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    Dear Vues Master:
    I can’t believe the summer is over! It was
    an awesome summer all around in the
    Catskills. Things seemed to be back to
    normal after covid and there were tons
    of things going on upstate this summer.
    It appeared that most businesses did
    very well. Mountain Food’s new store &
    Mountain Square seemed to be very busy
    all summer. Thank you Country Vues for
    another great season! Can’t wait until
    summer 2024.
    Vues Master’s Note: I don’t count other
    people’s money!!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Peace unto you,
    holy angels divine
    We welcome you with candles
    Finery and wine
    Won’t you come and join us
    In song as we sing
    The sweetest Sabbath melodies
    To honor our king
    Come in peace
    O’ angels of peace
    With love and friendship and unity
    To bind together our family
    Our neighbors and community
    Embrace us all with holiness
    Imbue our souls with peace
    And may the light of heaven shine
    On us and never cease

    Bless us all with happiness
    O’ angels from above
    Fill our lives with meaning
    Contentment, and love
    May the coming week be filled
    With the peacefulness we’re feeling
    And fill our days with sunshine
    And our nights with hope and healing
    Go in peace , O’ angels
    As we bid you fond farewell
    Remember what you saw tonight
    High in heaven where you dwell
    Grant us lives that overflow
    With blessings from HASHEM
    And may we find true peace of mind
    Until we meet again
    Country Yossi Toiv
    Vues Master’s Note: That’s beautiful, but
    what happened to a simple Gut Shabbos?

    Dear Vues Master
    EL AL Israel Airlines announced last week
    the schedule for its two new weekly flights
    between Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood
    International Airport and Ben Gurion
    Airport in Tel Aviv beginning April 15,
    2024, a week before Pesach. As a person
    that lives in Florida six months a year, I’m
    very happy about this.
    Vues Master’s Note: We’re getting ready
    for Moshiach!!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A Ukrainian official told Barak
    Ravid that if PM Netanyahu
    doesn’t intervene in the crisis
    between the countries President
    Zelensky will announce the
    suspension of the visa regime and
    Israeli’s won’t be able to travel
    to Uman for Rosh Hashanah
    without a visa. Do you think
    Netanyahu should get involved
    just to get people to go to Uman?
    Vues Master’s Note: It depends
    on how many Breslovers vote for

    Dear Vues Master,
    New York City Mayor Eric
    Adams is currently on his
    inaugural international trip to
    visit Israel. This journey mark’s
    Adams’ first voyage outside the
    borders of the United States since
    his election as Mayor last year.
    The trip is being sponsored by
    the UJA-Federation of New York
    in collaboration with the Jewish
    Community Relations Council of
    New York. The Mayor’s office has
    articulated that the trip’s purpose
    is to gain insights into Israeli
    technological advancements and
    engage in discussions regarding
    collaborative efforts to counteract
    the rise of antisemitism. Over
    the course of three days, Mayor
    Adams will participate in
    meetings with Israeli leaders
    from both the political and
    business spheres in the cities of
    Yerushalayim and Tel Aviv. Is it
    really necessary for the mayor
    of New York to visit Israel?
    There are so many problems here
    in New York, I don’t think he
    should be traveling to Israel.
    Vues Master’s Note: With all the

    anti semitism in the world right
    now, we should be happy and
    honored that our mayor wants
    to visit and learn from Israel. All
    mayors across the United States
    should follow him & then maybe
    we could stop the squad from all
    the negativity that they spread.

    Dear Vues Master:
    Just as there are three ways to
    effect a marriage, there are three
    women a man marries: the woman
    he thinks she is; the woman she
    really is; and the woman she will
    become after they get married.
    Vues Master’s Note: Women say
    the same thing about men!

    Dear Vues Master:
    The news that Palestinian
    Authority summer camps are
    training children to use weapons
    and glorify terrorists is a
    troubling reminder that some
    regimes view children as little
    more than tools to be exploited.
    Hundreds of thousands of
    children have been used as
    soldiers in various international
    conflicts in recent decades,
    according to human rights
    groups. The Ugandan rebel
    group known as the “Lord’s
    Resistance Army” has made
    the abduction and enslavement
    of children “its main method
    of recruitment,” experts say. In
    Bolivia, an estimated 40% of
    the army consists of teenagers
    who were forcibly conscripted.
    The participation of Palestinian
    Arab children in terrorism
    against Israelis has become so
    commonplace that it has attracted
    the attention of Palestinian
    advocates in the United States.

    They’ve persuaded a handful
    of members of Congress to
    introduce legislation to restrict
    U.S. aid to Israel if the Israeli
    military detains minors who
    engage in violence. A Nazi
    Version of Cinderella Dictators
    in previous generations likewise
    prioritized training children to
    hate and kill. Adolf Hitler, for
    example, viewed Germany’s
    schools as a breeding ground for
    raising an entire generation of
    Nazis. Following Hitler’s rise to
    power, German school curricula
    were radically revised to reflect
    Nazi ideas, and traditional
    text books were replaced with
    Nazi versions. Biology texts
    now advocated the theory of
    “Aryan” racial superiority.
    Atlases focused on the alleged
    danger to Germany posed by
    surrounding nations and the
    supposed theft from Germany
    of various territories. History
    books presented justifications
    for renewed German militarism.
    The Nazis even concocted their
    own version of Cinderella,
    with the prince choosing a
    racially pure young heroine
    and rebuffing her racially
    alien stepmother. At a press
    conference in September 1934,
    President Franklin D. Roosevelt
    expressed concern that the
    German government seemed to
    be preparing young people for
    war with Germany’s neighbors.
    He related a story he heard from
    an American tourist in Germany,
    about an eight year-old German
    boy who in his bedtime prayers
    each night would say, “Dear
    G-d, please permit it that I
    shall die with a French bullet
    in my heart.” Unfortunately,
    that did not change FDR’s
    policy of maintaining friendly
    diplomatic and trade relations

    with Nazi Germany in the
    1930s. Disney Exposes the
    Nazis During World War Two,
    Disney created a series of short
    cartoon films to support the
    American war effort and expose
    the nature of Nazism. They
    were shown in movie theaters,
    prior to the main feature. One
    especially striking nine-minute
    film was called “Education
    for Death: The Making of the
    Nazi.” The storyline follows
    a German child, Hans, as the
    Nazi school system turns him
    into a worshipper of Hitler.
    When Hans’s teacher shows
    the pupils a fox capturing and
    eating a rabbit, Hans makes the
    innocent mistake of expressing
    sympathy for “the poor rabbit.”
    As punishment, he has to put on
    a dunce camp and sit in a corner,
    while another student gives the
    “correct” answer: “The world
    belongs to the strong…The
    rabbit is a coward and deserves
    to die.” Finally surrendering to
    peer pressure, Hans agrees that
    the rabbit was “a weakling” who
    got what it deserved. The teacher
    then provides the moral of the
    story: the German people are
    “an unconquerable super race”
    who will “destroy all weak and
    cowardly nations.” The Disney
    narrator describes how Hans’s
    upbringing then proceeds with
    endless “marching and ‘Heil’-
    ing, ‘Heil’-ing and marching.”
    The little boy becomes almost
    a robot, blindly heeding the
    Nazi Party’s orders to “trample
    on the rights of others.” The
    narrator concludes: “For now
    his education is complete–his

    education for death.” Nazi-
    educated German children filled

    the ranks of the Hitler Youth
    movement. Its members took
    part in numerous atrocities, from

    forcing Vienna’s Jews to scrub
    the streets with toothbrushes in
    1938, to the mass shooting of
    Jews swimming from sinking
    boats in the German harbor of
    Lubeck, just before Germany’s
    surrender in 1945. In addition,
    many of those who graduated
    from Hitler Youth joined the
    Gestapo and participated in
    the mass murder of European
    Jewry. While other branches of
    the Nazi apparatus collapsed
    or surrendered in the waning
    days of World War II, Hitler
    Youth remained fanatically
    loyal to their Fuhrer to the very
    end, which is why they are
    often mentioned in accounts of
    atrocities that were perpetrated
    in the spring of 1945. Menachem
    Weinryb, an Auschwitz survivor
    who was forced to take part in
    a death march from Poland to
    Germany, later recalled how
    when the prisoners reached
    the Belsen area on April 13,
    1945, the German guards went
    to a nearby town “and returned
    with a lot of young people from
    the Hitler Youth [and local
    policemen]…They chased us
    all into a large barn…we were
    five to six thousand people…
    [They] poured out petrol and
    set the barn on fire. Several
    thousand people were burned
    alive.” Raising children to
    kill, whether in Nazi Germany
    in the 1930s or in the Middle
    East today, always has deadly
    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks
    for the history lesson. It’s sad
    how we never learn from our

    Dear Vues Master:
    It was בראשית when a shidduch

    was proposed to a young man.
    His parents responded that they
    wanted to think about it ב“חנ and
    wanted to see her before saying
    וירא ,thereafter Shortly .לך לך
    the girl and they checked out
    the s’שדכן claim that she was
    as beautiful as שרה חיי and her
    תולדות to determine whether
    After .וישלח אותה or ויצא איתה
    the couple went out, וישב with
    the girl’s family and מקץ the
    The .ויגש לחתונה ,discussions
    wedding was beautiful and the
    couple were very happy when
    ויחי with one another. A year later
    .ואלה שמות בני ישראל said they
    Vues Master’s Note: Wow what
    a great lesson!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A group of Yeshiva boys were
    having a discussion as to the
    origin of earthly objects. First,
    they argued the age-old question
    as to which came first, the
    chicken or the egg. But Judaism
    has an answer for that, as one
    student promptly pointed out: the
    chicken came first. Otherwise,
    the egg could not have been laid,
    and the original chicken had to be
    created by G-d. “I have another
    question,” said one of the boys.
    “Which came first, the doctor or
    the lawyer?” The boys looked in
    their ספרים, but couldn’t find an
    answer, so they consulted their
    Rebbi. “The doctor came before
    the lawyer,” said the Rebbe,
    unhesitatingly. “How so?” asked
    the boys. “Because a doctor was
    necessary as soon as man was
    created, when השם cut אדם‘s rib,”
    the Rebbe explained. “But a
    lawyer only came around when
    Kayin killed Hevel.”
    Vues Master’s Note: I just want

    to know what came first, the
    Rebbe or the principal. I don’t
    know what hit me!

    Dear Vues Master:
    In making a shidduch, there are
    different opinions about what
    to look for. חיים רב said look for
    יחוס. The Brisker rav said money.
    When asked who is right, the
    Brisker rav said: “The halacha
    is with him that one should look
    for יחוס. But למעשה I’m right.”
    Vues Master’s Note: I will take

    Dear Vues Master:
    At a convention of comedians,
    there was no need to tell jokes.
    It was enough to refer to them by
    their numbers. One comedian said
    12 and everyone was chuckling.
    Another said 32 and the room
    laughed again. It went on like
    this for some time, when one of
    the comedians, a newbie, called
    out 982. The room exploded in
    laughter. “I don’t understand,”
    he said to the group near him.
    “I mean, I’m flattered, but all
    you experienced comedians got
    chuckles, and I got guffaws?”
    One of the listeners explained:
    “The reason everyone’s laughing
    so much harder at your joke is
    simple: they’ve never heard that
    one before.”
    Vues Master’s Note: I don’t think
    it is funny. So I did not laugh.

    Dear Vues Master:
    Neither Trump nor Biden should
    be president. Just like one must
    be 35 to run for president, one
    should also have to be under 75.

    Vues Master’s Note: Aha! So
    you want Kamala!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A woman went to her rav to
    consult with him about two
    men suggested by a shadchan,
    Reuven and Chaim. “Who will
    be the lucky one?” she asked.
    “Reuven will marry you. Chaim
    will be the lucky one,” the rav
    Vues Master’s Note: I wonder
    who is the unlucky one?

    Dear Vues Master:
    A police officer stopped a
    driver who had been speeding
    at 90 mph. “But officer,” the
    man began to explain. “Quiet!”
    snapped the officer. “I’m going
    to let you spend the night in jail
    until the chief gets back.” “But
    officer, I just want to explain.”
    “And I said be quiet! You’re
    going to jail!” A few hours later,
    the patrolman looked in on his
    prisoner and said “Lucky for
    you, the chief is at his daughter’s
    wedding, so he’ll be in a good
    mood when he gets back.”
    “Don’t count on it,” answered
    the guy in the cell. “I’m the
    Vues Master’s Note: I guess that
    cop got a demotion!