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    Dear Vues Master:
    I heard over the weekend that someone asked Rav
    Hershel Schachter shlita whether they can use their
    maaser kesafim for a chizuk trip to Eretz Yisrael. Rav
    Schechter answered that if the person usually goes to
    Eretz Yisrael twice a year and now wants to say that one
    of his trips is a chizuk trip then no you can’t. But if you
    usually go twice a year & now you are going a third time
    specifically for a chizuk trip then you can. Wow!
    Vues Master’s Note: Ok, have a safe trip!

    Dear Vues Master:
    I don’t know how anyone can go away this year during
    Yeshiva break to an exotic vacation. There is a war
    going on in Eretz Yisrael & people are burying their
    loved ones every day. The chayalim are fighting hard for
    Klal Yisrael. How can we go to Puerto Rico Or Florida
    when a major war is going on?
    Vues Master’s Note: Olam Keminhago holech!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Our organization Bring them Home and Kidnapped
    From Israel which is all over the world, were repulsed
    to see last week’s letter from Yeshiva World regarding
    women placing hostage posters in the Midwood vicinity.
    Quite a few serious allegations were made and I would
    like to address them one by one. Firstly the photographs
    of the hostages and the basic information on them are
    there to do two things 1. Spread awareness about the
    issue – We have our precious brothers and sisters stolen
    from their beds and are being held in terrible conditions
    by Hamas. Detailed pictures always spread awareness
    as who does not now remember the adorable faces of
    the small children being held hostage including Kfir and
    Ariel Bibas, and the Elderly Shlomo Mansour 85, Aryeh
    Zalmovich 85 BDE. 2. These posters are for us. As you
    put your children on the school bus or walk on the ave,
    take a moment to look and remember that the families
    in these kibbutzim do not have the pleasure to do the
    mundane things we do . A picture is a thousand words,

    so yes we need pictures! When you pass those photos
    and your heart twists please say a Perek of Tehillim and
    daven for those hostages. These pictures should invoke
    feelings for tefillah over our hostages. The letter written
    by the gentleman “Yeshiva World” said that posters
    were put up on properties without permission. That is
    not the case , the owner of the construction site as well
    as the homeowners and Rabbi were asked permission
    before the posters were placed there. We actually had
    it recorded on video when these people were asked for
    legal reasons. Nothing and I repeat nothing was hung
    up without permission. To address the allegations that
    it brings anti-semitism to this area. Unfortunately, we
    are living in tough times. Since October 7th there has
    been an open outpouring of Jewish hatred. We are in
    Golus. If you follow Social media you are aware that
    there are awful videos and clips full of hate and the
    fire has spread. Their professors and teachers have
    fed the average non-Jewish college and high school
    student many lies about Israel occupying Gaza and its
    apartheid rules. This has a direct impact on the uptick in
    antisemitic crimes. All Jewish neighborhoods have been
    targeted. If you see that the posters are slashed, that is
    because they found something tangible to do. Thank G-d
    they are slashing posters and not our people. There is no
    correlation between the posters and Jews being attacked.
    Unfortunately, Jews are being attacked everywhere,
    whether there are posters or not. The letter mentioned
    that perhaps the people hanging up the posters should
    join the IDF. Should you “Yeshiva World” be willing to
    pay for our tickets to Israel? Those of us without small
    children would be happy to join some sort of mission
    to help cook/join the war effort. In the future should
    you be so bothered about something it’s always best
    to address the person or group before sending a letter
    which has enough information for community members
    to know exactly who you are speaking about. We all
    have different perspectives and that is ok, but at the end
    of the day, we need to be kind to one another. May this
    war end, may the hostages return, and may we all greet
    the coming of Moshiach. Thank you for your time,
    Your Favorite Hostage Poster Hanger
    Vues Master’s Note: I did not respond to last week’s
    letter so I won’t respond to this one either!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Thank you so much for printing that letter
    about women’s Tznius. I wanted to add that
    women and girls in the audience need to take
    care not to sing and dance where they can
    be heard and seen by men(for example, at a
    concert with mixed seating and/or with male
    performers), no matter how great the music
    Sincerely, NM
    Vues Master’s Note: Maybe men should
    refrain from going to these places! Mixed
    seating is problematic even at a funeral!

    Dear Vues Master
    An antisemite walks into a bar and takes a
    seat. Pretty quickly, he notices a Jew across
    the room and he thinks to himself “I’m gonna
    show him!” He calls the bartender over and
    says “Give everyone a beer on me except that
    Jew over there!” The bartender does exactly
    that. As soon as everyone gets their beer,
    they look at the antisemite, lift their cups and
    say cheers. The antisemite looks at the Jew
    who then also lifts his cup and says cheers to
    the antisemite. He is very confused. Why is
    the Jew doing that after I bought everyone
    a beer except him? So he ups his game. He
    calls over the bartender and says to give out
    a very nice shot of whiskey to everyone but
    that Jew. The bartender does exactly that.
    They all lift their cups to the antisemite
    as does the Jew. Again, the antisemite is
    confused and frustrated. He calls over the
    bartender again and says “Give everyone
    your most expensive drink on me but don’t
    give it to that Jew!” And so he does. Again,
    the Jew lifts his cup and says cheers to the
    antisemite. At this point, the antisemite
    is fuming. He calls over the bartender and
    asks “Why does that Jew keep thanking me
    for buying everyone drinks even though I
    didn’t buy him one?” The bartender looks at
    the antisemite confused and says “Him? He
    owns the bar!”
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: Good one!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Background for those whose heads have
    been in the sand, recently, or who will read
    this well into the future after the sands of
    time will have settled: Student organizations
    at Harvard have publicly held Israel solely
    responsible for the barbarism of Hamas
    this past Simchat Torah, as evidenced by
    witnesses and videos, and then the president
    of Harvard testified that advocating genocide
    of Jews (not just of Israelis) can be defended
    in context. Even before the Simchat Torah
    War, many people noted that Harvard
    no longer represents the highest level of

    excellence and sophistication, considering
    the percentage of its students who are there
    because of the color of their blood (“blue
    blood” aristocrats), not to mention the color
    of their skin (based on the well-intended and
    most admirable goals of diversity, equity,
    and inclusion), let alone the color of the
    money that helped get them in there (green
    dollars for the Americans, and petrodollars
    for whatever the color of oil is for Middle
    Eastern holders of student visas). Without
    even getting into the Congressional testimony
    of Harvard’s president on genocide against
    Jews or her scholarship or lack of it (against
    the scholarship of scholars she allegedly
    plagiarized), this article will focus on the
    remaining students at Harvard who may still
    be among the best and the brightest. Every
    human life is priceless, and every avoidable
    or unnecessary human death is defenseless,
    regardless of religion or nationality. But
    many students – and even professors and
    Board members — at Harvard naively (to
    give them the benefit of the doubt) believe
    or pretend that the only numbers that count
    are the number of civilian Israelis murdered
    in peacetime against the number of human
    shields and victims of counter attacks aimed
    at terrorists who died in wartime. Even
    these numbers are very misleading because
    they fail to take into account the number
    of deadly missiles launched by Hamas into
    major densely occupied Israeli cities (and an
    estimate of the number of Israeli civilians
    targeted by Hamas) as well as the number of
    miracles we have witnessed in that the iron
    dome has been so effective. The members of
    the Harvard community fail to ever mention
    all of these numbers and facts or to put all
    of them into context, a lesson their president
    infamously theoretically advocates. The
    daf yomi that was studied around the world
    on or near the day this newspaper went to
    press (Baba Kama 54) deals with people
    and animals who fell into pits that were
    presumably built with the best of intentions,
    as contrasted with tunnels built with the
    worst of intentions. The victims are divided
    into categories – humans versus animals;
    and victims with common sense (including
    some animals) and those without common
    sense (including some humans). It would
    take a good part of the mesechta to discuss
    all the variations – and it does – but some
    of the commentators take pains to articulate
    one distinction between humans and animals
    who fall into different categories before
    falling into pits. Oxen walk with their heads
    slightly lowered, and therefore, unless they
    are defined as dumb oxen, they are more
    likely to notice the pits in front of them (and
    to walk around them) than are humans who
    walk upright, looking straight ahead, on
    eye level (Tosfos) while thinking a variety
    of thoughts (Me’iri), whether good or bad,
    and whether cloudy or in the clouds. The
    bottom line is that some humans would

    do well to learn from some animals, even
    if none of them went to Harvard. In the
    mesechta of Eruvin (100), Rabbi Yochanan
    is noted and quoted to have said: “Even if
    the Torah had not been given, we would still
    have learned modesty from the cat [which
    covers its bodily eliminations]; [not to] steal,
    from the ant [which does not take grain
    from another ant]; [not to participate in]
    forbidden relations, from the dove [which is
    faithful to its partner]; and proper [“dating”
    or pre-mating] relationships from the rooster
    [which takes pains to impress the hen so that
    the hen will go into a relationship with the
    rooster willingly] before the rooster mates
    with the object of its desires. Even animals
    that walk with their faces closer to – and
    angled closer to — the ground than humans
    can be classified into various categories –
    smart and dumb. The “smart” ones have no
    excuse for falling into pits in the daytime.
    Humans have an excuse, according to some
    commentators, as discussed above. But that
    doesn’t excuse them from at least taking
    precautions, wearing glasses, using walking
    or hiking sticks or poles, where appropriate,
    not texting while walking, and looking
    where they are going. All oxen except the
    “dumb” ones are generally presumed to keep
    their eyes on the ground, see what is ahead
    of them, and act with reasonable caution,
    before moving ahead. The students at our
    elite institutions, and even the “dumb” people
    who don’t get into Harvard (quotation marks
    intended), must take the trouble to see what
    is to be seen before forging ahead. Seeing
    what is to be seen means to see the context
    of whether violence is aimed at civilians
    or to protect civilians, whether people are
    being used as human shields to protect
    offensive missiles or whether the iron dome
    and military maneuvers are used to protect
    civilians. Once there is a clear delineation
    between terrorism and defense, then one can
    come to conclusions as to whether there is
    any context in which intentional barbarism,
    mutilation, murder, and hostage-taking in
    peace time (without cooperating with the
    Red Cross) of Jews and even of some of
    their neutral innocent employees (who were
    not released from captivity immediately
    as soon as their origins were ascertained)
    can be defended “in context.” The whole
    concept of placing facts in context has been
    mutilated by the president of Harvard, and
    further mutilated by the fact that there is no
    context in which her defense of the defense
    of her plagiarized dissertation and of her
    condoning anti-Semitism (short of direct
    and immediate violence) can be condoned.
    Even if the Israeli response to the barbarism
    of October 7th (by attempting to eliminate
    Hamas without any acts of barbarism,
    mutilation, or rape, etc.) can be defined as
    genocide of the people of Gaza (which of
    course it cannot), advocating the genocide
    of ALL JEWS everywhere in the world,

    regardless of their location, views or level
    of support of Zionism or opposition to it,
    cannot possibly be defended in any context.
    Even an ox in the days of the Talmud would
    not be so stupid. Rabbi Reichel is now proud
    to say he never attended Harvard , although
    in addition to obtaining 4 degrees at Yeshiva
    University and 2 of its affiliated schools and
    attending a 5th, he did attend the Hebrew
    University, which was once reputedly proud
    to refer to itself as “the Harvard of the
    Middle East.”
    Rabbi Aaron I. Reichel, Esq.
    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for sharing!

    Dear Vues Master:
    When, oh when, will you be introducing
    the ‘Where’s Ritchie?’ section in the picture
    pages? This would greatly assist us fans in
    getting our Ritchie fix of the week.
    All the best, S.I.F.
    Vues Master’s Note: The question is not
    if the Inspector is in the picture pages, but
    how many times each week. We don’t want to
    make it easy for you!

    Dear Vues Master:
    This is an important reminder: If you don’t
    stand unequivocally with the state of Israel,
    a beacon of democratic light in a dark region
    called the Middle East, then you side with
    Hamas. There is no option C. It’s a very
    simple question. Do the Jews deserve to have
    one country for them to call home or is that
    tiny microscopic dot on the map is too much
    for you to handle among the totally Muslim
    dominated region? If you don’t stand with
    Israel, and that includes not remaining silent,
    just know that you are choosing a side of a
    barbaric organization the likes of which we
    haven’t seen in a very very long time. You
    are siding with child abusers. You are siding
    with rapists. You are siding with pedophiles.
    You are siding with serial killers. You are
    siding with war criminals. You are siding
    with genocidal psychopaths. You are siding
    with people who can’t differentiate between
    you and me because to them, we all look
    like. If that sits well with you, I’m truly sorry
    for you; for your soul, and for the knowledge
    that you will one day have to be held
    accountable for your current stance. You’ll
    have to tell your kids and grandkids that
    those horrible atrocities they heard about?
    Yea; “Your grandpa stood by them and
    supported them.” Sooner or later, the world
    will understand what Hamas is. They can’t
    keep ignoring what the IDF is uncovering
    day after day, nursery after nursery, hospital
    after hospital. Hamas terrorists were born
    without a conscience. Actually that’s not
    true. They were born like the rest of us, in the
    image of God but they chose, as a society,
    to kill their image and to transform into a
    nation of horrible violence and terror. This

    starts for them right when a baby is born.
    Immediate indoctrination. By the time their
    kids are 7, they know that all Jews are pigs,
    and that they all need to die. On top of that,
    they learn how to implement that plan and
    go through training on how to fire automatic
    weapons. At 7. What’s your 7 year old
    learning how to do? Ride a bike? Again,
    these are the people you are siding with.
    The whole ‘Poor Palestinians’ narrative is
    over. It ended at 6:30 AM on October 7th.
    Whoever you are and whatever you do, no
    one is asking you to stop living. But I am
    asking you to dig deep into your heart and
    realize this is a moral issue so significant,
    remaining silent is not an option, at least not
    a moral one. Speak up. Stand with Israel.
    Free Gaza from their oppressors, Hamas,
    and put international pressure on Hamas to
    surrender and return all the hostages. Then,
    and only then will this war end and you’ll
    go to the grave knowing you stood on the
    right side of history.
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: I am besides myself!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A man once boasted that a wealthy
    industrialist was prepared to pay $100,000
    just to see his face. When pressed, he
    explained that the industrialist was blind.
    MB Vues Master’s Note: I see the point in
    it! HACHOO Dear Vues Master:
    חזקוני The הנה אביך חולה בראשית מ“ח א’
    quotes a אליעזר‘ דר פרקי ” From the day of
    creation, people used to die suddenly after
    sneezing. Yakov Avinu davened for this to
    end and asked that one should have some
    advance notice of his death by becoming
    sick. In Chazal & Halacha, we find to say
    for this reason
    .אסותה- מרפא-חיים – לישועתך קויתי ה
    Interestingly, even Goyim say Gezundheit –
    Bless you, etc. The דוד צמח ספר
    the In “writes -תלמידו של הרמ“א ומהר“ל
    year 590 (ן“ש (There was a pandemic in
    almost the entire world. People sneezed and
    immediately dropped to the ground dead.
    Yaqoub Eisenberg wrote that from then
    on all nations adopted the Minhag to say
    Gesundheit, etc. when sneezing.
    Vues Master’s Note: This is important and
    is nothing to sneeze at!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!
    The pro-Hamas students at Manhattan’s
    New School who recently blocked the
    entrance to campus trampled the memory
    of the Zionist scholar who co-founded
    the university, and of the refugees from
    Nazi genocide who served as its core
    faculty for decades. For several hours

    on December 4, dozens of extremists
    physically prevented fellow-students
    from entering, waved Palestinian flags,
    and falsely accused Israel of committing

    genocide. One student walking by the pro-
    Hamas protesters told reporters that they

    encircled her and shouted accusations
    about her being a “colonizer.” The protest
    was organized by the campus branch of
    Students for Justice in Palestine, which has
    praised the October 7 pogrom by Hamas
    in southern Israel, in which over 1200
    Israelis were massacred, tortured, raped, or
    beheaded, with hundreds more abducted.
    Before ditching class and picking up their
    bullhorns, the students should have taken
    a few minutes to read up on the history
    of their own school. I wonder if they
    know, for example, that the university was
    co-founded by the philosopher Horace M.
    Kallen, who was one of the earliest leaders
    of the American Zionist movement.
    Kallen lectured and wrote tirelessly in
    support of creating a Jewish state in the
    Holy Land. The New School’s Jewish
    roots don’t end there. In the 1930s, when
    many American universities refused to
    help German Jewish scholars who were
    trying to flee the Nazis, the New School
    stepped up. It created a new division,
    the University in Exile, for the specific
    purpose of rescuing fugitive professors.
    Unlike today’s protesters, who hurl the
    term “genocide” at anybody they dislike,
    the refugee scholars who taught at the New
    School knew from first-hand experience
    what it’s like to be persecuted by a
    genuinely genocidal regime. Although
    few Jewish refugees were permitted by
    the Roosevelt administration to enter the
    United States, a clause in the immigration
    law admitted foreign scholars outside the
    strict quota system. The New School used
    that provision to save 184 of the world’s
    most brilliant intellectuals. And they, in
    turn, vastly enriched the university—
    and the country—with their knowledge
    and experience. The refugee faculty
    included some of the world’s most famous
    economists, legal scholars, psychologists
    (such as Gestalt pioneer Max Wertheimer),
    sociologists (including the founders of the
    authoritative journal Social Research),
    and political scientists. Some of them had
    served in earlier German governments
    and lent their expertise to the Roosevelt
    administration’s New Deal initiatives and,
    later, America’s war effort. Refugee
    Hans Simons began his association with
    the New School in 1935 as a professor
    of political science. He went to become
    dean of its School of Politics, Director of
    International Studies and finally, in 1950,
    president of the university. At the time,
    the New School had 5,000 students and
    just a single building. In the decade
    he was president, Dr. Simons initiated an

    expansion effort that saw the student body
    grow to 8,000, along with the construction
    of two new buildings—both named after
    Jewish philanthropists who generously
    funded them. I wonder how many of the
    pro-Hamas students who make use of the
    Jacob M. Kaplan Building or the Albert A.
    List Building each day know about Kaplan
    and List, sons of the immigrant generation
    who had to drop out of school as teenagers
    to support their families. Their sweat and
    toil made it possible for today’s students
    to enjoy a comfortable campus life.
    Probably few, if any, of the pro-Hamas
    students know how the New School came
    to adopt the phrase “To the Living Spirit”
    as its official motto. The backstory is that a
    building at the University of Heidelberg, in
    pre-Hitler Germany, bore a plaque urging
    students to “be the Living Spirit.” When
    the Nazis rose to power, they tore down
    the sign. They also purged Jewish faculty
    members and instituted a completely
    Nazified curriculum. As a demonstration
    that the New School’s University in Exile
    would represent the very opposite of the
    totalitarianism to which Heidelberg had
    succumbed, the school adopted the old
    Heidelberg slogan as its own. Despite
    protests by New School faculty members,
    prominent U.S. universities, including
    Harvard, Columbia and Yale, sent
    delegates to take part in celebrations at the
    University of Heidelberg in 1936. It was
    part of the broader tragedy of Ivy League
    schools cultivating friendly relations with
    Nazi Germany. As for Zionism and
    Israel, New School co-founder Kallen
    was far from the only Zionist in the New
    School’s illustrious history. Stella Adler, a
    strong supporter of Israel, chaired its drama
    department, and among her students was
    Marlon Brando, an equally ardent Zionist.
    Brando later recalled how the refugee
    scholars “enriched the city’s intellectual
    life with an intensity that has probably
    never been equaled anywhere during a
    comparable period of time.” New School
    drama alumni Ben Gazzara and Shelley
    Winters were active in a pro-Israel group
    in Hollywood; a statement they and other
    entertainers drafted—back in 1976—
    warned that Israel was “the target of total
    planned destruction” by its Arab enemies.
    Another alum, Walter Matthau, famously
    clashed with Vanessa Redgrave over her
    film supporting Palestinian terrorists. In
    short, American Zionists and European
    Jewish refugees made the New School
    what it is today. They must be spinning in
    their graves at the spectacle of New School
    students cheering on the mass murderers
    of Israeli Jews and slandering the Jewish
    Rafael Medoff
    Vues Master’s Note: As always you are spot

    Dear Vues Master:
    “I will probably regret this later, but here
    goes. A close friend of mine grew up in
    the same city as me. We went to the same
    elementary school. Same high school.
    Same beis medrash. We both took the
    LSATs (he did better). When we each got
    married, both of us were encouraged to stay
    in learning. The difference? He listened, I
    didn’t. I wanted to make a living and went
    to law school. He wanted more out of
    life and wanted to teach Torah to the next
    generation. So he stayed in Yeshiva. Fast
    forward a bunch of years. I am a lawyer
    living in the Five Towns. He had climbed
    the ranks in Chinuch and is inspiring
    hundreds. Now he applies to get his son
    into camp. Rejected. I apply to the same
    camp. Accepted. *There were no other
    factors involved in this decision, and yes,
    he agreed to pay in full just like I had.
    Why? Well, because of his desire to teach
    Torah he ended up in a community, and his
    kid ended up in a school, that apparently
    doesn’t rank as high as my community/

    school on the Yeshivish-enough-for-our-
    camp’s-reputation scorecard. Sure, his kid

    will wear the same hat my kid will wear at
    his Bar Mitzvah. His wife wears the same
    sheitel my wife wears. But even those
    superficialities are not enough. Because
    heaven forbid we risk our reputation
    by accepting a kid from THAT school/
    community. So I ask, years from now, when
    this kid is told by his rebbeim that he has
    the skills and knowledge to be marbitz
    torah, what do you think he will decide?”
    Vues Master’s Note: SAD but perfect
    example of daas baal haBayis hepech daas

    Dear Vues Master:
    An Israeli driver took his car to the mechanic
    to have his brakes repaired. The mechanic
    examined the car and told him it would cost
    6,000 shekel. The driver thought about it
    for a moment and responded: “Forget the
    brakes. Just fix the horn.”
    Vues Master’s Note: It happened here in
    NYC too! The Mechanic responded “Ich
    feiff dich ahn!”