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    Dear Vues Master:
    A teacher in a Chareidi school got a special call
    this week from an emotional woman who said she
    does not observe the Torah and mitzvot who lives in
    Jerusalem and shared this with him: I went into the
    neighborhood grocery store to buy bread and milk
    and among the products and the shelves I see a little
    boy looking for something, I looked at him and saw
    a small but noticeable “tag” on his shirt. I am a very
    curious woman by nature, I continue to ask the boy
    what is this “tag”? The sweet boy answers with a shy
    face and a special purity, this is my soldier!!! what???
    What do you mean? I asked… This is the soldier I am
    responsible for, that he will return home to his mother
    at the end of the war… How are you responsible for
    him? I continued… and the boy answered: I pray for
    him all day long, study for him, read Shma in bed for
    him and so through the prayers he will return home.
    Because he guards me near Gaza, I guard him from
    Vues Master’s Note: Wow! Heartwarming. May
    we all be zocheh to bring back all the soldiers

    List of Sheya Mendlowitz Contributions to Jewish
    Music: (in no particular order)
    1- The concept of a Jewish music store (Mostly
    2- Avraham Fried
    3- Large venued concerts such as HASC
    4- Themed concerts- see HASC, OHEL, Big Event,
    5- The Chevra album concept and later as a Chevra
    Pesach Experience
    6- The sampler- putting single track CDs to an album
    by store registers to drive cd sales (first seen with
    Shwekeys Shomati) which brought huge numbers to
    the shomati album as a pioneer
    7- Compositions
    8- The Piamentas and their using a secular popular

    song (Land Down Under) to reach more Jews
    (groundbreaker at the time)
    9- The Lipa Experience
    10- Shlomo Simcha debut. I remember that Yad
    Eliyahu Zcihron Menachem concert #2 show
    11- Intro to Daagah Minayin- replicating MBDs
    voice 8x
    12- Matisyahu mainstreamed at HASC- the idea that
    reaching more Jews with different genres is possible
    13- Singing with a life sized version of Shlomo
    Carlebach after he was no longer alive- vegas started
    to do this 10 years later with performers
    14- Hall of fame in Jewish music
    15- Bringing chazans into large shows when it was
    thought that was no longer correct and only exclusive
    to cantorial shows
    16- And of course, many, many productions of albums
    with all of its innovative styles
    A big Sheya fan, Adam M.
    Vues Master’s Note: Shea is going to be missed by a
    lot of people!!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Throughout the country college campuses seem to
    be the most unsafe place for a Jewish person. What
    happened last week at Cooper Union and at Columbia
    University should never happen! Presidents of all the
    colleges should have security to stop this insanity. I
    have no idea how any yid can go to a secular college
    anymore. We are living in scary times! It’s time for us
    all to move to Eretz Yisrael.
    Vues Master’s Note: Ein lanu al mi lehishaein ela al
    avinu shebashamayim!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Have you ever heard the phrase “Double
    standard?” You do realize that applying one
    standard to one group and another standard to
    a second group is immoral and hypocritical,
    right? So kindly explain to me how Hamas
    fires tens of thousands of rockets aimed at
    maximizing civilian death and not a word
    from the global community. But when Israel,
    who goes way out of its way to minimize
    civilian deaths, attacks terrorists who are
    using innocent people as their shields, and
    innocents die, the world loses its sh_t?
    “Israel shouldn’t stoop to their level.” “Israel
    shouldn’t behave like Hamas.” You do
    realize that is the literal definition of a double
    standard, right? Did anyone tell England not
    to attack Germany because they shouldn’t
    stoop to the Nazi’s level? This is a war and in
    war, innocents tragically die but if you don’t
    say a word when Hamas targets innocents,
    then go ahead and keep your mouth shut
    when Hamas causes innocent deaths in Gaza
    by using people to shield themselves from
    Israel’s retaliation. Otherwise, you can open
    the dictionary, search for the word hypocrite,
    and expect to see your face. Don’t be a
    hypocrite. Stop with the double standard.
    Stand with Israel and support the IDF for
    fighting a war so you won’t have to.
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: The answer is from
    Mount Sinai we became the hated Nation as
    all other Nations are jealous! We are kept to
    a different standard!

    Dear Vues Master:
    The Jews of Germany never thought
    Germans would kill them. The Jews of
    The Tree of Life Synagogue never thought
    an American would kill them The Jews of
    the South never thought the Palestinians of
    Gaza would break through the fence and kill
    them. They were all wrong. Antisemites,
    whether they are Arabs, white supremacist,
    or any other hater, they are coming to kill the
    Jews. They might not be able to kill all of us
    but they’re going to kill some of us. 1,400
    of us were just killed because they were
    Jews. Whether you live in Israel, America,
    Europe or some small city in Russia you’ve
    never heard of before, they’re coming to kill
    you, me, all of us. Those with the means to
    protect themselves will hopefully survive
    the next attack, those without the means
    to protect themselves have little chance of
    being spared. Many people that had a gun in
    their homes in the South were able to protect
    themselves when Palestinian terrorists came
    to their town and house. Those without a
    gun had little chance. Guns are muktzeh
    on Shabbat. I’ve carried a gun for the past
    five years on Shabbat, both within the Eruv
    and outside of it. In the back of my mind I
    doubted whether I was doing the right thing

    by carrying my gun on Shabbat. After the
    “Simchat Torah Massacre” I am no longer
    in doubt. Ask yourself this question, if
    antisemites came into your home and you
    have a gun, you can save yourself and your
    family, if you don’t have a gun your last
    thoughts will be regretting not having bought
    a gun for whatever excuse you’re telling
    yourself now for not buying a gun. Don’t be
    irresponsible. Buy a gun, take lessons and be
    ready for when the Jew haters come for you.
    Vues Master’s Note: Ein lanu al mi lehishaein
    ela al avinu shebashamayim!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A wonderful and inspiring story. Alex
    Cornish from Issaquah WA is currently
    studying at Hadar H’Torah Yeshiva in New
    York. Because of the war currently raging
    in Israel, he could not return to Mayont in
    Jerusalem. Last Friday, he went on Mivtziem
    in a park near Crown Heights. He went
    around among people and suggested that
    they put on tefillin. In the park there is an
    area where people sit and play on chess
    tables. He approached everyone who looked
    Jewish and he offered them to put on tefillin.
    One of those who was playing chess pointed
    him in the direction of someone who was
    old, and told him he is Jewish and will
    soon be 102 years old. He suggested that he
    would put on Tefillin. Alex approached the
    Jew, and asked him Are you Jewish, the Jew
    answered that he used to be a Jew, but he
    is no longer Jewish. Alex continued to ask
    him if he wanted to put on a tefillin. The old
    Jew did not respond. So Alex suggested he
    play chess (Alex is a chess champion) The
    old Jew agreed to the game, and Alex added
    on the condition that if he (Alex) wins, he
    will agree to put on tefillin with him. The
    Jew did not respond. And so the game began,
    and within ten minutes Alex beat him. The
    Jew rolled up his sleeve and showed him the
    number from Auschwitz. He told him that
    the last time he saw his father was when they
    were playing chess. Since then he doesn’t
    want to remember or know anything about
    Judaism. And he added, in two weeks I will
    be celebrating my 102nd birthday. But the
    deal must be respected. The elderly Jew
    rolled up his sleeves, and for the first time
    in his life he put on a tefillin… Bar Mitzvah
    at the age of almost 102… In an emotional
    phone call, Alex told how he connected the
    Parsha of the week, Avraham Avinu was
    circumcised at the age of 99 – and this Jew is
    doing a Bar Mitzvah at the age of 102.
    Vues Master’s Note: What an inspiration!

    Dear Vues Master:
    As terrorists butcher Jews in their homes
    in Israel, their sympathizers in the United

    Students and abroad are targeting Jewish
    students on college campuses. Students for
    Justice in Palestine (SJP), WOL Palestine,
    and similarly aligned student groups —
    which exist to foment Jew-hatred and
    demonize Jewish students — have been
    rallying across the country as the Israeli
    people are under siege. Many of these
    rallies are not merely aimed at conveying
    solidarity with Palestinians victimized by
    the Hamas regime; rather, they publicly and
    aggressively celebrate Hamas’s barbaric
    attacks and justify the murder of Jewish
    and Israeli people. Responses from campus
    officials have generally been tepid at best,
    leaving Jewish students feeling unsupported
    and under threat. The Lawfare Project’s
    lawyers are currently assisting numerous
    Jewish student activists in the United States
    and Canada who are experiencing hostile
    environments on campus. We are helping
    them navigate the situations and ensuring
    their civil rights are being protected.
    Moreover, we have mobilized our network
    of over 600 lawyers and dozens of law
    firms to provide pro bono legal services,
    and we are preparing to file lawsuits against
    campuses across the country. If legal action
    is not yet available based on the facts, we
    are working with the students to request
    specific forms of support from campus
    officials. If the officials fail to provide these
    forms of support or effective alternatives,
    we are documenting these acts to pave the
    way for potential legal action, which we will
    pursue aggressively. Additionally, at schools
    where student groups like SJP have engaged
    in particularly egregious conduct, we are
    demanding a range of actions, including that
    their recognition as student organizations
    be revoked and they be deemed ineligible
    to receive institutional funding, that these
    groups and their members be disciplined
    according to applicable school policies,
    and that robust bias training specifically
    aimed at protecting Jewish identity be
    implemented. How can you help? (1) If you
    know any students whose rights may have
    been violated, please have them contact us
    as soon as possible by submitting this form
    on our website or emailing us at About@
    TheLawfareProject.org. (2) If you know
    attorneys who may be interested in working
    with us, please have them join our legal
    network via this form. (3) Please consider
    making a tax-deductible donation to support
    the legal battle. You can donate online or
    by mailing a check to our office — The
    Lawfare Project, 633 3rd Avenue, 21st Floor,
    New York, NY 10017. If you would like to
    donate via bank transfer or make a stock
    donation, please contact us for the relevant
    information. Beyond confronting this current
    crisis, The Lawfare Project continues to work
    tirelessly on its pending legal actions in the
    United States and worldwide to enforce the
    rights of Jews facing discrimination in the

    workplace, ensuring antisemitic hate crimes
    are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the
    law, and much more. Now more than ever,
    we need your support. In solidarity,
    Brooke Goldstein
    Executive Director, The Lawfare Project
    Vues Master’s Note: We need the laws in the
    country changed to stop these chants the
    same way it is forbidden to scream FIRE in
    a movie theater!

    Dear Vues Master:
    I heard from Sheya Mendlowitz zl that R’
    Shlomo Carelbach came backstage during
    a concert intermission, and Sheya asked
    him why he sang KADDISH? He answered
    bluntly and cynically; “ It was a Toteh Olam!
    It was a dead crowd!
    Vues Master’s Note: It’s sad now that we are
    missing both of them!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Reb Sheya Z”L The nicest compliment that
    I ever got was from Joe Leifer Travellers
    Choice, who was a close friend of Sheya
    Mendlowitz. He told me that Sheya would
    always wait till I would dance in the concert
    aisles with my dancing lights! Sheya felt that
    now the concert would be lebedig. Wow!
    Here’s someone who has all the pressure on
    his head producing a concert, and took out
    the time to compliment me. I was on cloud
    9! I grew up with Sheya sharing the same
    friends from 14th ave Pirchei and Camp
    Torah Vodaath. He ran the choir in camp and
    joined Shmuel Borger with Amudei Sheish .
    He discovered Avraham Fried, and produced
    “No Jew Would Be Left Behind” which we
    played all day in camp. He would promote
    it by the camp bus stop, giving it or selling
    it to campers going up to camp. He also
    produced MBD, especially the double album
    Daaga Minayin, all sold out. I couldn’t find
    a copy now in any music store. Whatever he
    touched turned to gold. Whenever I saw his
    signature on an album or concert, you knew it
    was going to be professional & entertaining.
    He also discovered Shlomo Simcha, another
    superstar. He worked together with Yisroel
    Lamm, Abi Rottenberg, Mona Rosenblum,
    Yossi Green, Yerachmiel Begun, Yaakov
    Shwekey, Shloime Dachs, Srully Wulliger,
    Nachum Segal, Moish Laufer, Baruch
    Levine, Dedi, R’ Shlomo Carelbach, R’
    Baruch Chait, Bennie Friedman, and many
    many more singers, composers in Hasc,
    and other musical concerts and albums. He
    brought the concert level up a notch with A
    Time For Music at Lincoln Center- Carnegie
    Hall. Sheya, I can’t thank you enough for
    giving me the spotlight on the HASC video
    when I led the Olam dancing in front of the
    stage. That was my taste of Olam Haba and
    Olam Hazeh. Now go up to Shomayim and

    ask Hashem to build the Bayis Shlishi so
    you will be able to produce the choir of
    the Leviim singing the Shirah when there’s
    Techiyas Hameisim and Bias Moshiach.
    And when Eliyahu Hanavi finally comes,
    perhaps we’ll dance together with colorful
    lights to my composition “Hineh Anochi
    Sholeach Lachem es Eliyahu Hanavi on
    Yossi Rose and Mesorah Album Meir & Avi
    Sherman. Yehi Zichro Baruch! We’ll miss
    you Sheya!
    Vues Master’s Note: Yes, Sheya was the
    nicest guy with a good word and a funny
    quip for everybody!

    Dear Vues Master:
    P ויחי Parshas (חתם סופר על התורה The
    245) quotes the כוזרי that לבא לעתיד) in the
    very near future) מצרים will be part of Eretz
    Yisrael. At the הבתרים בין ברית, Hashem
    promised the land to Avraham Avinu
    extending the border all the way to מצרים
    the & תרגום ירושלמי The נהר
    translate תרגום המיוחס לר‘ יונתן בן עוזיאל
    15- Breishis (מנהר מצרים – מנילוס מצרים
    with agree others & אבן עזרא,רש“י (18
    the תרגום. The border of Eretz Yisrael will
    extend all the way to the Nile.(a) If Eretz
    Yisrael will border the entire length of
    מצרים נהר/ Nile (4000 miles) then Uganda
    will also be part of Eretz Yisrael. Perhaps
    Herzel wasn’t so wrong for wanting to
    settle the State of Israel in Uganda.:) The
    ז“רדב and other Rishonim argue and claim
    מצרים נהר can’t be the Nile. (They seem
    to hold מצרים נהר is possibly The Gulf of
    Suez) (b)
    Vues Master’s Note: We can’t wait for Eretz
    Yisroel to expand and we will all be a part
    of it!:

    Dear Vues Master:
    One of Jewish music’s greatest stars was, of
    course, Shlomo Carlebach. It is known what
    a great impact he had on the Jewish music
    world. What I don’t understand though,
    is why he is a Reba. Why is he the Gadol
    Hador? Yes, he had beautiful songs. Great
    songs. I love them. There was never and
    probably never will be any like him. But
    we gotta know where to draw the line. He
    wasn’t the most holy person. With all the
    things that he did?? And we consider him to
    be this big Rebbe? On his yahrzeit we make
    big ceremonies by his grave? For what?! He
    is known as “the Reba Reb Shlomo”. Why?
    I think there are a lot of other people that
    we can call them Rebas’ before Carlebach.
    Especially with all the things he would do.
    I don’t know from where he decided that
    it was permissible. Yes, he had great songs
    and stories that we all love. Yes, continue to

    use them in davening, just don’t make a big
    deal out of it. Use your brains. He wasn’t
    the greatest that ever lived.
    Vues Master’s Note: Why does it bother
    you? He did teshuva Some people consider
    him their Rebbe. To each his own.

    Dear Vues Master:
    All of the lines below are recent headlines
    from the garbage newspaper New York
    Times- UN passes motion for Israel to
    follow Hamas playbook to bomb and attack
    civilians UN passed resolution demanding
    Israel rape, mutilate, kill innocent men
    women and children All countries agree
    to build and locate military installations
    in civilian areas, focusing on hospitals UN
    criticizes Israel for not taking Palestinian
    civilian hostages UN encourages all
    repressed groups to attack and kill innocent
    civilians Israel encouraged to surround their
    troops with Palestinian civilians as they
    move into Gaza American Indians want
    their land back and indiscriminately attack
    oppressive neighbors all around the US.
    Canadian indigenous groups encouraged
    to do the same. Mass murders and heinous
    acts widely reported. US and Canadian
    governments urged to show restraint
    Vues Master’s Note: Wait, it was just posted
    on their website and then removed!

    Dear Vues Master:
    The Hamas tactic of using social media
    to publicize videos of its atrocities against
    Jews may seem to be a 21st century
    innovation. But using cameras to boast
    about genocide actually has a precedent, in
    the Holocaust. Hamas and its supporters
    have utilized various social media
    platforms to show off scenes of October
    7 pogromists kidnapping, torturing, and
    sexually assaulting their Israeli victims.
    In some cases, they have uploaded these
    gruesome “trophy videos” to the social
    media accounts of the victims, in order to
    intensify the suffering of their distraught
    families. Some of it was livestreamed
    on Facebook. The technology is new,
    but the mindset isn’t. The Nazis, too,
    were deeply proud of their mass murder
    of Jews. But they were concerned that
    photographs of the atrocities might be used
    as evidence in war crimes trials later. For
    some reason, the pogromists from Gaza do
    not seem to be worried about that. The
    Nazis also thought that if evidence of
    their genocide reached the Free World, the
    Allies would intervene to rescue the Jews.
    They needn’t have been concerned about
    that. For those reasons, German officials
    prohibited individuals from photographing
    the killings. Only officially-assigned

    photographers were given access to mass
    killings, so that photos would not reach
    outside eyes. But some leaked out anyway.
    The reason the June 1941 massacre of Jews
    in German-occupied Kovno, Lithuania, is
    so well-documented is that German soldiers
    watching a mob torture and murder Jews
    took photographs for their own amusement.
    Some of the photos were duplicated and
    shared with other soldiers. Members of
    Reserve Police Battalion 101, which played
    a major role in the mass murder process in
    Poland, often photographed themselves in
    the act. Sometimes, as the scholar Daniel
    Goldhagen points out, they used Jews “as
    playthings for their own satisfaction,” by
    posing for photos showing them cutting
    off the beards of Jews, or compelling them
    to don prayer shawls and cower on the
    ground. “The photos capture [German]
    men who look tranquil and happy, and
    others show them in poses of pride and
    joy as they undertake their dealings with
    their Jewish victims,” Goldhagen writes.
    Both the photos of the massacre process
    and the posed humiliations “represented
    the absolute mastery of the photographed
    German over the Jew,” Goldhagen notes.
    It was all “done in front of the camera’s
    recording eye, ensuring that the victim’s
    shame would be displayed to people for
    years to come….This simple act conveyed
    unequivocally—to the German, to the Jew,
    to all who watched, contemporaneously
    or later—the virtually limitless power
    of the [German] over his victim.” The
    photos taken by members of Reserve Police
    Battalion 101 were “generously shared
    among the entire battalion,” Goldhagen
    points out. He cites a battalion member who
    recalled: “They were laid out hanging on
    the wall and anyone, as he pleased, could
    order copies of them.” For Goldhagen,
    the entire spectacle was reminiscent of
    “travelers purchasing postcards or asking
    for duplicates of friends’ snapshots that
    have captured vistas and scenes from an
    enjoyable and memorable trip.” Death
    camp commandants delighted in assembling
    photo albums that chronicled their
    experiences. An album compiled by the
    SS photographic department in Auschwitz
    included scenes of Jewish men, women and
    children being selected for death and lining
    up for the gas chambers, alongside photos
    of smiling Nazis and their families. Fifteen
    such albums were created for the camp’s
    high-ranking officers. Prisoners who
    worked in the photo lab in the Mauthausen
    camp were ordered to create a similar
    album. One of the prisoners clandestinely
    made an extra copy and smuggled it out of
    Mauthausen to document what was taking
    place. The album was later used in the war
    crimes trial of camp commander Ernst
    Kaltenbrunner—exactly what the Nazis
    feared would be done with photos of their

    war against the Jews. Kaltenbrunner was
    convicted at Nuremberg and hanged. An
    album belonging to Treblinka commandant
    Kurt Franz bore the title “The Good
    Old Days.” Franz was convicted of war
    crimes in 1965, but sentenced only to
    life imprisonment. He was released after
    serving twenty-eight years. Among the
    documents recently released by the Israeli
    authorities is a recording of a telephone call
    between a Hamas pogromist and his parents.
    The murderer tells them excitedly: “Father,
    look at your phone, I sent you pictures! I
    killed ten Jews, Dad! I’m in a kibbutz,
    the blood is on my hands, Father! Mom,
    I killed ten Jews! Ten Jews with my own
    hands!” The mother responds, “May Allah
    save you, my hero.” In the background is
    the voice of a Jewish woman, desperately
    crying in pain just before she will become
    another war trophy in the pogromist’s
    souvenir collection—perhaps as part of an
    album of images that he, too, will title “The
    Good Old Days.”
    Rafael Madeoff
    Vues Master’s Note: Hashem Yishmor!

    Dear Vues Master:
    The בחיי‘ר writes, (Breishis 21:14)
    “Avraham Avinu saw with his nevuaah that
    his children the Bnei Yisraael will suffer
    in the future from Yishmaelim. No other
    nation will hate the Bnei Yisrael as much
    as the Yishmaelim, He therefore treated
    his son as an enemy and supplied him with
    bread & water, the way it says in
    “משלי כ“ה אם רעב שונאך האכילהו לחם
    ואם צמא השקהו מים
    Even though the Nazis killed six million
    Yidden, the Yishmaelim hate us even more.
    The Nazis weren’t moser nefesh to kill
    Yidden whereas the Yishmaelim commit
    suicide and allow their own people to get
    killed as long as they can ו“ח kill Yidden.
    Perhaps this is what Avraham asked from
    would לו ישמעאל יחיה ” הלואי ישמעאל”
    care & yearn life for his own people and
    for himself. An enemy who is a Kamikaze
    fighter is the most dangerous hateful enemy
    one can have.
    Vues Master’s Note: May all these Arab
    terrorists die a Misa Meshuna!