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    Dear Vues Master:
    I am sitting on a bus on the way to the rally in Washington
    & though the white hair on my head & face attest to the
    fact that I have been around for a very long time, & in
    all that time I have been zoche to sit at the feet of the
    Gedolei Hador. And yet ,this time I am at a complete loss
    as to the purpose of this incredibly ill timed Kol Korei.
    If the Moetzes had signed a Kol korei for people to go
    & now upon seeing the released list of “inappropriate
    “ speakers, would definitely be correct in issuing this
    one not to participate. However they never did publicly
    authorize this rally, so why come out now, at the 11th
    hour. There are Gedolei Torah & Rosh Yeshivohs there,
    along with many yeshivohs & thousands of Bnei Torah
    already well on their way. What a “klop” to them.
    Even more so, just on my bus alone, there are leaders
    of many Kehillos & of yeshivohs, there was a minyan
    & a Daf Yomi shiur in Bavli & Yerushalmi & almost
    every passenger is sitting with his Daf, mishnayos,
    or Chumash. It is for the most part a “torahadik “
    atmosphere with people who gave up their entire day,
    just to be “ישראל״ של בצערן מצטרף !The program is
    totally inconsequential (there is no Kol isha)& no one
    really even cares about it, but it’s to be here & cry out for
    families the let & אחינו בני ישראל הנתונים בצרה ובשביה
    of the hostages that are here, see that we are all here for
    them. Instead of sitting & learning the last few hours ,
    instead there is a free for all discussion where everyone
    is commenting (& worse)on this Kol korei & the level
    of bitul & ridicule is beyond the pale. How much
    sincerity & mesiras nefesh is all lost because of the
    חכמים תלמידי ביזו that is going on all over the world
    at this time. And of course, it’s always Agudah that
    bears the brunt of that ridicule. As a lifelong Agudist
    who is very public about that fact, I am being besieged
    by all my co passengers asking me to explain the
    “timing” of this Kol korei, with tens of thousands of
    ומצות תורה שומרי already either well on their way, or
    already there. I have absolutely no words to respond to
    their questions &/or their mockery. In addition, having
    worked these last few weeks with Rabbi Hauer & others
    to insure that there will be “religious context “ displayed,

    so we won’t have to go through what we did the last time
    around with the reform woman rabbi. It is supposed to
    be just a political & entertainment venue, that while is
    not “our” way, it would not violate any of our religious
    beliefs. And nothing changed! While our Gedolim
    need not my agreement, nor even my understanding,
    when I am forced to witness such תורה ביזו from
    our very own machane, it’s extremely disturbing &
    disappointing. I hope that I will be proven wrong, but
    I am afraid we just set back our Agudah efforts for
    many years. This is being sent not out of anger C”V
    but out of extreme disappointment. I truly hold that
    the only possible response should be some type of
    “hasbarah” efforts in explaining what happened here.
    ! מצפים לישועה & regards Best
    Vues Master’s Note: I will not get involved here!

    Dear Vues Master:
    I think this war has done something no other historical
    event has done in centuries, if ever. It has clearly split the
    world into the dark forces and the forces of light. That
    might sound like an oversimplification, but I assure you,
    it is not. After what Hamas did, if you stand anywhere
    besides right next to Israel, you are part of the forces of
    darkness. Period. It might not be politically correct to
    say, but if you side with Hamas, if you are glorifying Bin
    Laden, if you are chanting for the genocide of the Jewish
    people, if you are calling for Israel to cease its fire and
    let Hamas continue to exist, there really is no other way
    to say this and I’m sorry I have to be the one to tell you
    this, but you chose wrong. You chose evil. You are an
    accomplice to it all! It’s not too late to reconsider but if
    you don’t, and you stand against Israel now, you will be
    held accountable. Hamas has helped clear things up and
    now the world knows clearly who is good and who is
    evil. And thanks to the internet, there will be no denying
    where you stood. We see you and we won’t forget. Stand
    with justice. Stand with morality. Stand with humanity.
    Stand with Israel!
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: Let us hope this achdus lasts!

    Dear Vues Master
    I just read this beautiful story online & I wanted
    to share it with your readers. My husband got
    out of the army for a few hours (on the way
    to a funeral at Mount Herzl). He told me he
    wouldn’t have time to come home and asked
    that we meet in Jerusalem. We sat in a cafe in
    a Charedi area. The waitress served us some
    free treats, on the house. And in the end, when
    we asked for the bill, the waitress told us the
    bill had already been paid: “One of the other
    diners paid for you.” We went outside, still in
    shock, when a young Charedi girl approached
    me and asked me to give her a bracha. I began
    to cry. I said to her: “You want a bracha from
    ME? My husband, the soldier should give you
    a bracha!” She told me: “No. I want a bracha
    from YOU. Bless me that I should grow up to
    be an Eshet Chayil, a Woman of Valour, like
    you. No words… Master of the Universe.
    It looks like we have already won the war–
    between us. Now all we have left to do is beat
    Vues Master’s Note: Mi Kamcha Yisrael.

    Dear Vues Master:
    Rabbi Moshe Brown, the Rosh Yeshiva of
    Yeshiva of Far Rockaway discussed how his
    Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Ruderman ל“זצ and the
    other Gedolei Yisroel responded during the
    1967 war. “In 1967 when I was in Baltimore,
    I saw my Rosh yeshiva, Rav Ruderman ל“זצ
    how he dealt with an צרה עת in the war of
    1967. I can tell you then it was not possible
    to talk to him during that week. There was
    no eating, there was no sleeping, he was
    so preoccupied with the war and the worry
    and prayers, it was impossible for him to be
    engaged with any conversation with anyone

    else. During that time the learning was non-
    stop, the prayers were not stop, there wasn’t

    five minutes there weren’t students in the
    study hall studying Torah. Of course they
    had a rally. There was a rally at the time in
    Washington, well into six figures (attended),
    including all the yeshivas, with their Roshei
    Yeshivas, including I remember, Philadelphia,
    led by Rav Elia Svei himself. Telz came, led by
    their Rosh Yeshiva, there was no fifth column;
    left, right, center, it didn’t make a difference,
    everyone went.”
    Vues Master’s Note: That’s a gadol. A leader.

    Dear Vues Master:
    I gotta say, if I didn’t have faith in Hakadosh
    Baruch Hu, I would have been admitted to a
    psychiatric ward long ago because of the utter
    insanity that is this war. It’s like everyone else
    has a blind fold on, and I’m the only one who
    can see reality. Either that, or I’m the insane
    one. The IDF proves that Hamas built an
    entire terror infrastructure under a hospital.
    There are videos that are totally undeniable.
    There is footage of Hamas dragging hostages
    into the hospital. And yet, once again, there
    are otherwise intelligent people saying that

    Hamas only brought them to the hospital for
    medical care. The footage shows clearly how
    they’re dragging them at gunpoint. And yet,
    facts don’t matter. But that’s been the theme
    of this entire war. Zero logic. The fact that
    anyone is even talking about this war is, in
    and of itself, illogical. What’s the obsession?
    Because the casualty numbers are microscopic
    compared to other conflicts around the world.
    It makes zero sense. It’s all anyone is talking
    about. Why?! The fact that liberal people are
    standing with Hamas when Hamas would
    murder those people the first chance they get?
    Illogical. Insane. The fact that any human
    being, let alone millions, stand in solidarity
    with an organization that proudly rapes and
    beheads children? Utter insanity. The fact that
    anyone uses occupation as if that’s justification
    for what Hamas did, when there was zero
    Jews, dead or alive, in Gaza for decades.
    What occupation? Has the world lost its
    actual mind? The fact that we have actual first
    hand footage of the atrocities and yet; people
    still doubt that they happened? Is everyone
    smoking something? Are they blind? Listen,
    the list is long and if I mentioned every thing
    that’s illogical about the war, we’d be here all
    day. The bottom line is; for me, the only way
    to make sense of any of it, is to understand that
    I can’t understand. This situation is not man
    made. No human could come up with a script
    this unrealistic. If someone would write a
    script for a movie describing this war, it would
    instantly be rejected as non realistic. And yet,
    here we are. I gave up trying to understand any
    of this long ago. Why G-d is doing what He is
    doing, I have no clue, but I know beyond any
    shadow of a doubt that He is pulling the strings
    here. I can’t think of any other way to explain
    the lies, the hypocrisy, the hatred, the double
    standard, and the violence. If I wasn’t in
    Israel right now, as a Jew basically anywhere
    else in the world, I’d be pretty petrified right
    about now. Israel will win this and come out
    stronger. What will be with Jews around the
    world? I don’t see how this ends well for them.
    I guess all that’s left to do is to daven.
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: Until we don’t all
    acknowledge that Hashem runs this world we
    will not be successful!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Here is an idea that can be easily implemented
    at every simcha (chasunah, bar mitzvah, bris,
    etc.). Have available two sets of Tehillim
    Mechulak – one for the women and one for
    the men. Put each set into a box labeled “NOT
    READ YET” and have another box next to it
    READ YET’ BOX.” You can designate a
    few guests to periodically check if the 28
    booklets are in the ALREADY READ box,
    and have them transfer them back to the first
    box (although any guest can take this upon
    themselves to do as well). There is plenty of

    “down time” at a simcha that can be spent
    productively by saying many rounds of
    Tehillim for Eretz Yisrael – for the soldiers,
    the injured, the hostages and everyone else
    in possible danger. May we hear of nissim
    v’niflaos very soon, b’ezras Hashem
    M G

    Vues Master’s Note: Great idea.

    Dear Vues Master
    This is a must read. It was written by a Jewish
    Canadian Professor, Lena Bykhovsky, who
    teaches biblical studies at Carleton University
    in Ottawa. I am sending it to you( verbatim)
    because it is most eloquently written with
    important content.
    Dear Students,
    I have spent the last 25 years showing you
    the beauty of all of the literary, cultural,
    philosophical, & artistic heights of the human
    spirit over the course of human history.
    Teaching you has been the most wonderful
    & satisfying of callings. I never wanted to do
    anything other than meet with you, discuss
    ideas with you, discover & rediscover human
    insights, truths, & wonders. I never regretted
    my career path, never hated my job, &
    never doubted my legacy. I felt privileged &
    honoured to show you how to analyse, to think
    critically, to weigh evidence, & to understand
    people & ideas, contexts & complexity, deeply
    & thoroughly. I thought my work was helping
    to make the world a better, more humane,
    more thoughtful place. You have broken my
    heart. No: shattered it, irreparably. I don’t
    know how I will ever set foot in a classroom
    again. I don’t know how I will ever see you
    the same way. I know now that I was deluding
    myself that I ever had any impact, would
    ever leave any positive legacy, that my work
    ever made any difference. I watch you all
    on social media, in the streets & the quads,
    marching in solidarity with a movement that
    seeks only to wipe me out. To exterminate me,
    my children, my parents, my entire family &
    community. I know, some of you think you’re
    trying to help the oppressed. You think that
    my kind is the white colonialist racist kind
    that you hate. But I thought I taught you how
    to evaluate arguments. I thought I taught you
    the importance of understanding context, both
    historical & rhetorical. I thought that I taught
    you that the world did not operate according to
    dichotomies, like black & white, oppressor &
    oppressed, villain and victim. I thought I taught
    you about complexity, about judgment, & to
    examine your sources & not to take anyone’s
    statements at face value. Zionism is the Jewish
    right to self-determination in our ancestral
    homeland. Israel is that ancestral homeland.
    Jews are the indigenous peoples of that land;
    not the only indigenous peoples of that land, to
    be sure. But Israel is the only land to which we
    are indigenous. After 2000 years of longing,
    the result of the Holocaust – a Nazi movement
    which sought to ethnically cleanse the world
    of Jews by systematically exterminating us –
    was that the international community granted

    us a sliver of that ancestral homeland. It was to
    be shared, partitioned into a Jewish state & an
    Arab state. The Arabs rejected the partition &
    attacked the Jews when they declared the state
    of Israel in 1948. The Jews won. Arabs who
    remained in Israel became citizens with full
    rights & freedoms. 20% of Israel’s population
    today is Arab. They fight in the army, they are
    doctors, lawyers, members of Parliament &
    supreme court judges. There is no apartheid.
    Israel’s Jewish population consists of Jews
    from Arab lands, whose parents or grandparents
    were kicked out when the state of Israel was
    formed, & of descendants of refugees from
    Eastern Europe, Holocaust survivors who
    had no homes to return to. Some are more
    recent refugees from Europe, Russia, & the
    Americas who either returned to Israel for
    religious reasons or because the Jew-hatred in
    their communities grew too excessive & they
    decided to emigrate, to head for the one place
    in the world Jews can go if their neighbours or
    governments turn against them. The West Bank
    & Gaza strip – along with refugee camps that
    still exist in Lebanon, Syria, & Jordan — were
    the places that the Arab nations who attacked
    Israel at its founding told the Arabs living in
    Palestine (later to be known as Palestinians) to
    flee. It was supposed to be temporary, because
    the plan was to “push the Jews into the sea.”
    When the plan didn’t work out, all of these
    states refused to absorb the Palestinians. They
    wanted to keep them in camps because they
    still planned to annihilate Israel & the Jews
    that lived there & then the Palestinians could
    return. The West Bank was in Jordan & Gaza
    was in Egypt until 1967, when the Arab states
    tried again to push the Jews into the sea. Their
    failure this time ended with Israel capturing
    these territories. When Israel tried to exchange
    land for peace & give Gaza back to Egypt,
    Egypt didn’t want it. And so the territories
    remained in Israel. In 2005 Israel pulled out
    of Gaza & left it to govern itself. Most of
    the West Bank is also self-governing, but not
    all because of the high number of suicide
    bombers & other threats to Israel’s existence
    fomenting there, so Israel hasn’t been able to
    fully remove itself. The current awful Israeli
    government has allowed religious fanatics,
    “settlers,” to build settlements there, which
    makes everything worse. And you see what I
    did there? I criticized Israel’s government. I
    can do that, & still support the existence of a
    Jewish state in our ancestral homeland. When
    you say “from the river to the sea, Palestine
    will be free,” this is a call to ethnic cleansing
    of Jews from their homeland, from the only
    state in the entire Middle East that would look
    remotely familiar to you in terms of basic
    rights & freedoms & a democratic system if
    you were to visit the region. When Hamas
    supporters – like those who led you all in a
    rally on my home campus today – talk about
    Jews as “occupiers,” they don’t mean Gaza.
    They mean the whole state of Israel. They want
    Jews eradicated from the entire land. Hamas
    actually wants us gone from the whole world,
    as they have stated many times. Who are the

    Nazis now? But here I am, teaching again. I
    can’t help myself. I wish that you cared what I
    had to say. I wish that some knowledge, some
    context, some understanding, could reach
    beyond the slogans & chants for my death
    that you are repeating mindlessly & endlessly
    as you march to the beat of hatred across the
    tattered remains of my broken soul.
    Vues Master’s Note: Very well written. Thank
    you for sharing!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Controversy has erupted on American college
    campuses and elsewhere over anti-Israel
    extremists tearing down posters that feature
    photos of the Hamas hostages. At Columbia
    University, a pro-Hamas student assaulted
    a Jewish student who was putting up one of
    the posters. In addition to the college students
    who have torn down the posters, the vandals
    have included an attorney from the New York
    County public defender’s office, a Boston
    dentist, an employee of the University of
    Pennsylvania law school, and a professor at the
    Michigan Ross School of Business. It’s bad
    enough when seemingly respectable people,
    such as attorneys or professors, engage in such
    reprehrensible behavior. But what about when
    a dean at a university is the one committing
    the vandalism? An incident of this nature
    took place in Boston many years ago, but it
    sounds like something from today’s headlines-
    -and the lessons from it are as relevant as ever.
    During the 1930s, a number of prominent
    American universities cultivated friendly ties
    with Nazi Germany. Prof. Stephen Norwood
    described in his book The Third Reich in the
    Ivory Tower how those schools invited Nazi
    representatives to speak on their campuses,
    participated in student exchange programs with
    Nazi-controlled universities, and sent delegates
    to Germany to take part in celebratory events
    at those institutions. The fact that German
    universities had purged their Jewish faculty
    members and hosted book-burnings did not
    deter friendly overtures from schools such as
    Harvard, Columbia, and the Massachusetts
    Institute of Technology (MIT). In 1933,
    MIT president Karl Compton pressured Jewish
    students to refrain from sending a protest
    message to Adolf Hitler over the persecution
    of Jews in Germany. In 1937, Compton sent
    an MIT representative to participate in the
    bicentennial celebration of the Nazi-controlled
    University of Gottingen. When Compton was
    asked to hire a German Jewish refugee scholar
    for MIT’s mathematics department in 1942, he
    objected on the grounds that the department
    already had one Jewish professor, according
    to Prof. Laurel Leff, in her book Well Worth
    Saving. Compton told his colleagues there
    was “a tactical danger of having too large a
    proportion of the mathematical staff from
    the Jewish race [since] the appointment of an
    additional member of the Jewish race would
    increase the proportion of such men in the
    Department far beyond the proportion of [Jews

    in the general] population.” The poster-tearing
    incident took place in May 1934. That spring,
    the Roosevelt administration cooperated in
    the visit of the Nazi warship Karlsruhe to the
    United States, as part of President Roosevelt’s
    policy in the 1930s of maintaining friendly
    relations with Nazi Germany. The officers of
    the Karlsruhe were given tours of U.S. army
    and navy stations at the ports where they
    docked. U.S. navy vessels even provided boats,
    personnel, and equipment to help the Karlsruhe
    carry out military exercises off the Los
    Angeles coast the following year. When the
    Karlsruhe docked in the Boston harbor in 1934,
    its officers and crew were entertained at both
    Harvard and MIT. Local Jewish organizations
    and other opponents of Nazism called for a
    mass protest. James A. Wechsler—who
    later was an editor at the New York Post for
    several decades—was an anti-Nazi activist at
    Columbia University at the time and closely
    followed what was happening at MIT. He
    wrote: “The officialdom of M.I.T. was…
    entertaining cadets from the ship with Dean
    [Harold] Lobdell as their personal supervisor.
    The Dean was distraught. He scurried through
    the building tearing down posters announcing
    the anti-Nazi demonstration. When one student
    accosted him during this performance, the
    Dean explained that the sponsors of the protest
    were not a recognized group—although they
    had been even granted official permission by
    the [administration] to use the bulletin boards.”
    Benjamin Netanyahu earned his bachelor’s
    degree and his master’s at MIT in the 1970s.
    The student body has changed a lot since then.
    MIT students were among the first to cheer
    the Hamas pogrom. On October 8—while
    1,400 dead bodies still lay strewn throughout
    towns in southern Israel—the “MIT Coalition
    Against Apartheid” declared that it “hold[s]
    the Israeli regime responsible for all unfolding
    violence.” The statement endorsed the right of
    the pogromists “to resist oppression,” that is, to
    slaughter the Jewish infants who, apparently,
    were oppressing them. Soon afterwards,
    hundreds of MIT students staged a pro-Hamas
    rally on campus. Among other slogans, they
    shouted “One solution: Intifada Revolution,”
    an obvious endorsement of Palestinian
    Arab terrorism against Israeli Jews. MIT
    President Sally Kornbluth responded with an
    “even-handed” statement. Sure, the Hamas
    killings were “brutal,” she said, but “many
    innocent Palestinians” would also die. Yes,
    Jewish students say “they feel unsafe on our
    campus,” but “Palestinian students also fear
    being targeted.” And of course antisemitism

    is “corrosive,” but so is “anti-Arab and anti-
    Muslim hatred.” The spirit of indifference

    to Jewish suffering, exemplified by MIT

    Dean Lobdell tearing down Jewish anti-
    Nazi posters in 1934, lives on today—both

    among those who tear down posters of Jewish
    hostages and among university officials, at
    MIT and elsewhere, who seem incapable of
    unequivocally acknowledging the victimization
    of the Jews, without any ifs, ands, or buts.
    Rafael Medoff

    Vues Master’s Note: It is the only halacha
    brought down in Rashi on Chumash that
    Eisav Sonei L’Yaakov!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A woman who was picking through the
    frozen turkeys at the butcher shop asked “Do
    these turkeys get any bigger?” The butcher
    responded: “No ma’am, they’re dead.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Sounds like a lot of
    gobble gobble gobbledygook!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Mendel boarded a cross-country flight and
    took his seat next to the window. A few
    minutes later, a mean-looking giant of a man
    took the seat next to him and promptly fell
    asleep. It wasn’t a pleasant flight. There was
    lots of turbulence and Mendel felt quite sick.
    He needed to go to the toilet, but the giant
    next to him was sound asleep. Mendel was
    afraid to wake him. The turbulence continued
    and Mendel was overcome by the wave of
    nausea and threw up all over his seatmate.
    It was awful! When the giant finally woke
    up and saw the vomit all over him, Mendel
    asked: “So, are you feeling better now?”
    Vues Master’s Note: Sad but exactly what is
    being done to Israel now in social media!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A Jew and an Arab were in adjacent beds at
    Hadassah Hospital. Every day, a Chabad man
    came and put tefillin on each of them. On
    Shabbat, when he of course didn’t show up,
    the Arab asked the Jew: “Where is the man
    who takes the blood pressure?
    Vues Master’s Note: Should strap them Arabs

    Dear Vues Master:
    I have sent the following letter excluding the
    last two short sentences,to Newsday. I think
    that even if the world does not acknowledge
    these truths, it is important that we should
    be proud of who we are, what is important
    to us, and how we conduct ourselves. I
    was disappointed to find the massive rally
    in support of Israel buried on page 16.
    According to reliable sources at the scene,
    not preliminary projections, attendance
    was well over 250,000 people from across
    a broad spectrum of Americans, not just
    Jews. Further, It was one of very few times,
    if not the only time in the last decade, that
    prominent members of both parties joined
    together, united in support of a major issue
    that faces not only Israel and the Middle East,
    but America and the entire world. I would
    like to highlight one major aspect of this rally,
    one I have not seen mentioned in any of the
    media: Almost every rally, demonstration,
    or protest in recent memory, even those of
    only several dozen participants, have been

    reported as being “mostly peaceful.” This
    rally of over a quarter of a million people
    had no civil disruptions. [Thank you, police
    officers, for keeping counter protestors
    separate.]There was no destruction of
    property, no confrontation with police, and no
    arrests. It was “completely peaceful.” Many
    of the officers even commented on how many
    of the participants stopped to thank them for
    their service. What a testament to the civility
    we aspire to but so seldom achieve. What a
    kiddush Hashem. Mi k’amcha Yisroel.
    Vues Master’s Note: Media only reports what
    fits their narrative!

    Dear Vues Master,
    When you quote the number of casualties in
    Gaza, and claim Israel is guilty of committing
    genocide (the Palestinian population has
    grown by 600% since Israel was established
    but don’t worry about the facts.), ask
    yourself where those numbers come from.
    That’s right. From Hamas. Now that we’ve
    established that the UN and the media are
    taking numbers from Hamas, here’s another
    question. In those numbers, they have women,
    children, the elderly, and other innocent
    Gazans. Curious, how many terrorists has
    Israeli eliminated according to the Hamas
    ministry of health? Zero? That’s right. Their
    fake numbers include zero terrorists. I guess
    Israel is really really bad at getting terrorists.
    Killed all those people and not one terrorist.
    Got it. Seems like reliable info. Amazing what
    some good old fashioned Jew hatred does
    to the human brain. Now let me tell you the
    real truth. The vast majority of people killed
    in Gaza are Hamas terrorists. Others were
    killed by Hamas when trying to escape. And
    then there are the innocent people used by
    Hamas as shields. That’s the truth. Israel goes
    to unparalleled lengths to avoid (passively, by
    not attacking where there are civilians) and
    prevent (actively, by evacuating them under
    Hamas fire) the loss of innocent lives on both
    sides. Stop believing Hamas’ propaganda. As
    for the “innocent” Palestinians, here are the
    facts. At what point do you understand that
    just like the German people paid a just price
    for electing Hitler, so too the people of Gaza
    are paying the same price for electing Hamas?
    The lies and hypocrisy surrounding this war
    are astounding.
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: Media only
    reports what fits their narrative!