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    Dear Vues Master:
    Donald Trump and 18 allies were indicted in
    Georgia this past Monday, accused of scheming to
    illegally overturn his 2020 election loss in the state.
    It’s the fourth criminal case to be brought against
    the former president and the second this month
    to allege that he tried to subvert the results of the
    vote. At what point can they stop him from running
    for president?
    Vues Master’s Note: A better question is, if he wins
    back the presidency will any of these indictments
    mean anything?

    Dear Vues Master:
    I just want to let you know that I took my family
    this past Sunday to Holiday Mountain in Monticello
    for the first time & my family had a great time.
    We went on the go carts, bumper boats & played
    miniature golf. The staff was really nice & friendly
    & I would like to recommend that everyone goes
    there, especially after the day camps are over for
    the season.
    Vues Master’s Note: Holiday Mountain has been
    advertising with the Country & Jewish Vues for many
    years and Larry and his staff are the nicest people.
    They go out of their way to make everyone have a
    good time and enjoy themselves.

    Dear Vues Master:
    Last week’s 40th anniversary edition of The Country
    Vues really brought back a lot of nostalgia. My family
    have been coming upstate now for almost 35 years
    and we remember a lot of the events that happened in
    the Country Vues Top 40 events in the last 40 years
    article. Keep up the good work! We are all big fans!
    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks! We love compliments. It
    was a lot of work, but we appreciate our customers &
    our readership!

    Dear Vues Master:
    I am so happy that I didn’t win the lottery this past
    weekend. I really didn’t want to have so much money.
    If I had a billion dollars, I’m sure I could give a lot of
    tzedakah but it would take up so much of my time that
    I wouldn’t be able to learn anymore.
    Vues Master’s Note: As the Chofetz Chaim said, I can
    handle any nisayon but the nisayon of Ashirus!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Regarding #33 of the memorable events of the last
    40 years, your reference to the Emunah fashion
    show doesn’t take notice of the origination of these
    wonderful fundraising events that started out in
    Vacation Village in the late 80’s. As an original
    coordinator, now looking back, it was an amazing feat
    as this took place way before social media, WhatsApp
    and the like existed, there weren’t even cell phones,
    and all bungalow colonies had representatives who
    would sell tickets and be an important part of the
    event. Yes, things have changed but all involved will
    remember the camaraderie and gratification all felt
    at the incredible job that was done for, with and by
    Emunah Women of America, and although the ‘event’
    has graduated with the times, the tzedakah goes to a
    wonderful cause ba’Aretz, may it continue.
    Faigi E.
    Vues Master’s Note: Yes, Emunah Women is a great
    organization and a very worthy tzedakah!

    Dear Vues Master:
    See, this day I set before you blessing and curse:
    blessing, if you obey the commandments of the Lord
    your G-d that I enjoin upon you this day; and curse, if
    you do not obey the commandments of the Lord your
    G-d, but turn away from the path that I enjoin upon
    you this day and follow other gods, whom you have
    not experienced. -Deuteronomy 11: 26, 27 A bracha
    when you “See” with your mind’s eye and a curse
    when you follow your physical eyes. In other words,
    the difference between Sex and exS is where you

    place the S(ee). A child, whose eyes are
    closer to the ground, sees what is in front
    of him, the physical. The father sees the
    horizon, the spiritual. The best the father
    can do is explain why Gittin (the laws of
    divorce) comes before Kiddushin (laws of
    marriage) so the son can’t claim he didn’t
    hear about exs. When the Torah says,
    “and follow other gods” it is referring to
    those who make themselves into a god
    and push the father aside. They act like
    a god by offering wealth, wine (fun) and
    win (glory). I often quoted to my son
    Proverbs 15:27, “He that is greedy of
    gain troubles his own house; but he that
    hates gifts shall live.” Back then I had
    knowledge but not life experience so I
    was naive and didn’t teach him about the
    wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    Vues Master’s Note: Still did not give up,
    you are a one track writer!

    Dear Vues Master:
    The reason parshas Eikev (heel) comes
    before Re’eh (see) is because it is a
    necessary prerequisite for one not to tread
    (Eikev) on basic mitzvos in order to be
    able to see (Re’eh) good and bad. The most
    basic and neglectful mitzvah is honoring
    and respecting one’s parents. Without
    them the child doesn’t have a proxy to
    understand the world. Man’s freedom of
    choice is part of G-d’s expressed desire
    and a result of this system is that man is
    judged in accordance with his deeds. If he
    chooses the right way he will be rewarded,
    if not he will be punished. This is what
    Isaiah 50:11 said, “Do you think this was
    decreed for you by ME?” and ibid 66:3,
    “They have also chosen their own paths”
    Concerning the above Solomon said
    in Koheles 11:9, “Rejoice young man
    in your childhood let your heart cheer
    you in your youth; but remember that
    for all these things G-d will call you to
    account.” Solomon warns that though it is
    within your power to do what you fancy
    and to lead a life of frivolity, remember
    that the day of accounting is not far off. –
    Rambam in Hilchos Teshuvah.
    Vues Master’s Note: What does one do
    when he feels like a heel and can’t see
    past his nose? He writes letters like these.

    Dear Vues Master:
    In reference to the פסוק in ג ,ב זכריה,
    which, in connection with גלויות קיבוץ
    the ,ויראני ה׳ ארבעה חרשים states
    גמרא in Sukkah 52b states that the four

    ,אליהו, דוד בן משיח are craftsmen
    Responding .כהן צדק and ,יוסף בן משיח
    to the question of why we need two
    משיחים, Rav זונדל of Kaminetz said:
    one to take us out of galus and the other
    to take the galus out of us.
    Vues Master’s Note: No more meat
    boards? Oy Vey?

    Dear Vues Master:
    On behalf of all walkers, runners
    & cyclists in the mountains for the
    summer, I beg of drivers to do the
    following: Please DO slow down when
    you pass us. Please DO move over and
    give us at least 3 ft. of room. Please
    give a SMALL tap on the horn way
    back to let us know you are coming. It
    is very scary to have a car traveling at
    60 miles per hour pass you 12 inches
    away. Please don’t blast your horn at
    us up close. This can cause a serious
    accident. Thank you. Dear walkers,
    runners & cyclists; Please realize that
    many drivers think we should not be
    on the road at all, so try to keep as far
    to the side of the road as safe, and be
    aware of your surroundings. Thank you
    Dovid L
    Vues Master’s Note: Why is common
    sense not so common?

    Dear Vues Master:
    A husband and wife came before a rav and
    asked for a divorce. Trying to reconcile
    them, the rav said
    .הלא אמרו חז״ל: כל המגרש אשתו
    ראשונה, אפילו מזבח מוריד עליו דמעות”
    The husband responded: “Until now, I
    was the one that was דמעות מוריד. From
    here on in, let the מזבח do it.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Some marriages
    produce korbanos! Look how many
    children are affected by bad marriages!
    Not a laughing matter!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Alex and Shaindy had a horrible fight.
    Trying to make up for his behavior, Alex
    said “I’m going to make you a very happy
    woman.” “Good,” she replied. “I’m going
    to miss you.”
    Vues Master’s Note: He probably
    answered good but please don’t shoot

    Dear Vues Master:
    Fred came into the bakery, complaining
    that he found a fly in the raisin bread that
    he bought that morning. “OK,” said the
    saleswoman, “bring me the fly and I’ll
    give you a raisin.”
    Vues Master’s Note: I bet that won’t fly in
    our day and age!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Members of the leftwing activist group
    Code Pink last month tried to persuade
    Massachusetts congressman Seth
    Moulton that China is not persecuting
    its Muslim Uyghur minority. They urged
    him to visit Uyghur regions “and see how
    happy people were there,” one of his
    aides told the New York Times. Two
    years ago, the U.S. State Department
    determined that the Chinese government
    is carrying out “ongoing genocide”
    against the Uyghurs, including slave
    labor, torture, forced sterilizations, and the
    imprisonment of “more than one million
    civilians.” If Rep. Moulton does visit
    China, government officials no doubt will
    carefully arrange to keep him from seeing
    the truth about the “re-education” camps
    where Uyghurs are being held. Hiding
    embarrassing sights from the view of
    foreign dignitaries is a tactic dictators
    have been using for centuries. Its pioneer
    was Grigory Alexandrovich Potemkin, a
    Russian cabinet minister who reportedly
    built fake villages to impress the Czarina
    Catherine II during her visit to the Crimea
    region in 1787. Some historians believe
    Potemkin merely redecorated towns along
    the czarina’s route, rather than fabricating
    them entirely for the sole purpose of the
    visit. Either way, Potemkin’s name has
    come to be associated with this particular
    kind of deceit. Soviet dictator Josef
    Stalin was a master of Potemkinism. In
    the 1920s and 1930s, Western visitors to
    the USSR were taken to see Bolshevo,
    which was presented as an example
    of the Soviet Union’s “progressive”
    prisons without walls or guards, where
    criminals were educated and inspired to
    become productive citizens. Nobel
    laureate George Bernard Shaw went so
    far as to claim that the only problem in
    dealing with the typical Soviet prisoner
    was “inducing him to come out at all”
    when his jail term ended. In reality,
    Bolshevo had been created to impress
    foreigners. It was populated largely by
    informers whose reward was to live in
    the sham prison. The slave labor camps

    of the Soviet gulag remained hidden
    from foreign eyes. Adolf Hitler
    used Potemkin-style deception to help
    camouflage the mass murder of the
    Jews. In June 1944, the Nazis invited a
    delegation from the International Red
    Cross to visit Theresienstadt, the Jewish
    ghetto they created in Czechoslovakia
    as a transit point for Jews being shipped
    to the gas chambers in Auschwitz. In
    the Nazi Potemkin version, the camp
    was presented as an ‘Endlager,’ a final
    destination where Jewish prisoners lived
    happily. One inmate wrote in his diary
    of the Nazis’ preparations for the Red
    Cross visit: “They rain down order after
    order. Kindergarten children are to sing
    during the visit, the workers are to return
    home. Plays and cultural events and
    sporting activities must take place. Even
    the few lambs left here roam about on
    the grass around the city. The children,
    the workers, the sheep–a perfect
    idyll.” Another prisoner recalled: “A
    playground was laid out with sandboxes
    and swings, a ‘children’s pavilion’ was
    built and painted from inside with big
    wooden animals as toys. Behind a glass
    veranda you could see a dozen cribs. It
    was like a story book–but children were
    only allowed to enter this little paradise
    on the day the commission visited
    Theresienstadt.” Houses were freshly
    painted–but only those portions that
    would the Red Cross inspectors would
    see as they walked by. The delegation’s
    final report to Red Cross headquarters
    described conditions in the camp as
    “relatively good.” They never asked
    why the population of Theresienstadt at
    the time of the visit was 30,000 less than
    what the Red Cross knew it had been a
    few weeks earlier. In the 1950s, the
    North Korean government built a village
    called Kijong-dong in the demilitarized
    zone separating North Korea from South
    Korea. To this day, the North Koreans
    call it a “peace village” and claim it
    is inhabited by two hundred families.
    In fact, Kjong-dong has no civilian
    residents; it houses soldiers, artillery, and
    underground bunkers. A Washington
    Post correspondent who visited the area
    in 1998 reported that “if you squint
    through your binoculars, you’ll see that
    the buildings [in Kjong-dong] don’t even
    have glass in the windows. It’s a lie, a
    huge Potemkin village…” The sidewalks
    are empty, and automatic timers turn
    lights on and off in the buildings in order
    to create the illusion that people reside
    there. The Palestinian Authority has
    engaged in its own forms of Potemkin-

    style deception. When President Barack
    Obama visited Bethlehem in 2013,
    PA officials temporarily removed a
    large sculpture showing a map with
    all of Israel as “Palestine,” which
    the president would have seen as his
    motorcade approached the city. For the
    occasion, the sculpture was replaced
    with a monument of a dove. Likewise,
    when United Nations Secretary-General
    Ban Ki-Moon was scheduled to visit
    the Al-Zeitoun School in Gaza in 2017,
    Hamas officials quickly covered up
    a large map showing all of Israel as
    “Palestine.” The Germans wanted to
    hide the mass murder of the Jews for
    fear that the international community
    might intervene. The Soviets hoped to
    improve trade relations with the West
    and promote Communism as the ideal
    system of government. The North
    Koreans are trying to disguise military
    activity in what is supposed to be a
    demilitarized zone. The Palestinian
    Authority and Hamas do not want
    any negative publicity that could
    jeopardize the international assistance
    they receive. And if China, with
    the help of allies such as Code Pink,
    ever entices members of Congress to
    visit, we can expect its government to
    practice its own particular version of
    Potemkinism to hide what it is doing to
    the Uyghurs.
    Rafael Medoff
    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for the
    history lesson!

    Dear Vues Master:
    At a convention of comedians, there
    was no need to tell jokes. It was
    enough to refer to them by their
    numbers. One comedian said 12 and
    everyone was laughing. Another said
    32 and the room exploded in laughter.
    It went on like this for some time,
    when one of the comedians called out
    23 and was met with silence. He then
    said 71 and again no reaction. He tried
    a few more numbers, but was met with
    blank looks. “I don’t understand,” he
    said to the group near him. “When the
    others call out numbers, everyone is
    laughing. When I do it, I don’t even get
    a smile. What’s going on?” One of the
    listeners explained: “The problem is
    not with your jokes or their numbers.
    You see, it’s all in the delivery.”
    Vues Master’s Note: I wish I could get
    the right number! My responses are
    never funny!

    Dear Rabbi Student
    Your July 19th writeup on the women’s
    section made me smile. I daaven in
    a shul, where more than a few times I
    found myself cleaning up before I could
    daaven. I also usually cause a male or
    two to hurry out upon my arrival. And
    who am I to argue with the Chochmas
    Adam; but I wonder if he would have
    said what he said had he seen the way
    a Rebetzin in my shul Chana Tzivya bas
    Chaim Meir a”h daavened and cried to
    Hashem in a way that made the rest of
    us feel like Hashem k’vyochel was right
    there. She has since passed away, but the
    Women’s section, when she daavened
    there, felt to me like the holiest place on
    earth at that moment. Thank you for a
    wonderful read.
    R. H.
    Rabbi Gil Student’s Note:Thank you!

    Dear Vues Master
    Many people are sadly finding
    themselves out of a job. It is scary. It’s
    anxiety inducing. No doubt about it. But,
    like most things in life, this can be an
    opportunity if you leverage it properly.
    And here is my advice. Ask yourself
    the following question. “When I am
    120 years old and I am on my deathbed,
    I look back at my life and make a big
    check mark! What does that look like?
    What’s my end game? What do I want to
    accomplish?” Now, when you are trying
    to figure out your next move, now is the
    time to ask yourself that question and
    then start working to get to that northern
    star. It doesn’t mean you’ll get there, that
    you’ll arrive at your final destination, but
    at least you will have tried and gotten as
    close as you can. Now you are asking
    yourself “Um, how is my dream of being
    an X going to pay the bills? That’s a valid
    question. No one said that you have to
    allocate all your time and resources to
    that dream right now. You can get a job,
    and since that job is not really your end
    game, it can be any job, and start building
    your passion project on the side. But now
    is the time to tap into that passion and start
    acting on it. If you don’t ask yourself this
    question, you’ll always end up wherever
    the wind blows you, and after 120, you’ll
    look back and ask yourself why you didn’t
    pursue your dreams! And don’t even
    start with “My dream is impossible. Not
    going to even waste my time.” Really?
    Impossible? Well, does it exist? Is it a real
    thing? Because my dream wasn’t. When I

    started blogging, blogging wasn’t really a
    thing. Startups definitely weren’t. Social
    media wasn’t here. The iPhone wasn’t
    here. Tech was barely a thing. But I loved
    tech, I loved writing, and I wasn’t going
    to listen to anyone who was telling me
    that my dream of building a career on my
    love of tech and writing was impossible.
    And trust me when I tell you, I heard that
    advice every single day for years. So
    don’t tell me your dream is impossible.
    I’ll win that game. My dream was more
    impossible and yet, here I am. So here
    is how it goes… “My dream is to have a
    family and support it.” Is that really your
    dream? Is that it? Nothing else? Great. Go
    be a garbage man. “No no, I also want to
    have an impact on this world.” Great, now
    we’re getting somewhere. So you want to
    make good money and have an impact.
    Perfect. Go be a doctor. “Na, medicine is
    not my thing. I also want to enjoy what I
    do.” Now we’re really making progress.
    So you want to make good money, have
    an impact, and enjoy what you do. Great.
    So go open an amusement park. You can
    make money, enjoy yourself, and make
    people happy. That’s impact. “Na, I want
    to use my skills of x…” So now we have:
    – Good money – Impact – Enjoyment –
    Using your skills Now we’re starting
    to get there. Keep going. What else do
    you want? Every time you come up with
    something, ask yourself “Is that really all
    I want or is there something else that’s
    important to me?” When trying to figure
    out your next move, don’t ask yourself
    “What have I done professionally?” Or
    “What can I do?” Ask yourself “If I wake
    up tomorrow morning and am living my
    dream, what does that look like?” Again,
    if your dream is to be CEO of Google,
    chances are you won’t get there (Or
    maybe you will!) but if you aim there,
    you might end up being an executive,
    oor even an engineer at Google. One
    thing is for sure. If you don’t even try,
    you will 100% not get there. “You miss
    100% of the shots you don’t take.” –
    Wayne Gretzky Here’s a short story. I
    had breakfast with a good friend a few
    months ago, a friend who has a marketing
    agency. I asked him this question, what is
    your endgame? I was sure he was going
    to tell me that his dream is to scale his
    business, but no, he told me he wants to
    go into politics, and be an ambassador.
    I was utterly confused. Why, I asked him,
    is he wasting time doing marketing if his
    dream is to be an ambassador. “Because
    that dream will never happen so might
    as well do something I’m good at.” I told
    him what I said above. If you don’t try;

    you definitely won’t get there. If you do
    try, who knows what’ll happen? Crazier
    things have happened. “But…I don’t
    have the experience.” That’s a sentence I
    hear 10 times a day, at least! I can’t do X
    or Y because I don’t have the experience.
    Um you know who else didn’t have
    experience when they started out? Every
    single human ever. You think Steve
    Jobs was born with experience? Bill
    Gates? Elon Musk? They started from
    somewhere and at some point in their
    early days, they didn’t have experience
    either. Till they made the experience.
    So if you’re out of a job right now, and
    you’re justifiably nervous, no one is
    telling you not to look for a job. You
    have to support yourself. Of course you
    need a job. But remember that you have a
    dream and you need to pursue it! I started
    my career as a technical writer. Do you
    understand how incompatible that career
    choice is with me and my personality?
    But it didn’t matter what I was doing. I
    could have been cleaning toilets. It wasn’t
    my career. It was just a job. So while
    you look for a job, keep asking yourself
    what you need to one day make a check
    on your life. Keep digging inside to find
    your true destination and stop with the
    excuses. Your dream is not impossible.
    That I can promise you. Every challenge
    in life can become an opportunity. If you
    internalize this message now and keep
    your eyes on the prize, the end game, the
    dream, the check mark, it will become
    the best decision you ever made. I am no
    Tony Robbins who is going to tell you to
    follow your passion and everything else
    will fall into place, but I am Hillel Fuld
    who is going to tell you to follow your
    passion and everything else will fall into
    place. Now is the time. This is a huge
    opportunity for you. It’s being handed
    to you on a silver platter. Seize it. You’ll
    be happy you did!! Good luck on the
    journey, and don’t forget to stop every
    once in a while to enjoy the views and
    smell the flowers!!
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Masters Note: Great advice!
    Thanks for sharing.