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    Dear Vues Master:
    There’s a famous vort from the Riminover, and he says that
    the Gemara in Shabbos tells us that at the end of our lives,
    we’re going to be asked, Nasasa V’nasata Bemuna? Were you
    honest in business? That’s the simple explanation. Emunah
    over there means, were you honest? But the Riminover says,
    Nasasa v’nasata Bemuna is a question we are asked. Did you
    handle in your emuna in the same manner that you handled
    in your business? When there’s a business deal on the table,
    it consumes you. And every moment of the day you’re thinking
    about it. You might not even be able to sleep at night. Did
    you think about Hashem, and think about your emuna in the
    same manner that you think about your business? Recently I
    heard a beautiful postscript to that idea. Imagine a person has
    a glass of water. As long as the glass is moving, even if the
    glass is in freezing temperatures, the glass of water will not
    freeze. It doesn’t make a difference how cold it is outside,
    because if it’s moving, then it won’t get frozen. The same is
    true with your emuna. If you let your emunah sit, and you
    don’t handle with it, and you don’t think about it, and you
    don’t move it around, then it’s going to become frozen. But
    if a person, every moment of every day, is able to try to think,
    and reconnect himself constantly in his thought process
    about his emuna, and is in his thoughts about Hashem, then
    it will always stay warm. The truth is, that this generation
    has excelled in that manner. The increase of learning about
    Emunah and Bitachon in our generation is something that did
    not happen when I was a child. Maybe I took it for granted
    because the generation before us lived through challenges in
    Emuna that we could never fathom. I think we were lulled to
    sleep for many years, a false sense of security, and especially
    over the last number of years with COVID, and tragedies,
    one after another. Emuna is something that we’re handling
    every day. Every person should realize that you’re keeping
    it warm, and when you keep it warm, you’re fulfilling your
    duty to the Ribono Shel Olam. You’re keeping yourself
    connected to Him constantly, and ultimately, there’s nothing
    that will bring more happiness.
    Vues Master’s Note: Wow! A great letter!

    Dear Vues Master
    After falling for months, egg prices are rising again and could
    continue that way in 2024 as farmers grapple with another
    outbreak of bird flu. The average cost of a dozen Grade A
    large eggs was $2.52 in January, up slightly from $2.51 in
    December, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor

    Statistics. The latest Consumer Price Index, or CPI, shows
    that the price of eggs rose 3.4% from December to January.
    Why does this keep happening?
    Vues Master’s Note: I guess the birds aren’t taking their flu
    shot. I hope the price stabilizes before Pesach.

    Dear Vues Master:
    Hi All.
    By now you may have heard that I’m back for a brief period
    (heading back in for another, much quicker stint in a couple
    of days). Really, really relieved to be typing in this chat right
    I don’t really know what to say after the last 24 days on the
    front lines other than thank you. The miracles that we have
    witnessed in blind sight that enabled all of us to come home
    safely is nothing short of G-d’s hand at work and I credit all
    of you for your prayers and thoughts that have influenced
    the direction of where their RPGs hit us across several
    ambushes, and redirect their bullets flying over our heads
    and next to our ears as we try to regroup and neutralize the
    threat before us.
    I say with absolute certainty, not as a preacher, but if you
    didn’t believe in G-d before, I don’t know what else to tell
    you because not a single person on my team can explain how
    we all came out alive virtually unscathed considering the
    circumstances we underwent. I’m not talking close calls, I’m
    talking death guiding us blindfolded on a tightrope between
    two mountains. God is good. So thank you all for your
    prayers, they really work and we still need them.
    Important to note that the job isn’t finished. There is still
    work to do, we still have a very big little bit coming up and
    as we speak soldiers are encountering what we encountered
    constantly. Many give their lives so that we can live
    peacefully. The heroic sacrifice can’t be understated. I know
    it sounds like just a number of soldiers killed, but each of
    these people are me. Are you? Are we? Family, friends,
    eagerly awaiting to see their loved ones again and they never
    .יהי זכרם ברוך .will
    As a first hand account, we witnessed what we all already
    knew – Hamas uses children, schools, hospitals as launch
    points for terror. We found tunnels in a school. We found
    RPGs and ammo in a hospital that we took over. We even
    saw terrorists using 3 of the hostages as human shields as a
    lure to bait us into a shoot out. The inhumanity is outrageous.
    These people have waited a decade(s) for this moment and
    are certainly ready to die for their cause. But I tell you with
    great certainty: Our people have waited millennia to have

    peace against far greater odds, and peace will
    be had by any means necessary. Like we say
    every Pesach (Passover) at the seder: “והיא
    שעמדה לאבותינו ולנו שלא אחד בלבד עמד עלינו
    לכלותינו אלא שבכל דור ודור עומדים עלינו לכלותינו
    the (this And” (“והקדוש ברוך הוא מצילינו מידם
    Torah) is what kept our fathers and what keeps
    us surviving. Not only one arose and tried to
    destroy us, rather in every generation someone
    rose and tries to destroy us, but G-d saves us
    from their hands.”). It’s just that simple.
    I urge all of you to please appreciate your
    lives, your loved ones, your ability to turn
    on a light at night time, your ability to go to
    a bathroom, to shower, to switch your socks,
    to not hear a boom every 30 seconds, to not
    jolt at the thought of another ambush, to not
    smell the horrible smell of burning bodies, of
    not being shot at, to never ever have to hear
    the scream of an RPG approaching and then
    exploding feet front you and have the second
    of panic not knowing which way will be more
    safe (to the right or to the left) as the bullets
    start flying to you dive to the ground. To not
    shoot at someone shooting at you. To never
    see this type of devastation. Most of all enjoy
    tranquility because we are fighting so that you
    can all live and enjoy life. Celebrate that life.
    Go out. Have fun. Have a drink. Eat well. Hug
    someone. Kiss someone. Be successful. Hate
    sparingly and love endlessly. Live. Give.
    Daven. Dream. Be proud. Love. Everything we
    are doing is in vain if our lives pause.
    I don’t want you all to get the wrong idea. As
    close as we all are to death, we couldn’t be
    farther. Our spirits are HIGH. The fighting Jew
    has sustained so many difficulties and the
    fighting Jew cannot be broken. We are not
    scared. We are warriors. We are not deterred by
    some terrorists living under the ground, we are
    lions who will hunt them down and will find
    our prey in order to survive. We want our honor
    back and honor we be restored. And through all
    the terrorists that we have killed with the help
    of G-d, we stand to answer the call to protect
    Jews and all of humanity. I don’t think there
    could be a more special or worthy cause than
    this one and I am humbled to be answering this
    call in such fashion. I hope that my grandfather
    Eli, who stormed the beaches of Normandy to
    restore humanity from the Nazis, is looking
    down and smiling at what his only grandson is
    accomplishing in his attempt to stand in his
    giant shadow and the shadow of all of the
    fighting Jews in history.
    Do not stop davening. We need to continue.
    We will continue. Not because we want to,
    but because we have to. I love you all and
    appreciate you all in my life. Genuinely. You
    have all made me who I am today and your
    strength enables me to do what I am doing.
    As always – stay strong. Stay united. Perhaps
    if my chapter here will be over soon, I daven
    to Hashem that I will never forget this feeling
    of pride in being a fighting Jew, to be a part of
    the history of our people that actually can fight.
    I do this for all of you. All of your families. All
    of our ancestors. I do this most of all for peace,
    because we all deserve that fundamental

    human right.
    Sending my love and genuine, continued
    appreciation to all of you and your families/
    friends who are davening on our behalf.
    Am Yisrael Chai!
    Your Paratrooper,
    Simcha “Sam”
    Vues Master’s Note: Bravo! What a letter!

    Dear Vues Master
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sided this
    past Sunday with National Security Minister
    Itamar Ben Gvir, endorsing restrictions on
    Arab Israelis’ access to Al-Aqsa Mosque on
    Jerusalem’s Temple Mount during Ramadan.
    Ben Gvir seeks to only allow worshipers over
    the age of 70 onto the Temple Mount. The
    criteria will likely end up allowing men over
    60 and children up to the age of 10 to enter the
    Vues Master’s Note: Until Hamas returns the
    hostages, they shouldn’t be allowed near Har
    Habayis ever. Not just during Ramadan.

    Dear Vues Master:
    President Joe Biden is reported to have used
    profanity in two recent outbursts against
    Israel’s prime minister. Sadly, such eruptions
    are nothing new. Going all the way back to the
    1940s, presidents or other senior U.S. officials
    occasionally have said some ugly things about
    Israel or Jews.
    In 1943, Samuel Rosenman, the chief
    speechwriter for President Franklin D.
    Roosevelt, confided to a colleague that the
    president was “much displeased” to learn that
    four hundred rabbis were planning to march
    to the White House to plead for the rescue of
    Jewish refugees. Rosenman said FDR was
    so upset that he “used language that morning
    while breakfasting which would have pleased
    Hitler himself.”
    Syndicated newspaper columnist Drew Pearson
    reported in early 1948 that President Harry
    Truman privately railed against American Jews
    who were urging him to support the creation of
    a Jewish state: “Pounding his desk, [Truman]
    used words that can’t be repeated about ‘the
    (blank) New York Jews.’ ‘They’re disloyal
    to their country. Disloyal!’ he cried.” Truman
    denied the story, but Pearson’s source, New
    York Post publisher Ted Thackery, did not back
    The White House tapes released by the Richard
    Nixon Presidential Library revealed some ugly
    remarks in the Oval Office in the early
    1970s. In one, the president could be heard
    becoming angry at his attorney, Leonard
    Garment, and shouting, “Goddamn his Jewish
    In another, Nixon angrily complained to
    Secretary of State Henry Kissinger about
    American Jews urging him to press the Soviet
    Union on Jewish emigration. Referring to the
    possibility of Jewish demonstrations ouside

    a forthcoming U.S.-Soviet summit, Nixon
    thundered: “Let me say, Henry, it’s gonna
    be the worst thing that happened to Jews in
    American history. If they torpedo this summit-
    -and it might go down for other reasons–I’m
    gonna put the blame on them, and I’m going
    to do it publicly at 9 o’clock at night before 80
    million people. They put the Jewish interest
    above America’s interest, and it’s about
    goddamn time that the Jew in America realizes
    he’s an American first and a Jew second!”
    Kissinger used vulgar language in describing
    Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and his cabinet
    in 1975. The incident took place during a
    round of shuttle diplomacy that Kissinger
    was conducting between Israel and Egypt.
    According to Prof. Gil Troy’s book, Moynihan’s
    Moment, Kissinger at one point became
    frustrated that Rabin was not making enough
    concessions to Egypt, and complained to
    President Gerald Ford that Israel’s leaders were
    “the world’s worst s—ts.”
    Not that Americans have a monopoly on
    such ugliness. There also have been several
    incidents along these lines involving European
    In 2001, the French ambassador to Great
    Britain, Daniel Bernard, launched into an
    obscenity-laced rant against Israel and its prime
    minister, Ariel Sharon. At a dinner party,
    Bernard told Conrad Black of the Daily
    Telegraph that “All the current troubles in the
    world are because of that s——y little country,
    Israel.” Despite an international uproar,
    Ambassador Bernard refused to apologize,
    claiming his remark
    had been distorted.
    In 2009, a senior official in the British Foreign
    Office, Rowan Laxton, unleashed a profane
    tirade against the Israeli government headed
    by Ehud Olmert. During a workout in a
    London gym, Laxton shouted about the “f—-
    ing Israelis, f—-ing Jews,” and declared that
    the Israelis should be “wiped off the face of
    the earth,” according to staff members at the
    gym. During his trial on charges of racial
    harassment, Laxton’s defense was, “We are all
    human. I erred. I don’t normally swear.”
    Perhaps the best known contemporary example
    of a government official cursing the Jews
    involved Secretary of State James A. Baker, in
    1992. His cabinet colleague, House and Urban
    Development secretary Jack Kemp, leaked to
    the media that when Baker was told of Jewish
    concerns about U.S. policy toward Israel, he
    replied, “F—- the Jews, they don’t vote for
    us anyway.” Baker’s spokeswoman called
    the report “garbage,” but New York Times
    columnist William Safire, after investigating
    the episode, wrote: “I can confirm that Baker
    did say that, with the same vulgarism that made
    it so memorable, to two high officials on two
    different occasions.”
    Jeffrey Goldberg, editor in chief of The
    Atlantic, reported in October 2014 that “a
    senior Obama administration official” derided
    Israel’s prime minister as “chickens—t” for not
    making more concessions to the Palestinian
    Authority. No U.S. official publicly took

    responsibility for the remark; but nobody in
    Washington seemed to
    doubt the accuracy of Goldberg’s account.
    In a 2021 interview, Donald Trump used
    profanity in denouncing Prime Minister
    Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump said he was
    angry that Netanyahu congratulated Joe Biden
    on winning the 2020 election.
    Whether the president has been a Democrat or
    a Republican, and regardless of who happened
    to be Israel’s prime minister, the phenomenon
    of a rage-filled or obscenity-laced outburst
    against Israel or Jews is a recurring feature in
    the political world. So perhaps Israelis should
    not take the latest reported vulgarity to heart. It
    wasn’t the first, it probably won’t be the last,
    and it reflects more on the speaker than the
    Rafael Medoff
    Vue Master’s Note: What do you expect from a
    senile Biden!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A Rav approached one of his מתפללים in shul
    and said “Reb Chaim, you’re one of our few
    Cohanim and I haven’t seen you for a few
    months.” Chaim answered: “Rav I was very
    sick. In fact, I was hospitalized for almost three
    months.” The Rav shouted “Boruch Hashem!
    I thought you had decided to daven in another
    A Rav approached one of his מתפללים in shul
    and said “Reb Chaim, you’re one of our few
    Cohanim and I haven’t seen you for a few
    months.” Chaim answered: “Rav, I was very
    sick. In fact, I was hospitalized for almost three
    months.” The Rav shouted “Boruch Hashem!
    I thought you had decided to daven in another
    Vues Master’s Note: This Rabbi should lose his
    job why did he not go visit him?

    Dear Vues Master:

    I once heard a beautiful story. A very well-
    known rabbi left the United States and moved

    to Israel. He made Aliya. One day his student
    came over to him and asked him, “Rabbi, what
    do you miss most from America?” The rabbi
    looked at him and said “I miss the longing for
    Israel.” Jews have longed for and davened for
    Zion (Israel) for thousands of years. In our
    daily davening, Zion, Jerusalem is mentioned
    hundreds of times. In the Torah, we are
    commanded to go to the temple in Jerusalem on
    all of our major Yom Tovim. Jews around the
    world have faced Jerusalem as they prayed for
    thousands of years. There was never a single
    day in history on which there were no Jews in
    the land of Israel. Many Jews, myself and my
    family included, upon moving to Israel, got
    off the plane, then got down on all fours, and
    kissed the ground while thanking Hashem that
    we are finally home. But please, tell me more
    about how you’re only anti Zionist but not
    anti Jewish. Zion/Israel/Jerusalem is as core to
    Judaism as Yushka is to Christianity or Mecca

    is to Islam. If you oppose the Jews returning
    to their eternal homeland, Zion, if you think
    a tiny basically invisible dot on a map full of
    Muslim and Arab countries is just too much
    for the Jews to have, don’t look now, but
    there’s an antisemite walking around in your
    Hillel Fuld

    Dear Vues Master:
    There was a Baal Habos who owned a
    company that sold goods to retail stores. He
    himself was also the head salesman. He was
    very makpid to learn before davening and to
    be home by 6:30 in the evening to spend time
    with his family. One day as he was discussing
    his day with a friend the friend said, “the
    reason you’re not making enough money is
    because you aren’t travelling as much as you
    should be.” The major retail chains would
    buy from you if you got face time in their
    headquarters.” The baal habos argued that
    “the Abishter is controlling my Parnasah. If he
    wants, he can make them come to me. I am
    doing what I can, but He will do the rest.”
    One day this man’s nephew called him and
    explained that he had a friend who was
    working with him who was not very happy.
    He had several connections with many of
    the big retailers in the industry “and I’m sure
    if you offer him a nice salary, he will come
    work for you.” The Baal habos did just that,
    and this young salesman came over. Within a
    few weeks he arranged several meetings with
    the likes of Kmart and JC Penny. As an added
    bonus, the venue chosen for a conference that
    hosted many of the top retailers was none
    other than the city this Baal Habos lived in.
    He was able to attend the conference and pitch
    many of the stores that have headquarters
    across the country. We have to do what we can
    to bring in our parnassah. We have to put in
    our hishtadlus, but the Abishter lies waiting to
    bring it to our doorstep.
    Vues Master’s Note: Great Story!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Reb Efraim Margolios zt”l, author of several
    renowned halachic sefarim (Matteh Efraim,
    Yad Efraim, and others) was also very wealthy
    (he owned a bank). Once, an expensive vase
    broke in his home. His wife was very upset
    about this, but he remained calm. She asked
    him, “How can you be so calm? Do you realize
    how expensive it was?” He said, “Ask me this
    question in a year from now, and then I’ll
    explain.” She didn’t forget. She remembered
    the date that the vase broke, and exactly a year
    later, she asked him for an explanation. He
    asked her, “Are you still upset about the vase
    that broke?” She said that it doesn’t bother her
    anymore. He replied, “Your father chose me
    to be his son-in-law because he said that I am
    an iluy (genius) and I grasp matters quickly.
    When the vase broke, I immediately grasped
    how I would feel today, a year later, and that’s

    why I didn’t let it bother me then.”
    Vues Master’s Note: I believe that in a year
    from now if I re-read your letter it will still
    have an impact!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A government employee was mistakenly
    paid double his salary one week. He said
    nothing and deposited his paycheck. The
    following week his paycheck was zero. When
    he complained, he was told that he had been
    paid double the week before. “I was willing to
    overlook one mistake,” he said, “but not two.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Funny!!

    Dear Vues Master:
    “When we were led into the gas chamber,
    YOU said nothing. When we were forcibly
    converted, YOU said nothing. When we
    were thrown out of a country just for being
    Jews, YOU said nothing. When we now
    defend ourselves all of a sudden, YOU have
    something to say. How did we take our revenge
    on the Germans for their Final Solution? How
    did we take revenge on the Spanish for their
    Inquisition? How did we take revenge on
    Islam for being Dhimmis? How did we take
    revenge on the lies of the Protocols of Zion?
    We studied our Torah
    We innovated in medicine
    We innovated in defense systems
    We innovated in technology
    We innovated in agriculture
    We made music
    We wrote poetry
    We made the desert bloom
    We won Nobel prizes
    We founded the movie industry
    We financed democracy
    We fulfilled the word of Hashem by becoming
    a light unto the Nations of the Earth.
    So World, when you criticize us for defending
    our heritage and our ancestral homeland, we
    the Jews of the world do exactly what you did,
    we ignore you. You have proven to us for the
    last 2,000 years that when the chips are down,
    you don’t care. Now leave us alone and go sort
    out your own backyard whilst we continue our
    5784-year-old mission, enhancing the world
    we share.”
    – HK
    Vues Master’s Note: Well said!

    Dear Vues Master
    I am so sick of Jews apologizing for existing.
    I am so sick of Jews apologizing for defending
    themselves. I am so sick of Jews apologizing
    for the optics of doing what’s right. I am so
    sick of Jews apologizing for coming back to
    their eternal homeland. I am so sick of Jews
    apologizing for fighting back and defeating a
    cruel terrorist organization. I am so sick of
    Jews apologizing for winning wars. I am so

    sick of Jews apologizing for the (tragic but
    inevitable) innocent people who die in a war
    that Israel didn’t start and didn’t want. I am
    so sick of Jews apologizing for speaking up
    against antisemitism. I am so sick of Jews
    apologizing for stating the hard, but unpopular
    fact that Israel is fighting a society that is
    deeply indoctrinated and rotten to the core.
    I am so done apologizing.
    I am NOT sorry for existing, for defending
    myself, for the optics of this war, for coming
    home to my homeland, for waging a war
    against a cruel terrorist organization, for
    winning wars, for the innocent people that
    Hamas is using as human shields in order to
    maximize civilian deaths (I am sad about it, I
    truly am, but every one of those people is on
    Hamas, not Israel.), for speaking up against
    antisemitism, and for unequivocally stating
    that Gaza and the general Palestinian society
    is deeply indoctrinated and rotten to the core
    (of course there are some innocent people but
    those innocent people are silent and therefore

    irrelevant. Besides, thousands of those so-
    called innocent people took part in October

    7th, gave out candies to celebrate Jewish
    deaths, and/or voted for Hamas. That’s not
    what I call innocent.)
    Israel, contrary to what you were told, has the
    most moral army in the world. The lengths
    that the IDF goes to in order to minimize
    civilian deaths in Gaza are unprecedented
    and unparalleled. The ratio between terrorists
    and “innocent” Gazan killed by Israel is
    unprecedented and unparalleled.
    Dropping pamphlets to let the enemy know
    where the IDF will attack and when is
    unprecedented and unparalleled. Israel and
    the Jewish people have nothing to apologize
    for. The Jewish people have been nothing but
    a source of light in this world.
    Between the Nobel prizes won by Jews,
    Israel’s position as a leading technology
    superpower (look down at whatever device
    you are reading this on, and chances are
    at least part of it was developed in Israel),
    breakthroughs in medicine, cutting edge
    cancer treatments and research, rescue
    efforts across the world, and countless other
    achievements, the Jewish people have always
    been a source of bright light.
    Sometimes when a light is too bright, if not
    prepared, it can blind you. The Jews are done
    apologizing for their light, and if you don’t
    like it, either get sunglasses or be prepared
    to be blinded. Our light will never go out,
    no matter how much darkness our enemies
    The era of the apologetic Jew who is led to
    the gas chambers with shaking knees, are
    over. Sorry, but we are no longer sorry!
    “If we have to choose between being dead
    and pitied, and being alive with a bad image,
    we’d rather be alive and have the bad image.”
    – Golda Meir
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Masters Note: Another brilliant post by
    Hillel Fuld

    Dear Vues Master:
    A bochur from a religious family who years
    ago dropped all levels of observance shared his
    story. To support himself, he became a driver
    and photographer, driving wealthy visitors
    from New York to gedolim in Eretz Yisroel.
    He had 3 American gvirim in his car shortly
    before Rosh Hashana, who came specifically
    to secure a bracha from Rav Chaim Feinstein
    of Bnei Brak for a shana tovah. As the gvirim
    were leaving, Rav Feinstein, the rosh yeshiva
    at Yeshivas Ateres Shlomo, turned to the
    driver and asked, “Don’t you also need a
    shana tovah? He then stopped and thought,
    saying that a bracha with nothing to stand on
    will not be effective. “Accept upon yourself
    to keep Shabbos for the month of Tishrei,” he
    asked. The bochur became filled with emotion
    and accepted. A couple of weekends ago, the
    boy traveled to Israel’s south to participate
    in a Rave, a music festival in the desert. On
    Friday afternoon, he realized that he would
    not be able to keep Shabbos there, so he bid
    his friends farewell and departed. The next
    day, the boy was among the millions of people
    who heard about the savage butchery that
    happened at the rave, and that his friends were
    among those killed. It was the small kabbalah
    he undertook – to keep just four Shabbosos –
    and it saved his life.

    Dear Vues Master
    I am typically a generous tipper when I go out
    to eat in a restaurant. According to a recent
    report in the Wall Street Journal, numerous
    companies – including airports, bakeries,
    coffee shops and sports stadiums – have
    introduced self-serve tipping options, despite
    patrons having zero interactions with an
    employee. The tip is of course optional, but as
    anyone who has encountered them can attest,
    they leave you feeling guilty if you choose
    not to tip. Isn’t that chutzpa? Everything is
    so expensive these days. Now they want us to
    give a tip when no one did anything for you.
    What is this world coming to?
    Vues Master’s Note: Businesses are struggling
    these days & are trying to get anything they
    can off the consumer. It’s sad!