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    Dear Vues Master
    I think by now, most of the civilized world has figured it
    out. They see clearly who the forces of evil are and who
    the creators of light are. But to those who don’t have that
    clarity yet, I created you a nice guide with some questions
    to ask yourself if you care at all about your integrity… –
    Which side would Hitler side with if he was alive? The side
    that wants Jews to live in peace in their homeland or the
    side that wants to murder Jews wherever they are? – Which
    side holds peaceful marches where they sing, daven, and
    hope for their innocent hostages to be freed and which side
    yells death chants? – Which side is willing to accept the
    other living peacefully with them side by side and which
    side doesn’t believe the other side has a right to exist? –
    Which side has a Declaration of Independence that states
    clearly that the country is democratic and which side has
    a charter (that’s available online it you wanna read it)
    calling for genocide of all infidels? – Which side belongs
    to a religion that has been radicalized to commit the vast
    majority of global terror and which side davens for peace
    several times a day? – Which side has been caught with their
    pants down (sorry, couldn’t help the pun) countless times
    with their lies and which side consistently tells the truth,
    even when inconvenient? – Which side was dancing with a
    Torah scroll when they were viciously attacked, murdered,
    and raped and which side did the attacking and proudly
    live streamed it? – Which side states clearly that they want
    world domination and which side has absolutely no interest
    in convincing the world that they are right? – Which side
    drops pamphlets and sends SMS to minimize civilian death
    and which side uses civilian deaths on both sides as a PR
    tool? – Which side has introduced the world to endless
    innovation and which side only invented terror tunnels? –
    Which side has deep sadness from the terror inflicted upon
    them and which side is only angry that they weren’t able to
    kill more innocent people? This war, unlike other wars or
    conflicts, doesn’t have two equal sides. There is no equal
    sign. There aren’t two legitimate teams here. There is one
    side that does everything humanly possible to minimize
    civilian deaths on both sides and there is another side that
    does everything humanly possible to maximize civilian
    deaths on both sides. If you’re a moral person, you can’t sit
    this one out. Choose wisely because history doesn’t forget.
    Stand with Israel as it fights the forces of evil before they
    make it to your doorstep. There is only one moral side here,
    one side that values life above all, one side that wants to live
    in peace, one side that cries over every innocent life that’s

    lost; the Israel side. Israel will win this war, with or without
    your support. Israel doesn’t need you. You need Israel.
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: It’s even clearer now! Mi Kamcha

    Dear Vues Master:
    This was a letter that someone sent Yeshiva World that
    I wanted Jewish Vues readers to see as well. I am sure
    many of you will read this and initially go berserk, but this
    letter might cause others to wait a minute and think twice.
    I hope what I’m saying will resonate with you. Since the
    horrific Hamas attack on Simchas Torah, many have taken
    upon themselves things to do to help Israel. Some have
    strengthened their yiddishkeit, others have found a way to
    assist Israel through donations, and many – such as myself
    – have done both. But here in Brooklyn, some people
    found their own way to “help” which has been anything
    but helpful. For the past number of weeks, signs of the
    hostages and art depicting the Israeli flag have been put
    up in heavily Jewish neighborhoods. From what I’m told,
    it’s the work of two women (mainly one) who have made
    amplifying the plight of the hostages and Israel’s right to
    survival their sole mission. I don’t have a problem with
    the concept of being pro-Israel or of trying to increase the
    general public’s awareness and empathy for the hostages
    and their poor families. But the way it is being done has not
    only been unhelpful, it is actually bringing danger closer to
    Jewish people. As noted before, the signs have been put up
    in heavily Jewish areas. So, what happens? Pro-Palestinian
    individuals come and take them down, or paint over them
    with Palestinian flags and messages. The pro-Israel signs
    are put back up, and the pro-Palestinian people return. It
    has become an endless back-and-forth cycle that doesn’t
    do anything for anyone, and is only increasing tension and
    setting the stage for an awful brawl – or worse – to occur,
    smack in middle of Jewish neighborhoods. And it’s already
    happened. There have been fist fights, attacks, assaults, and
    more. I get that you want to have these signs up, but does it
    have to be outside Landau’s Shul? Is there a single mispalel
    that isn’t aware of what’s going on? Are you actually
    accomplishing anything with that sign? But the worst is
    that a Yeshiva on Avenue N and Coney Island Avenue has
    allegedly given this woman permission (which is a topic for
    another letter, and they should be held accountable for it) to
    plaster their property under construction with the posters.
    Who exactly are you trying to persuade – 8-year-old Rivky

    as she enters and exits school, hoping that a
    pro-Palestinian person doesn’t go berserk
    from the signs when she’s there? Well, that’s
    what has now happened. On Sunday morning,
    an entire wall of hostage photos was ripped
    down, and a huge wall of graffiti with “Free
    Palestine” was painted. So guess what
    happened on Sunday night? This incredible
    Tzadeikis, on her mission to save the world,
    showed up at the location and spray painted
    over the Palestinian graffiti with pro-Israel
    graffiti. What do you think will happen next?
    Exactly! Pro-Palestinian graffiti will now be
    placed on TOP of that, and this cycle will never
    end. If you own a property under construction
    in Flatbush and you see this woman defacing
    your property on a quiet residential street,
    embrace her! Give her permission to hang
    as many posters as you want. When you then
    have “FREE PALESTINE” written all over
    your property, don’t worry. Just call her and
    her cans of spray-paint back, and she will
    gladly deface your property even more. OR –
    if you see her hanging signs on your property
    and you actually care about stopping potential
    violence in our neighborhood and preventing
    hateful graffiti on your property, STOP HER.
    And if she doesn’t listen, call the Police and
    have her arrested. I have personally verified
    with MULTIPLE home owners that they
    never gave anyone permission to do this (for
    example on Avenue N and East 24 Street). A
    message to this incredible woman who has
    been busy 24 hours a day in the War Cabinet
    and in meetings with the Mossad Director
    Qatar rescuing our hostages: If you think that
    this is your hishtadlus, please go to Israel,
    sign up for the IDF, and help them rescue the
    hostages. In the meantime, stop bringing a
    wrecking ball to our streets. And if you think
    I am wrong about even one word, maybe it’s
    high time to speak to a level headed person
    (Askanim/community activists) who has been
    working on our community relations with our
    neighbors for the past 50 years. An outraged
    local resident of Flatbush (Who actually has
    an Israeli flag proudly hanging on my home!)
    Vues Master’s Note: I am not sure what to say
    to this guy!

    Dear Vues Master:
    NYS Governor Kathy Hochul signed into law
    a new bill sponsored by Senator Jessica Ramos
    and Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, which
    will require state correctional facilities to
    provide kosher and halal food options at
    vending machines and commissary areas.
    Until now, food options for purchase
    at vending machines and commissary
    areas often did not include selections for
    incarcerated individuals who require special
    religious dietary restrictions. This new bill
    will amend the current law to include options
    which would satisfy the dietary needs of such
    individuals at prices comparable to other
    similar food items. “I believe that recognizing

    an incarcerated person’s humanity is a key
    factor in their rehabilitation,” said Senator
    Jessica Ramos. “Denying Jewish people in
    prison access to kosher foods is an added
    and targeted punishment, one that Governor
    Hochul is helping to correct by signing my
    bill with Assemblymember Eichenstein.
    I’d like to thank our local rabbis and faith
    leaders for their vocal and continued support
    of these efforts as we turn our attention to
    ensuring the same access is extended to public
    schools.” “The State of New York is obligated
    to respect the religious dietary rights of its
    residents, even those who are incarcerated,”
    said Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein.
    “These individuals will now be able to benefit
    from food purchased at visiting area vending
    machines or at the prison commissary. I thank
    Senator Ramos for sponsoring this important
    legislation in the Senate and Governor Hochul
    for signing it into law. Now, the religious
    rights of incarcerated individuals in our state’s
    prison system will be properly recognized.”
    “It’s incredible that this important legislation
    was signed into law on Chanukah, which
    celebrates religious liberty, a fundamental
    right upon which the United States is
    founded,” said Rabbi Moshe Margaretten,
    President of Tzedek Association. “Thank you
    Assemblyman Eichenstein and Senator Ramos
    for remembering the forgotten population,
    correcting an issue with this bill that frankly
    should have already been a policy.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Now lets work on getting
    all Yidden out of jail!

    Dear Vues Master
    Chaim and Hinda Heckelman run a catering
    business. They were invited to cater a
    wedding of a Jewish couple from abroad,
    but because of the war the couple and their
    relatives had decided, in the end, to hold
    their wedding on their home turf. But here’s
    where the story gets interesting: “We were
    sure the event had been canceled,” Hinda
    related. “But then at the last minute the
    couple surprised us and announced that they
    did not want to cancel. To the contrary, they
    wanted to increase the number of portions
    originally ordered to include women affected
    by the war. And so the event was held last
    week at the International Convention Center
    in Jerusalem. The women invited numbered
    550, some of them single mothers, some of
    them displaced from their homes and living
    in hotels, some of them arriving in buses
    from Sderot, Ofakim, Netivot, and small
    communities near the Gaza periphery. In
    addition to the guests’ enjoyment of a lavish
    wedding feast, they were honored with a
    special entertainment program and lots of
    love and caring from the newly married
    couple and their entourage.” Mazal tov to
    the couple who wish to remain anonymous.
    Your home, from the very beginning,
    is being built on extraordinary loving

    kindness. (This is a story that Sivan Rahav
    Meir wrote about last week.)
    Vues Master’s Note: Mi Kamacha Yisrael

    Dear Vues Master
    Numerous miracles have been told about the
    heroic soldiers fighting in Gaza. Every day,
    thousands of soldiers endanger themselves
    in the most difficult urban warfare, with
    the terrorists having the advantage both of
    surprise and of knowing the geography of the
    area, as well as having a significant presence
    underground where they can suddenly emerge
    and attack. The soldiers must be vigilant at all
    times, moving slowly and warily and using
    aerial and surveillance assistance to locate the
    explosive devices, booby traps and terrorists
    lurking in their path. Over 100 soldiers have
    already paid with their lives and hundreds
    more have been badly injured. On one recent
    occasion, a Hamas terrorist peeped out of a
    tunnel and saw a significant army encampment
    there. The terrorist photographed the soldiers,
    returned to the tunnel and prepared to assault
    them. In the meantime the soldiers had
    received intelligence information that there
    was a tunnel right under their feet. They were
    told to move their encampment and to keep
    watch on the previous place where they had
    been. They also left the tents and items to
    conceal the fact that they had moved out. In
    the middle of the night a terrorist emerged
    from the tunnel. The soldiers shot him and
    suddenly there was a huge explosion. The
    terrorist had intended to blow up the entire
    compound! Fortunately nobody was hurt in
    the miraculous event.
    Vues Master’s Note: Wow! What a great story!

    Dear Vues Master
    My name is Limor Zusman. 23 years ago,
    when I was 6, my parents were on the third
    floor of the Versailles Wedding Hall in
    Jerusalem when it collapsed and they fell to
    their death along with 21 others. I woke up the
    next morning all alone in the world. When I
    hear about Avigail Idan, the girl who lost both
    parents and was just released from captivity, I
    am familiar with the darkness that envelopes
    her. I remember people sitting shiva and
    crying. I walked outside and no one noticed.
    I went into the yard, pointed at three stars in
    the sky, and announced: ‘Mother, father, and
    Hashem are watching over me together.’ At
    that same moment, I gathered otherworldly
    strength to cling to life. Over the years, I
    learned the pasuk in tehillim: ‘For my mother
    and father have forsaken me, but the Lord
    gathers me in.’ I learned about the strength
    of widows and widowers, and of orphans.
    They have special protection. I don’t want
    to promise empty promises: What happened
    never goes away. I am the same 6-year-old
    girl waiting for her parents to return from the
    wedding. I am still the 12-year-old girl alone

    at her Bat Mitzvah ceremony when all my
    friends stood with their mothers and fathers.
    To everyone who cares about the children who
    have lost their parents, I say: Be with them in
    their pain. Give to them, hug them, and ask
    nothing from them. Be sensitive and cautious.
    Give them time. And most important of all:
    Do not pity them! Leave your pity outside.
    Enlighten them about the strength within
    them. Don’t focus on their scars but on their
    resilience. Don’t make them dependent on the
    kindness of others for the rest of their lives.
    Focus on their courage instead. Today I am
    married, a mother, and studying to work as a
    family guidance counselor (perhaps because I
    lost my family). It’s possible to choose life.
    All night long, I could not sleep and wrote
    this for myself, for the grieving families, for
    everyone, and especially for one little girl.
    May you be blessed, Avigail, in your return
    to us.”

    Dear Vues Master:
    A father took his son to buy a new suit. He
    told the salesman that he wants a suit that’s
    wrinkle free and won’t shrink when cleaned.
    The salesman picked out a suit and swore on
    his life that it’s wrinkle free and won’t shrink
    even if cleaned three times a day. The father
    paid for the suit and they went on their way.
    Two weeks later, the father returned with
    his son, who was wearing the new suit. The
    salesman looked at the boy and saw that the
    sleeves extended just below his elbows and
    the pants made it midway between his knees
    and his ankles. With a big smile, he said to the
    father: “Wow! It’s amazing how much your
    son has grown in just two weeks.”
    Vues Master’s Note: This joke never grows

    Dear Vues Master:
    I recently attended some concerts to benefit
    organizations in Israel. The concerts were
    beautiful, inspiring and well attended;
    however, I noticed a disturbing phenomenon.
    Many girls and women in the audience did not
    realize that GIRLS OVER 12 YEARS OLD
    Women and girls: You are an integral part
    of Am Yisroel. Please come and enjoy, but
    singing and dancing should be done at home
    or exclusively in the presence of other women
    and girls. In the merit of being stringent in
    these Halachos, may we all have Yeshuos
    together with our brothers and sisters in Israel
    and worldwide.
    Sincerely, NM
    Vues Master’s Note: Maybe men should
    refrain from going to these places!

    Dear Vues Master:
    To refine, clarify, and correct what I wrote
    about Chanukah and the Daf (Baba Kama

    30) and indirectly the reference(s) in the
    Mishna (Daf and Chanukah, JV Dec. 6, at
    p. 115), Chanukah is indeed not the subject
    of a mesechta in the Gemara (like Purim
    is) or even a Perek in the Mishna — though
    it is mentioned in the Mishna in passing at
    least 3 times, most notably the Mishna in
    Baba Kama daf 62, referring to what is also
    mentioned in the Gemara in Baba Kama
    daf 30) — the reference to a passing camel
    that is passing by quite intentionally but that
    in so doing brushes against a lit Chanukah
    menorah quite unintentionally! (Also see
    Mishna in Megilla 3:4 and 3:6, which may
    be defined as more than passing references.)
    Of further relevant interest, It has been noted
    that Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi did not treat
    Chanukah as he treated Purim because of
    the Chashmonoim having assumed the dual
    roles of priesthood (kohanim) and royalty
    (malchus) and Rabbi Yehuda was particularly
    sensitive to this unprecedented consolidation
    of power as a descendant of shevet Yehuda
    and the line of the royal King David. (See
    Sefer Tamei Minhagim Inyonay Chanukah,
    Simon 847). [To the editor: The balance is
    not as important as what precedes it, and can
    easily be deleted.] I hope we can rightfully
    presume it was nothing personal, although
    the personal lineage may have strengthened
    his feelings on the subject! Another theory
    that has been advanced is that at the time
    of the Chanukah miraculous events, the
    masechtos as unique entities might have
    already been established, and Rabbi Yehuda
    HaNasi did not deem it appropriate to add an
    additional one.
    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for sharing.

    Dear Vues Master
    These are all phrases that when uttered, you
    can be fairly certain you’re talking to a Jew
    – “I don’t hate Jews, but…”
    – “Many of my friends are Jewish, but…”
    – “Where is the proof? Show me the proof of
    October 7th.”
    – “Israel is committing genocide.”
    – “You really believe 6 million Jews were
    killed by the Nazis?”
    – “After what the Nazis did to the Jews, how
    could you…?”
    – “I know many Jews who aren’t zionists.”
    – “Hamas is not a terrorist organization.”
    – “Resistance, even armed resistance against
    Israel is fair game:”
    – “Israel has killed <Insert ridiculously
    inflated numbers as provided by Hamas>
    children in Gaza.”
    – “Israel is an apartheid state.”
    – “Israel occupies Gaza.”
    – “Israel is a colonialist state.”
    – “Give them a state and they’ll stop attacking
    – “Why do you think Jews have been kicked
    out of all those countries?”

    – “Israel is behind <insert any tragic event in
    – “The zionists control the media.”
    – “Zionism is racism.”
    – “Even your own people admit… <Insert
    link to some Haaretz article depicting Israel
    as the aggressor>.”
    “I cover the Middle East for The NY Times/
    Sky News/BBC/Al Jazeera.” I am sure there
    are more, and some of the above could
    potentially be said by someone who doesn’t
    hate Jews, but when you hear any of the
    above phrases, 9/10 times, you’re dealing
    with an antisemite.
    Hillel Fuld

    3 LIVES
    Dear Vues Master
    There’s an unbelievable, incredible story of
    chesed and miracles that I just have to share
    with everyone. About a year ago, there was a
    family with a husband, wife and two children
    stuck on the side of the road in Israel. The
    guy’s name is Yaakov. He was stuck for about
    an hour waiting for gas and finally somebody
    stopped him and asked him what he needed.
    Yaakov says, “I ran out of gasoline. I’ve been
    waiting here and no one wants to stop for
    me.” The guy that stops for him is a religious
    guy wearing a kippah. The guy says, “there’s
    another exit like 10 minutes down, I’m
    going to go to the other exit, go to the gas
    station and I’ll bring you a bucket of gas. Just
    wait here for me.” Yaakov says, “thanks so
    much.” The guy’s name was Yehuda. Yehuda
    goes to the gas station, comes back in 10-15
    minutes with a bucket of gasoline, pumps it
    in his car and Yaakov is so happy. Yaakov
    says, “how much do I owe you for the gas?”
    Yehuda says, “what? It’s almost Shabbat. It’s
    Friday afternoon. It’s right before Shabbat
    and this is my mitzvah before Shabbat. There
    is no way I’m selling it.” Yaakov says “what
    do you mean? I want to pay you for the gas.”
    Yehuda says “no, no I wanted to do this good
    deed. It’s my mitzvah. I’m not selling the
    mitzvah.” So, Yaakov turns to him and says,
    “come, come behind my car for a second. He
    takes him behind his car and there’s a bumper
    sticker on the back of his car. It’s an Israeli
    bumper sticker that says, “Dros Kol Dos,”
    which basically, for lack of better terms,
    “trample every religious person.” It’s like
    an anti-religious bumper sticker that some
    people unfortunately use. Yaakov says, “until
    now, I was anti anti-religious myself. I’m not
    a charedi, I’m a chiloni, I’m a non-religious,
    secular person and this is the thought that I
    had about religious people and you’re the
    only person that stopped for me on the side of
    the road, a religious, Shomer Shabbat Jew. I
    appreciated it and in your zechut, I’m taking
    this bumper sticker off my car” and Yaakov
    rips it off. Yehuda is happy. He says, “okay,
    great.” They exchange phone numbers and
    Yehuda says, “let’s be in touch.” Prior to the
    next Shabbat, before Shabbat, Yehuda calls

    Yaakov again. Yehdau says, “hi, how are you
    doing?” and then he says to him, “Listen,
    Yaakov, I felt it’s right before Shabbat I
    wanted to share a story with you, a Shabbat
    story for you to tell your kids.” Yaakov says
    okay, stories are nice, no problem. This
    goes on for a while. Finally, one phone
    conversation that they’re having Yaakov asks
    Yehuda, “tell me something, how do you do
    it? How do you do Shabbat? How do you
    disconnect from everything? How do you
    not go to the mall, to the parks? How do you
    not drive? How do you not use your phone?”
    Yehuda says to him, “buddy, I can’t tell you, I
    would have to show you. I would love to have
    you over for Shabbat one time. Where do you
    live?” Yaakov says, “I live in Kibutz Be’eri,
    in the south.” Yehuda says, “well I live in
    Bnei Brak. I don’t know where that Kibutz is,
    but you’re more than welcome to come to my
    house for a Shabbat in Bnei Brak. I’ll have
    food and board for you and your family, no
    charge, just come and enjoy.” Yaakov says,
    “okay, I don’t mind, let me ask my wife.”
    As Yaakov’s going to ask his wife, Yehuda
    goes, asks his Rav, Rav Chayim Zayid and
    tells him that he has this opportunity. There’s
    a Jew that’s never experienced Shabbat
    and he wants to invite him for Shabbat and
    Yehuda continues that he just doesn’t know
    which Shabbat would be best because the
    next Shabbat coming up is Rosh Hashanah
    and the next week, is Yom Kippur. Rosh
    Hashanah and Yom Kippur are very, very
    hard. Everyone’s praying in shul the whole
    day, he says I don’t think that’s an experience
    for a first timer. So, Rav Chayim tells him,
    “How about Simchat Torah? It’s Shabbat
    and it’s Simchas Torah. Everyone’s dancing
    with the Sifrei Torah, there’s candy, there’s
    sweets. The family will love it.” Yehuda says
    “no can do. I can’t invite them for Simchat
    Torah because on Simchat Torah, every year,
    my whole family goes to my father who lives
    alone in Sderot, in the South.” Rav Chayim
    turns to him and says, “oh, this is a perfect
    opportunity. This year, have your father
    come to you in Bnei Brak, have this family
    come to you in Bnei Brak also, you’ll have an
    entire three family thing for Shabbat. They’ll
    see how you have respect for your father
    as a religious person. They’ll see Shabbat,
    they’ll see the Simcha of the Chag, it’ll be
    beautiful.” Yehuda says, “you know what?
    Not a bad idea.” He calls Yaakov and invites
    him over for Shabbat Simchat Torah 5784,
    this year. Yaakov’s whole family comes to
    their home in Bnei Brak and Yehuda brings
    his father from Sderot. Yaakov’s home in
    Kibbutz Be’eri was attacked. Not only that,
    Yehuda’s father, who lived in Sderot, their
    home was attacked, which was right near
    one of the army posts that was attacked as
    well. Now imagine, if Yehuda had gone to his
    father in Sderot, G-d knows what would have
    happened to them and if Yaakov was home in
    Kibbutz Be’eri, G-d knows what would have
    happened to them. Three families literally

    were saved in the zechut of the mitzvah of
    chesed from the bottom of a person’s heart,
    that just wanted to do something good for
    another person without judging them about
    wearing a kippah, not wearing a kippah.
    Three families were saved in the zechut of
    Shabbat, for deciding, you know what? I
    want to experience Shabbat the real way, one
    time. Through chesed and Shabbat, through
    love and achdut, three families were saved.
    May we only see miracles like this and
    salvations for all of Am Yisrael.
    Vues Master’s Note: Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Top Polish leaders celebrated Chanukah
    in parliament lastThursday, joined by
    members of the Jewish community. The
    celebration serves as a show of solidarity
    after far-right lawmaker Grzegorz Braun
    made international headlines for putting out
    the parliamentary menorah’s candles with a
    fire extinguisher. “This is the true face of
    Poland,” Rabbi Michael Schudrich said. “We
    are all together.” Grzegorz was asked why
    he extinguished the fire. He replied, “i don’t
    know what the big deal was. The candles
    were already burning for over a half hour.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Sounds like a Polish
    joke to me.

    Dear Vues Master:
    The love of a father is for his children. The
    love of his children is for their children.”
    (more love to your children than to your
    parents) We find in this week’s parsha that
    Yehudah was pleading to Yosef to allow
    Binyomin to return to his father otherwise
    his father (Yakov) would die. Why not plead
    about the suffering of Binyomin’s ten sons?
    The Kotzker Rebbe answers “From here
    we see parents are in more pain when their
    children are suffering than the pain children
    have when their parents are suffering”. The
    Zohar in Parshas Vayechi writes,” Yaakov
    bentched his grandchildren before bentching
    his own children because one loves his
    grandchildren more than his children.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Now what about my
    great grandchildren? May I live to see them!