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    Dear Vues Master:
    We know that the Jewish people are in a very difficult
    situation. However, we can never despair or give up hope.
    As our enemies raise their evil hands to commit unspeakable
    acts of brutality and murder, we, too, raise our hands. Our
    brave soldiers are raising their hands in defense of the Jewish
    people. We, too, who are not in a position to raise our hands
    in actual defense of our brethren, can still raise our hands in
    ways that can help. My son Tuvia was called away from his
    family on Shabbos/ Simchas Torah, along with thousands of
    other reservists, to defend the Jewish people. He left his family
    and home was given a rifle and to fight the enemies of our
    people. Yet, there were others who were not called up and were
    still at home. On Motzei Shabbos, the end of Simchas Torah
    in Eretz Yisroel, while my son Tuvia proudly donned his IDF
    uniform, some of his neighbors donned a different “uniform.”
    Two Chassidic men, who were not called up, came calling at
    Tuvia’s house after Shabbos and said to his wife, “We are here
    to take down your Sukkah. If Tuvia is gone defending us, it
    is only right that we do something for him and take down his
    Sukkah.” A few minutes later, there was another knock on the
    door. This time from a woman. She explained, “Your husband
    is out protecting us; the least I can do for you is to do your
    laundry, which has piled up over Yom Tov!” A few minutes

    later, another woman came. She bolted to my daughter-in-
    law’s kitchen and said, “Your husband is off protecting us.

    You have no one to help you clean up as you must put your
    children to sleep. My husband is safe and in his bed. He helped
    me clean up. Please, go tend to your children while I clean up
    your kitchen from Yom Tov.” Everyone raised their hands to
    help each other. We all must raise our hands. Some raise them
    with a gun in their hands. Others raise their hands to take down
    a soldier’s Succah. And others raise their hands to do other’s
    laundry and dishes.
    Rav Ron Yitzchok Eisenman Congregation Ahavas Israel
    Passaic, NJ
    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for sharing this. It is very

    Dear Vues Master:
    A bochur from a religious family who years ago dropped all
    levels of observance shared his story. To support himself, he
    became a driver and photographer, driving wealthy visitors
    from New York to gedolim in Eretz Yisroel. He had 3
    American gvirim in his car shortly before Rosh Hashana, who
    came specifically to secure a bracha from Rav Chaim Feinstein
    of Bnei Brak for a shana tovah. As the gvirim were leaving,
    Rav Feinstein, the rosh yeshiva at Yeshivas Ateres Shlomo,
    turned to the driver and asked, “Don’t you also need a shana
    tovah? He then stopped and thought, saying that a bracha with

    nothing to stand on will not be effective. “Accept upon yourself
    to keep Shabbos for the month of Tishrei,” he asked. The
    bochur became filled with emotion and accepted. A couple of
    weekends ago, the boy traveled to Israel’s south to participate
    in a Rave, a music festival in the desert. On Friday afternoon,
    he realized that he would not be able to keep Shabbos there, so
    he bid his friends farewell and departed. The next day, the boy
    was among the millions of people who heard about the savage
    butchery that happened at the rave, and that his friends were
    among those killed. It was the small kabbalah he undertook –
    to keep just four Shabbosos – and it saved his life.
    Vues Master’s Note: I am sure once this war is over there will
    be so many baalei teshuva!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Not gonna lie or pretend. I’m having a really hard time
    davening to Hashem. I know now my tefillah is needed more
    than ever. I know. But I’m still having a hard time. Why, G-d?
    Just why. I try so hard to tell myself the things I’ve told others
    over the years. Hashem loves us. We are His children. Hashem
    loves me. We don’t know why things happen. We don’t
    understand Hashem’s ways. I know all the answers. And yet,
    I’m having a tremendously hard time turning to Him for the
    past week. I don’t know how to cope with the dissonance of
    everything He does is good, on the one hand, and this war, on
    the other. How could He allow such barbaric cruelty? Again, I
    know the answer. “He didn’t do this. Hamas did this.” But how
    did He allow this to happen? Anyway, I’ll go force myself to
    talk to Him and ask for mercy and compassion. That’s what I
    need. That’s what you need. That’s what we all need. Hashem,
    enough pain and suffering. Please make it stop. Please bring
    our children home. Please eradicate evil from this world.
    Please protect our soldiers. Please protect our families. If I’ve
    ever done anything good in my life. If not for me, for this
    nation and the good we are doing. If not for this nation, for our
    forefathers. Please bring Mashiach. We can’t handle this much
    pain any longer. Please, Hashem!
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: I’d rather pray and sing…

    Dear Vues Master:
    Let me say this in the clearest possible terms.
    If you’re concerned with Israel’s response, if
    you’re focused on the people of Gaza right
    now, you’re either ignorant or intentionally
    hypocritical. 2005: Israel handed Gaza over
    on a silver platter. No “occupation”, no Israeli
    presence, nothing. 100% theirs. If they wanted
    anything other than dead Jews, they had the
    chance. In what world is it normal to demand
    a country provide water and electricity to its
    enemy when there is clear evidence that they
    are using those water pipes to create rockets
    that then kill Israelis? You’re worried about
    the electricity and water in Gaza? You can
    provide it. Don’t want to? Then keep your
    mouth shut. They have nowhere to go those
    poor Palestinians? Why don’t you go look
    at a map? They have a border with Egypt.
    Let them take them in if they care so much.
    Oh, Egypt doesn’t want them? Did you hear
    that? That was my heart breaking for them.
    Egypt can take them. They don’t want them?
    Not my problem. You’re worried about a
    disproportionate response by Israel? Kindly
    tell me what a proportionate response would
    look like. Because if we did what they did to
    us, that would require the murder, abduction,
    and rape of over a thousand people. Is that
    what you’re recommending Israel does?
    Because that’s pretty sick of you. And once
    and for all, we need to unequivocally reject
    the false narrative of “They’re not all Hamas
    supporters so Israel has no right to attack
    Gaza.” A- The Palestinian people elected
    Hamas. Make up your mind. If they’re a
    people who you believe deserve a state then
    it’s time you held them accountable as a
    people. They elected Hamas. They will pay
    for that tragic decision. B- The Palestinian
    people, not 100, 1,000, or 10,000 of them,
    give out candies when innocent Jews are
    murdered. Have you seen thousands of
    Palestinians speaking out against Hamas? I
    haven’t. Where are they? Their silence is all I
    need to know. C- In every war in the history
    of the world, innocent people die. That fact,
    as sad as it might be, has zero relevance to
    whether the war is justified or not. Need I
    remind you how many innocent Germans
    died in WWII? Israel is fighting Nazis now.
    Zero difference. In war, innocent people die.
    D- And finally, don’t come at me with the
    whole “They can’t speak out. Hamas will kill
    them.” Where have we heard that before? “I
    was just fulfilling orders. I had no choice.”
    Oh yes, that was what the Nazis said. It was
    not a legit argument then and it’s not a legit
    argument now. What Israel experienced on
    October 7th was the equivalent of 9/11 times
    50. Israel WILL retaliate accordingly and it
    will not stop no matter how much you throw
    your double standard at us. We not only
    have every right to do whatever we can to
    obliterate Hamas, we have a moral obligation
    to do so. You might not know this now, but
    a world without Hamas is a safer world for

    you and your children. If you didn’t complain
    when ISIS was defeated, if you think WWII
    was justified in order to defeat the Nazis,
    then you can either stand with Israel while
    we cleanse the world of Hamas savages or
    you can go ahead and keep your mouth shut
    while we do the work from which you will
    benefit. If you have any integrity at all, go
    read the charters of Hamas and the PLO. If
    you’re honest, ask yourself what “From the
    river to the sea” means. Look at a map if you
    can’t figure it out. It means no Israel. Do you
    support that? Throwing all Israelis into the
    sea? Because that’s what that means. If you
    are still delusional enough to think they want
    a state, go Google The Partition Plan. They
    had one. They rejected it. Then google how
    many times Israel offered them a state. And if,
    after all that, you still think the Palestinian’s
    agenda is anything other than total genocide
    of the Jewish people, congratulations, you
    have earned the privilege of being named a
    flaming antisemite who supports murder and
    rape. I’m sure your mother is proud.
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: You could not be any

    Dear Vues Master:
    When the wife of the מלובלין חוזה died, his
    Chassidim approached his rival, עזריאל רב,
    the Rav of Lublin, and asked that he give his
    daughter in marriage to their their Rebbie. He
    rejected their request. “I can’t do it,” he said.
    “The Torah says that a father needs to give his
    daughter לאיש. It says
    ,view your in And .את בתי נתתי לאיש הזה
    your Rebbie is a מלאך, not an איש.“
    Vues Master’s Note: I know someone who
    said he wishes his mother in law was an
    angel! Up there!

    Dear Vues Master:
    The winds of war are blowing
    Planes fly overhead
    We didn’t start this war
    But we’ll finish it
    We’ll avenge our dead
    We’ll rid this region of the cancer
    The world should do the same
    Maybe now they all see
    WHO it is to blame
    With arms wide open
    They let the enemy in
    It’s taking over all over the world
    It’s time for realization to begin
    If you don’t rid your countries of this
    You’ll suffer the same fate
    Take action now
    Don’t wait!
    Protect your homelands
    Before it is too late
    For years our hands were tied
    We worried about what the world would say

    The gloves are off now
    We’ll finally do what we have to
    No one will stand in our way
    Our mission is not an easy one
    But we will push on
    We’ll fight with all we’ve got
    To make sure HAMAS is gone!
    Karen Skoorka Kripor
    Vues Master’s Note: One thing missing in this
    song! Where is Hashem?

    Dear Vues Master:
    In recent days, President Biden has twice
    publicly cautioned Israel to observe “the
    rules of war” when it strikes back at Hamas
    terrorists. He appeared to be referring to the
    importance of avoiding civilian casualties
    in Gaza. But exactly how far does he expect
    Israel to go in limiting its actions because of
    the presence of civilians? The president’s
    description of Hamas as “pure, unadulterated
    evil” places the current conflict squarely in
    the category of a good-versus-evil conflict,
    like World War II. With regard to civilian
    casualties, the position of the United States
    and its allies in World War II was that civilian
    deaths were an unfortunate but inevitable
    consequence of their war of self-defense.
    Israel’s approach to the issue is similar.
    Beginning in March 1944, the Americans
    and British carried out extensive attacks
    on railways across France, Belgium, and
    western Germany in advance of the June 6
    D-Day landings. The breadth of the air strikes
    made it inevitable that there would be some
    civilian casualties; they averaged about 100
    per bombing. On May 7, British Prime
    Minister Winston Churchill told President
    Franklin D. Roosevelt he was concerned
    about “the number of Frenchmen killed in
    the raids on the railway centers in France.”
    Churchill estimated that the total number
    of French civilian deaths in the operation
    would reach 10,000, in addition to tens of
    thousands of injured. The British leader
    asked FDR to “consider the matter from the
    highest political standpoint,” because his
    war cabinet was unanimously convinced
    that continuing the bombings would “leave a
    legacy of hate” toward the Allies among the
    French populace. Roosevelt responded:
    “However regrettable the attendant loss of
    civilian lives, I am not prepared to impose
    from this distance any restriction on military
    action by the responsible commanders that
    in their opinion might militate against the
    success of [the upcoming D-Day landings]
    or cause additional loss of life to our Allied
    Forces of invasion.” On October 31, 1944,
    British planes targeted the Gestapo’s Danish
    headquarters, on the campus of the University
    of Aarhus. The target was situated in the
    dormitory buildings, which were flanked by
    civilian hospitals on both sides. Nonetheless,
    the raid proceeded in broad daylight, because
    it was militarily advantageous to do so. Most
    of the bombs hit their mark but several stray

    bombs hit another campus building which
    was under construction, killing ten workers.
    Likewise, a British bombing raid on Gestapo
    headquarters in Copenhagen the following
    year destroyed the building, but some bombs
    accidentally hit a nearby school, killing an
    estimated 125 civilians. The U.S. carried
    out bombing strikes on German oil factories
    in and around Auschwitz during daylight
    hours, when military planners had every
    reason to believe the factories would be filled
    with Jewish slave laborers. Civilian casualties
    were inevitable but the administration felt that
    harm to the Jewish prisoners was justified in
    order to achieve America’s war aims. For the
    same reason, U.S. bombers were sent to strike
    the V-2 rocket factory in the Buchenwald
    concentration camp in broad daylight, when
    it could be assumed that Jewish prisoners
    would be in the factory. Nearly 400 of them
    were killed in the bombing. Not only was
    the Roosevelt administration willing to risk
    killing Jewish civilians in order to strike
    those military targets—it even was willing
    to endanger the lives of Allied POWs. About
    1,400 British servicemen were imprisoned
    in Auschwitz beginning in the autumn of
    1943, and six hundred remained there as
    of the summer of 1944, working as slave
    laborers in the oil factories. The U.S. and
    British governments were well aware that
    the POWs were there; in fact, the Red Cross
    regularly brought them food packages. One
    of the POWs, Charles Coward, smuggled
    information to the British government about
    the mass-murder process that was taking
    place in the Birkenau section of the camp.
    But the presence of the POWs did not deter
    the daylight air strikes on factories where
    British prisoners might be working. As a
    result, thirty-eight of the British prisoners
    were killed, and many others injured, in
    the American bombing on August 20. In
    some instances, the U.S. and its allies went
    further and undertook deliberate attacks
    on enemy civilians in order to advance the
    war effort. Beginning in February 1942, the
    British undertook what was known as “area
    bombing,” which meant attacking civilian
    areas in order to undermine the German
    public’s morale. The United States assented
    to this approach and participated in many of
    the most famous strikes on civilian targets.
    The British-American bombing of Hamburg
    in July 1943 left 40,000 dead, and the attack
    on Dresden by U.S. and British bombers in
    February 1945 killed tens of thousands more.
    This approach was sometimes employed
    on the Pacific front as well. The Roosevelt
    administration’s firebombing of Tokyo in
    March 1945 caused over 100,000 civilian
    fatalities. The Truman administration selected
    two Japanese civilian centers as the targets
    of its nuclear bombs, leaving approximately
    135,000 dead in Hiroshima and 64,000 in
    Nagasaki. Israel does not deliberately kill
    enemy civilians, but one of the principles of
    its military actions in built-up areas such as

    Gaza resembles that of the Allies in World
    War II—that strikes against the enemy must
    proceed even if there are civilian casualties.
    Will President Biden support Israel taking
    an approach comparable to what the United
    States did in World War II? Or will he expect
    Israel to do as he says, not as the U.S. has
    done? The answer will become apparent
    Rafael Madoff
    Vues Master’s Note:The same rules should
    apply to Hamas! Yet they get away with it!

    I SEE
    Dear Vues Master:
    I see mothers of soldiers on the front lines
    volunteering in supermarkets. I see rabbis
    leaving their communities, traveling 48
    hours across multiple countries to return
    home and fight for their country. I see
    people who have never said a word of
    praise in favor of the Israeli army crying
    with tears for Hashem to protect them and
    keep them safe. I see thousands of men,
    young and old, teenagers, spending all
    night digging graves for their brethren to
    be brought to proper burial. I see videos
    of stores in Jewish neighborhoods around
    the world, completely cleaned out of every
    possible supply that could be sent in duffel
    bags on cargo planes to the holy land. I see
    soldiers with uncovered heads pleading for
    tzitzit from those who arrived to offer them
    sweets. I see restaurants turning over their
    kitchens to become kosher in order to serve
    any soldier a free meal. I see real estate
    agents begging for families from the south
    to enter their empty apartments for free.
    I see Jews in uniform swearing they will
    not come back home until they wipe out
    the enemy completely. I see police officers
    feeding bottles to babies who no longer
    have parents. I see grooms who traded in
    their wedding suits for machine guns. I see
    women changing from their hospital gowns
    in maternity wards into army fatigues in
    intelligence war rooms. I see teenage girls
    with flags at 2:30 in the morning dancing
    for soldiers who have returned to fight
    who simply cannot believe their eyes. I
    see reservists refusing to take more food,
    because their tanks cannot hold the amount
    they’ve already received. I see young men
    dodging rockets on army bases, while in the
    middle of sending messages of strength to
    Jewish schoolchildren thousands of miles
    away. I see Hashem’s nation, waking up,
    coming together, and doing everything in
    their power so that “Never Again” is not
    just a slogan. I see Am Yisrael. Tell me,
    what do you see?
    Vues Master’s Note: I hear you loud and
    clear a Kiddush Hashem!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A rav was once asked why it is that a

    husband is required to give מזונות to his
    wife, rather than the wife being required to
    provide מזונות to her husband. He answered:
    “It’s because the first wife, Chava, tried to
    feed her husband and look what happened.”
    Vues Master’s Note: This letter makes me
    hungry! Lemme ask my wife for some food!

    Dear Vues Master:
    I want to share perhaps this unpopular
    observation. I am so convinced that this
    war in Israel is caused if anyone in our
    Klal makes a mistake or does not live up
    to their definitions of what a good jew is.
    That person is never forgiven, grudges are
    held, and the person’s reputation is ruined
    forever. Forgiveness is not granted and if
    it is it is done during asreth yemei teshuva
    in order that hashem will not punish them.
    There is no margin of error. And for us
    being chosen people this is deplorable. I
    feel that this chorban hashem wants us to
    stop this behavior. Didn’t Hashem destroy
    the temples because of hate between fellow
    jews and not keeping shabbat. Wasn’t the
    flood during Noach’s life because people
    acted sub-human? On another topic I
    observed through personal and professional
    experiences, that our precious youth, both
    girls and boys need a mentor program in
    high schools and seminaries to guide them
    how to live in the Jewish world and balance
    the secular world too. The youngsters are
    lacking the proper skills to handle career
    choices based on skills and talent. They need
    instruction on money management, how to
    make one’s career choice, and the proper
    balance of living a Jewish life within one’s
    capabilities. I would like to set up a program
    but no one wants to cooperate. Shirum and
    shidduchim redding is just not enough. For
    example: would one hand the keys to a car
    and say drive and not give drivers education?
    Would someone give someone a knife to
    slaughter an animal without teaching how
    to be a shochet? I would like to help this
    community. Thank you
    Vues Master’s Note: You seem to be all over
    the place.

    Dear Vues Master:
    Especially at times of national crisis
    it behooves us to utilize the following
    strategies which we are told make our tefillos
    more readily accepted: * Before davening,
    one should accept upon himself the mitzvah
    of Ahavas Yisroel. (Kitzur Shulchan Aruch
    12:2) * Have extra kavannah when saying
    ‘Ki lishuasacha kivinu’ in Shemoneh Esrei
    (see Orech Chaim Shaarei Teshuva 118:1
    at the end). When saying ‘Yihiyu l’ratzon
    imrei phi…’ at the conclusion of Shemoneh
    Esrei, the Mishnah Brura 122:2:8 urges us
    to say this pasuk slowly and with kavanah

    as it greatly helps our tefillos be accepted.
    Shalom al Yisroel
    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks!

    Dear Vues Master:
    When the סופר חתם was only eight years
    old, he was asked “We know דין בעל that
    קידושין requires two עדים. How then did חוה
    מקדש הראשון אדם, when there wasn’t even
    one witness?” The young boy thought for a
    moment and responded: “The קידושין גמרא
    notes that the requirement of two עדים for
    קידושין is learned from monetary law and
    therefore, as in matters of ממון where
    as קידושין in ,הודאת בעל דין כמאה עדים דמי
    well we should be able to dispense with the
    witnesses and rely on דין בעל הודאת. The
    גמרא answers that קידושין is not like ממון
    in this regard because in monetary matters
    דין בעל הודאת obligates only the debtor
    himself, but in קידושין the הודאה obligates
    not merely the דין בעל, but also his and and
    his wife’s relatives, for whom he is אסור. “
    Therefore, the סופר חתם explained, since
    אדם and חוה did not have any relatives,
    they obligated only themselves and in that
    situation matters of
    and applied הודאת בעל דין כמאה עדים דמי
    the קידושין is תופס even without עדים .
    Vues Master’s Note: I know when I get told
    to trust me I know that I can’t trust!

    Dear Vues Master
    I get the same absurd question multiple
    times a day. When and how is Israel going
    to provide humanitarian assistance, like food
    and water, to the innocent people of Gaza?
    There are two reasons why this question
    is absolutely absurd. First, because Gaza
    is the base of Israel’s enemy, and we don’t
    help the enemy. Second, because the notion
    of “innocent people of Gaza” is erroneous.
    Let me explain. People have this unrealistic
    view of war that Israel is responsible for the
    welfare of its enemy. I don’t know where the
    notion of Israel being responsible to help its
    enemy comes from – it’s absurd. Let’s discuss
    this at a very basic level. Palestinians from
    Gaza, many of them Hamas, but also six other
    Palestinian terror organizations, plus many
    non-affiliated Palestinians, attacked Israel. In
    this attack they killed soldiers and civilians
    – purposely and with premeditation. Their
    attack wasn’t normal. It included brutality
    not seen in decades in the civilized world.
    Israel has called up its reserves – more than
    300,000 of its soldiers – and has declared war
    on Hamas. It isn’t only going after Hamas, it
    is striking any enemy in Gaza and anyone that
    attacks it in Lebanon. It is also conducting
    raids in Judea and Samaria to eliminate
    threats of Palestinian bad actors starting

    trouble from within territory Israeli controls.
    Israel has ONE goal in this war – to WIN.
    This isn’t a limited scale operation. This isn’t
    an operation to rescue the hostages taken by
    Palestinians in Gaza. This is a full out war
    where one side will win at the end of the war.
    The winning side will live, and the losing side
    will die. Israel is committed to winning the
    war. To think Israel should fight its enemy
    while simultaneously aiding its enemy is
    either ignorant or unrealistic. In any other
    context, any other war, any other country,
    people would laugh at the suggestion that
    one side of a war should provide its enemy
    with assistance. People will counter that
    they’re not suggesting they provide Hamas
    and other Palestinian terrorists with support,
    just the innocent people of Gaza, like babies,
    assistance. This counter is even more absurd
    than the original idea because it demonstrates
    a complete lack of understanding that Hamas
    and other Palestinian terrorists confiscate
    all foreign assistance for their own needs
    and there is no way of preventing this
    from happening. It also speaks to a level of
    ignorance and lack of understanding that one
    way of defeating an enemy is by denying
    them the resources it needs to continue
    fighting. Palestinians in Gaza aren’t the
    innocent babes caught in a situation not of
    their own making that Palestinian apologists
    make them out to be to the world. These are
    people who elected and continue to support
    Hamas. They are not a population forced to
    stay silent in the face of a repressive regime.
    In poll after poll, Palestinians in Gaza and
    the West Bank maintain antisemitic views
    and the desire to wipe Israel off the face of
    the map and have its people drown in the sea.
    These are not people Israel needs to aid. This
    doesn’t mean Israel can or should target them,
    but it means Israel isn’t going to help them.
    Any situation in Gaza that requires assistance
    is of Hamas and the other Palestinian
    organization’s making and not Israel’s fault
    nor responsibility to correct. We need to stop
    buying into Palestinian apologists’ talking
    points that cloak themselves in humanitarian
    language but are meant to vilify Israel. Israel’s
    goal is to win this war, nothing else. We will
    do what it takes to win and not take steps that
    inhibit a full victory.
    Vues Master’s Note: I definitely agree! They
    should destroy Gaza as quickly as possible
    and not worry about the welfare of the