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    Dear Vues Master
    We have a family member who’s a combat medic in
    an infantry unit. He’s been on the border of/in Gaza
    for weeks now, without showering or coming home.
    He wears contacts and got an eye infection. He took
    a cab to Beer Sheva last week to see a doctor. The cab
    driver refused to let him pay, waited for him to finish
    his appointment, took him to his own home, fed him,
    washed his uniform (which had blood on it) and told
    him to nap for an hour. Then he took him back to his
    base. Mi K’amcha Yisrael.
    Vues Master’s Note: I love hearing these types of stories.
    We all need to hear them! Thanks for sharing.

    Dear Vues Master
    Last week a viral clip online showed a furious plane
    passenger that sparked a fierce debate after getting
    into a screaming match with a fellow traveler when
    she accused them of ‘PUSHING her seat repeatedly’
    when she reclined it. As a frequent flier this has always
    bothered me. I’m a tall guy & I have no idea why they
    have seats on a plane with the recline position. By
    having it, obviously people are going to use it and in
    this day & age there is no room anymore on airplanes
    to move an inch.
    Vues Master’s Note: Airlines fault! They should have a
    sign that says no reclining or yes reclining. If they don’t,
    people will continue to argue about this topic.

    Dear Vues Master
    I just wanted to give you guys a big yasher koach for
    last week’s edition on Sheya. Wherever I went this
    past weekend people were talking about your special
    edition. He was a great music producer but even a better
    person. He will be missed!
    Vues Master’s Note: We love compliments. Thank you!
    He definitely will be missed. Yehi zichro baruch.

    Dear Vues Master
    Has America turned antisemitic? If a crowd of people
    screamed “Lynch the Blacks,” If a college professor
    taught the KKK was justified in lynching blacks, If
    student groups signed a letter that George Floyd’s
    crimes opened him up to being killed, The crowd
    would be called racist, the professor would be fired, and
    the student groups would be disbanded. But when an
    American-Arab crowd screams “Gas the Jews,” when
    professors say Palestinians were justified beheading
    Israelis, and student groups say it was Israel’s fault
    they were attacked, it’s free speech and a valid form of
    expression. Americans wake up. Systemic antisemitism
    has begun in the U.S.A. If you don’t stop it, America
    will lose its exceptionalism and be no different than
    Cairo, Amman, and Tehran. This is an inflection point in
    America’s treatment of its Jews. Merely calling out hate
    speech isn’t sufficient. Action must be taken. Arrests
    must be made, foreign students espousing hate must
    be deported, and elected officials must be censured.
    The world is watching, and they’re not impressed with
    America’s response to the antisemitism revealing itself.
    Vues Master’s Note: The world has gone mad but
    remember there is still plenty of good out there!

    Dear Vues Master
    When was the last time you saw a radical Islamic
    fundamentalist yell Islamophobia? I don’t think I’ve
    ever seen such a thing. Why would that be? Why is it
    only ever non radical Muslims or non Muslims in the
    west who use that card? I’ll tell you why. Because when
    someone mentions the fact that a vast majority of global
    terror is carried out by Muslims, radical islamists don’t
    view that as an insult. They say “Hells yea!” That is
    their biggest pride. Get it? The west likes to apply its
    values to radical Islam, a global movement that agrees
    with 0% of western values. The irony of the west trying
    to defend tens of millions of people who don’t want
    their defense and are proud of the accusation that they
    are the world’s largest perpetrator or terror is not lost on
    me. “The west is hilarious. They’re fighting a fight for
    us that we don’t even want to fight, but sure, have at it.”
    Such a backward world.
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: Definitely backward.


    When I was a little girl, Dedi came onto the
    music scene as a rising star and immediately
    we were taken by his joie de vivre. I felt like
    the luckiest kid to know Dedi personally
    through my father and enjoy the perks of
    backstage at concerts and his joining some
    of our family Simchos. Though I was young,
    I knew that Dedi was a special person with
    a big caring heart. That was especially
    reinforced when he introduced and sang the
    Menachem song. Dedi was always energetic
    and smiling; he possessed a real gift of
    bringing joy to others. I loved his music,
    his performances, his genuine Ahavas
    Yisroel and great sense of humor. While
    I merited to see Dedi perform at countless
    concerts and Simchos, two highlights stand
    out. Dedi accompanied my father and his
    band Neginah Orchestras to sing for then
    Mayor Gulliani. It was an exclusive event
    and a huge Kiddush Hashem. Dedi being
    Israeli, along with his musical brilliance and
    personality, helped strengthen the bond of
    NY and Israel. The other event was a smaller
    less prominent venue but to me at that age, it
    meant so much. Dedi came to perform at my
    parents formerly owned store, Judaica Plus
    in the 5 Towns. Of course, I, his little fan,
    got front row seats ( on the floor of the store)
    and a few minutes of private shmoozing. It
    was too many years ago to remember the
    exact conversation but the next thing I knew,
    Dedi took a permanent marker and wrote his
    name on my forehead. He even included a
    smiley face inside the D, because that was
    Dedi! sharing his contagious smile with all.
    (See picture below) His name didn’t wash
    off for a few days but I was certainly okay
    going to school and showing my friends and
    teachers the personal autograph I received.
    Dedi was so kind and effusive and over the
    many years he shared himself humbly with
    whomever he encountered. As I grew older
    my connection to Jewish music celebrities
    subsided. But somewhere deep inside was
    a soft spot for the sweet melodies of my
    youth, most notably Dedi’s music. Hence,
    when I recently heard about his illness and
    then untimely passing, I am finding myself
    walking down memory lane. I re-listened to
    Dedi gold, silver, purple, green etc. ( that’s
    what we used to call his CD’s based on the

    covers colors). It’s been a whirlwind with
    digging up pictures and reminiscing back to
    the Dedi days. Each picture and song evokes
    such memories and emotions. Dedi was a
    Jewish music legend and he will always be
    remembered as such. To his family I share
    my thoughts and Kos Tanchumim. Although
    it’s been so many years since my Dedi fan
    club era, I am deeply saddened by his Petira.
    I can’t believe the larger than life Dedi is no
    longer here. As a little kid, I didn’t realize he
    had a last name, I definitively didn’t realize
    the large family he left at home each and
    every time he came to the States to perform.
    How you were moser nefesh to give us
    Americans such joy. Thank you for that and
    for sharing your husband and father with all
    of Klal Yisroel back then. Our childhood
    memories are richer because of the role
    your husband and father played in our lives.
    Since his passing, I am reading a lot about
    him and learning so much I never knew. All
    of the clips going around share his simple
    greatness. He was so exuberant, so relatable,
    so much fun. He gave such honor to the
    Ribbono Shel Olam using his gifts. When I
    I,השם את כבד מגרונך-מהונך Pasuk the see
    think of Dedi. I am sure he is singing with
    the Malachim in Shomayim. He will not be
    forgotten. His legacy will live on through
    each of us who will carry forth his simcha
    and beautiful songs for many years to come.
    May Hashem grant you much strength and
    comfort through this trying time. תנצבה
    Rivki Lang ( daughter of Shelly Lang)
    Vues Master’s Note: Great story! Dedi was a
    true ahavas yisrael & his son is following in
    his footsteps.

    Dear Vues Master:
    While the news has been, for the most part,
    depressing and the opposite of inspiring, one
    recent development in politics could offer
    us a lesson. I am referring to the election of
    Mike Johnson as speaker of the House of
    Representatives. The vote for Johnson came
    after a more tumultuous history than any such
    contest before, which is saying a lot. For a
    short recap of the drama leading up to the
    vote: It took many votes for the prior speaker,
    Kevin McCarthy to win the speakership
    because conservative Republicans charged
    that he was too moderate – a Republican in
    Name Only (“RINO”). However, once in
    the job, McCarthy helped start numerous
    investigations into various problematic
    Democrat actions, and the conservatives
    appeared to grudgingly accept his speakership.
    All that changed when, on September
    30, 2023, in a surprise coup, Republican
    Representative Matt Gaetz successfully
    removed McCarthy by leveraging almost
    exclusively Democrat votes. The move was
    derided as a betrayal of and fatal blow to
    Republicans. The next three weeks saw a

    whopping 14 Republican candidates throw
    their hats in the ring to replace McCarthy
    in a wild merry-go-round of almost wins,
    retries and withdrawals, punctuated by

    raucous infighting, recriminations, finger-
    pointing and dire warnings that the next

    speaker might end up being, horror of
    horrors, a Democrat. Then, in a development
    seemingly out of nowhere, on October 25,
    Republican Representative Mike Johnson
    won the speakership on the first ballot – with
    all 220 Republican Representatives voting
    in his favor. What makes this development
    especially remarkable is that (a) Johnson is
    very conservative, so conservatives ended
    up gaining tremendously from McCarthy’s
    “disastrous” ouster, (b) unlike many of
    his failed “heavy-hitter” rivals, Johnson
    is a complete unknown, and (c) Johnson
    entered the race late, only a few days before
    the final vote. While all of the above is
    interesting, what lesson does it teach? The
    headline I saw announcing Johnson’s win
    says it all: “How Mike Johnson Became
    Speaker ‘Through Prayer, Not Politics.’”
    This was a quote from a friend of Johnson,
    a religious Southern Baptist. Indeed, in his
    first address from the chair, Johnson alluded
    to Daniel 2:21, stating that “G-d is the one
    that raises up those in authority.” While there
    is no comparison between what happened to
    House Republicans and what is happening
    in Israel, lehavdil elef alfay havdalos, the
    above headline encapsulates all that we need
    to know about world affairs. While we are
    metzuvim to do hishtadlus, at the end of
    the day, prayer, not politics, is what makes
    miracles happen. And, as transpired with the
    speakership contest, when Hashem wants
    something to happen, no matter how messy,
    complicated, longstanding and seemingly
    intractable a problem is, He can solve it
    smoothly in an instant.
    Vues Master’s Note: Can’t stand politics!

    Dear Vues Master:
    I recently heard a speech that Knesset
    member Galit Distel-Atbaryan made to the
    Knesset about Ori Megidish, the private in
    the Israeli army who was the first Hamas
    hostage returned. I’m not sure if this was
    well-publicized or not, so I’m quoting parts
    of it that might be of interest: “A few days
    before Ori came home, there was a video
    of her mother, Margolit, standing and doing
    hafrashat challah and when she was doing
    it, she davened to Hakadosh Boruch Hu
    and asked from him mercy and help and
    to return her child to her. …A lot of people
    pray at such a time, but during this prayer…
    [she did it] while her child is in the hands
    of Hamas…all of a sudden, most casually
    comes out of her mouth ‘Kadosh Baruch
    Hu – I love you.’ …Now I know that to a

    lot of people it seems like something very
    primitive – just unsophisticated, simple and
    voodoo mumbo jumbo…I want to say that as
    soon as she said it, I ENVIED her! I envied
    her unimaginable degree of faith. It is not
    simple. It is not primitive. It is spirituality
    at the highest level. It is a spiritual level so
    high and powerful and sophisticated that I
    think of all of the … people who dedicate
    their lives to spiritual ascension…they do
    not scratch the ground that Margalit stood
    at at that moment because she understood
    in depth the Hashgacha Protit in everything
    – that everything starts and ends with good
    – even when you are in the Valley of the
    Shadow of Death you fear no evil because
    He is with you. And even if you are in a
    huge dark pit of a mother’s worry for her
    baby girl who is in the hands of the worst
    human predators, wild men, even then she
    understood deep down in her heart that
    Hakadosh Boruch Hu was doing something
    that is for the benefit of some general interest
    that right now in her mortal eyes she cannot
    see…I believe in Divine Providence…But I
    believe it when I’m safe at home and praying
    at Sabbath candles, not when G-d forbid one
    of my children is in mortal danger. I want
    to say to Margalit this righteous mother you
    are my hero and an example for me. You
    are my role model, and I wish I could reach
    the spiritual heights and kiddush Hashem
    that you did! Continue to pray, Margalit,
    for all of the other abductees. You have a
    direct connection to the Kadosh Baruch Hu.
    Continue you and all of our brave soldiers.
    This nation of Israel is in amazing synergy
    with the soldiers on the ground. The women
    praying – there is nothing better than that!”
    Vues Master’s Note: Wow! Thanks for

    Dear Vues Master
    A random thought I had on Shabbat as I was
    having my near daily panic attack thinking
    about our soldiers and casualties. I can’t
    wrap my head around the fact that there are
    actual human beings with a heart who can
    possibly side with Hamas after what they did.
    Ya know, holocaust deniers are demented
    people but they can at least claim that they
    don’t have hard evidence of the holocaust.
    But Hamas live streamed their atrocities
    so how can anyone deny the October 7th
    massacre? It boggles my mind that any single
    human being can side with Hamas, let alone
    millions around the world. Now I know I
    can’t find logic in antisemitism and that it’s
    the most irrational hatred in history but still,
    I can’t accept the fact that all of these people
    are just evil. I have to find some logic. The
    way I see it, there are three groups of people
    who side with Hamas: 1- Full blown proud
    antisemites. People who simply hate Jews

    and don’t even try to hide it. 2- People who
    think the Palestinian cause is just but when
    asked, know very little about the war. 3-
    People who are simply ignorant and believe
    everything they’re told. They simply don’t
    know better. The first group is hopeless and
    I wouldn’t waste my time even engaging.
    But the second and third group simply lack
    information. So here’s my thought. At the
    foundation of group 2 and 3 is the false
    narrative that Israel is the aggressor here.
    That the Palestinians, and by extension,
    Hamas is the underdog. People like to side
    with the underdog. But here’s the thing. By
    any objective standard and really, no matter
    how you look at this, Israel is anything but
    the aggressor here. IDF stands for Israel
    Defense Forces. Defense. Israel never
    attacks. Israel defends. See what’s going on
    now with Lebanon. Hezboloh is non stop
    instigating, firing into Israel. Israel fires
    back. Why isn’t Israel obliterating them?
    Because that’s not what Israel does unless
    it’s forced to. Israel does everything in its
    power to achieve peace and it always has.
    Jews pray for peace countless times in our
    daily prayers. Israel has never attacked
    anyone. Hamas attacked on October 7th.
    A cease fire? We had one on October 6th.
    Nothing about Israel is the aggressor. We
    occupy Gaza? That’s an objective lie. Israel
    not only evacuated 10,000 of its citizens
    from Gaza in 2005, Israel actually DUG UP
    ITS DEAD from the cemetery in Gaza so
    Hamas wouldn’t carry out the atrocities we
    now know they would have. There was not
    one Jew in Gaza, dead or alive. Evacuating
    10,000 of its own civilians, does that sound
    like the behavior of an aggressor? Israel is
    in no way the aggressor here. And if you
    think that looking at a body count and the
    fact that there are more casualties on their
    side makes Israel the aggressor because
    they are stronger than the enemy, well,
    how many Germans died in WWII? Who
    was the aggressor there? Proportional
    response? If Israel attacks and you think
    Israel is too powerful to do what it’s doing,
    then just realize that what you’re saying is:
    – We need more dead Jews for Israel to be
    “allowed” to defend itself. – Israel should act
    proportionally, so you think Israel should do
    what Hamas did? Need I remind you what
    that is? Is that what you’re saying? I literally
    cannot think of a single atrocity that Hamas
    did not check off its list. Murder? Rape?
    Kidnapping? Beheading? Pedophilia? I can
    go on but this stuff scars my soul. So having
    said all that; one question remains. If you
    belong to group 2 or 3 and think Israel is the
    aggressor, ask yourself why you believe that
    and if that’s an accurate definition to define
    an aggressor. Then ask yourself what has to
    happen to Israel for you to understand that
    Israel wants peace and has done everything
    to prove it, while its enemies want the total

    destruction of Israel and the genocide of
    Jews. What has to happen? Because clearly
    Hamas stating their agenda clearly isn’t
    enough, so tell me, what has to happen?
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: Can’t answer that
    except to say that we need to continue to
    daven to Hashem!

    Dear Vues Master
    Most people who study history believe
    that the first World War was fought from
    1914-1918. However, if we learn Parshas
    Lech Lecha, we see that it was actually
    fought during the time of Avrum. The war
    pitted the armies of 4 kings vs those of
    5 kings and involved other countries as
    well. One of them was Berah the King of
    Sedom. He is mentioned in our daily tefilos
    in the description of the Ketores which
    are important to say. It says “v’melach
    Sedomis Rova Ha’kuv maaleh Ushun Kol
    Shahuh. Rova is an anagram of Berah. So
    it can be translated as Berah the King of
    Sedom, the cursed one (he was a very bad
    guy) went up in smoke (when Sedom was
    destroyed later) and nothing was left of him.
    Another interesting misconception is when
    Hasidism began. It is commonly believed
    that it began in the 1700’s. However, we
    find that there was an enclave of Hasidim
    during the time of Avrum. As it says in the
    same parsha, the Great War was fought in
    the Emek Hasidim. We say “Maaseh Avos
    Siman le’bonim”. In that Great War of the
    Four Kings who were initially victorious,
    they took hostages. Loit and fellow
    inhabitants of Sedom were captured and
    held hostage. Many years later, Chamas
    followed their example and took over 200
    Israeli hostages to be used as bargaining
    chips. Also, Avrum took sand and threw it
    up in the air and it became airborne bombs
    and missiles. Another interesting example
    is the rescue of Loit by Avrum. Loit was
    Avrum’s nephew and initially was one of
    his followers. He became rich because
    of Avrum. Then he had a dispute over
    financial reasons and separated himself
    from Avrum. He went to Sedom and
    became corrupted by them. However, when
    war came, Avrum didn’t care about this. He
    risked his life and immediately went to save
    him. That is why it says “ki nishba achiv”;
    the posuk calls him a brother even though
    he was a nephew. Now, even though there
    were sometimes nasty disputes between the
    different factions in Israel, once the war
    started all the people came together to fight
    the deadly enemy. We are all brothers in
    arms. Mi Ka’amcha Goi Achud ba’eretz.
    When we are united, we will be iy”h
    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for the voirt.

    Dear Vues Master
    Sometimes a page of the daf yomi seems
    relevant to the news of the day. Now is
    a time when the whole tractate of the
    Talmud the students of the Daf Yomi have
    just begun seems relevant to the worst
    collective news of the lifetime of most of
    us, though davening, faith, fight, and unity
    we can still hope for and envision the
    light at the end of the tunnel for as many
    innocent people as possible as our soldiers
    cope with the darkness on the inside of the
    subterranean tunnels under Gaza. We
    just began the first of the three Baba
    tractates in the Talmud – Baba Kama (the
    first), Baba Metziah (the second), and Baba
    Batra (the last), but also the beginning of
    the whole Seder of Nezikin (the “Order”
    dealing with Damages). It seems that
    nothing has damaged the sense of security
    of the Jewish people in general and the
    Israeli people in particular as the day when
    more Jews were murdered than on any
    single day since the holocaust, hy”d (may
    their blood be avenged). Baba
    Kama literally means the first gate, when
    the doors of our study halls swing open
    and analysis is begun on how to cope with
    damages. The damages and the murders
    that began on October 7th , with the
    breaches of the “impregnable” gates and
    the walls of the Israeli border with Gaza
    seemed unimaginable given the faith
    so many people had in the ability of the
    Israeli military to implement the will of
    G-d by developing and using the most
    sophisticated of security systems to prevent
    surprise attacks that would devastate not
    merely an isolated community but a whole
    region of communities, and threaten the
    whole country. The Alshich
    haKadosh (1508-1593) likened the 4
    categories of damages to the 4 major
    galuyot (diasporas, exiles) where attempts
    were made to annihilate the Jewish people,
    which seemed more than concerning, to say
    the least, at the time, as now, G-d forbid,
    except for a significant difference in our
    time. The four categories of damages are
    shor (ox), bor (a pit), ma’aveh (spoliation,
    which is subject to various interpretations),
    and ha’he’ever (fire). Nebuchadnezzar, the
    warrior king, has been likened to an ox,
    whose intent was to cause damage and
    mayhem, not merely to satisfy personal
    desires, akin to Hamas . A bor is likened
    to the Persians, in the days of Ahaseuros
    and Queen Esther, when the Jews were
    initially lured into the trap of participating
    in events inconsistent with traditional
    Jewish values, as is often the case in our
    times, without criticizing any particular

    groups. A spoliator has been likened to the
    Greeks. Spoliation has been described in
    various ways, but one is uncovering what
    is hidden, akin to the Greeks, who sought
    to undermine Jewish spirituality, which
    of course cannot be seen. Hamas was and
    remains out for the Jews, officially because
    of their religion but actually because of the
    hatred they were instilled in from early
    childhood, not because of what the Jews
    had acquired or built (the people of Hamas
    didn’t revolt when under the rule of Arab
    countries, and they had only themselves to
    blame for their governance of unoccupied
    Gaza since the Jews evacuated it in 2005).
    Ominously, the Greeks broke through
    13 pirtzos (breaches) in the soreg, in the
    fence around the Beit Mikdash (Temple),
    certainly conjuring up images of what
    happened on October 7 th . Finally, fire,
    which calls to mind the Romans, who
    mindlessly and ruthlessly killed so many,
    all too many by fire, as most notably Rabbi
    Chaninah Ben Teradion, which recalls
    what happened to all too many Jews on
    October 7 th.. (Rabbi Chaninah’s wife
    was decapitated, more shades of October
    7; and his daughter was violated, still
    more shades of October 7), not to mention
    the Romans having famously taken Jews
    as helpless slaves as depicted in some
    of their coins and in their Arch of Titus.
    Many of these Jewish slaves would have
    been hostages, in the spirit of Hamas, had
    there been a community left to claim them.
    Now, we have a country with the means
    to negotiate for their release, and to fight
    for them, and to fight for the many more
    Jews who were not captured or killed. The
    rulers of these countries all tried to destroy
    the Jewish people, one way or another, and
    they all wreaked havoc, but eventually
    they have all been swept into the dustbins
    of history; their civilizations became
    marginalized and relatively irrelevant
    (although some of their successors
    geographically have created new cultures
    which in some cases can continue to wreak
    havoc, to put it mildly) while the Jewish
    people have maintained their original
    religion and culture, notwithstanding
    the modifications that some have made
    culturally, religiously, and politically.
    Rabbi Aaron I. Reichel, Esq.
    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for the voirt.