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    Dear Vues Master:
    A good friend of mine unexpectedly lost his wife. A couple
    months later we were golfing together, chatting about
    nothing. He asked what my dinner plans were and I told
    him wifey wanted my homemade chili and cornbread, but I
    didn’t feel like stopping at the store. We golfed a few more
    minutes when he quietly said, “Make the chili.” It took me
    a few minutes to realize we were no longer talking about
    dinner. It was about going out of your way to do something
    for someone you love because at any moment, they could
    unexpectedly be taken from you. So today I’m sharing with
    you that wisdom handed to me by my dear friend, that I’ve
    thought of many times since that day. Next time someone
    you love wants you to go for a walk or watch a football
    game or play a board game or just put your phone down
    and give them your undivided attention, just do it. “Make
    the chili.”
    Vues Master’s Note: You never appreciate what you have
    until you no longer have it!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A Jew immigrated to America, went into business and
    struck it rich. A boyhood friend met him and said: “I’m so
    glad for you. What’s the best thing that’s happened from
    having no financial worries?” He confessed: “My wife
    stopped cooking.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Again we don’t appreciate what we
    have until we no longer are able to have it!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Many years ago I attended a chess match at a local chess
    club. We were watching two grandmasters play for a big
    money prize. I, along with all the other observers, were
    mere chess buffs and were nowhere near the level of the
    players we were observing. Suddenly, In the middle of
    the match, one of the players made a surprising move
    that elicited groans and looks of bewilderment from the
    crowd. Even the analyst who was explaining the moves
    seemed to be at a loss. It was incomprehensible and
    seemed to be an egregious error that could cost him the
    match. However, to our surprise, a mere three moves later
    his opponent abruptly stood up, shook his hand and left!

    We were all dumbfounded! After studying the board for a
    few minutes our analyst suddenly nodded knowingly and
    broke into a broad smile. He then explained the logic of the
    perplexing move which caused his opponent to suddenly
    resign. As he played out the rest of the game for us we
    suddenly realized that what had seemed to be a foolish
    and incomprehensible move suddenly became a stroke of
    genius. In the aftermath of the horrific and unforgivable
    Hamas massacre, inexplicable intelligence failures and
    ongoing hostage crisis we are a nation reeling and struggling
    to find meaning and answers to our existential questions.
    The divine chessboard grows more complex and dangerous
    daily, with many new pieces in play creating unforeseen,
    new scenarios and moral dilemmas! Every move must be
    carefully weighed, considered, and calculated. One misstep
    can be catastrophic! Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Houties,
    Syria not to mention the hate indoctrinated local terrorists
    all joining forces to exterminate us while we attempt to rid
    ourselves of our mortal enemies under the intense scrutiny
    and pressure of the United States, the biased UN and the
    antisemitic international community! Combined with a
    crucial, controversial, upcoming American presidential
    election, exploding worldwide antisemitism, crime, campus
    violence, insane Woke liberalism, moral turpitude, the total
    collapse of traditional American values and the complete
    absence of common sense the future seems bleak indeed!
    But wait! The good news is that we are not alone! Our moves
    are not guided by our puny, human intellect alone! They
    are preordained, divinely inscribed in our national destiny
    and predicted by our prophets from time immemorial!
    What we are witnessing and living through are nothing less
    than the birth pangs of the coming of Moshiach! All the
    almost surreal, irrational, nightmarish events are the long
    prophesied precursors to the long awaited End of Days!
    “Can’t you hear the sound of silent footsteps in the night –
    he’s coming closer And can’t you hear the blare of distant
    trumpets in the air – he’s coming closer! And can’t you
    see society is crumbling they don’t know – he’s coming
    closer! And praised is he who righteously is waiting for
    that day – he’s coming closer!“ All of our Torah learning,
    Maasim Tovim, Tefillos,Tzedaka and Mesiras Nefesh have
    finally broken down the doors of Heaven! For those still
    perplexed and troubled by the surprising, seeming illogical
    and counterintuitive direction of current events… Let me
    explain: “MY WAYS ARE NOT YOUR WAYS” saith the
    Lord! Hashem’s plans and methods are inscrutable. The
    road to Moshiach has from antiquity been cloaked and

    hidden in mystery and intrigue. From Lot and
    his daughters to Yehudah and Tamar and on
    to Rus and Boaz the royal lineage of Malchus
    Bais Dovid has defied easy comprehension.
    We cannot fathom all the unknowable twists
    and turns still to come in the incredible
    journey of the royal soul of King David as
    it wends its way through history to the End
    of Days scenario. As we have seen, no one
    can predict what the next moment holds let
    alone the coming weeks and months. Trump
    or Biden, it doesn’t matter! Hashem is the
    ultimate grandmaster and as we watch his
    dramatic moves on the global chessboard
    we can only gaze in shock and awe as we
    struggle to comprehend the Master plan. But
    rest assured. Like our ancestors as they stood
    trapped with the mighty sea before them and
    the fearsome Egyptian army behind them, they
    were suddenly saved by miraculous, divine
    intervention as the sea split. So too today, as
    we stand surrounded by enemies, threatened
    by a raging, rising, virulent anti-Semitism,
    rioting, lawlessness, immorality and the
    imminent collapse of society we stand poised
    and ready for Hashem’s master stroke. It’ll be
    a move so dramatic and unforgettable that on
    that day the entire world will shout in unison…
    “HASHEM HU HUH-ELOKIM!” So while
    the match is still being played it is futile to
    try to understand every move. His ways are
    not our ways! None of us are grandmasters
    of the divine plan. Only when the game is
    finally over will we be able to look back over
    our entire history and see the genius in every
    move. So continue your learning, Davening,
    giving Tzedaka, saying Tehillim etc but all
    the while keeping one eye on the match. We
    may not understand the significance of every
    move but we already know the pre-ordained
    outcome. We know who’s going to win! May
    we soon hear these words once more:
    אל תיראו התעצבו וראו את ישועת הי….
    הי ילחם לכם ואתם תחרשון
    Chazak Chazak v’nisChazeik
    Country Yossi Toiv
    Vues Master’s Note: Let us be zoche to have
    Moshiach soon!

    Dear Vues Master:
    We learn in the Talmud
    means That” הבא להרגך, השכם להורגו”
    that when someone is going to kill you, you
    need to actively prevent him from doing so
    even if it means by eliminating the threat.
    Waiting for the killer to shoot the first bullet
    or throw the first punch, that’s not moral. It’s
    the opposite. Hamas and the rest of the radical
    Islamic organizations have made it perfectly
    clear what they want to do to Israel and every
    Jew around the world. Israel shouldn’t wait
    till they act. Israel should go on the offense
    and remove the threats from its borders.
    Waiting is what the presidents of MIT, Penn,

    and Harvard said to do. Calling for genocide
    of Jews is only bad when speech crosses over
    into conduct. No, Jews don’t have to wait till
    our enemies act. We should preempt them and
    actively remove them from our borders. If
    you don’t like it, if Jews actively defending
    themselves offends you, well, guess what?
    You have a Jew hating problem. On behalf of
    all Jews worldwide, I refuse to apologize to
    you for existing. Get over it. Israel Defense
    Forces. It’s time we changed it to Israel
    Offense Forces or Israel Proactive Forces. IPF
    has a nice ring…
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: Sounds good to me!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Yechezkel HaNavi was instructed to take
    two sticks and inscribe the names Yehuda
    and Yosef on them. He was then to place the
    sticks near one another whereupon they fused
    together into one, symbolizing the eventual
    unification of the two Jewish kingdoms,
    Malchus Yehuda and Malchus Yisroel. Why
    was Malchus Yehuda referred to as “Bnei”
    Yisroel while Malchus Yisroel was referred to
    as “Bais” Yisroel? R’ Meir Simcha HaKohen
    zt”l (Meshech Chochma) explains that “Bnei”
    Yisroel denotes a male connotation, whereas
    “Bais” Yisroel implies a female connotation.
    Malchus Yehuda was called Bnei Yisroel
    since it housed the Bais Hamikdash and was
    considered the “main” kingdom in Eretz
    Yisroel. Malchus Yehuda also merited that all
    the Jews were Oleh Regel there on the three
    Regalim. The mitzvah of Aliyah L’regel was
    only required for men while the women stayed
    home. On the other hand, Malchus Yisroel
    was called Bais Yisroel, with its female
    connotation marking a clear reference to the
    women who stayed home and are considered
    the “Ikeres HaBayis” – the mainstays of a
    Jewish home. Men and women have different
    roles in life. Hashem allowed both Jewish
    kingdoms to exist since they were each meant
    to serve a different purpose in life. Ultimately,
    in the times of Mashiach, Hashem will fuse
    the two kingdoms allowing those roles to be
    served by one merged kingdom, similar to
    the how men and women marry and utilize
    their individual strengths and roles to create a
    fused, wholesome Jewish home.
    Vues Master’s Note: I like the fusion drink!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A bochur in the Mirrer Yeshiva was once a
    guest in the home of R’ Chaim Shmulevitz,
    for a Shabbos meal. After the first course, R’
    Chaim quickly complimented his Rebbetzin
    on how tasty the fish was. He paid her another
    compliment after the soup was served, and
    yet another each time a dish was served. Then

    he commented to the bochur how delicious
    everything was and how his rebbetzin did
    such a good job preparing all of it. The bochur
    was noticeably taken aback by the Rosh
    Hayeshivah’s behavior. R’ Chaim explained
    to the bochur “are you surprised at how I
    emphasize something so trivial as food?” “I
    can easily explain why I said what I did.”
    “I expend a tremendous amount of effort
    preparing each one of my shiurim. It takes
    hours of concentration, time, and energy.
    But when I repeat the shiur in Yeshivah and
    I see the reaction of the bochrim, it gives
    me tremendous nachas and I know that all
    of my effort was worth it. For my wife, her
    cooking and baking for our Shabbos meals
    is like a shiur. She invests all of her time
    energy and effort into each meal. Her work
    should certainly not go unnoticed; therefore,
    I compliment her and show my appreciation
    Lekovoid Shabbos Koidesh.–
    Vues Master’s Note: I feel compelled to
    compliment you on this beautiful letter!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Things only Israel would do/say because of
    international diplomatic pressure: – Provide
    employment to people from an enemy state,
    despite the fact that countless terror attacks
    have been carried out by said employees.
    Including one an hour ago. – Send in
    humanitarian aid to an enemy state despite
    hard evidence that the aid is being stolen by
    terrorists. – Declare day and night that they are
    not at war with the Palestinians, even though
    the Palestinians elected Hamas, celebrated
    October 7th, took part in the massacre, and
    proudly declared their ongoing support for
    Hamas. I didn’t see anyone declaring in
    WWII, “We are not at war with Germany,
    only the Nazis.” – Drop pamphlets and send
    SMS to Gazans (and by extension, to Hamas)
    letting them know when and where they will
    be attacking. Unheard of in war. – Justifying
    to the world non-stop why they’re allowed
    to defend themselves. – Prove over and over
    again how the figures provided by an actual
    terrorist organization are inaccurate. – Be
    continuously blamed for civilian deaths even
    though there is endless evidence that Hamas
    uses those civilians as human shields and
    benefits from their death. – Justify living in
    its indigenous homeland after being attacked
    over and over and winning over and over. No
    one else is asked to return land it conquered
    in a war. – Prove that so-called journalists
    killed in war are actual terrorists even though
    there are photos and tweets to prove it. –
    Continuously argue that Hamas doesn’t want
    land but dead Jews, despite the fact that they
    say it proudly day and night and it’s spelled
    out in their charter. The list just goes on
    and on. It’s unbelievable to see the level of

    hypocrisy surrounding Israel and the double
    standard the world continues to apply to this
    tiny little country, the only Jewish state in the
    world. And the key to understanding it all, are
    those last words, “The only Jewish state in the
    world.” You do the math.
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: It does not change world

    Dear Vues Master:
    A while ago there was a letter to the editor
    about a Kallah who wrote that she sponsored
    the Daf in a Kollel and very soon after, she
    started dating her future chosson ang got
    engaged. I decided to check out the website of
    Kollel Zichron Naftali sponsor a daf program.
    I signed up to sponsor Mesechtas Kiddushin
    for a dollar a day. They partnered me with a
    person in the Kollel who said out my name
    every day before the learning. The amazing
    thing is that over the past six weeks or so,
    eight different people let me know that they

    had Shidduch ideas for me. I am an out-of-
    town girl who has been in Shidduchim for a

    number of years already, and it is unbelievably
    unusual for that to happen. I am very grateful
    to your newspaper who directed me to the
    kollel. It is pretty obvious to me that it is in the
    merit of the Torah learning. Hashem should
    continue to help with Shidduchim, and I and
    whoever needs should find their bashert very
    very soon.
    Vues Master’s Note: How inspiring! Was
    hoping you would tell me you already found
    your bashert!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A lawyer asked a witness in court: “Have you
    lived in this city all of your life?” The man
    replied: “Not yet.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Good thing he answered
    that because I had in mind to kick him out of

    Dear Vues Master:
    The Imrei Noam told the following mashal:
    A lion said to a sheep, “Smell my breath, and
    tell me how it is.” The sheep told him the
    truth, “Your breath smells horrid.” “Where is
    your respect for the king of all animals?” the
    lion roared and devoured the sheep. Then the
    lion went to the wolf, “How does my breath
    smell?” The wolf saw what happened to the
    sheep, so it knew that it shouldn’t tell the
    truth. It said, “Your breath smells lovely, your
    majesty.” “You’re lying!” roared the lion, and
    the lion devoured the wolf. The king went to
    the fox, “Smell my breath, and tell me how it
    is?” The fox realized that whether he tells the

    truth, or whether he lies, his life is in danger.
    So he pointed to his nose, and said, “I have
    a cold and my nose is stuffed. I can’t smell
    anything.” In this manner, the fox was saved.
    The Imrei Noam explains: When one is
    involved in a machlokes, no matter what he
    says, regardless of which side he takes, he’ll
    be in trouble. The best counsel therefore, is
    to avoid the machlokes and keep away.
    Vues Master’s Note: I can’t argue with this

    Dear Vues Master:
    R’ Shlomo Kluger once observed: “I’m
    always surprised at how many fat goyim
    there are. It’s understandable that there are
    fat Jews. After all, חכמים תלמידי stuff
    themselves withדתורא בשרא, the meat of
    an ox, which is a reference to תורה. They
    swallow up a תוספות or a slice of the
    מהרש״א or a piece of the שיף מהר״ם, and
    want more and more, so it’s understandable
    that they continue to grow larger. But what
    fattens a goy?”
    Vues Master’s Note: That is like the double
    miracle every Shabbos! Whatever we eat
    on Shabbos does not make us gain weight!
    That is miracle number one and the second
    miracle is that on Motzei Shabbos when you
    get on the scale you see that your weight
    went up!

    Dear Vues Master:
    An antisemite said to a Rav: “I heard that
    Jews stand up for a Rav and sit down for a
    dog. What do they do when they see them
    together?” The Rav answered: “Let’s walk
    down the street together and we’ll see how
    people respond.”
    Vues Master’s Note: I guess the idiot was
    barking up the wrong tree!

    Dear Vues Master:
    “BBC Gags Zionist Rabbis In Speeches on
    Palestine” read the headline in a New York
    City newspaper. That was in 1944. But these
    days, it sounds all too familiar. The BBC
    last week censored parts of its interview with
    Israeli president Isaac Herzog, cutting out
    sections in which he cited uncomfortable
    facts about British policy. Remarkably, he’s
    not the first Herzog to be censored by the
    BBC—one of those “Zionist rabbis” whom
    the BBC “gagged” in 1944 was Herzog’s
    grandfather. The Israeli president last week
    was interviewed by the BBC for twenty-eight
    minutes. But they aired only six. In a key
    section that was omitted, the interviewer,
    the BBC’s chief international correspondent,

    Lyse Doucet, argued that “everyone is
    suffering” in the Gaza conflict. President
    Herzog responded: “There is a real culture
    of atrocities, that is coming forward with
    a whole army called ISIS-Hamas and Al
    Qaeda. It was in 9/11. It’s beheading people in
    Europe. It’s in torturing and what the Houtis
    are doing down south. It’s all over the region.
    Either we fight them, or not—exactly. It took
    a long time until Winston Churchill took over,
    after he threatened and alerted against the
    Nazi regime.” Herzog was referring to the
    fact that from the rise of Hitler in 1933 until
    the invasion of Poland in 1939, the British
    government pursued a policy of appeasing,
    rather than confronting, the Nazis. Churchill’s
    warnings about Hitler were ignored. Herzog
    then referred to the consequences of Israel’s
    previous policy of not defeating Hamas: “We
    paid the price. We caved in. We enabled again
    and again and again to have ceasefires, and
    what happened? What happened? The highest
    amount of Jews killed since World War II,
    since the Holocaust, was on the seventh of
    October, eight times more, in proportional
    numbers, than 9/11. What else do you expect
    us to do? How do we protect ourselves, as
    a member of the family of nations? What’s
    our right here? We don’t want to inflict pain.
    We tell people to move out. But we have to
    get these terrorists, and get them out.” The
    president’s spokesperson, Naor Ihia, wrote on
    X (Twitter): “Something about the way the
    BBC conducted the interview made me think
    I should have my own recording of what the
    president says before someone tries to censor
    or distort it….So here are the things the BBC
    didn’t want the world to hear.” The BBC
    has not given an explanation for its decision
    to omit those portions of its interview with
    President Herzog. Sixty-seven years ago,
    the BBC did not provide any explanation
    of its decision to censor his grandfather, the
    Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of British Mandatory
    Palestine, Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog. The
    occasion was a conference of some 1,800
    Orthodox Jewish rabbis, leaders and activists
    at the Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan on
    January 30 and 31, 1944. By that time,
    millions of Jews had already been slaughtered
    in Nazi death camps. The mass murder had
    been verified by the Allies more than a year
    earlier, and had been amply documented by
    Jewish organizations. According to accounts
    in the Yiddish press and the leftwing New
    York City daily newspaper PM, the organizers
    of the conference paid the required fees to the
    BBC—as was the procedure at the time—to
    broadcast the proceedings of the gathering.
    They also submitted the text of the speeches
    to the British censorship authorities in
    advance. The two most prominent speakers
    scheduled to take part were Chief Rabbi
    Herzog and the Chief Rabbi of the United
    Kingdom, Joseph Hertz. They intended to

    speak about “the plight of European Jewry,
    urging American Jews to support a program
    to open the doors of Palestine to persecuted
    refugees,” according to PM. Shortly before
    the conference, the BBC informed the
    organizers that the rabbis’ speeches could
    not be broadcast because “transatlantic wires
    were overcrowded.” The conference staff then
    arranged with AT&T “to provide the wire
    space,” and alerted the BBC accordingly.
    But on the first day of the conference, the
    British Embassy in Washington informed
    conference officials that the broadcast would
    not take place. No explanation was offered.
    Conference chairman David Meckler, editor
    of the Yiddish daily Morgen Zhurnal, decried
    the censorship decision as part of the British
    White Paper policy of appeasing Arab
    extremists by keeping Jewish refugees out of
    the Holy Land. He called the cancelation “an
    attempt by the British government to silence
    our demands for aid to refugees through the
    opening of Palestine.” Obviously, today’s
    BBC producers are not personally responsible
    for what their predecessors did in 1944. But
    the action by today’s BBC decision-makers
    against another Jewish leader from the Herzog
    family is more than a little ironic. It seems that
    the gagging of Zionist leaders did not end in
    the 1940s.
    Rafael Medoff
    Vues Master’s Note: Thanks for your history

    Dear Vues Master:
    We see in parshas Va’yeiru that the Yidden
    didn’t listen to Moshe Rabbeinu due to
    “koitzer ruach va’avoiduh kusha”. It doesn’t
    mean that they were short of breath due to
    the hard work. There were two separate
    reasons. Why were they short of breath?
    Near the end of the parsha, we may have an
    answer. It says “dever Covid meod”. It seems
    that just as new Covid variants keep striking
    nowadays, it was around in Mitzraim then
    too. We also learn about the Mechashvim/
    Chartumim – the magicians of Mitzraim
    – who were able to duplicate the first few
    makois with their black magic. How did
    they operate? They had a “witches” brew
    in a cauldron upon which they would utter
    incantations. What was in the brew? They
    would import coffee beans from Ethiopia
    and brew them. We see that from the posuk
    “be-Latte-hem kein”. The second mako was
    the infestation of frogs. First it says that a
    swarm of frogs would descend on Mitzraim.
    Then, it says one frog. Finally, again it says
    that a tremendous amount of frogs went all
    over Mitzraim. What happened? Initially, all
    the frogs left their habitat to attack Mitzraim.
    When they got to Mitzraim, they coalesced
    into one gigantic frog like Godzilla. When
    the Mitzraim attacked the frog, it splintered

    and went all over Mitzraim. It could be a
    metaphor for the Yidden. The more they
    were hit by the Mitzraim, the more they
    multiplied. Where did the frogs come from?
    Well, they weren’t Ashkeneizim; they were
    tzSefardim. The next mako was the spread
    of lice all over the Mitzriam. The Egyptian
    magicians couldn’t replicate it and admitted
    “etzba alokim hu”. Why “etzba” part of the
    anatomy? Perhaps they had that on their mind
    since they were busy scratching themselves
    from the lice with their fingers. In a related
    matter, when a child injures himself, it is
    referenced sometimes as a boo-boo. Where
    does that term come from? During the later
    mako of Shchin, the Mitzriam were inflicted

    with injuries described as “poireiach a-boo-
    boo-ois” although those were major wounds.

    Last, there is a chilukei deius if Jewish men
    are required to wear beards. Both sides bring
    raiyous from the time in Mitzraim. On one
    side, it says “b’nureinu u’zakeneinu neilach”
    – we will leave with our beards. The other
    shituh quotes the posuk “asher shum bnei
    Yisroel loi huyuh boord”.
    Vues Master’s Note: Hok nisht in Cheinik!

    Dear Vues Master
    This past Monday night former President
    Donald Trump won the Iowa Republican
    caucuses by an unprecedented margin,
    cementing his front-runner status in the GOP
    primary field as he vies to be the party’s 2024
    nominee and reclaim the White House. Trump
    received 51% of the vote — despite battling
    four indictments, including charges tied to
    his efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential
    election. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis edged
    out former South Carolina Gov. Nikki
    Haley for a distant second-place finish with
    just over 21% — although the nominating
    contest now shifts to New Hampshire, where
    polls show Haley in a much stronger position
    in next week’s primary. Also on Monday,
    entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who
    finished fourth in the Iowa caucuses, ended
    his campaign and immediately endorsed
    former president Trump.
    Vues Master’s Note: It’s time to take out the
    popcorn. It’s about to get very entertaining.