of Aharon the priest has
    turned My anger away from the
    children of Israel by zealously
    avenging Me in their presence,
    and I did not destroy the children

    of Israel because of My zeal-
    ous anger. – Numbers 25:11 Son

    of Aharon the priest: Because
    the tribes ridiculed him, saying,
    “Have you seen the descendant

    of Puti [i.e., Yisro], whose moth-
    er’s father fattened calves for

    idol worship, and yet he killed a

    leader of one of the tribes of Is-
    rael?” Therefore, scripture traces

    his lineage to Aharon. -Rashi The
    Lubavitcher rebbe explains the

    finger pointing at Pinchas’ moth-
    er: There was a serious flaw in the

    tribes’ argument because Pinchas
    was also Aharon’s grandson, on
    his father’s side. So how can we

    be sure that he inherited the nega-
    tive qualities of Yisro and not the

    good traits of Aharon? To answer,
    the tribes stressed that Yisro was
    Pinchas’ “mother’s father” and
    not simply “his grandfather.” To
    point out that a by nature, a boy’s
    disposition is most similar to that
    of his mother, and a girl to that of
    her father – a fact which the reader
    will have gleaned from Rashi’s
    comment to Bereishis 46:15:
    “The males are attributed to Leah

    whereas the females are attrib-
    uted to Yaakov to teach you that

    if the woman emits seed first then
    she will give birth to a male and
    if the male emits seed first then
    she will give birth to a female.”
    Thus, the tribe wished to argue

    that Pinchas would have inher-
    ited the disposition of the mater-
    nal and not paternal grandfather.

    Rashi thus explains, “Scripture

    traces his lineage to Aharon,” in-
    dicating that Pinchas inherited the

    nature of Aaron, who “pursued
    peace and brought people who
    were fighting with each other to
    love each other” And this was
    proof that Pinchas’ intention had
    indeed been pure. From this and
    my experience with my son it is
    clear to me that a boy desires the
    protection of their mother rather
    than the prodding of their father.

    This explains expressions like go-
    ing back to the womb and moth-
    er’s boy. Hashem made Moshe

    forget the halacha (law) in order
    for Pinchas to be associated with
    his father and not his mother by
    earning him the title of his father,
    the Cohen. Similarly, every son

    can leave the protection of their
    mother and cling to their father
    to earn the title of a good name.
    As Rabbi Shimon says: There are
    three crowns: the crown of Torah,
    the crown of priesthood, and the
    crown of royalty, but the crown
    of a good name supersedes them
    all.” – Pirkei Aovs 4:13
    Vues Master’s Note: Cute vort.

    Dear Vues Master
    At an event at the Knesset this
    past Monday, Itamar Ben-Gvir,
    the Israeli Minister of National

    Security, addressed recent criti-
    cism of the Israeli government

    by US President Joe Biden. Ben-
    Gvir expressed appreciation for

    the United States as a wonder-
    ful friend, stating, “We love the

    Americans.” However, he em-
    phasized that the Land of Israel

    belongs to the People of Israel, in

    accordance with the Torah of Is-
    rael. Ben-Gvir made it clear that

    there would be no compromise on

    Israeli territory, asserting that ev-
    ery hilltop and outpost is rightful-
    ly theirs. It’s about time someone

    stood up to Biden! If Israel or any
    other country said the same thing
    about the United States, they
    would be upset that that country
    is getting into their business so

    why should America get into Is-
    rael’s business?

    Vues Masters Note: Ben Gvir is

    the real deal. We should be thank-
    ful that we finally have someone

    like him in the Israeli cabinet.