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    Dear Vues Master
    This past Monday, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    in the Bronx received a $1 billion donation from Dr.
    Ruth Gottesman, former professor and chair of the
    school’s board of trustees. The massive donation — a
    “transformational gift,” the school said — is among the
    largest ever made to a university in the United States
    and seemingly the largest made to an American medical
    school, according to the institution. Dr. Philip Ozuah,
    president and CEO of Montefiore Einstein, the umbrella
    organization for Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    and Montefiore Health System, said that the $1 billion
    donation will ensure that no student at Einstein will have
    to pay tuition again.
    Vues Master’s Note: I’m waiting for someone to give a
    billion dollars to my kids yeshiva so I don’t have to pay
    them again!

    Dear Vues Master
    This past weekend the Mid-Hudson News obtained
    a recording of Village of Monticello Mayor George
    Nikolados attempting to Blackmail Orthodox Jews to
    vote for his reelection. Nikolados promised revenge
    on members of the Orthodox community if they didn’t
    vote for him in the upcoming March election and that he
    would track them down and F— with them personally.
    Vues Master’s Note: This is a very big story. It’s going to
    get bigger as we get closer to the election. Antisemitism
    should never be tolerated.

    Dear Vues Master
    Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu received an item
    from the leader of Hamas during the recent cease-fire.
    The leader of the Palestinian terrorist organization,
    Khaled Mashal, sent a “gift”..(actually, it was a gesture
    of hate and contempt to the Prime Minister of Israel
    Benjamin Netanyahu), in an elaborate box with a note.
    After having the box checked for safety reasons, Prime
    Minister Netanyahu opened the box and saw that the
    content was cow dung. He opened the note, handwritten
    in Arabic by Mr. Mashal, which said, “For you and the
    proud people of the Zionist Entity.” Mr. Netanyahu,
    who is literate in Arabic, pondered the note and decided

    how best to reciprocate. He quickly did so by sending
    the Hamas leader an equally handsome package, also
    containing a personal note. Mr. Mashal and the other
    leaders of Hamas were very surprised to receive the
    parcel and opened it, very carefully, similarly suspecting
    that it might contain a bomb. But to their surprise, they
    saw that it contained a tiny computer chip. This chip
    was rechargeable with solar energy, had a 1.8 terabyte
    memory, and could output a 3D hologram display
    capable of functioning in any type of cellular phone,
    tablet or laptop. It was one of the world’s most advanced
    technologies, with a tiny label, stating this item was
    “Invented and produced in Israel .” Mr. Netanyahu’s
    note, personally handwritten in Arabic, Hebrew, French,
    and English, stated very courteously… “Every leader
    can only give the best his people can produce!”
    Vues Master’s Note: Love it!

    Dear Vues Master
    Last week, The Jerusalem Post’s Eliav Breuer wrote
    about Israel’s Aliyah and Integration Ministry, which,
    in collaboration with Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich
    and Jewish Agency chairman Doron Almog, introduced
    a plan to boost aliyah by enhancing services for new
    immigrants (olim) both before and after their arrival.
    The plan focused on three main principles: utilizing
    aliyah to spur economic growth, integrating immigrants
    into communities, and strengthening Israel’s integration
    infrastructure. Key components of the initiative
    include monthly rent subsidies for olim settling in
    specific regions, full rent coverage for young families
    in community integration centers, comprehensive
    support for university students, including tuition, rent
    aid, and community support, pre-arrival programs for
    prospective immigrants, and improvements in Hebrew
    language education. The plan came as a result of the
    sharp increase in antisemitism in the US and Europe
    since the war broke out on Oct. 7, which has led to a
    dramatic rise in people registering for aliyah – a 300%
    rise in France compared to the parallel period a year
    before; a 100% rise in the US; 150% in Canada; and
    40% in the UK.
    Vues Master’s Note: We all should be thinking about
    making aliyah now. The world is very scary & we only
    have one homeland. (and it’s not America)

    Dear Vues Master
    Mashal: There was a certain student who
    would always bring R’ Aharon Kotler zt”l, a
    hot cup of coffee each day at a specific time.
    One day, the talmid brought the coffee as
    usual, but when he passed the Rosh Yeshiva
    an hour later, he noticed that the coffee had
    not been touched. He thought R’ Aharon might
    not have noticed it since he was engrossed in
    learning, and he brought another steaming cup
    of coffee for his Rebbe as the first cup was
    now cold. However, this one too, remained
    untouched. The talmid was concerned, and
    he asked the Rosh Yeshiva if something
    was wrong. R’ Aharon replied as follows: “I
    am aware of a certain family that is making
    inquiries for a Shidduch concerning a young
    man who had once studied under me. If the
    family calls me, I will be in a difficult position
    to respond accurately. I cannot say something
    that is not true, however, I also cannot say the
    truth about this young man, because the truth
    does not speak well for him. Therefore, I have
    accepted today as a fast day upon myself,
    in the hope that in the zechus of my fasting
    and davening, this family will not ask me
    any questions about this boy!” NIMSHAL:
    Chazal teach us (Arachin 16a) that each
    article in the Kohen Gadol’s outfit atones for
    a different transgression. However, not every
    transgression is covered, so apparently the
    ones that are accounted for have a tremendous
    significance. Hence, it is interesting to note
    that the Me’il is worn to atone for the sin of
    lashon hara, saying, “Let an item like a bell,
    that gives off sound, come and atone for a sin
    done with sound.” It is said that for this reason,
    the holy Chofetz Chaim zt”l put so much effort
    into highlighting this terrible sin, devoting his
    life to Shmiras Halashon.
    Vues Master’s Note: Wow! What noseh be’ol.

    Dear Vues Master

    Last Friday, Inspector Richie Taylor (AKA-
    the Jewish Vues model) was promoted to a

    Deputy Chief. With that title, Richie is the
    highest ranking yalamke wearing Jewish
    officer ever to be in the NYPD. What a
    kiddush Hashem! Mazel Tov Richie!
    Vues Master’s Note: I think we should put
    some pictures of Richie in the paper this

    Dear Vues Master
    Can someone explain how the United States
    can both defend Israel’s “occupation” of the
    West Bank as legal on Thursday, and then
    declare them “inconsistent with international
    law” on Friday?
    Vues Master’s Note: That is politics even
    when they don’t move their lips they are lying!

    Dear Vues Master
    Rav Yechiel Spero writes a great story. The
    Bobover Rebbe was attending the Bris Milah
    of the son of one his Chasidim, and he had been
    honored with being the Sandak. The Rebbe
    was unusually happy, and the smile on his
    face could hardly be contained. His demeanor
    was always one of great joy, but his happiness
    on this day was unusual. When asked about
    his incredible happiness, the Rebbe shared
    an extraordinary story about kindness and
    hope. Meir and Rifka Zoberman were terribly
    discouraged and unhappy. They had dreamed
    about becoming parents many years ago, but
    this dream did not become reality for a long
    time. Nothing seemed to work for them. Not
    the doctors’ advice, not the Brachos they had
    received, and not their Tefilos either. Their
    dream was fading away. Meir had gotten
    Brachos from the Rebbe many times, and the
    Rebbe’s Brachos had always been fulfilled,
    until now. The young couple did not know
    where to turn. With extra time on her hands,
    Rifka decided to visit the local hospitals. She
    made many friends on these visits, and she
    felt fulfilled to be helping those in need. One
    day, as she was about to leave Maimonides
    Hospital, Rifka heard a woman groaning in
    one of the rooms. Peeking in, she noticed
    an elderly woman who was all alone, so she
    walked in and sat down on the chair next to
    the bed. The woman was not at all interested
    in making conversation with Rifka, and she
    was even a little bit rude, but Rifka somehow
    sensed desperation and loneliness in the
    woman’s voice. Rifka noticed that the room
    was bare. There was not even one card or a
    single flower. Just bare walls. Gently, Rifka
    asked, “How long have you been here?” The
    woman ignored her and stared at the empty
    wall next to her bed. But Rifka would not back
    down. She prodded a little, until the elderly
    woman finally began talking, but Rifka could
    pick up on some resentment in her tone. But
    Rifka was satisfied that she had accomplished
    this small achievement. An hour passed and
    Rifka had even elicited a small smile from
    this woman. As it turned out, this woman
    had no family, and no one to turn to. Rifka
    promised her that she would be back to visit,
    and she kept her promise. The next day Rifka
    returned, and she was greeted with a smile.
    The two spoke for an hour. The woman had
    so much to say and finally, she had someone
    who would listen to her. Day in and day
    out, Rifka visited with this lonely woman,
    and slowly, her barriers were worn down.
    Their relationship continued to develop, and
    clearly, Rifka’s visit was the highlight of this
    woman’s day. However, as her happiness
    improved, her health deteriorated, and sadly,
    within a few months, her illness had taken
    over her body. Rifka sat by her side and
    cared for her as if she were a longtime friend.

    Finally, the day came. Her breathing slowed
    and it was becoming more and more evident
    that she was going to pass away. Rifka sensed
    that her older friend was anxious and worried,
    and Rifka did her best to soothe her, and allay
    her fears. Rifka noticed that for the first time,
    the woman was crying. She wiped the tears
    from her cheek and calmed her. An uneasy
    silence filled the room when, finally, the
    woman spoke. She said, “Rifka, I don’t know
    how I can ever repay you for what you have
    done for me. I have no money and no family
    who can pay you for your time, but one thing
    I can promise you. After I go up to Shamayim,
    I will approach the Kisei HaKavod, Hashem’s
    Heavenly throne, and I promise you I will not
    leave there until Hashem grants you the child
    that you want so much!” And then she closed
    her eyes one final time. The Rebbe smiled at
    the crowd and said, “And this baby is that
    Vues Master’s Note: Great story! Thanks for

    Dear Vues Master
    I just read a great story of faith by Rabbi
    Elimelech Biderman Shlit”a. The king
    of Egypt was very fond of Reb Eliezer
    Ashkenazi and gave him his signet ring. This
    aroused the jealousy of the king’s non-Jewish
    ministers. The king invited all his ministers to
    celebrate the king’s birthday. Reb Eliezer was
    on the way to the palace for the celebration.
    As he was traversing a bridge over the Nile,
    he met with one of the king’s officers. “Did
    you remember to bring the king’s ring?” the
    jealous officer asked. Reb Eliezer showed
    him the ring, and the officer grabbed it and
    threw it into the Nile. Miraculously Reb
    Eliezer caught the ring before it dropped into
    the Nile River. He realized it was a miracle.
    At the party, the king accorded Reb Eliezer
    great honor, more than all the other ministers.
    And after the party, the king walked Reb
    Eliezer out to the entrance of the palace. Reb
    Eliezer realized that he reached his peak,
    and this frightened him. He miraculously
    caught the ring, and was accorded inordinate
    honor by the party. He thought of the passuk,
    גאון שבר לפני,” Before one breaks, he
    becomes great” (Mishlei 16:18) and he
    knew that when one reaches the top, it’s an
    indication that he will soon have a downfall.
    He decided right then, that it was time for him
    to leave the country. That night, he packed a
    case with precious gems, and took a ship to
    Turkey. He later discovered that this saved his
    life, as that night, the king’s officers slandered
    Reb Eliezer, and the king ordered his arrest.
    If he would have stayed home, his life would
    have been in danger. The boat he was on
    shipwrecked near Turkey, and all his wealth
    got swallowed by the sea. Reb Eliezer was
    just barely able to swim ashore. He arrived

    as a poor man, to Constantinople. Reb Eliezer
    understood that he was being punished for
    bitul torah. His closeness to the king had
    taken away a significant amount of time
    from Torah study. He decided to improve
    in this area. He sought a small apartment
    where he could spend his days and nights
    studying Torah. A poor widow gave him an
    apartment, and she served him a portion of
    her meager meals. Once, all she brought in
    was a drop of soup. He was about to eat it,
    when a spider fell in, and Reb Eliezer didn’t
    have anything to eat to appease his hunger.
    Reb Eliezer knew that he had reached a nadir,
    and he was certain that his mazal will now
    rise. The king of Constantinople announced
    that he was looking for a chess champion to
    play with. The previous champion had died,
    and he now sought someone else to compete
    with. Reb Eliezer applied and was hired for
    this position. He kept track of the amount
    of hours he played chess with the king, and
    would match those hours by studying Torah
    late into the night. This schedule was difficult
    for him, as he was often very tired, but he
    remembered that he was once punished for
    his laxity in Torah study, and he didn’t want
    to make that mistake again. Late one night,
    while playing chess with the king, Reb Eliezer
    fell asleep in the middle of the game. The
    king could have become angry at him for this,
    but instead he had mercy on him, and placed
    his own cushion under Reb Eliezer’s head.
    When Reb Eliezer awoke, he realized that he
    had reached a peak, and his mazal would soon
    begin to descend. Therefore, he left for Posen,
    where he became the rav. Later, he became a
    rav in Krakow, and that’s where he’s buried.
    In life, things are never perfect, and that’s for
    our benefit, because when matters are perfect,
    it means that he must fall from that level.
    Vues Master’s Note: Interesting!

    Dear Vues Master
    There was once a Yid, a Rosh Kollel, who was
    collecting money in a particular town and was
    being about as successful as you can imagine.
    He was getting more and more discouraged as
    the days went on. He bumped into someone
    who told him the following vort, b’sheim
    the Chofetz Chaim. He said that the Abishter
    gave the Yezter Hora 100 koach points to
    accomplish what he needed to accomplish.
    Now, he could go and use up all of his power
    points on all of the givers of tzedakah. But,
    he will be using one power point per person,
    which isn’t much. Or, he can use all 100
    points on the Rosh Kollel. So that’s what he
    does. He tackles the person who is hitting
    everyone else, and makes him feel the way
    you do. That’s why it says in Parshas Terumah
    is Torah The תרומה לי ויקחו איש כל מאת
    speaking to those who are taking money from
    others for the Abishter. To those who are

    collecting from others to give to Hashem,
    those are the ones that are so important
    that the Yetzer Horah puts all his strength
    into derailing their efforts..This way he
    accomplishes the same thing, and can use
    all his koach on one person. So, to all those
    working for the Klal, let this be a lesson to
    you. You are famous, because the Yetzer
    Hora is focusing all of his attention on
    you.. May you have the strength and Siatah
    D’shmaya to overcome.
    Vues Master’s Note: Lefum Tzara Agra.

    Dear Vues Master
    The anti Israel crowd are some of the
    most morally deprived, but also incredibly
    unintelligent people in the world. They chant
    about the river to the sea but they don’t even
    know what river or what sea. They chant
    intifada now and ceasefire now, without
    realizing they are chanting two contradictory
    things. They still think the “We are not
    antisemitic, only anti Zionist” claim is
    believed by anyone after seeing them attack
    Jews who have never even stepped foot in
    Israel. They wear masks to their protests
    while disturbing innocent Americans’ lives,
    in the hopes that, what exactly? I’m sure
    that’ll “Free Palestine.” Many of them have
    dedicated their lives to values for which
    they’d be lynched and murdered if they
    even stepped foot in Gaza. They get caught
    lying almost on a daily basis, whether it’s
    with doctored videos, or quoting ridiculous
    casualty numbers provided to them by
    Hamas. Self goals are a daily occurrence,
    sometimes by showing a coin from
    “Palestine” that literally says “The land of
    Israel” on the coin or sharing some historical
    document that clearly proves that Palestine
    was Israel before 1948 and there was never
    an Arab Palestine. If they want a state for
    the Palestinians (which, let’s be honest,
    most of them don’t want or care about. They
    just want to protest against Jews.), perhaps
    someone should tell them that openly
    supporting rape is not a good look and won’t
    really help their cause. They have a difficult
    time distinguishing between a terrorist who
    is in jail for murder and a grandmother who
    was abducted from her bed. It’s not that
    complicated, guys. Pretty sure a 3rd grader
    knows the difference between offense and
    defense, between an attack and a retaliation.
    Maybe these activists should have their kids
    explain it to them. These geniuses regularly
    yell about how there is no fuel, electricity,
    or internet in Gaza while we all see Hamas
    firing rockets into Israel (which they need
    fuel for), while Gazans tweet photos on their
    phones, which somehow doesn’t require
    electricity or internet. It’s a miracle. What a
    bunch of morons, it’s almost comical. Then
    again, this should come as a surprise to no

    one. You can’t support an organization like
    Hamas and claim to have a brain in your
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Master’s Note: Why should anyone be
    surprised? They don’t want us anywhere,
    except dead.

    Dear Vues Master
    R’ Binyamin Cohen shlita is a rabbi in a
    community in Israel with both religious
    and non-religious Jews. At one of his
    nightly classes, R’ Cohen noticed a young
    man standing outside, peeking his head
    in the window to see when the shiur was
    over. As it were, when the shiur finished,
    the man came inside, put on a yarmulka,
    said Kaddish, and then disappeared.
    When this happened consistently for a
    few weeks, R’ Cohen ran after the young
    man and asked what was going on. The
    man explained himself: “My father passed
    away recently and left an inheritance of
    twelve million shekels. In his will, he gave
    two million to me, his son, and two million
    to my sister. The remaining eight will be
    mine on condition that I say Kaddish
    during the entire year. But, if I miss even
    one day, then my sister and I split the
    entire 12 million evenly.” Determined to
    get half of the full amount, the sister hired
    private detectives to catch her brother
    missing his daily Kaddish. However, a
    few months into the year, they reported
    back that her brother had yet to miss one
    day! Realizing that she was dealing with
    a very determined brother, she approached
    R’ Cohen and offered him a deal. If the
    rabbi will somehow arrange that her
    brother will miss one day of Kaddish, she
    would give 400,000 shekels toward any
    of R’ Cohen’s needs, either to any of his
    tzedakah purposes or for his own personal
    use. R’ Cohen didn’t know what to do.
    He knew he could do a lot of very good
    things for the community with that money,
    things that would have an impact much
    more than the brother’s single Kaddish.
    Anyway, he reasoned, the young man
    saying Kaddish wasn’t doing anything
    else spiritually. Still, he brought the matter
    before R’ Aharon Leib Steinman zt”l to
    ask him what he should do. R’ Aharon
    Leib didn’t agree with R’ Cohen’s logic at
    all. “If one day of Kaddish is missed, their
    father won’t have a Kaddish said for him.
    You don’t know what the father would
    prefer – a Kaddish or all that ‘honor’ from
    the tzedakah you give. Since you don’t
    really know what is preferable, you can’t
    do it.” R’ Cohen suggested that perhaps
    the man saying Kaddish and nothing else
    is an embarrassment to Torah. After all,
    he doesn’t keep any other mitzvos or learn
    a word of Torah, so just this one act of

    saying Kaddish actually makes him look
    very bad in Shamayaim. R’ Aharon Leib
    responded with sharp words. “Are you
    the Torah? Do you know that the Torah
    would rather – 400,000 shekel over one
    Kaddish?” R’ Cohen was convinced and
    left it at that. He never tried to foil the
    brother’s Kaddish. One day, the brother
    didn’t run away after Kaddish but instead
    approached R’ Cohen and asked, “How
    is it that you are so kind to let me sit
    outside every night, not partake in any of
    your classes, and yet you don’t chase me
    away?” Knowing that the young man was
    only coming to the shul to secure his extra
    eight million shekels, the rabbi responded,
    “I’m offering precious stones, gems and
    diamonds. If you don’t want them, it’s
    your loss, not mine.” “Diamonds?!” the
    boy asked, his interest piqued. “What
    kind of diamonds?” “I’ll tell you what,”
    answered R’ Cohen, realizing that this just
    might be the “hook” he needed. “Come
    to our next class tomorrow evening, and
    you’ll see what type of diamonds I’m
    talking about.” The man did just that. The
    newcomer was warmly welcomed, heard
    the rabbi’s “diamonds,” started attending
    more frequently, and as a result, relates R’
    Shlomo Farhi shlita, who tells this story, he
    renewed his commitment to Hashem. He
    began to become observant and fulfilled
    many more mitzvos. In the end, he made
    it through the entire year and never missed
    a Kaddish for his father, thus earning the
    remaining eight million shekels. Now, no
    one could foil his plans anymore. Indeed,
    R’ Aharon Leib’s lesson stands strong and
    firm: we don’t know the value of even
    one Kaddish. We cannot decide the value
    of one mitzvah. In this case, that mitzvah
    began the boy’s journey toward Torah and
    Vues Master’s Note: The neshama should
    have an aliyah.

    Dear Vues Master
    Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLO’s
    Palestinian Authority and the other Islamic
    terrorist groups who make up the official
    “Palestinian” leadership have been invited
    for unity talks in Moscow. The terrorist
    unity talks scheduled by the Putin regime
    for the end of February are a homecoming
    for a “Palestinian” movement invented by
    Soviet propagandists. Mahmoud Abbas,
    the long-serving dictator of the PA, wrote
    his Holocaust denial thesis while studying
    at Moscow’s Patrice Lumumba University

    which had trained a generation of third-
    world terrorists. Some of the same ex-
    Soviet operatives who helped set up and

    fund the PLO, the PFLP and the rest of the
    “Palestinian” movement are now trying

    to unite them all under one single banner.
    While the State Department in D.C. and
    British Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron
    are talking about immediately recognizing a
    “Palestinian” state as soon as they can force
    Israel to stop its campaign to destroy Hamas,
    the Palestinian Authority is trying to bring
    Hamas into the state. It is becoming clearer
    by the day that this war is between Israel
    & the United States versus Hamas, Russia
    & Iran. I’m scared of the United States &
    Russia’s agendas. We are living in very scary
    times. One needs emunah more than ever!!
    Vues Master’s Note: Hashem Yishmor.

    Dear Vues Master:
    This news just came out and I thought that
    the community should be made aware of
    it: According to the New York Post, the
    Environmental Working Group (“EWG”)
    published research in the Journal of Exposure
    Science & Environmental Epidemiology that
    found that 80% of the people in the group’s
    research tested positive for chlormequat,
    a pesticide. Although no human research
    has been done on this chemical, the study
    said that in animals, it has been linked to
    reduced fertility, altered fetal growth and
    delayed puberty. Chlormequat was only
    allowed for use on ornamental plants in the
    U.S. until 2018, when the EPA permitted
    the import of foods treated with it. A news
    release on the website of the EWG stated
    that after testing 14 oat-based foods, it
    detected the chemical in 92% of oat-based
    foods purchased in the summer of 2022.
    The study said that Quaker’s Old Fashioned
    Oats had the highest concentration, at 291
    ppb, and the next highest samples, all above
    100 ppb, which the EWG believes is unsafe,
    included two more Quaker products, Honey
    Nut Oatmeal Squares and Maple and Brown
    Sugar Instant Oatmeal, as well as Great
    Value Oats & Honey Granola and Cheerios.
    In April 2023, the Biden administration
    proposed allowing chlormequat to be used
    on barley, oat, triticale and wheat grown in
    the US. The proposal is under review. EWG
    urged consumers to purchase organic oats
    grown without the use of chlormequat.