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    Dear Vues Master
    My 3rd grade class two weeks ago wrote letters for the
    Chayalim in the Jewish Vues letter campaign. I just wanted
    to thank you for delivering them directly to the chayalim.
    The kids enjoyed making them very much. We love the
    Jewish Vues!
    Vues Master’s Note: We were overwhelmed with the response
    that we received to the letter campaign. We received over
    2500 letters in just one week. What made us extra happy was
    how many different types of yeshivas sent in letters. Acheinu
    Kol Beis Yisrael. We received letters from over 30 yeshivas
    including: Torah Vodaath, Mir, Chaim Berlin, Maagen
    David, Shulamith etc. The chayalim appreciated them very
    much. Thank you Jewish Vues readers for your amazing

    Is it possible?
    Is it possible that there was a week that Inspector Richie
    Taylor’s picture was not in The Jewish Vues? My family
    counts every week how many pictures there are in the Jewish
    Vues of Inspector Richie Taylor & last week we couldn’t find
    any. It’s been years since that happened. Everything ok?
    Vues Master’s Note: Good question. Maybe the Inspector
    was on vacation. You have to ask him yourself.

    Dear Vues Master:
    We are slowly going back to our day-to-day, while the lives
    of our kidnapped brothers and sisters have halted, while the
    lives of their loved ones have been left shattered. Their lives
    cannot be forgotten. We need to ACTIVELY do something.
    But what!? I opened a local chapter of the now global
    initiative called Run For Their Lives. Just 18 minutes of your
    Sunday morning dedicated to continue raising awareness to
    the hostages. This is not a rally or a protest. It is a weekly
    gathering in Marine Park where we walk together in the name
    of those kidnapped. Everyone is welcome. Men, women and
    children (and pets). Bring a friend, bring a flag and help raise
    awareness to Bring Them Home Now!
    Vues Master’s Note: “Anu Ratzim! Ve’Hem Ratzim!”

    Dear Vues Master
    I just wanted to tell you how much my family has appreciated
    the Eretz Yisrael coverage in the Jewish Vues since the war

    started. The Jewish Vues is the only local paper that has
    consistently great articles from great authors about the latest
    news in Israel. Keep up the good work.
    Vues Master’s Note: We love compliments. Thanks.

    Dear Vues Master:
    Just in case the pro Israel group have any doubt for even
    a split second that they’re on the right side of history, you
    don’t have to look too far to remind yourself who stands by
    Hamas and who stands by Israel. A good place to start is
    the internet. Sentences you’ll see in the feed of a pro Israel
    activist: “Bring our women and children home.” “Free
    Gaza from Hamas.” “We want peace, but not a fake peace,
    a sustainable one.” “Every innocent death, on both sides,
    is a tragedy.” “Rape is never ok and neither is pedophilia
    or beheading babies.” Sentences you’ll see in the feed of a
    pro-Palestinian activist: “Hitler was right.” “Wipe Israel off
    the map.” “Gas the Jews.” “The Jews have big noses.” “The
    Jews did 9/11.” “Jews are the new Nazis.” I can go on. If
    the internet wasn’t enough to convince you which side is the
    moral side, then consider going to a protest of both sides. A
    pro Palestinian protest looks something like this. Violence.
    Yelling. Calling for genocide. Tons of masks. Flags of
    terrorist organizations. Harassing innocent bystanders. A pro
    Israel protest looks something like this. Singing. Hugging.
    Crying. Calling for the return of innocent hostages. Calling
    for a terrorist organization to surrender so the war can end.
    Flags of the only democracy in the Middle East. You really
    don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see it. Those who support
    Israel support freedom. They support human rights. They
    support peace. They support people who were persecuted
    for thousands of years. Those who support Hamas support
    terrorism. They support rape. They support pedophilia by
    calling it resistance. They support the beheading of babies,
    the denial of the holocaust and the kidnapping of holocaust
    survivors. This isn’t a nuanced decision. There is no grey
    area here. There is no ‘if’s or ‘but’s. This is good vs evil.
    This is radical fundamentalist jihadis against the free world
    and basic human freedom. If you can’t see the distinction
    clearly, if you still think the two sides in this war are equal,
    if you compare October 7th to the retaliation of the IDF, if
    you can’t differentiate between one side that does everything
    to minimize civilian death and the other that does everything
    to maximize civilian death, I don’t know how to say this
    nicely so I’m just gonna say it. You are an immoral human
    being who has lost all sense of right and wrong. I am deeply
    sorry for you that you have proven your moral bankruptcy
    and have sided with the side Hitler would have sided with.

    That should tell you all you need to know.
    Choose morality, choose justice, choose Israel.
    Historically, it’s just the smart thing to do.
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: It’s time to take action!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A very simple question. Maybe the simplest
    of questions. How many terrorists has Israel
    eliminated? It’s a very simple question. A
    number please. If you can’t answer it, ask
    yourself why not. If you’re claiming Israel
    has killed tens of thousands of people, how
    many of them were Hamas terrorists? The
    numbers you are quoting are from Hamas.
    According to them, everyone killed was
    innocent. Not a single terrorist was eliminated
    by Israel in this war. Does that sound logical
    to you? So… If you’re quoting their numbers,
    you’re either disconnected from reality and
    have an intelligence level of… Or… even
    worse, you’re an actual terror sympathizer
    who knows that they’re quoting Hamas and
    doesn’t care, as long as it makes the Jews
    look bad. Either way, it’s not a good look and
    you should reevaluate your opinion on this
    war. And for the sake of clarity and so there
    are no mistakes, Israel has eliminated the
    majority of Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure and
    thousands of terrorists. Israel has done more,
    OBJECTIVELY, than any army in history, to
    minimize civilian deaths. Every single civilian
    death in Gaza, and the numbers are not even
    remotely close to the numbers that Hamas is
    saying, is on Hamas. They use them as human
    shields so that you, yes you, can tell your
    friends how horrible Israel is. Hamas fires
    tens of thousands of deadly rockets into dense
    Israeli cities and they do it from within homes,
    kindergartens, mosques, and schools. Israel
    retaliates, but not before dropping pamphlets
    warning the civilian population to evacuate
    the area. Let that sink in. Israel announces
    when it’s going to attack and where. If Israel
    didn’t do that, Hamas would have been a thing
    of the past long ago. The only reason Hamas
    still exists is because they know full well just
    how moral the IDF is and they know full well
    that when they fire from within a nursery; that
    Israel won’t retaliate. And they’re right. Israel
    won’t. If Israel wasn’t the moral army it is,
    Gaza would be flattened and Hamas would
    be obliterated. The reality though is that the
    only figures available about Gaza casualties
    are from Hamas. And forget the fact that they
    claim that not one terrorist was eliminated,
    how about the fact that Israel is still identifying
    bodies from October 7th all these months later,
    but somehow, Hamas is able to declare that
    tens of thousands were killed? They must be
    magicians or something. So let’s just say this
    loud and clear. Israel has not killed tens of
    thousands of innocent Gazans. That is a lie and
    a blood libel. But every single innocent death
    is a tragedy, and that tragedy is on Hamas.
    They bank on dead Gazans. It’s their best PR
    tool. And you buy right into it. And one cannot
    talk about Gazans without mentioning that
    even the so-called innocent people celebrated

    October 7th. According to all polls, the vast
    majority (according to some, up to 90%)
    support Hamas. So even those innocents who
    were killed were far from innocent (There are
    of course actual innocent people in Gaza. They
    are the minority and they are silent, thereby

    deeming them completely irrelevant.) The so-
    called journalists who died in Gaza were not

    journalists. They were terrorists with a vest that
    said press. The UN employees killed in Gaza?
    Full blown terrorists with a UN costume.
    Even the teenagers in Gaza can be seen with
    machine guns and Hamas headbands. The
    most tragic of all are the kids. The kids of
    Gaza are indoctrinated from day one to hate
    and murder Jews. And again, Hamas uses them
    as a pawn so the world will say that Israel is
    killing kids. So let’s just sum this up. Not only
    are the numbers you’re quoting ridiculous
    and clearly false, but by quoting them, you
    are literally acting as Hamas’ PR team. They
    try to maximize civilian deaths so that people
    like you, and publications like CNN will talk
    about all the innocent deaths. Stop working
    for Hamas. Stop spreading blood libels. Israel
    hasn’t killed thousands or tens of thousands of
    innocents. Israel has done everything to avoid
    civilian deaths. That is the truth. Those are
    the facts. The rest is propaganda. In a moral
    society, when a mother loses her child, she
    mourns. In Palestinian society, she celebrates
    the death assuming his death led to dead Jews.
    And if it did, the mother celebrates, and the
    streets of Gaza celebrate. They celebrate with
    fireworks, with candies, with marches, and
    with more violence. It’s a society rotten to the
    core and the sooner the world internalizes that,
    the sooner the world can denazify Palestinian
    society. It’s not a question of ‘If’. Palestinian
    society must be denazified, and hopefully
    sooner than later so that October 7th doesn’t
    come to a theater near you because make
    no mistake, that is Hamas’ intention. When
    someone says they want to kill you and your
    family, it’s probably a good idea to believe
    them. Just sayin.
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: Let’s be zocheh to

    Dear Vues Master:
    Hillel Fuld wrote last week about the Holocaust
    and the repeat of Oct. 7 and how Never Again
    did happen again. He says there is one
    difference and that is that today we have the
    IDF. I am sure he did not realize the way he
    expressed himself is Kochi V’Otzem Yadi. If
    Hashem is not behind the IDF, then the IDF has
    no strength whatsoever, which is what played
    out on Oct. 7, where the evil Hamas was able
    to do what they did. Binyamin Netanyahu has
    been peppering all his talks “with Hashem’s
    help”. It behooves Hillel Fuld to remember to
    do the same!!!
    Vues Master’s Note: Who knows why this war
    is taking so long? Maybe Hashem is teaching
    us that there should not be Kochi Ve’Otzem

    Dear Vues Master:
    Should college students have a right to shout
    “Kill the Jews” on campus? The director of a
    prominent Center for the Study of Hate thinks
    so. Kenneth Stern, director of Bard College’s
    hate studies center, explained his controversial
    position during a January 31 webinar sponsored
    by the University of London’s Birkbeck
    Institute for the Study of Antisemitism. “If
    a student merely expresses something, like ‘I
    think all Jews should be killed,’ it should be
    condemned, but to say ‘you can’t say it,’ is a
    problem on many levels,” Stern asserted. In
    his view, universities should have rules only
    “about harassment, intimidation, and bullying,
    not political statements about Israel.” He also
    argued that “There’s a difference between
    saying it with a bunch of folks with baseball
    bats next to you, or just expressing it.” There
    are three serious problems with Stern’s
    position. The first is that he implicitly puts
    slogans about killing Jews or “Zionists” in the
    category of “political statements about Israel.”
    But in the real world, chanting in support
    “more Intifadas” means calling for more
    suicide bombings, shootings, and stabbings of
    Jews. Chanting in support of “liberating all of
    Palestine” means urging the destruction of the
    State of Israel and the mass murder of Israeli
    Jews. October 7 has demonstrated that beyond
    any doubt. Such rhetoric is not “political.” It’s
    anti-Jewish hate. The second problem is that
    Stern seems to think a hater needs to be flanked
    by comrades who are armed with deadly
    weapons in order for his hateful expressions
    to constitute a threat. That underestimates the
    danger posed by lone wolf haters. The third
    problem with Stern’s formulation is that he is
    speaking in the abstract, instead of recognizing
    the reality at many universities today. He
    depicts those who are mouthing anti-Jewish
    hatred on campuses as isolated individuals,
    when in fact they often are part of mobs that
    are marching, threatening, and besieging
    Jewish students. From a legal standpoint,
    Stern portrays this as a free speech issue, but
    it’s not. Every university has a code of conduct
    to which students must adhere. All such codes
    require students to refrain from taking actions
    that make other students feel threatened. Thus
    a university administration does not even
    have to regard “Kill the Jews” (or “More
    Intifadas!” Or “From the River to the Sea!”)
    as antisemitic in order to penalize students for
    yelling it—it’s sufficient that the slogan makes
    Jewish students feel threatened. The broader
    problem with Stern’s perspective on “Kill
    the Jews” rhetoric is that he does not believe
    Jewish college students in America today are
    facing any serious or imminent danger. He
    said in the webinar that incidents of Jewish
    college students being physically assaulted are
    “not ubiquitous, although one is too many.”
    They may or may not be ubiquitous, depending
    on how many attacks it takes to qualify for that
    designation. But Stern’s choice of words, and
    his overall tone, created the impression that the
    number of such incidents is not significant. In
    reality, there have been many reported attacks,

    and undoubtedly others that have not been
    reported. Pro-Hamas students at Ohio State
    University spat upon Jewish students (Oct.18),
    threw pennies at Jewish students (Oct.20),
    assaulted two Jewish students while calling
    them “kike Zionists” (Nov. 10), and hurled
    bottles at a Jewish fraternity house while
    shouting antisemitic slogans (Dec. 3). Hamas
    supporters surrounded and pushed a Jewish
    student outside the Harvard Business School
    (Oct. 18) and beat up three Jewish students
    near the Tulane University campus (Oct. 26).
    They wrecked a hostages information table
    at the City College of New York, seizing its
    pamphlets and destroying its posters (Nov.2).
    At the University of Massachusetts-Amherst
    on November 3, a Jewish student was setting
    up a symbolic Shabbat table at a vigil to call
    attention to the Israeli hostages. A pro-Hamas
    student in a nearby building began shouting
    vulgarities at him. “Then he charged out of the
    building and punched me in the head several
    times,” the Jewish student recounted.“I put my
    hands up to protect my face and he grabbed the
    flag and kicked me in the chest several times
    and shoved me.” The attacker then took out a
    foot-long knife, and “kept stabbing the Israeli
    flag until it was completely destroyed.” In
    Manhattan, pro-Hamas students physically
    trapped Jewish students in a room at the
    Cooper Union library, and surrounded and
    taunted a Jewish student at the New School.
    They blocked a library entrance at the City
    College of New York and shoved a cell phone
    into the face of a Jewish student passing by,
    to record her against her protests. At Rutgers,
    Hamas supporters disrupted classes, study
    sessions, and meals, and at the University of
    California at Berkeley, they grabbed a Jewish
    student by the neck and tried to steal his Israeli
    flag. At a George Mason University fraternity
    house, they assaulted a Jewish student, ripping
    his Star of David necklace from his neck.
    The list goes on and on—and all of these
    incidents go far beyond “expressions.” They
    are physical manifestations of the “Kill the
    Jews” sentiment that Stern believes all colleges
    universities should permit. Numerous
    universities are now under investigation by the
    Biden administration because of the spread of
    antisemitism on their campuses. Regardless
    of their findings, it is clear that yelling “Kill
    the Jews,” or slogans which in practice mean
    the same thing, such as “More Intifadas!” and
    “From the River to the Sea!,” violate campus
    codes of conduct. The real-world impact of
    hate speech matters.
    Rafael Medoff
    Vues Master’s Note: I wonder if the same would
    apply to a white guy saying kill the blacks? Or a
    straight guy saying kill the Mishkav Zochor’niks!

    Dear Vues Master:
    An Arab bought a blue dress for his wife from
    a Jewish merchant. After the first washing, the
    dress lost its color and turned white. The Arab
    sought a refund, but the merchant refused.
    The Arab took him to court, where the Judge
    heard testimony and examined the garment.

    “It appears that you have deceived your
    customer,” the Judge said. “No, Your Honor,”
    responded the merchant. “It is the work of
    G-d. My beard proves it. G-d gave it to me
    black and now His work has turned fully
    Vues Master’s Note: Just don’t put bleach in
    the wash!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A miser who never gave tzedakah or let an עני
    into his home was once overcome by a feeling
    of mercy for a beggar who looked like he
    would die of hunger. He had the beggar enter
    his home and gave him moldy bread and food
    that was past its time. No sooner had the ינע
    finished eating when he grabbed his stomach,
    which was stricken by food poisoning. The
    הבית בעל gave him a place to lie down and
    periodically checked up on him. But that
    same night he died. The people of the town
    observed that the קמצן in one day and at one
    time was מקיים three מצוות which don’t have
    a שיעור. The three were
    “.הכנסת אורחים, ביקור חולים, ולויית המת
    Vues Master’s Note: On this guy it says in the
    passuk “Al Tehi Tzaddik Harbeh!”

    Dear Vues Master:
    Young Americans are turning against Israel,
    and that’s Israel’s fault, says New York Times
    columnist Ezra Klein. Is he right? In a
    major January 27 op-ed, Klein pointed to a
    recent poll showing only 27% of Americans
    aged 18 to 29—known as “Gen Z”—are more
    sympathetic to Israel than to the Palestinian
    Arabs, as compared to 63% of Americans
    who are 65 or older. According to Klein, that’s
    because of the policies of Prime Minister
    Benjamin Netanyahu, since young Americans
    “know only Netanyahu’s Israel.” Does that
    mean all Gen Zers were pro-Israel when the
    left-of-center Yair Lapid was prime minister
    fourteen months ago? Hardly. The real reason
    for hostility toward Israel among that age
    bracket is their ignorance of the history and
    facts of the Arab-Israeli conflict, not the specific
    polices of a particular prime minister. Israel
    is not to blame if many young people choose
    to base their views on misleading Instagram
    photos, biased college professors, and radical
    ideologies that falsely paint Israel as a “white
    supremacist” state. Nor is ignorance among
    the younger generation about foreign affairs a
    new problem in America. President Franklin D.
    Roosevelt was bothered by it, too. In the
    1930s, polls found 63% of college students
    favored unilateral American disarmament
    and many thousands of them signed a public
    pledge declaring, “We will not support the
    U.S. government in any war it may conduct.”
    They couldn’t be bothered to read up on what
    was happening in Nazi Germany and the
    threat Hitler posed to world peace. They were
    worried about being drafted. They preferred

    sweet fantasies of peace to the reality of a
    world headed for war. And some just wanted
    to mimic “what the cool kids were doing”—
    they saw that many British university students
    were signing the Oxford Pledge, vowing that
    “under no circumstances” would they “fight for
    [their] king and country.” In 1934, 25,000

    American college students took part in a one-
    hour walkout from classes to demonstrate their

    opposition to U.S. involvement in any war. The
    strike mushroomed to 175,000 participants in
    1935, then 500,000 in 1936— nearly half the
    national college student population. The
    student anti war movement began to crack when
    communist-aligned students changed their
    position—again and again—not as a result of
    studying the facts but out of obedience to their
    party. For them, ignorance was truly bliss. In
    the early 1930s, the Soviet Union preferred that
    America keep out of European affairs, so their
    followers on U.S. college campuses promoted
    the antiwar strike. But when the Spanish civil
    war erupted in 1936 and the Kremlin backed
    Spain’s leftwing government, its campus
    sympathizers suddenly dropped their calls
    for American isolationism. Then when the
    Soviets signed their nonaggression pact with
    Nazi Germany three years later, their followers
    all went back to urging America to stay out
    of Europe’s conflicts. When the Soviets
    invaded Finland in November 1939, American
    communist college students defended the
    attack and denounced President Franklin D.
    Roosevelt’s proposal for modest financial aid
    to the Finns. Not long afterwards, FDR gave
    a previously-scheduled address to thousands of
    activists from the American Youth Congress—
    including many of his communist critics.
    He decided to give them a piece of his mind.
    The students’ claim that aid to Finland would
    “force America into an imperialistic war” was,
    the president said, “unadulterated twaddle.”
    He repeated that slap for emphasis. Roosevelt
    called their position “about the silliest thing
    that I have ever heard in my fifty-eight years of
    life.” Note the contrast between Roosevelt’s
    response to his youthful critics and the recent
    responses by President Joe Biden to pro-Hamas
    protesters. On two occasions when hecklers
    shouted at Biden over Gaza, he responded
    that he was pressuring Israel to slow down its
    actions against Hamas and to withdraw from
    Gaza. He treated the protesters’ shouts as
    reasonable, persuasive arguments and sought
    to convince them he was already doing his best
    to implement their demands. Not Roosevelt.
    He considered his pro-Soviet student critics
    to be ignoramuses, and told them so. Despite
    audible boos from the crowd, he admonished
    the students that their positions were “based
    perhaps on sincerity, but, at the same time,
    on 90 per cent ignorance” of the subject
    matter. “There is room for improvement in
    common-sense thinking and definite room for
    improvement in the art of not passing resolutions
    concerning things one doesn’t know anything
    about,” the president said. He characterized
    his student critics as “young people [who]
    get a smattering of the subject from two or
    three speakers who themselves have but a

    smattering on the subject.” Has the political
    climate on America’s campuses changed very
    much since then? Whether Communist Party
    members then or Israel-haters now, campus
    political activity is often steered by a handful
    of ideologically-driven militants. Particular
    social, economic, or political circumstances
    create opportunities to attract sympathetic
    students—not because many students are
    deeply acquainted with the relevant history, but
    precisely because they are not. Probably very
    few American college students in the 1930s
    had read Mein Kampf; probably very few

    today are aware of the discovery of Arabic-
    language copies of Mein Kampf in Gaza.

    Those members of Gen Z who are marching for
    Hamas or telling pollsters they oppose Israel
    are driven by a variety of motives. For many,
    old fashioned ignorance or personal factors
    such as a desire to join a popular cause may
    determine whether they march against Israel,
    as their predecessors marched for isolationism
    in the 1930s. Whatever their motives, however,
    the real-world impact of their activities must be
    considered. Their actions back then contributed
    to America’s aloofness in the face of Hitler’s
    outrages against the Jews and fascist aggression
    in Spain, Ethiopia, and China. Their actions
    today are undermining America’s support for
    an ally fighting for its very survival.
    Rafael Medoff
    Vues Master’s Note: I think they all hate the
    Jew just some hide it better!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Everyone in town was invited to a wedding
    celebration, but the poor were seated in a
    corner of the hall, where they were paid little
    attention. At one point, the רב rose to speak
    and told the newly married couple that they
    should always remember that what goes
    around comes around. “It’s not true,” one עני
    said to another. “Look, the waiters are going
    around with platters of food, but they’re not
    coming around to us.”
    Vues Master’s Note: I guess that is why
    the rich are rolling in dough! They are well

    Dear Vues Master:
    Although there is an Avrohom Fried album
    titled “No Jew will be left Behind”, when
    the Yiden left Mitzrayim four-fifths got
    left behind. One of them was a man named
    Nochum as it says at the beginning of Parshas
    Beshalach “Va’yehi Be’shalach Paroah
    es Ha’um ve’loi Nochum”. Many of you
    may have heard this but do you know why
    he couldn’t leave? During the mako of
    Choshech, he sold candles to the Mitzrayim.
    In addition to him staying in Mitzrayim,
    he was punished by having his candles
    permanently boycotted from being used
    for Shabbos. For those who say Ba’meh
    Madlikin, we see that it mentions all those
    types of candles that cannot be used. Among
    them is “Cheilev Nochum”. It happened

    once in a public forum that a prominent
    person named Nochum was called out by a
    speaker during Shabbos Parshas Beshalach.
    He retorted “Derech Eretz, Pelishtim!”. The
    Yidden got the Toirah in the Midbar. But you
    may have wondered that in order to study it
    and learn all the mitzvos, they had to have
    seforim. In Mitzrayim there were methods of
    printing books using hieroglyphics but in the
    midbar there were no printing presses. Where
    did they get sefarim? Well, it says in the
    next posuk, “va’Chamushim ulu bnei Yisroel
    mei’eretz Mitzrayim”. Greece is known in the
    secular world as the “Cradle of Democracy”.
    However, the real cradle was when the
    Yiden left Mitzrayim they camped in a place
    formerly called Pisoim. Now, it was where
    they were able to practice their religion; where
    freedom of speech and other first amendment
    rights were guaranteed . It became known as
    “Pi Hacheruth”. It is commonly accepted that
    the learning of Daf Yomi began on the first
    day of Rosh Hashanah 5684 (11 September
    1923)over a hundred years ago. However, not
    only did the Yidden leaving Mitzraim have
    Chamushim, but they also learnt Daf Yomi.
    It says in posuk “Loi yumish amud ha’unun
    yoimum v’amud hu’aish lailu lifnei hu’um”.
    The Yidden learnt an amud by day and were
    mashlim the daf with an amud by night.
    They also learnt Rambam. Pharaoh would
    say “nevuchim heim ba’ertez” but he didn’t
    know that Moshe was the original “Moreh
    Nevuchim”. How did Pharaoh know that
    the Yiden weren’t coming back? They were
    supposed to go to the midbar for 3 days to
    serve Hashem. He sent a drone to keep them
    under surveillance. It says, he was told “ki
    baruch ha’um”. The Yidden, after bringing
    korbanois had a seudah and they bentched. If
    they weren’t returning after bentching, Paraoh
    knew they weren’t returning. So Pharaoh
    chased after them. The Yidden were frantic
    as they saw the Mitzriyim behind them and
    Yam in the distance in front of them. Moshe
    reassured them. “Don’t worry. We will cross
    the Yam when we get to it.” Why did the
    Yidden cross the Yam? To get to the SAME
    side. As a postscript to the first story, the one
    (a liberal) who was called Pelishtim, went to
    an Eretz NochRiya called New York and sued
    Nochum for defamation of character. He won
    $83.5 million dollars from the jury.
    Vues Master’s Note: The courts of Sodom and