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    Dear Vues Master
    I just read a great story by Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman
    that I wanted to share with your readers.
    It was a cool, crisp, clear day in Washington, DC. I was
    joining the largest gathering of Jews in the history of
    American Jewry. I joined the throngs of Jews gathered
    together in unity to show our support for our Jewish
    brethren in Israel. The Passuk danced in my mind
    from Yeshaya, “L’chu V’Naaleh…” “Let us go up (to
    Capitol Hill).” Suddenly, political, philosophical, and
    organizational differences disappeared. There was one
    cause and one purpose: support of the Jewish people. There
    were Chassidim in full Chassidish Levush. Chabadniks
    were carrying Tefillin, finding eager volunteers to don
    the precious Mitzvah. There were Bais Yakov girls in
    their modest uniforms and many Bnei Torah, keen to
    organize Mincha Minyanim. Yet, most of all, there were
    those Jews who we had forgotten about. Jews who we
    thought were Chas V’Shalom lost to the Mesorah. It was
    they who impressed me the most. They came in the tens
    of thousands. They arrived in droves from Norfolk and
    New England, from Detroit to Denver. They boarded
    planes in Los Angeles and buses in Buffalo. They came
    for one purpose only: to identify as Jews. As the saintly
    Mashgiach Rav Yerucham Levovitz ZT”L writes (Daas
    Torah, Parshas VaYigash), “Nothwithstading all of the
    Hester Ponim (Hiddeness of Hashem and His ways):
    “Am Yisroel Chaim V’Kayam!” The reverberating echo
    of Rav Yerucham’s message that no matter how difficult
    the situation seems, the Jewish Nation is alive and will
    live forever- was heard loud and clear. It was a gathering
    like no other. A demonstration through action and words
    that proves once again the ultimate truth that much more
    than divides us unifies us. I did my best to interact,
    mingle, connect, and bond with my brothers and sisters,
    especially those not residing in our insular enclaves of
    Lakewood, Passaic, Brooklyn, and Monsey. I attempted

    to be part of “amcha.” I approached a Jew who was bare-
    headed yet tattooed from his torso to his wrists. “Excuse

    me. Where do you come from?” He named an out-of-
    town city about a nine-hour drive from Washington. I

    asked in amazement, “You traveled nine hours just to
    be here today?” He told me that he and other Jews had
    hired a bus for the rally. Soon, it became clear the bus
    company was not willing to transport Jews to a Jewish
    rally. He said matter-of-factly, “So we grabbed an Uber

    and paid $900 to get here!” “You spent $900 to be here
    today?” He looked at me with equal disbelief. “It’s not
    worth $900 to save a Jewish child?” I spontaneously
    said to him, “Can I hug you?” He said, “You can hug
    me, but first, I want something from you.” “What is
    that?” “I want you to bless me that I marry a Jewish girl.
    I come from a place where there are few Jewish girls. I
    am done with the non-Jewish world. I want to marry a
    Jewish girl and raise a Jewish family. I want to light the
    Chanukah candles with her.” “I am not worthy of giving
    Brochus,” I told him. However, he was insistent. “Rabbi,
    my great-grandfather who passed away when I was five,
    told me that if I ever needed a Blessing, I should look
    for a Jew that looks like you, and he will bless you. I
    remember he used the word, “He will “Bensch” you.
    So, you look like that person, Rabbi, please “Bensch
    me”! I could not deny his request. I Bensch him that he
    should find a Jewish girl to marry. As he walked ahead,
    he turned and asked, “By the way, what’s your name?”
    “Eisenman, from Passaic.” I never saw him again at the
    rally. This morning, I noticed an email from a name I did
    not recognize. I was tempted to press “delete”; however,
    something piqued my interest. I opened my email. There
    was a picture of my tattooed friend standing beside a
    Jewish girl before a Menorah. Under the picture, the
    words were written: “Her name is Miriam, and she is
    from Tel Aviv. I met her at the rally. She is as Jewish

    as they come. Rabbi, you were wrong, and my great-
    grandfather was right; you (did) “Bensch me,” and it

    came true! “If Not Now Then When?”- Hillel
    Vues Master’s Note: What a great story! Thanks for

    Dear Vues Master
    It definitely feels like I gained 10 pounds this week. I
    can’t control myself around donuts. I’ve had so many
    different types from so many different stores. Every
    party I go to over Chanukah, people serve me donuts.
    On top of that, my wife makes the best latkes & I finish
    every batch she makes. I don’t know what to do. I can’t
    control myself. Please help me!!!
    Vues Master’s Note: My rebbie always told me that you
    don’t gain weight on Shabbos. Who knows? Maybe it
    also applies to gaining weight on Chanukah.

    Dear Vues Master:
    Numerous miracles have been told about the
    heroic soldiers fighting in Gaza. Every day,
    thousands of soldiers endanger themselves
    in the most difficult urban warfare, with
    the terrorists having the advantage both of
    surprise and of knowing the geography of the
    area, as well as having a significant presence
    underground where they can suddenly emerge
    and attack. The soldiers must be vigilant at all
    times, moving slowly and warily and using
    aerial and surveillance assistance to locate the
    explosive devices, booby traps and terrorists
    lurking in their path. Over 90 soldiers have
    already paid with their lives and hundreds
    more have been badly injured. On one recent
    occasion, a Hamas terrorist peeped out of a
    tunnel and saw a significant army encampment
    there. The terrorist photographed the soldiers,
    returned to the tunnel and prepared to assault
    them. In the meantime the soldiers had
    received intelligence information that there
    was a tunnel right under their feet. They were
    told to move their encampment and to keep
    watch on the previous place where they had
    been. They also left the tents and items to
    conceal the fact that they had moved out. In
    the middle of the night a terrorist emerged
    from the tunnel. The soldiers shot him and
    suddenly there was a huge explosion. The
    terrorist had intended to blow up the entire
    compound! Fortunately nobody was hurt in
    the miraculous event.
    Vues Master’s Note: Wow! Hinei Lo Yanum
    Shomer Yisroel!

    Dear Vues Master:
    I think by now, most of the civilized world has
    figured it out. They see clearly who the forces
    of evil are and who the creators of light are.
    But to those who don’t have that clarity yet, I
    created you a nice guide with some questions
    to ask yourself if you care at all about your
    integrity… – Which side would Hitler side
    with if he was alive? The side that wants Jews
    to live in peace in their homeland or the side
    that wants to murder Jews wherever they are?
    – Which side holds peaceful marches where
    they sing, pray, and hope for their innocent
    hostages to be freed and which side yells
    death chants? – Which side is willing to accept
    the other living peacefully with them side by
    side and which side doesn’t believe the other
    side has a right to exist? – Which side has a
    Declaration of Independence that states clearly
    that the country is democratic and which side
    has a charter (that’s available online it you
    wanna read it) calling for genocide of all
    infidels? – Which side belongs to a religion
    that has been radicalized to commit the vast
    majority of global terror and which side prays
    for peace several times a day? – Which side
    has been caught with their pants down (sorry,
    couldn’t help the pun) countless times with
    their lies and which side consistently tells

    the truth, even when inconvenient? – Which
    side was dancing with a Torah scroll when
    they were viciously attacked, murdered, and
    raped and which side did the attacking and
    proudly live streamed it? – Which side states
    clearly that they want world domination
    and which side has absolutely no interest in
    convincing the world that they are right? –
    Which side drops pamphlets and sends SMS
    to minimize civilian death and which side
    uses civilian deaths on both sides as a PR
    tool? – Which side has introduced the world
    to endless innovation and which side only
    invented terror tunnels? – Which side has deep
    sadness from the terror inflicted upon them
    and which side is only angry they weren’t
    able to kill more innocent people? This war,
    unlike other wars or conflicts, doesn’t have
    two equal sides. There is no equal sign. There
    aren’t two legitimate teams here. There is one
    side that does everything humanly possible
    to minimize civilian deaths on both sides
    and there is another side that does everything
    humanly possible to maximize civilian deaths
    on both sides. If you’re a moral person, you
    can’t sit this one out. Choose wisely because
    history doesn’t forget. Stand with Israel as it
    fights the forces of evil before they make it to
    your doorstep. There is only one moral side
    here, one side that values life above all, one
    side that wants to live in peace, one side that
    cries over every innocent life that’s lost; the
    Israel side. Israel will win this war, with or
    without your support. Israel doesn’t need you.
    You need Israel.
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: Yet so many people don’t
    see it this way! Sinah Mekalkeles Hashurah!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Having lost most of his hearing a number of
    years ago, an elderly man went to the doctor
    to be fitted with hearing aids which promised
    to allow him to hear 100%. A month later, he
    returned to the doctor for a check up on his
    progress. The doctor told him that his hearing
    is perfect and asked if his family is pleased.
    The old man answered, “Oh, I haven’t told
    them about the hearing aids yet. I just sit
    around and listen to them talk. I’ve changed
    my will three times!”
    Vues Master’s Note: I am available if he wants
    to leave me some money!

    Dear Vues Master:
    On Saturday night, December 10th, the third
    night of Chanukah, Gabrielle Boxer, (“Kosher
    Guru”) hosted a first-of-its-kind Chanukah
    party at Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream.
    The event started with the lighting of an
    electrical menorah in the common area on the
    first floor followed by an awards ceremony.
    Fresh jelly doughnuts from Sterns and
    blue light up sticks were handed out. Aryeh
    Kunstler performed for the audience, singing

    Chanukah songs, Jewish pop favorites and the
    classics. The display of Jews coming together
    during this time in a festival of unity, and the
    holiday was truly inspiring. People danced
    and sang along; passersby joined in as well.
    Mall security and the Nassau County police
    were present. The program showed that the
    Jewish people can and should celebrate in
    public spaces. Hopefully, this will be the first
    of many such ceremonies.
    Vues Master’s Note:I disagree as Chazal
    stopped us from lighting outside for a reason
    we do not need to reitz un the akum!!!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Now Yakov lived in the land where his father
    lived, in the land of Canaan. – Berashis 37:1
    It would be more proper to first mention
    the location than to describe it ;therefore,
    it should write, “Now Yakov lived in the
    land of Canaan, the land where his father
    lived. The reason is to teach that honoring
    your parents come before settling the land.
    The Baal HaTurim states: “B’eretz megurei
    aviv” (the land where his father lived) – the
    gematriah (numerical equivalent) is the same
    as that of the words: “Shav lekayeim mitzvas
    kibbud av” (He returned to fulfill the mitzvah
    of honoring his father). Therefore, be careful
    not to evade honoring your parents with the
    pretext of settling in the Holy Land. The Torah
    spells this out in Shemos 20:12, “Honor your
    father and your mother, that your days may
    be long in the land that the Lord your G-d
    is giving you.” When you let your parents
    welcome you into their house then G-d will
    welcome you into His house.
    Vues Master’s Note: You are persistent and

    Dear Vues Master:
    “She sent word to her father-in-law”
    Berashis- 38:25 Rashi says, “She did not
    wish to make his [Yehudah’s] face pale.”
    Rabbi Yitzchok Zilberstein writes in his first
    book of “What If”: In conclusion, “To expose
    Yehudah, in such a way (and tell him direct
    and cause him shame) would perhaps not be
    permitted; therefore, even to compel a thief
    to return stolen items by shaming him might
    be prohibited. However, this applies only
    when there is another way to retrieve the
    object (e.g., going to beis din). If the only
    way to have the object returned is though
    public humiliation, it would be permitted.”
    Some people question how I can humiliate
    people over the internet even thought I made
    it clear that I tried to be diplomatic. Rabbi
    Dovid Harris wouldn’t go with me to see Rav
    Shmuel Kamenetsky or Rav Dovid Cohen. He
    won’t even let my son go with me. I recently
    bumped into my son’s Rav at a wedding. I
    spoke to Rav Welcher about my son and his
    not coming over for Shabbos in over five

    years. The only comforting words he said was,
    “That is strange!?” Other than that, there was
    no ohev shalom v’rodef shalom (loving peace
    and pursuing it). He said my son has to speak
    with the Rosh Yeshiva. I begged him to tell
    my son that or at least tell him what you think,
    that it is strange. After speaking with him I
    surely left no stone unturned so what choice
    do I have?
    Vues Master’s Note: Do you really think you
    will get anywhere like this?!

    Dear Vues Master:
    My name is Limor Zusman. 23 years ago,
    when I was 6, my parents were on the third
    floor of the Versailles Wedding Hall in
    Jerusalem when it collapsed and they fell to
    their death along with 21 others. I woke up the
    next morning all alone in the world. When I
    hear about Avigail Idan, the girl who lost both
    parents and was just released from captivity, I
    am familiar with the darkness that envelopes
    her. I remember people sitting Shiva and
    crying. I walked outside and no one noticed. I
    went into the yard, pointed at three stars in the
    sky, and announced: ‘Mother, father, and G-d
    are watching over me together.’ At that same
    moment, I gathered otherworldly strength to
    cling to life. Over the years, I learned this verse
    from the Book of Psalms: ‘For my mother and
    father have forsaken me, but the Lord gathers
    me in.’ I learned about the strength of widows
    and widowers, and of orphans. They have
    special protection. I don’t want to promise
    empty promises: What happened never goes
    away. I am the same 6-year-old girl waiting
    for her parents to return from the wedding. I
    am still the 12-year-old girl alone at her Bat
    Mitzvah ceremony when all my friends stood
    with their mothers and fathers. To everyone
    who cares about the children who have lost
    their parents, I say: Be with them in their pain.
    Give to them, hug them, and ask nothing from
    them. Be sensitive and cautious. Give them
    time. And most important of all: Do not pity
    them! Leave your pity outside. Enlighten
    them about the strength within them. Don’t
    focus on their scars but on their resilience.
    Don’t make them dependent on the kindness
    of others for the rest of their lives. Focus on
    their courage instead. Today I am married,
    a mother, and studying to work as a family
    guidance counselor (perhaps because I lost
    my family). It’s possible to choose life. All
    night long, I could not sleep and wrote this for
    myself, for the grieving families, for everyone,
    and especially for one little girl. May you be
    blessed, Avigail, in your return to us.”
    Vues Master’s Note: May Hashem protect us

    Dear Vues Master:
    Chaim and Hinda Heckelman run a catering
    business. They were invited to cater a

    wedding of a Jewish couple from abroad,
    but because of the war the couple and their
    relatives had decided, in the end, to hold
    their wedding on their home turf. But here’s
    where the story gets interesting: “We were
    sure the event had been canceled,” Hinda
    related. “But then at the last minute the
    couple surprised us and announced that they
    did not want to cancel. To the contrary, they
    wanted to increase the number of portions
    originally ordered to include women affected
    by the war. And so the event was held last
    night at the International Convention Center
    in Jerusalem. The women invited numbered
    550, some of them single mothers, some of
    them displaced from their homes and living
    in hotels, some of them arriving in buses
    from Sderot, Ofakim, Netivot, and small
    communities near the Gaza periphery. In
    addition to the guests’ enjoyment of a lavish
    wedding feast, they were honored with a
    special entertainment program and lots of
    love and caring from the newly married
    couple and their entourage.” Mazal tov to the
    couple who wish to remain anonymous. Your
    home, from the very beginning, is being built
    on extraordinary loving kindness.
    Vues Master’s Note: Beautiful story thanks
    for sharing and inspiring!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Chanuka is a time that we are supposed to
    be especially grateful to Hashem for all that
    He gives us, so I am writing about a small
    but much appreciated “Chanuka miracle” I
    recently experienced. I had just removed a
    tuna pie from the freezer when the container
    slipped out of my hands and onto the floor,
    causing the cover to fly off and the pie to fall
    out. Since I had spent a lot of time making
    the pie and had planned to serve it during
    the Chag, I let out a cry. However, on closer
    look, I saw that the entire dish had landed
    neatly and squarely onto the container’s
    upturned lid, completely unharmed by the
    fall. It may not have lasted 8 days, but it was
    a big miracle to me and I am very thankful
    for it.
    Vues Master’s Note: As long as you are not
    left with pie on your face!

    Dear Vues Master:
    U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a
    retired general, says Israel is “driving”
    Gazans “into the arms of the enemy.” A few
    weeks ago, another general, Joint Chiefs of
    Staff chairman Charles Q. Brown, charged
    that Israel’s anti-terror actions in Gaza
    are turning the average person there into
    “someone who now wants to be the next
    member of Hamas.” Generals deserve our
    deepest respect for their service and sacrifice.
    But that doesn’t mean they are always right.
    General George Patton used Nazi Party

    members in the postwar U.S. administration
    in Germany, resulting in his dismissal.
    General Douglas MacArthur was fired for
    defying President Harry Truman’s orders
    in the Korean War. General Curtis LeMay
    wanted to use nuclear weapons in Vietnam.
    When it comes to understanding what causes
    young Palestinian Arabs to become Hamas
    terrorists, President Biden’s generals are
    getting it all wrong. It is not Israel that
    drove Gazans into the arms of Hamas or
    turned young Gazans into terrorists. It is
    the Gazans themselves who long ago chose
    Hamas as their leaders. Democratic elections
    were held there in 2006, and Hamas was
    allowed to participate, at the insistence of
    Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Hamas
    won 76 out of the 132 seats in parliament.
    Afterwards, Secretary Rice acknowledged
    she was “caught off guard” by the outcome;
    the result “does say something about us not
    having a good enough pulse,” she conceded.
    At the same time, Rice defended the inclusion
    of Hamas, on the grounds that “You ask
    yourself, ‘Are you going to support a policy
    of denying the Palestinians elections that
    had been promised to them at a certain point
    in time because people were fearful of the
    outcome?’” For the Truman administration
    and the U.S. military governors of postwar
    Germany, the answer to an earlier version
    of Rice’s question was a resounding “yes.”
    They denied the right of the Nazi Party to run
    in postwar elections, regardless of how many
    Germans wanted to vote for it. Defense
    Secretary Austin and General Brown might
    want to ask themselves why it is that children
    in postwar Germany did not grow up to be
    Nazis. The American military’s devastation
    of much of Germany did not cause those
    children to embrace antisemitism or
    terrorism. Yet tens of thousands of Gazan
    children, who grew up in a region from
    which Israel completely withdrew in 2005,
    embraced antisemitism and terrorism; they
    are the ones who fill the ranks of Hamas
    today. A crucial difference between
    postwar Germany and Gaza today concerns
    their respective educational systems. Under
    the Allies’ deNazification program in
    postwar Germany, school curricula were
    purged of Nazi racial ideology, militarism,
    and antisemitism. Similar methods were
    used in postwar Japanese schools. The
    Hamas-controlled schools in Gaza, by
    contrast, glorify Jew-hatred and terrorism.
    Young Gazans are not being “driven into
    the arms of Hamas” by Israel; they have
    been indoctrinated by Hamas for nearly
    two decades. Where there is substantial
    domestic opposition to a totalitarian regime,
    those kinds of indoctrination efforts will be
    only partially successful. In Iran and Syria,
    where the governments have used schools to
    spread extremist beliefs similar to those of
    Hamas, there has been significant evidence
    of opposition. Large numbers of Iranians
    have risked their lives to protest against

    their regime, and Syrian opponents of their
    dictator have been waging a civil war for
    years. Not so in Gaza. Moreover, the advice
    that Secretary Austin and General Brown are
    now giving Israel feels like a case of “Do as
    I say, not as I do.” On November 9, the day
    that Gen. Brown made his statement, U.S.
    bombers carried out an airstrike on a target in
    Syria. And a week before that, they bombed
    two other sites in eastern Syria. Yet Austin
    and Brown do not appear to believe that
    those military operations will turn Syrians
    into anti-American terrorists. American
    or British leaders in World War II apparently
    didn’t fear they would cause German or

    Japanese children to grow up to become anti-
    American terrorists, even though the Allies

    leveled Hamburg (40,000 dead), destroyed
    Dresden (many tens of thousands killed),
    firebombed Tokyo (over 100,000 civilian
    fatalities), and used nuclear bombs against
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki (approximately
    135,000 and 64,000 killed, respectively).
    In fact, even though the Allies deliberately
    attacked those civilian targets (unlike Israel,
    which takes great pains to avoid civilian
    casualties), Germany and Japan became
    close allies of the United States after the war.
    If Secretary Austin and General Brown want
    Gazans to one day relate to Israel the way
    Germans and Japanese today relate to the
    United States, they need to recognize that
    Israel is not to blame for Gazans’ attitudes,
    and they need to support a postwar policy in
    Gaza similar to the ones the Allies imposed
    in Germany and Japan after World War II.
    Rafael Medoff
    Vues Master’s Note: As usual history repeats
    itself, especially the fact that we don’t learn
    from history!
    Dear HASHEM,
    It’s been so long
    I hardly can remember
    The last time that he
    held me in his arms
    I hear his voice, his eyes aglow
    Sweet lullabies of long ago
    Now all I hear’s the sound
    of guns and bombs
    All I want for Chanukah is my daddy
    Safe and sound and
    standing next to me
    You can give the toys
    To all the other girls and boys
    Just bring my loving Daddy
    home to me
    Sometimes in my dreams
    I hear him calling
    And I run to him
    and hug him very tight
    But though I hope and pray
    He just slowly fades away
    And leaves me crying,

    lonely in the night
    All I want for Chanukah is my daddy
    Safe and sound and
    Standing next to me
    I promise to be good
    And do all the things I should
    Just bring my loving daddy
    home to me
    Chanukah night, I’m about to light
    The candles
    When suddenly
    Mom cries out joyfully
    And there to my surprise
    I just can’t believe my eyes

    It’s my daddy-
    HASHEM brought him home to me

    All I ever wanted was my daddy
    I missed him more than
    He would ever know
    On this very special night
    We both hug each other tight
    And all I know is I’m not
    Letting go
    Vues Master’s Note: What a sad song!
    Dear Vues Master:
    A rabbi took his congregation on a safari in
    Africa. As they were snapping pictures in the
    jungle, a ferocious lion appeared and began
    charging towards them. The congregants
    fled for their lives, but the rabbi approached
    the lion and whispered into his ear. He
    immediately turned around and left with his
    tail wagging between his legs. The stunned
    congregants gathered around the rabbi and
    asked him, “Rabbi what did you say to the
    lion? What did you tell him?” The rabbi
    answered, “I told him ‘If there is going to be
    a meal, there are going to be speeches.’”
    Vues Master’s Note: That is my kind of

    Dear Vues Master:
    the ר‘ בחיי פ‘ מקץ the to According
    מלכות הרוגי עשרה were sentenced to a
    torturous death. However, none of them
    ended up being killed. Somehow there was a
    mixup with ten Goyim who ended up getting
    killed instead of the holy Tannaim.
    Vues Master’s Note: That is amazing coming
    from a Rishon no less!