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    Dear Vues Master
    Hundreds of “radicalized” kids rampaged
    through the halls of a Queens high school
    this week for nearly two hours after they
    discovered a teacher had attended a pro-Israel
    rally — forcing the terrified educator to hide in
    a locked office as the teen mob tried to push its
    way into her classroom. We are living in scary
    times. It’s horrifying. It’s time for us to pack
    our bags & move to Eretz Yisrael.
    Vues Master’s Note: We need moshiach now!

    Dear Vues Master
    It seems like every night of Chanukah there
    are parties going on this year. Should I feel
    guilty going to all these parties over Chanukah
    when there is a war going on in Eretz Yisrael
    & people are dying every day?
    Vues Master’s Note: No. There is a time for

    A sofer returned to work after Simchat Torah
    and called customers to pick up their orders
    of Tefillin. One order caught his eye – the
    customer was from Nir Oz. He texted the
    customer, Rina, to ask how she and her family
    were doing. She responded that her son, Yagil
    Yaakov, was taken hostage in Gaza, and he is
    supposed to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah in one
    and a half months. While holding a tefillin bag
    embroidered with the name Yagil Yaakov, he
    tells how he felt awful and told her he would
    refund her order. Rina responded, “Noam,

    you aren’t refunding me a penny. Yagil will
    come home and we’re going to make a big
    celebration. We’re going to need the Tefillin
    for his Bar Mitzvah.” Yesterday, Yagil Yaakov
    was released!
    Vues Master’s Note: Great story.
    מִי יִתֵּן מִצִּיּוֹן- יְשׁוּעַת יִשְׂרָאֵל -בְּשׁוּב ה‘- שְׁבוּת
    עַמּו-ֹ יָגֵל יַעֲקֹב- יִשְׂמַח יִשְׂרָאֵל
    תהלים יד:ז

    Dear Vues Master
    I am a very big fan of Beri Weber but I was
    very disappointed in him when he went online
    last week & apologized for leading hallel at
    the White House. Someone clearly got to him
    & he caved. Lipa lost a job in Kiryas Joel but
    he didn’t back down. He said that he thought
    what he did was right and continues to do what
    he thinks is right.
    Vues Master’s Note: From the outside this does
    not sound good but you should never judge
    someone when his living depends on it!!

    Dear Vues Master
    Ya know, the distinction between good and
    evil in this war could not possibly be any
    clearer. No matter how you want to slice is
    and what you want to look at, there are not
    two equal sides here. There is good and there
    is evil. You can look at the protests. One side
    sings songs of unity and peace. The other side
    chants of genocide and murder. You can look
    at the hostages/prisoners. One side longs for
    their children and wives to unite with their
    families. The other side demands the release

    of murderers and terrorists. One
    side does everything it can to ensure
    their hostages come home safely
    and are treated accordingly. The
    other side parades its prisoners
    around the streets while calling
    for violence. One side mourns its
    casualties and yearns for peace. The
    other side celebrates the death of its
    people and yearns for destruction.
    One side goes to extraordinary
    lengths to minimize civilian deaths.
    The other side does everything in its
    power to maximize civilian deaths,
    which they then use as a PR tactic.
    One side can put down its weapons
    and achieve an instant end to the
    war. The other side can put down its
    weapons and be annihilated by the
    enemy. One side has a charter (the
    Torah) that puts peace and human
    life as the highest value. The other
    side has a charter that glorifies
    death and genocide. One side tells
    the truth even when inconvenient.
    The other side has a propaganda
    machine that spreads lies and
    blood libels all day every day. The
    point is, if you see the two sides as
    good vs evil, congratulations, you
    are a moral person. If you don’t
    see the clear difference, if you
    compare the two sides, if you make
    an equal sign between innocent
    hostages and murderous prisoners,
    congratulations to you. You are
    morally bankrupt and an accomplice
    to murder, rape, abduction, and
    decapitation. Israel has always been
    and will always be the moral side of
    the Middle East conflict. The other
    side represents radical Islam and
    proudly declares that Israel is only
    its first stop. In order to navigate the
    challenges the world will face as a
    result of radical Islam spreading like
    a cancer, the first thing they need is
    a compass. If you compare Israel to
    Hamas, you have no moral compass
    and when radical Islam comes for
    you, you will not know where to
    go or who to turn to. If for no other
    reason, you should stand with Israel,

    because Israel is fighting this war so
    you don’t have to. The top: Who
    Hamas took and still hasn’t released
    The bottom: Who Israel arrested
    and has now released If you can’t
    see the difference, you are a lost
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: Send this letter
    to the New York Times.

    Dear Vues Master
    Nothing you’re going to say,
    nothing Hamas is going to do is
    going to make me less proud to be
    a Jew and an Israeli. Seeing the
    videos and pictures of our beautiful
    souls reunited with their families
    gives me a profound sense of pride
    and joy. Hamas can continue to use
    psychological warfare. They can
    keep telling their people that this
    is a victory for them and that the
    IDF isn’t winning. They are not my
    problem. Not gonna lie, it’s not easy
    at times, like when they delay the
    release of our hostages, but I have to
    keep reminding myself that we are
    a beautiful nation of compassion,
    and that for us, human life is the
    highest virtue. Our enemies, on the
    other hand, are savage, inhumane,
    barbaric terrorists who view human
    life as a tool to take advantage of.
    I have to keep reminding myself to
    ignore them because they lie every
    time they open their mouths and that
    their lies have zero to do with me
    and my joy from seeing the hostages
    return. This is a muscle I’ve been
    training throughout this war. I call
    it compartmentalization. I have to
    work hard to separate the actions
    of our enemies, the complicity
    of all the so-called human rights
    organizations, the silence of the
    world, and our objectives in the
    war, as well as our achievements on
    all fronts. I have to keep doing my
    part irrelevant of what the enemy
    or the world does. I take them, put
    them in a little box, lock it up, and

    throw away the key. They can say
    whatever they want but it won’t take
    away the joy of seeing our loved
    ones come home. I do the same for
    G-d’s hand here and the natural state
    of affairs. When something illogical
    happens, like the world spreading
    yet another baseless lie about us,
    my instinct is to analyze it and let
    it get me down. But I’m learning to
    fight that urge and realize that G-d
    is pulling the strings here and there
    is no logical explanation. Putting
    those events in that box too. The
    ability to separate between us and
    them, between nature and G-d helps
    me make sense of it all and gives me
    comfort. So, yes, I’m deeply proud
    to be a part of a nation that will do
    everything it can to save even one
    life. I am deeply proud of our people
    who are able to put aside our ego
    and do what is right, what is moral.
    No one and nothing can change that.
    – A proud Zionist and Jew
    Vues Master’s Note: Great letter!

    Dear Vues Master
    Shumer is a complete fake. I’m
    glad that you called him on his lie
    last week. One minute he’s telling
    everyone at the rally that he has
    Israel’s back & the next he’s voting
    against giving Israel the funds they
    need. I’m sick of him & his Shomer
    Yisroel speech already. How do we
    get rid of him???
    Vues Master’s Note: A politician
    is worse than a lawyer. A lawyer
    only lies when his lips are moving
    whereas a politician is constantly
    fake and lying just by his or her
    actions. You will not be able to get
    rid of him in New York.

    Dear Vues Master
    There is a letter going around right
    now by Rav Chaim Navon נבון
    חיים. Here is the translation: “I
    saw people wondering whether it
    is possible to eradicate Chamas by

    force. After all, Chamas is an idea,
    and you cannot eradicate ideas. I
    would like to remind people that the
    original Nazis also had ideas, ones
    that were even more sophisticated,
    ideas that were supported by that

    period’s leading intelligentsia-
    like Schmidt and Heidegger. And

    what happened? After the Allies
    assassinated the Nazi leaders
    and reduced Berlin to rubble. the
    German people reconsidered the
    Nazi ideas that had brought them to
    that point. Maybe they weren’t great
    ideas after all. The destruction of the
    Nazis and their supporters served as
    a weighty enough counterclaim on
    the ideological plane as well.
    Vues Master’s Note: May we merit
    the same- speedily in our days.

    Dear Vues Master
    I read last week in the Jewish Vues
    the letter that the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav
    Aharon Feldman from Ner Yisrael
    wrote about why he did not send his
    Yeshiva to the Washington rally & I
    had a very hard time understanding
    it. We really need achdus during
    times like this.
    Vues Master’s Note: Different
    rabbanim have responded differently
    on this topic. I’m not going near this

    Dear Vues Master
    Dov Hikind, the former NY State
    Assemblyman and the founder of
    Americans Against Antisemitism,
    rejected claims that X and Starlink
    owner Elon Musk is an antisemite.
    “I can recognize a Jew hater from
    a long distance, and let me be very,
    very clear. Elon Musk is not an
    antisemite, and you really know it,”
    Hikind said in a video posted to X on
    Monday. “He has made some serious
    mistakes…but an antisemite? No
    way. I know there is an agenda on

    the extreme left to undermine him,
    to hurt him and destroy him, but
    the fact is that he is now in Israel,
    meeting with the Prime Minister
    and members of the Cabinet during
    the war. You think that the Prime
    Minister would be meeting with
    an antisemite? I don’t think so,”
    he added. “He’s made mistakes,
    but I consider him a friend of the
    Jewish people, without any doubt.
    So let’s stop playing politics with
    Elon Musk. He’s not an antisemite.
    Not even close.” Musk commented
    on Hikind’s video, responding,
    “Thanks. Indeed, you are correct.”
    Vues Masters Note: I find it
    fascinating how the Israeli
    government treated Elon Musk this
    week like royalty.

    Dear Vues Master:
    For years, I’ve denounced the
    proliferation of Nazi analogies
    in our public discourse. From
    right to left, reckless politicians
    and overheated pundits have
    invoked Hitler, the Nazis or
    the Holocaust in order to score
    rhetorical points — and historians
    like me have condemned them
    for doing so. Congresswoman
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was
    wrong to call US border facilities
    “concentration camps,” and
    Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor
    Greene was equally off base when
    she labeled advocates of Covid
    vaccines “medical brown shirts,”

    which references Nazi storm-
    trooper uniforms. Abortion is not

    another Holocaust. The reason
    such comparisons are wrong is
    that they severely distort the facts,
    both by implicitly minimizing Nazi
    atrocities and wildly exaggerating
    the actions of whomever the
    current name-callers happen to be
    targeting. But when a comparison
    is valid — when a contemporary
    villain does something which
    indeed reaches the levels of Nazi

    barbarism — then it needs to be
    acknowledged. And that’s why
    this time, it’s different. The
    Oct. 7 Hamas pogrom in southern
    Israel has changed everything —
    including aspects of our public
    discourse. Obviously, the Hamas
    attack on Israel was not identical
    to the Nazi Holocaust. Historical
    events are rarely the same. Yet the
    points of similarity are undeniable.
    Consider the mentality of the killers.
    Of the 6 million Jews murdered by
    the Nazis and their collaborators,
    nearly 2 million were slaughtered
    by gunfire at close range. And so
    too were Jews shot dead for being
    Jews on kibbutzim across southern
    Israel. Scholars emphasize the role
    of “eliminationist” antisemitic
    ideology, the kind of genocidal
    thinking prevalent in the media and
    schools of Nazi Germany — and in
    the media and schools run by Hamas
    and the Palestinian Authority in
    our own time. Dehumanizing Nazi
    propaganda depicted Jews as rats,
    spiders or lice. The only solution to
    this “Jewish problem,” according to
    the Nazis, was the “final solution”:
    death. The Palestinian Authority’s
    ruling faction, Fatah, celebrated the
    Oct. 7 pogrom by posting a video
    showing a boot with the colors of
    the Palestinian flag squashing a
    rat on an Israeli flag. Portrayals
    of Jews as rodents, insects, and
    various predatory creatures in
    need of eradication are staples of
    Palestinian Arab popular culture.
    The Hamas killers echoed the
    Nazis in another significant way:
    By photographing their atrocities.
    Nazi storm troopers amused
    themselves by posing for photos
    as they slashed the beards of their
    Jewish captives or forced them to
    grovel. Death camp commandants
    delighted in assembling photo
    albums that included scenes of
    Jewish men, women and children
    being selected for the gas chambers.
    The album belonging to Treblinka

    commandant Kurt Franz bore
    the title “The Good Old Days.”
    Today’s technology is new, but the
    mindset isn’t. Hamas pogromists
    used social media platforms to
    broadcast themselves kidnapping,
    torturing, and sexually assaulting
    their Israeli victims. Some uploaded
    their gruesome “trophy videos” to
    social media in order to torment
    their distraught families. Such
    content was even livestreamed on
    Facebook. The use of sexual
    violence as a weapon on Oct. 7 had
    its antecedents both in earlier Arab
    pogroms and during the Holocaust.
    Rape and mutilation were a
    notorious part of Palestinian Arab
    atrocities against Jews in Hebron
    in 1929, according to survivors’
    accounts. Arab soldiers and
    Palestinian Arab terrorist forces
    decapitated and sexually mutilated
    Jews during the 1948 Arab war
    against the newborn state of Israel,
    according to numerous mainstream
    historians. Likewise in the
    Kristallnacht rampage in Germany
    in 1938 — and throughout the
    Holocaust years that followed—
    there were numerous instances of
    Nazis raping Jewish women. The
    Shoah Foundation’s oral history
    archive contains more than 1,700
    testimonies by survivors detailing
    sexual violence. In other ways,
    too, one can detect similarities
    between then and now. Again,
    not identical—but worth noting.
    Consider the prevailing attitudes
    at many American colleges. In the
    1930s, universities such as Harvard
    and Columbia built friendly
    relationships with Nazi Germany,
    invited Nazi representatives to their
    campuses, and organized student
    exchanges with Nazi-controlled
    German schools. Today, many
    universities are looking the
    other way as Hamas supporters
    intimidate Jewish students; US
    schools such as Bard College,
    George Washington University, and

    William Paterson University have
    even participated in joint programs
    with Palestinian Arab universities
    where student branches of Hamas
    operate freely. Or consider the
    phenomenon of Holocaust-denial.
    Today’s equivalent, Oct. 7 denial,
    is already emerging. Queen Rania
    of Jordan recently told CNN that
    “It hasn’t been independently
    verified . . . that Israeli children
    [were] found butchered in an Israeli
    kibbutz.” Officials of the Council
    on American-Islamic Relations, a
    leading Muslim advocacy group,
    have claimed that the reports of
    beheadings are “unverified” and
    “war propaganda.” Fortunately,
    the Jewish people today are not in
    the same position of powerlessness
    and vulnerability as European
    Jews in the 1940s. Today there
    is a sovereign Jewish state and a
    powerful Jewish army. But when
    it comes to the behavior of the
    enemies of the Jews, have either
    the mindset or the tactics changed
    very much? The discovery of
    an Arabic-language copy of Adolf
    Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” in a Gaza
    apartment last week helps provide
    the answer. The children’s room,
    where the book was found,had
    been taken over by Hamas as a base
    for their operations. The copy’s
    margins held notes written by the
    terrorist who had been studying it.
    Nearly a century after its release,
    Hitler’s manifesto of antisemitism
    and violence is still being used to
    kill Jews as effectively as ever.
    Rafael Medoff
    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for
    your history lesson!