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    Dear Vues Master
    This past Monday, we remembered the worst genocide
    the world has ever known; The Holocaust. We
    remember how a maniacal lunatic and his political
    party, the Nazis, indoctrinated a nation to behave
    like subhuman creatures and exterminate a people.
    Today, we see how a group of maniacal lunatics
    and their political party, Hamas, are indoctrinating a
    nation to behave like subhuman creatures and attempt
    to exterminate a people. We remember how horrible
    rhetoric scapegoating the Jews led to violence and
    eventual genocide. Today, we see how horrible rhetoric
    scapegoating the Jews is leading to violence around
    the world and the attempted genocide of October 7th.
    We remember how despite the atrocities committed at
    scale, the world did not step up for the Jews. Instead
    they turned on the Jews. Today, we see how despite
    the atrocities committed by Hamas, the world is not
    stepping up for the Jews. Instead they are turning on
    the Jews. We remember how actual human beings
    committed atrocities so horrible, the brain cannot
    even digest them. Today, we see actual human beings
    committing atrocities so horrible; the brain cannot
    even digest them. For 80 years, Jews around the world
    carried the generational trauma of their parents and
    grandparents being systematically massacred. Today,
    Jews are facing the trauma of the events of October
    7th, a day on which Jews were systematically murdered
    and raped. We remember how a man that personified
    pure evil masked his deep hatred of the Jews with some
    fabricated social and economical agenda of protecting
    the weak. Today, we see how organizations worldwide
    including the UN and the Red Cross mask their deep
    hatred of the Jews with some fabricated social agenda
    of protecting the Palestinians. The bottom line is this. I
    grew up with grandparents who survived the worst of
    humanity, they survived Auschwitz. I heard the stories.
    They are still hard for me to believe. Or at least they
    were until October 7th. I grew up saying Never Again
    and I believed it. I meant it. I was wrong. It could
    happen again. And the world would sit by again. I
    know that now. There is, however, one difference. The
    IDF. Today, the Jews can protect themselves. The Jews

    WILL protect themselves. This is an inconvenient
    truth the world simply can’t handle, but guess what?
    They have no choice. Holocaust Remembrance Day is
    today. We won’t forget. And we won’t forget October
    7th. Ever. We will, however, dance again. That, I can
    guarantee. If you want to support the Jews, we would
    appreciate it. If you don’t, that’s fine, but step aside
    and get the hell out of our way because you made it
    abundantly clear what you want for the Jews. But
    this time, we won’t let you have it. Never again. Not
    because the world won’t let it happen again. They
    would. They have. Never again because this time,
    the Jews will stand up for themselves, fight back, and
    fight hard. Don’t like it? Get over it! We’re not going
    anywhere. And we WILL dance again! Am Yisrael
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: We will never forget! Am Yisrael

    Dear Vues Master
    A great Torah Vodaas story (that is unknown to most
    people) (One of the many amazing stories of how camp
    and its wonderful staff members can really build up
    kids!) I was 13 years old (7th grade) and in sleep away
    camp for the first time. My parents couldn’t come for
    visiting day and I was feeling bad. I was in the dining
    room on Shabbos and randomly made up a song,
    singing it all through shalosh seudos (actually walked
    out into the legendary CTV baseball field) and kept
    on humming it to myself so I wouldn’t forget it. On
    Motzei Shabbos I was walking by the shul and heard
    music. There were counselors playing instruments
    (Shua Fogel Crumar keyboard….Yitzy Erps Drums….
    Sholom Francis Elec. guitar…..Moish Shonek Sax…..
    Nosson Neuman Singing…..they were rehearsing for a
    concert they were giving on visiting day for the entire
    camp and it’s parents. “What are you doing here, kid?”
    one asked me. “I just made up a song of my own!”
    I said. I noticed the disbelieving expression on their
    faces like…..”yeah…..(another one of those thousand
    kids that thinks he can make up songs )… Really……
    you made up a song?….It seemed like they were going

    to ask me to leave and stop bothering their
    important “adult” rehearsal…. Just then,
    I will never forget…. Sholom Francis
    said to the counselors….“Let’s give him
    a chance….Come here kid. What’s your
    name? I shyly said Yitzy Bald. Let’s
    hear it,” he said. I sang my song and
    Sholom started strumming his geshmake
    electric guitar along. Yitzy Erps started
    drumming the beat. Shua started adding
    the keyboard. And Moish started
    adding sax lines while Nosson started
    harmonizing. This went on for ten whole
    minutes. I could tell they were loving
    it. They asked me to perform it the next
    day in front of the entire camp during the
    performance they had been rehearsing for.
    That was my first real major composition
    that made it public and it made my day.
    (Actually it made my life) Suddenly
    visiting day wasn’t so sad for me! Stories
    like this make us realize the impact that
    we can have on people, especially young
    impressionable kids. This one incident
    changed the trajectory of my life to one
    of self confidence. And it led me to a life

    where I try to build up kids through the
    position of Rebbe and Choir leader. BTW
    That song was eventually released only 6
    years later on an album called Shevach
    II (produced by Avi Fishoff) amongst
    my other 9 compositions on that album,
    including my famous Yerav Na. (Which
    Shloime Dachs sang on that album!!!)
    The name of the song was Ki Mitzion…
    Rabbi Yitzy Bald
    Vues Master’s Note: What a great story
    from the great Rabbi Yitzy Bald! Thanks
    for sharing.

    Dear Vues Master
    Maybe in a perfect world, a perfect
    compromise would be two states – a
    Jewish state with a protected minority
    Palestinian population, and a Palestinian
    state with a protected minority Jewish
    population. But the unfortunate reality is
    that we live in a world in which Hamas
    raped and butchered and massacred 1200
    people. including children and women
    and the elderly – and the majority of

    Palestinians in the West Bank support
    Hamas. We live in a world in which the
    majority of Palestinians want Palestine
    from the river to the sea – they want to
    see Israel cease to exist, a massive influx
    of Palestinians, resulting in the Jews
    being either crowded out or driven out or
    massacred. (Whether they have legitimate
    reasons for wanting this is a different
    matter – the fact is that this is what the
    majority wants.) We live in a world in
    which the majority of Palestinians deny
    the ancient and long-standing connection
    of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel,
    and reject the UN-granted legitimacy for
    the existence of the world’s only Jewish
    State – the only place in the world that
    Jews can commit to their own safety. So
    it’s not a matter of Israel not wanting two
    states. It’s a matter of acknowledging
    that the majority of Palestinians have
    made it clear that they want to destroy the
    world’s only Jewish state. Giving them a
    Palestinian state will not dissuade them
    from that goal; it will merely embolden
    and enable those among them who wish
    to pursue it. Eventually, it would almost
    certainly result in catastrophic bloodshed
    and destruction on both sides. And it
    would be foolish and futile to rely on
    “international guarantees” to prevent
    that. This is the tragic reality, and no
    amount of wishful thinking will change
    it. The only thing that could change it is
    a radical overhaul in Palestinian society,
    but that would take many years and
    intense international effort, and shows no
    sign of happening. It would be expedient
    for Israel to make very clear that it is not
    against a Palestinian state in principle (and
    has agreed to one on several occasions),
    only in practice, due to the problems
    listed above. This is as opposed to the
    Palestinians, who are against a Jewish
    state in principle as well as in practice.
    And so the Palestinians must join the
    long list of peoples in the world who,
    for one reason or another, do not have a
    state. They can continue to live in their
    homes, where, absent terrorist attacks
    being launched from their communities,
    they will lead better lives than many
    people in Arab countries. Additionally,
    if the many other Arab nations really did
    care about them, they could offer them
    citizenship, as Israel did for hundreds of
    thousands of Jews fleeing persecution in
    Arab countries. That is the most peaceful
    solution currently possible. Anything
    else is almost certain to result in massive

    loss of life on both sides, just as happened
    with Gaza.
    Vues Master’s Note: We don’t need a two
    state solution ever. We needMoshiach

    By Country Yossi Toiv
    Many years ago I attended a chess match
    at a local chess club. We were watching
    two grandmasters play for a big money
    prize. I, along with all the other observers,
    were mere chess buffs and were nowhere
    near the level of the players we were
    observing. Suddenly, In the middle of
    the match, one of the players made a
    surprising move that elicited groans and
    looks of bewilderment from the crowd.
    Even the analyst who was explaining
    the moves seemed to be at a loss. It was
    incomprehensible and seemed to be an
    egregious error that could cost him the
    match. However, to our surprise, a mere
    three moves later his opponent abruptly
    stood up, shook his hand and left! We
    were all dumbfounded! After studying
    the board for a few minutes our analyst
    suddenly nodded knowingly and broke
    into a broad smile. He then explained the
    logic of the perplexing move which caused
    his opponent to suddenly resign. As he
    played out the rest of the game for us we
    suddenly realized that what had seemed
    to be a foolish and incomprehensible
    move suddenly became a stroke of
    genius. In the aftermath of the horrific
    and unforgivable Hamas massacre,
    inexplicable intelligence failures and
    ongoing hostage crisis we are a nation
    reeling and struggling to find meaning
    and answers to our existential questions.
    The divine chessboard grows more
    complex and dangerous daily, with many
    new pieces in play creating unforeseen,
    new scenarios and moral dilemmas!
    Every move must be carefully weighed,
    considered, and calculated. One misstep
    can be catastrophic! Hamas, Hezbollah,
    Iran, Houthis, Syria not to mention the hate
    indoctrinated local terrorists all joining
    forces to exterminate us while we attempt
    to rid ourselves of our mortal enemies
    under the intense scrutiny and pressure
    of the United States, the biased UN and
    the antisemitic international community!
    Combined with a crucial, controversial,
    upcoming American presidential election,
    exploding worldwide antisemitism,
    crime, campus violence, insane Woke

    liberalism, moral turpitude, the total
    collapse of traditional American values
    and the complete absence of common
    sense the future seems bleak indeed! But
    wait! The good news is that we are not
    alone! Our moves are not guided by our
    puny, human intellect alone! They are
    preordained, divinely inscribed in our
    national destiny and predicted by our
    prophets from time immemorial! What
    we are witnessing and living through
    are nothing less than the birth pangs of
    the coming of Moshiach! All the almost
    surreal, irrational, nightmarish events
    are the long prophesied precursors to the
    long awaited End of Days! “Can’t you
    hear the sound of silent footsteps in the
    night – he’s coming closer And can’t
    you hear the blare of distant trumpets
    in the air – he’s coming closer! And
    can’t you see society is crumbling they
    don’t know – he’s coming closer! And
    praised is he who righteously is waiting
    for that day – he’s coming closer!“ All
    of our Torah learning, Maasim Tovim,
    Tefillos,Tzedaka and Mesiras Nefesh

    have finally broken down the doors of
    Heaven! For those still perplexed and
    troubled by the surprising, seeming
    illogical and counterintuitive direction
    of current events… Let me explain: “MY
    the Lord! Hashem’s plans and methods
    are inscrutable. The road to Moshiach
    has from antiquity been cloaked and
    hidden in mystery and intrigue. From Lot
    and his daughters to Yehudah and Tamar
    and on to Rus and Boaz the royal lineage
    of Malchus Bais Dovid has defied easy
    comprehension. We cannot fathom all
    the unknowable twists and turns still to
    come in the incredible journey of the
    royal soul of King David as it wends its
    way through history to the End of Days
    scenario. As we have seen, no one can
    predict what the next moment holds let
    alone the coming weeks and months.
    Trump or Biden, it doesn’t matter!
    Hashem is the ultimate grandmaster
    and as we watch his dramatic moves
    on the global chessboard we can only
    gaze in shock and awe as we struggle

    to comprehend the Master plan. But
    rest assured. Like our ancestors as they
    stood trapped with the mighty sea before
    them and the fearsome Egyptian army
    behind them, they were suddenly saved
    by miraculous, divine intervention as
    the sea split. So too today, as we stand
    surrounded by enemies, threatened by
    a raging, rising, virulent anti-Semitism,
    rioting, lawlessness, immorality and the
    imminent collapse of society we stand
    poised and ready for Hashem’s master
    stroke. It’ll be a move so dramatic and
    unforgettable that on that day the entire
    world will shout in unison… “HASHEM
    HU HUH-ELOKIM!” So while the
    match is still being played it is futile
    to try to understand every move. His
    ways are not our ways! None of us are
    grandmasters of the divine plan. Only
    when the game is finally over will we be
    able to look back over our entire history
    and see the genius in every move. So
    continue your learning, Davening, giving
    Tzedaka, saying Tehillim etc but all the
    while keeping one eye on the match. We
    may not understand the significance of
    every move but we already know the
    pre-ordained outcome. We know who’s
    going to win! May we soon hear these
    words once more:
    אל תיראו התעצבו וראו את ישועת הי….
    הי ילחם לכם ואתם תחרשון
    Chazak Chazak v’nisChazeik
    Vues Master’s Note: Another great
    Country Yossi story! Thanks for sharing!

    Dear Vues Master
    I’d like to introduce the community
    to an organization whose mission is
    unique. Its uniqueness lies in the fact
    that it is our only and singular focus.
    The organization I lead, Aim-Hire:
    Employment with Dignity, assists and
    finds employment for men and women
    who have a hard time locking in a job
    for any number of reasons. We focus on
    assisting people who are over age 40
    and who have been looking for work
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    incentives to employers who hire our
    candidates; most of all we guarantee
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    job seeker, we offer a helping hand, a
    caring partner as well as introductions

    to our friendly recruiters, a consistent
    list of carefully curated real jobs to
    apply to as well as access to fully funded
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    anyone you know fits our requirements
    and would benefit from our assistance,
    please refer them to info@aim-hire.org
    or emiller@aim-hire.org Thanks!
    Esther Miller
    Vues Master’s Note: What a great
    organization. I’m sure many of our
    readers would appreciate this.

    A traveling salesman came to town
    With pots and pans of tin
    And he knocked on the Chofetz Chaim’s
    Who kindly let him in
    He looked around in wonder
    No furniture was there
    No couch no rugs no curtains
    No crystal chandelier
    He turned to the Chofetz Chaim
    With wonder in his eyes
    How come you have no furniture
    He asked with some surprise
    The Chofetz Chaim smiled at him
    With sparkling eyes of blue
    “Tell me how come you don’t have
    Any furniture with you ?”
    “Me?” The salesman asked surprised
    Why, I’m just passing through
    “Ahhh,” the Chofetz Chaim smiled
    “ Me too, my friend, me too!”
    We’re only passing through, my friends
    We’re only passing through
    This world is just a corridor
    That leads to someplace new
    Power, fame and fortune
    Will try to capture you
    But just cling to the Torah
    ‘Cause we’re only passing through
    Country Yossi Toiv
    Vues Master’s Note: Another great
    lesson from the Chofetz Chaim told by
    the great story teller Country Yossi.