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    Dear Vues Master:
    Yesterday, I returned from Eretz Yisroel, and on
    the way back, I sat next to a fellow. We nodded
    a few times as we were waiting for the suitcases. I
    introduced myself, and I asked him why he went to
    Eretz Yisroel. I saw he was there with his family. I
    thought they went for a vacation. He told me that his
    son was Niftar. I couldn’t believe it. I gave him a hug.
    I thought maybe it’s his son in the army. He told me
    he had an eight year old child, and the boy was niftar
    suddenly. I hugged him again. I was overwhelmed by
    the tzara, and that this person was sitting next to me
    the entire time, and I didn’t bother to find out what
    might be troubling him. As I was leaving the airport, I
    thought to myself, Lo Meever Layam Hei, you don’t
    have to go across the Atlantic to find, and hear the Tzar
    of Klal Yisrael, and to be able to try to feel the pain
    to minimize the tzar of those who are suffering. There
    are people in our communities, people that are sitting
    right next to us that are going through tremendously
    difficult times. If only we’d have the sensitivity to
    be able to try to feel their pain. I was very moved
    by the whole incident, but I think it’s something that
    we need to keep in mind. What’s going on in Eretz
    Yisrael now is meant to partially make us feel, make
    us really, really feel for fellow Jews. But we don’t
    need to go to Eretz Yisrael to act upon it. We can do
    it in our own backyards, and hopefully iy”H we will.
    Vues Master’s Note: What a sad story! Makes me cry.
    We should no longer have tzaar, only Simcha!

    Dear Vues Master:
    After the October 7th terror attack on Israel by Hamas,
    many Jews responded with a dramatic increase of
    interest in religious observance. This resurgence
    is consistent with recent research findings that the
    experience of “loss during war increases religiosity.”
    Many secular Jews are seeking expressions of Jewish
    identity they never felt before, increasing synagogue
    attendance, lighting candles, and spawning a global

    shortage of tefillin and mezuzahs. A recent survey
    of 211 Chabad rabbis found 86% reported seeing
    increased synagogue and program attendance since
    the attack, and 98.6% reported seeing an increase
    “in personal practice related to Jewish traditions and
    observances among community members.” Amid
    this great awakening, a small yeshiva in Passaic is
    suddenly bursting at the seams, flooded with newly
    observant adults, or baalei teshuva. Yeshiva Ner
    Baruch Passaic Torah Institute (PTI) was founded
    by Rabbi Shlomo Singer with the belief that “every
    Jew belongs in a yeshiva.” He developed a method
    to make rigorous in-depth learning accessible, even
    to people with limited background. “We pitch Torah
    at a very high level, but make it accessible no matter
    what your background,” says Rabbi Singer. There
    are dozens of programs for men and women and
    multiple levels of day and night classes, from the rote
    beginner to the most advanced student. Rabbi Singer
    has spent a life in kiruv, literally from birth, when his
    rabbinical father’s dream was to find a pulpit “where
    there is no frumkeit,” landing in a coal mining town
    in Pennsylvania. Rabbi Singer developed a prototype
    of accessible inclusive learning while employed as
    a shul chazan. Upon retiring, he started PTI in his
    dining room and soon moved to its current location
    in a converted Mediterranean style house. Just
    since the terror attack, an explosion of new 20 and
    30-somethings has overrun the yeshiva, stretching its
    capacity to the limit and necessitating plans for a larger
    building. Recruiting this new influx is Ben Rand, 32,
    who himself has been at PTI a matter of months after
    a stint at Aish Hatorah in Jerusalem that changed his
    life. “This is a strange time for the Jewish people and
    for the whole world. One major disruption after the
    other. It defies reason–the world blaming victims
    for their own massacre, antisemitism in the name of
    civil rights, the double standard for Israel, political
    extremism, COVID,” Rand says. “The world has lost
    all of its values and a lot of us are asking why all
    this is happening. It’s like a spiritual alarm clock. The
    only reason Jews are still here is G-d. We feel a call to
    action, a need to find our purpose.” Surprisingly, Rand

    discovered only after starting at PTI that
    his father and uncle had studied at PTI
    during the yeshiva’s infancy many years
    ago. It was their ties in the construction
    field that originally converted the house
    into a yeshiva. Indeed, the original
    generation of PTI learners came during
    the golden age of kiruv, returning “on
    fire” from new outreach yeshivas like
    Aish and Ohr Somayach. They feel
    they’re mentoring younger versions of
    themselves in this incoming generation.
    “It brings back memories of the most
    exciting time of my life,” recalls Shmuel
    Brodsky,” who followed a similar path
    decades ago. “This is a place to inspire
    and be inspired.” The latest addition to
    the PTI lineup is the Young Professionals
    program, coordinated by Rand. The
    group meets every Thursday night. It
    features a free hot buffet, guest speakers,
    guided group learning, and always
    concludes with a musical kumzits that
    builds the camaraderie and momentum of
    the group. It just concluded a successful
    shabbaton and plans another in early
    2024. Integrating the daunting number
    of PTI’s new programs and students
    into the greater yeshiva is Rabbi Baruch
    Bodenheim, Associate Rosh Yeshiva and
    long-time columnist in the Jewish Link
    and Monsey Mevasser. Rabbi Bodenheim
    has been racing to keep up with the
    rush of new entrants by creating more
    programs for men and women, recruiting
    teachers and volunteers, and upgrading
    technology and communication systems.
    Welcoming the new entrants, he set the
    tone, “It’s an upside-down world where
    bad is seen as good, and good is seen as
    bad. Yehivas are a haven of sanity and the
    Torah is the one place of truth. The Jewish
    world is feeling we’re all in this together
    as one people, and you men are taking up
    the calling.” There is learning literally
    around the clock, day and night seven
    days a week, including four levels of
    gemara learning in the evening, morning
    programs for retirees, a day kollel of
    advanced scholars, Sunday shiurim,
    Zoom classes for distance learners,
    distinguished speakers series, chavrusas,
    and programs for women all week.
    Everything is free. “Come in and we’ll
    find a shiur that fits your background,
    interest, and schedule,” invites Rabbi
    Bodenheim. To meet the demand for
    programming while running a new
    building campaign isn’t an easy task. As
    the website PTI.shulcloud.com promotes

    the upcoming annual dinner, a greater
    than normal turnout is also anticipated as
    people recognize the relevance of PTI in
    these troubled times. Summing up PTI’s
    place in the trend, Rabbi Yitz Greenman,
    a 40 year veteran of numerous kiruv
    programs including as former Executive
    Director of Aish Worldwide, reflects,
    “There is great confusion in the world
    now, with double and triple standards
    facing the Jewish people and many are
    wondering what is happening and why.
    The Torah is the source of moral clarity
    and provides the answers that people are
    looking for. We must share the meaning,
    relevance and depth of Torah with every
    member of our tribe, and right now!
    That’s PTI.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Pretty impressive!
    Wow! Keep up the good work!

    Dear Vues Master
    Since the outbreak of the war in Israel
    on October 7th, hundreds of thousands
    of Palestinian workers from Yehudah
    and Shomron have been barred from
    entering Israel. The security reasons
    for the move are obvious but the lack
    of workers has negatively affected
    many industries in Israel, especially
    the construction and agricultural
    industries. To solve the problem
    without endangering Israel, the Israeli
    government is finalizing a plan to
    permanently bar Palestinian workers
    and end Israel’s dependence on them,
    Kan News reported on Sunday evening.
    Israel will bring in about 25,500 workers
    from Sri Lanka, 20,000 workers from
    China, 17,000 workers from India,
    13,000 workers from Thailand, and
    6,000 workers from Moldova. In
    addition, an initiative has been launched
    to incentivize Israelis to work in the
    construction and agricultural industries.
    The plan will require new deals
    with these countries. The diplomatic
    groundwork is already being carried out
    by the Foreign Ministry in cooperation
    with the Finance, Interior and Labor
    ministries. The initial plan had been
    approved by Finance Minister Betzalel
    Smotrich and the final plan is scheduled
    to be presented to the economic cabinet
    in about two weeks.
    Vues Master’s Note: B”H. It’s about time
    they did this!

    Dear Vues Master:
    According to Harav Hagaon R.Shlomo

    Miller Shlita, naming a child after a non-
    Frum family member is acceptable &

    at times even recommended. The main
    reason we name after an individual who
    passed away is to honor him or his living
    relative. It is usually done as הטוב הכרת.
    (Gratitude) הטוב הכרת overrules all the
    reasons for not naming after a non-Frum
    person. We find ישראל בני as a הטוב הכרת
    named their children after Alexander the
    Vues Master’s Note: I thought it was for
    Alexander the Grape!

    Dear Vues Master:
    I’d like to offer my copywriting services
    to all the antisemites out there. It’s on the
    house. Feel free to copy and paste this to
    your social media accounts. Let’s start
    with the UN: “We would like to formally
    apologize for being a completely corrupt
    organization for the past 75 years. We’d
    like to apologize for being Hamas’
    puppet and continuing to spread more
    blood libels and Jew hatred. We fully
    recognize that we have been obsessed
    with Israel because it’s the only Jewish
    state and we are, in truth, an antisemitic
    organization. Now that we’ve corrected
    that, we actually don’t know what to do
    with ourselves so we’re just gonna call it
    quits and shut our doors. Bye everyone.“
    UNRWA: “We would like to let everyone
    know that we have rebranded and we
    are finally changing our name to reflect
    our work. The new name we came up
    with is true to our founding principles.
    Hamas. From here on out, UNRWA will
    be removing our silly masks that no one
    fell for and calling ourselves what we
    are, actual terrorists. We thank you for
    your support. Now excuse us, we need
    to make sure Hamas has enough supplies
    for their tunnels and enough textbooks
    to poison the next generation.” The
    Canadian/UK/South African/French (and
    many others) governments: “We would
    like to announce that we are officially
    adopting Sharia law and letting radical
    Islamism take over our country. We
    have zero moral compass or backbone
    and we have Jew hatred in our bones
    so we have decided to stop pretending
    we are anything other than full blown
    antisemites. It was nice knowing you all.

    According to Sharia law, the internet is
    off limits so buh bye.” Pro Palestinian
    protestors: “We would like to announce
    that we are no longer branding our
    marches as pro Palestinian. We realized
    no one buys that story anyway. So from
    here on out, we will be hosting anti Jew
    marches around the world. We will block
    highways, assault cops, and create total
    chaos with the hopes that we will annoy
    the living daylights out of everyone and
    they will hopefully blame the Jews.
    Wish us luck.” The squad: “While we
    are officially American politicians, we
    all met today and decided that we are
    tired of pretending. So we are officially
    announcing our loyalty to Hamas, PIJ,
    Hezbolloh and any other radical Islamic
    organization. Our only condition to help
    is that the organization has to make
    sure to murder, rape, and mutilate as
    many Jews as possible. If they do that,
    we’ll make sure to rally on their behalf
    in congress.” Ok, I’ll stop there. If you
    are reading this and you don’t stand with
    Israel, I am more than happy to write your
    copy too. No charge. No strings attached.
    I gotchu. Just let me know. How’d I do?
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for your

    Dear Vues Master:
    Palestinian Arab children as young as
    ten years old took an active part in the
    Hamas pogrom on October 7, according
    to shocking new testimony from
    eyewitnesses. A survivor named Raziel
    Tamil, who was hiding in a citrus grove
    adjacent to the Israeli music festival
    that Hamas attacked, saw terrorists
    hand rifles to a group of children in
    Hamas garb—whom he estimated to be
    between six and ten years old—“and
    directed them to execute hostages,
    which they did,” the Washington Free
    Beacon reported. Amotz Bazer and
    his family were barricaded in their safe
    room in Kibbutz Nir Oz when terrorists
    approached their home. Bazer “heard the
    gunmen push two young boys through
    the window. The boys then opened the
    front door for the armed terrorists.” He
    said that based on the sound of the boys’
    voices, he believed they were probably
    about ten years old, since Bazer has
    children the same age. Footage from
    security cameras has provided further
    confirmation of children’s involvement

    on October 7. The Beacon noted that
    “an online video of a 12-year-old Israeli
    boy’s abduction from Nir Oz [showed]
    a Gazan boy of about the same age
    accompanying the kidnappers.” Also,
    “boys were among the mob of Gazans
    recorded crossing into Israel after
    Hamas terrorists breached the border,”
    and a Hamas-linked Associated Press
    stringer “photographed a Gazan boy
    entering [Kibbutz] Kfar Aza.” The
    Beacon added: “In addition to the
    children, hundreds of ordinary Gazans,
    including teenagers, joined in Hamas’s
    bloody rampage across southern Israeli
    communities.” Such scenes are not
    unfamiliar to those who have studied
    previous Arab wars against Israel.
    A front page report in the Palestine
    [Jerusalem] Post on December 3,
    1947 began: “A mob of 200 Arab
    hooligans between 10 and 20 years of
    age…smashed windows, looted shops
    and stabbed a number of people” in
    downtown Jerusalem. Those teenage
    and pre-teen Palestinian Arabs were
    angry at the recent United Nations
    resolution recommending creation of a
    sovereign Palestinian state alongside a
    small Jewish state. They expressed their
    fury by smashing, looting, and stabbing
    Jews. And burning them, too. The
    Post reported that the young terrorists
    “forced their way into textile and trade
    shops” where “the proprietors and
    workers had barricaded themselves”
    to escape the mob. The attackers “set
    goods on fire.” Not unlike those who
    burned Jews alive in southern Israel last
    month. Some Israeli media outlets
    have been reporting for years that
    summer camps operated by Hamas in
    Gaza, and by the Palestinian Authority
    in the areas it occupies, train children
    to use weapons and glorify terrorists.
    Unfortunately, most mainstream
    American and European publications
    and media agencies have ignored
    such reports. Dictators in previous
    generations likewise prioritized training
    children to hate and kill. Adolf Hitler,
    for example, viewed Germany’s schools
    as a breeding ground for raising an entire
    generation of Nazis. Following Hitler’s
    rise to power in 1933, German school
    curricula and text books were revised
    to reflect Nazi ideas. The new biology
    texts advocated the theory of “Aryan”
    racial superiority. Atlases focused on
    the alleged danger to Germany posed

    by surrounding nations and claimed
    that various territories had been stolen
    from Germany. History books presented
    justifications for German militarism.
    The Nazis even created their own
    version of the Cinderella story, with the
    prince favoring a racially pure young
    heroine who rejects her racially alien
    stepmother. Nazi-educated German
    children filled the ranks of the Hitler

    Youth movement. Teenage and pre-
    teen members took part in numerous

    atrocities, from forcing Jews to scrub
    the streets of Vienna with toothbrushes
    in 1938, to the mass shooting of Jews
    swimming from sinking boats in the
    German harbor of Lubeck in 1945. In
    addition, many of those who graduated
    from Hitler Youth joined the Gestapo
    and participated in the mass murder of
    European Jewry. Most branches of the
    Nazi apparatus collapsed or surrendered
    in the waning days of World War II—
    but not Hitler Youth, whose members
    remained fanatically loyal to their Fuhrer
    to the very end of the war. That’s why
    they are often mentioned in accounts of
    atrocities that were perpetrated in the
    spring of 1945. Menachem Weinryb,
    an Auschwitz survivor who was forced
    to take part in a death march from
    Poland to Germany, recalled how when
    the prisoners reached the Belsen area on
    April 13, 1945, the German guards went
    to a nearby town “and returned with a lot
    of young people from the Hitler Youth
    [and local policemen]…They chased us
    all into a large barn…we were five to
    six thousand people…[They] poured out
    petrol and set the barn on fire. Several
    thousand people were burned alive.”
    Raising children to kill, whether in Nazi
    Germany in the 1930s or in Gaza today,
    always has deadly consequences.
    Rafael Medoff
    Vues Master’s Note: As usual you are
    right on target!

    Dear Vues Master:
    When אייבשיץ יהונתן רבי was in Vienna,
    the Emperor asked to see him. “I have
    heard that you are very wise,” the
    Emperor said, “that you are able to
    foresee the future. I’m going hunting
    today. Can you tell me which city gate I
    will take upon my return to the palace?”
    יהונתן רבי thought for a moment, took a
    piece of paper and wrote a few words
    on it. He then placed the paper in an

    envelope, sealed it and gave it to the
    Emperor with the request that he not
    open it until after he returns to the city.
    The Emperor went hunting and on his
    return he figured he would outsmart
    the Jew and ordered his soldiers to
    breach the city wall so that he would
    not pass through any of the gates. After
    entering the city, the Emperor opened
    the envelope and read the note which
    :written had רבי יהונתן
    “.מלך פורץ לעשות לו דרך”
    Vues Master’s Note:I was on the fence
    regarding his response! But he locked it
    up with a wall of an answer!

    Dear Vues Master:
    In 1847, Rothschild visited Eretz
    Yisrael to inaugurate one of his projects
    in a moshav. In those days, the Ottoman
    rulers did not permit Jews to build
    new homes. To comply with the law,
    Rothschild had received permits to
    build four barns for the cows which
    he owned. Each “barn” had relatively
    spacious apartments on both a first floor
    and a second floor. As the inauguration
    ceremony was occurring, a Turkish
    inspector appeared and demanded
    to know who had authorized the
    construction. “Here are the permits,” the
    Baron said. The inspector entered one of
    the “barns” and saw the steps leading to
    the second floor. “Do you mean to tell
    me that cows are going to walk up to
    the second floor?” he asked. “Of course
    not,” Rothschild answered. “That’s
    where we’ll store the hay.”
    Vues Master’s Note: I heard they sold
    him the Brooklyn Bridge too.

    Dear Vues Master:
    There is a new frightening statistic: 25
    percent of the women in this country are
    on medication for mental illness. That’s
    scary. It means 75 percent are running
    around untreated.
    Vues Master’s Note: Sounds like, YOU
    the letter writer forgot your meds! Not
    everyone is crazy! Some hide it better!

    Dear Vues Master:
    And he blessed them on that day,
    saying: In you [future fathers] will

    Yisroel bless [their sons], saying:
    “May G-d make you as Ephraim and
    Manasseh.” Berashis 48:20 Rav Hirsch
    says that Asanas raised Yosef’s son, she
    made sure they honored and respected
    their father. This was no small feat as
    she would be inclined to raise them
    according to the idolatrous ways of
    her parents and/or the aristocrats she
    rubbed elbows with. Also, she had good
    reason not to give heed to Yosef as he
    was a slave and an ex-prisoner. Based
    on this, I was contemplating if it would
    be wise for my son, in his present state
    of mind, to invest in his children since
    he is a product of me, a baal teshuva
    (second class) and a heretical mother
    who worships CCY like the rest of her
    family. Plus he’s no Yosef, who honored
    his father. His wife on the other hand is
    a bas Cohen (noble person) and both her
    parents are FFB (social). Barring her
    acting like Asanas, it looks like she isn’t
    going to bear him children. Therefore, I
    wouldn’t put too much energy into your
    children unless you decide to become a
    man and like Yosef
    Vues Master’s Note: I think his biggest
    problem is having a father and future
    grandfather like you who spews hate!

    Dear Vues Master:
    The Torah relates that
    A .לכל בני ישראל לא יחרץ כלב לשונו
    reason for this is found in yesterday’s
    דף, which says ;
    כלבים צועקים, מלאך המות בעיר
    the At . כלבים שוחקים, אליהו הנביא בעיר
    very time that בכורות מכת took place,
    הנביא אליהו came to the Jews. Thus, the
    dogs could neither howl nor play and
    were forced to remain silent.
    Vues Master’s Note: Now I understand
    why criminals are told you have the
    right to remain silent!