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    Dear Vues Master:
    So I’m davening Shacharis in my shteeble
    last week when it happened again. I was
    really getting into my Shemoneh Esrei
    with some extra special Kavanah due to
    the current tragic situation in Eretz Yisroel
    when inevitably someone’s cell phone starts
    ringing! Now, it wouldn’t have been so bad if
    it was just the old fashioned classic ringing,
    I might have been able to ignore that, but
    no, this guy had “Oh, When the Saints
    Come Marching In “as his ringtone! Now,
    had he immediately turned it off I might
    have been able to resume my concentration
    and continue davening but no, this genius
    doesn’t know how to shut it off! Everyone
    in Shul starts NUUUing and NEEEing but
    to no avail! Louis Armstrong is already into
    the second verse and everybody is looking
    up and staring daggers at him when he
    finally gives up trying to figure out how to
    shut it off and decides to answer the phone.
    “Hello, who is this” he yells loudly into the
    phone, “Who? Fanny? Whaddaya want,
    Speak louder, WHAT? I can’t hear you, I
    left my hearing aid home! What? WHAT?
    One dozen or two? WHAT? Cholov Yisroel?
    Blue or red? WHAT’S THAT? Honey nut or
    plain?I can’t talk now. I’m in shul davening!
    GOODBYE! Thus 100+ men had their
    concentration shattered and their Shemonah
    Esrei ruined but at least we all knew what he
    would be having for breakfast! But that was
    only the Forshpice (appetizer)! A few days
    later, after the Gabbai warned everybody to
    silence their phones, some Yookle’s phone

    went off this time playing “WHO LET THE
    DOGS OUT?” Wouldn’t it be ironic but
    appropriate if somebody’s ringtone would
    Country Yossi
    Vues Master’s Note: This letter sends me

    Dear Vues Master:
    Itamar Ben Gvir had a great idea a couple
    of weeks ago. He said no hostages, no Har
    Habayit on Ramadan. Now it seems that they
    are backing off of this great idea. Why? Are
    they scared of world pressure again? A week
    before Ramadan begins, the government
    is expected to approve recommendations
    from the IDF, police, and Shin Bet to
    allow unrestricted access to Arab Israeli
    worshipers at Har Habayis. Security chiefs
    reportedly agree that sweeping restrictions
    could exacerbate tensions from the Gaza
    war, leading to the preliminary decision. A
    final decision will be made in the next day or
    so, with ongoing daily security assessments
    throughout Ramadan. The Har Habayis is a
    central flashpoint in the Israeli-Palestinian
    conflict, and hundreds of thousands of
    Muslims visit the site during Ramadan.
    While Israel has imposed restrictions on
    Palestinian access during heightened security
    tensions, it has not imposed those rules on its
    Muslim minority.
    Vues Master’s Note: As usual Israel likes
    shooting itself in the foot!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein,
    a 44-year incumbent representing
    Flatbush, Midwood and Sheepshead
    Bay, announced that she would not
    run for re-election. Weinstein serves
    as the chair of the powerful Assembly
    Ways and Means Committee.
    Councilman Kalman Yeger, who
    serves in a council district overlapping
    with Weinstein’s, announced that he
    would run to succeed her in Albany.
    I wonder who will be running now
    to take over Councilman Yeagers
    Vues Master’s Note: Maybe this time
    Heshy Tishler will win!

    Dear Vues Master:
    One morning in 1948, during Rav
    Chatzkel’s tenure as mashgiach at
    the Mirrer Yeshivah in Brooklyn, he
    walked into the yeshiva and noticed
    a group of boys huddled in a corner
    immersed in a discussion. When he
    inquired what the tumult was all about,
    he was informed by an American
    bochur, “Didn’t the mashgiach hear?
    Babe Ruth the famous baseball shpieler
    died!” That evening after Maariv, Rav
    Chatzkel addressed the yeshivah: “I
    asked someone what the eulogizers
    said about the groise baseball shpieler
    at his levayah. Do you want to know
    what they said? They said that since
    he grew up in an orphanage, he spent
    his life going out of his way to help
    orphans.” Rav Chatzkel then raised
    the tone of his voice “Do you realize
    that his ‘gadulus’ in this world was
    that he was a great baseball shpieler,
    but at the levayah they talked about
    how he took care of orphans? Afilu
    a goy farshteit that after 120, in the
    other world, baseball doesn’t count.
    Life is all about what you do for other
    people!” On Tuesday, 18 Adar, was
    the 50th yahrtzeit of Rav Chatzkel

    Vues Master’s Note: Nothing better
    than a Mashgiach destroying
    American culture!

    Dear Vues Master
    The Supreme Court this past Monday
    unanimously rejected efforts by some
    states to declare former President
    Donald Trump ineligible to run again
    but was more divided over whether –
    and how – anyone else could do so.
    The justices also didn’t weigh in on

    a central finding of Colorado’s now-
    reversed decision: that he can’t run

    because he “engaged in insurrection”
    by trying to overturn the 2020 election
    on Jan. 6, 2021. Former President
    Donald Trump declared the decision
    a “big win” while the challengers
    called the ruling a “narrow, technical”
    offramp that doesn’t tell the full story.
    Vues Master’s Note: The fun is about
    to begin!!!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A six year old went to the zoo with
    his parents. When they passed by the
    zebras, the boy excitedly said: “Look,
    Jewish animals!” “Why do you think
    they’re Jewish?” his mother asked.
    “Because they’re wearing a tallis just
    like Abba’s.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Must’ve been an
    Ashkenaz had it been Sfardi the Zebra
    would need to change its stripes!

    Dear Vues Master:
    The couple had just returned home
    from dinner with friends when the
    wife said to the husband “Do you
    know what you did tonight?” “No,”
    he answered, “but I’ll admit I was
    wrong. What did I do?”
    Vues Master’s Note: Funny!!

    Dear Vues Master:
    There is a famous story in the

    Gemara that there was a time when
    the Yidden wished to bribe the Kaiser
    and they decided that they would
    send a chest full of precious stones.
    They also decided that the man to
    deliver this chest would be none
    other than Nachum Ish Gamzoo. As
    Nachum began his journey, he stayed
    in a hotel overnight. That evening
    some robbers took the chest, emptied
    its contents and replaced it with
    dirt. That morning Nachum awoke,
    realized what had happened and
    continued his journey to the Kaiser.
    As the story goes, when Nachum
    arrived, and attempted to bribe the
    Kaiser, as his mission dictated, the
    Kaiser was infuriated by the dirt in the
    chest. Nochum then picked up some
    dirt and threw it, and it turned into
    arrows. The Kaiser was obviously
    flabbergasted by the neis, and was
    appeased, and Nachum’s mission
    was accomplished. The question is
    as follows. Why didn’t Nochum turn
    around when he realized the precious
    stones had been stolen? Why didn’t
    he think to himself “the Abishter
    obviously doesn’t want this mission
    to succeed?” Why did he instead
    continue on an obviously doomed
    mission? The answer is that Nochum
    only knew one concept, and that is
    that everything is for our good. He
    didn’t know any other way. If a person
    can come to the realization that all
    that the Abishter does for us is for our
    good, even when we cannot at all see
    the good, he will be able to always
    move forward. The Abishter is Kuloi
    Toiv. It is our limited understanding
    that always gets in our way. Nochum
    only knew of the Abishter’s good,
    and that is how he lived every day,
    with the complete trust that it is all
    for the good.
    Vues Master’s Note: This letter is

    I HEAR
    Dear Vues Master:
    There were once these two brothers

    who were musicians. They not only
    played, they were composers as well.
    Nebach one day, they were near a
    gas explosion, and it resulted in the
    two of them losing their hearing,
    r”l. One of the brothers decided that
    he really couldn’t play or compose
    anymore and so he would go into real
    estate. The other, brother decided that
    despite his inability to hear the music,
    he would continue to compose and at
    least bring happiness to those that
    could hear his music. As the years
    went on, this brother composed many
    songs, that he was unable to hear.
    Some days, he seriously questioned
    why he even bothered, but he took
    solace in the fact that he knew he was
    bringing to joy to those that could
    hear his beautiful music. One day,
    the Abishter turned his life around.
    The hearing aid was invented. He
    quickly got outfitted for one, and
    immediately began to play his own
    music. He was blown away by the
    beauty of his own composition. The
    songs were gorgeous, and he was the
    happiest person alive.. Sometimes we
    go through life and we do things for
    the Abishter in furthering our Avodas
    Hashem. But we don’t really hear
    the music. It’s there, but we can’t
    hear it. Then one day, the Abishter,
    in His own beautiful way, shows us
    how gorgeous our Avodas Hashem
    is. We have to stick with it, even on
    the days where we feel down, He will
    eventually show you how beautiful
    your music is.
    Vues Master’s Note: Is that when they
    invented the hearing aid?

    Dear Vues Master:
    A collector rang Mr. Gurstein’s
    doorbell. Gurstein was a very wealthy
    man who had never given money to
    any Jewish cause. When he opened
    the door, the collector explained
    that the local Yeshiva was in dire
    straits and that he was soliciting
    much needed contributions. Gurstein

    responded that he was not Jewish.
    But, the collector said, our records
    indicate that while you may not be
    active in the Jewish community, you
    are Jewish. No, Gurstein insisted,
    “I’m not Jewish, my father isn’t
    Jewish and my grandfather, alav
    hashalom, wasn’t Jewish either.”
    Vues Master’s Note: You can try to

    hide but it is all out in the open!
    Dear Vues Master:
    A little while ago there was a letter
    about an out of town girl who was
    in shidduchim, and she sponsored a
    Mesechta in Kollel Zichron Naftali
    sponsor-a-daf for a $1 a day, and
    was redt 7 or 8 shidduchim in the
    span of 2 weeks or something to
    that effect. I think that you had
    written back at the time, that she
    should let you know when she
    gets engaged. So I would like to
    say – that I sponsored Mesechtas
    Baba Kamma, and during the time
    that it was being learned by my
    Yissacher/Zevulun partner- a few
    weeks ago- I got engaged BH! And
    I will BEZH be getting married
    in April! Thank You Hashem and
    Thank You for printing that letter. I
    hope all who need a Shidduch will
    find theirs as well very soon!
    Vues Master’s Note: Mazel Tov!
    Where and when is the wedding? I
    want to go!

    Dear Vues Master:
    The Kaf Hachayim tells us that
    wearing tzitzis is a segulah for a
    toothache. He doesn’t say to put
    them in your mouth or to kiss them
    or even to wear them. He merely
    says that ציצית are a סגולה because
    just as there are 32 teeth, there are 32
    strands of ציצית. And while it’s not a
    ראיה, there is a רמז in the Gemara,
    .שיניים אוחזין בטלית with begins which

    Vues Master’s Note: Don’t bite off
    more than you can chew!

    Dear Vues Master:
    In the early 1900s, there lived in
    Lithuania a pool tailor named
    Mottel. Although he mended,
    patched and pressed garments
    for everyone in town, he himself
    walked about in tatters. He would
    even appear in Shul dressed like
    a scarecrow, to the mortification
    of the rabbi and the congregants.
    “Mottel,” commented one of his
    customers, “it’s disgraceful that
    you, a tailor, should go around
    in rags. Why don’t you repair
    your own clothes?” “What can I
    do?” the tailor responded. “I’m a
    poor man and can only find time
    to do work for which I am paid.”
    The customer thought about the
    explanation for a moment and his
    face then brightened. “I have an
    idea,” he said. “Consider me a new
    customer. I am paying you right
    now to fix your shabby suit. Just
    remember, you’re doing it for a
    paying customer.“ The following
    week, the customer returned to the
    shop, only to find that the tailor was
    still still wearing the same old and
    tattered clothing. “Look at you,”
    he said to Mottel. “I paid you, but
    you haven’t touched your clothes.”
    “I’m afraid I’ll have to return your
    money,” the tailor replied. “After
    you left, I examined my suit very
    carefully. Frankly, considering the
    awful condition it’s in, I realized
    that even with your generous
    payment, I’d be losing money on
    the job.”
    Vues Master’s Note: Can’t fix stupid!

    Dear Vues Master:
    A disrespectful young man was
    teasing an elderly man about his age.
    The older man responded by telling
    him that it’s clear from the words of

    When .זקן עדיף מצעיר that חכמים the
    asked how, he responded: “That
    I was once young is ודאי בחזקת.
    But that you will be old is ספק
    בחזקת and it’s a בגמרא ידוע כלל that
    “.ברי ושמא, ברי עדיף
    Vues Master’s Note: Age is just a
    number! And prison is just a room!

    Dear Vues Master
    My family loves playing the Wheel
    of Mazel in The Jewish Vues every
    week but we especially loved last
    week’s “Magidei Daf Yomi” topic.
    We were all excited to see Rabbi
    Yossi Gleiberman as one of the
    Vues Master’s Note: We love
    compliments & aim to please. Thank

    Dear Vues Master
    On a daily basis, sometimes
    multiple times a day, I need to
    remind myself that this entire war,
    from beginning to end, is bigger
    than me or you. I have to remind
    myself to not view any of this as a
    logical or rational chain of events.
    If I view any of this through a
    human lens, I might actually lose
    my mind. Now the question of
    why, why G-d does any of this, is
    not a question I can answer. What I
    can say is that if someone is going
    to ask that question every time
    something bad happens, then they
    should at least be consistent and
    recognize G-d when something
    good happens. So if you don’t
    thank your Creator when you
    wake up in the morning, breathe
    oxygen, or eat food, then don’t
    be a hypocrite and ask about God
    when bad things happen. Either
    way, from the very beginning
    of this war, from that very dark
    day, through the rockets falling
    into empty spaces, through the
    Iron Dome doing its miraculous

    work (we need to stop taking this
    incredible miracle for granted.),
    and every other event in this war, I
    can’t help but recognize that none
    of it makes any sense and while I
    don’t know why He is doing any
    of this or allowing any of this,
    I see Him clearly in every new
    development. This understanding
    or faith helps me realize that while
    the situation on the battlefield and
    on the diplomatic stage can be
    scary at times, while I wake up
    pretty much daily expecting more
    tragedy, I keep reminding myself
    over and over that Ein Od Milvado.
    Hillel Fuld
    Vues Masters Note:Yes! Ein Od

    Dear Vues Master
    This past Tuesday, Israeli mediators
    received a message stating that
    Sinwar insists on a full IDF
    withdrawal from Gaza, the return
    of displaced individuals to the
    northern area of Gaza, and an
    immediate cessation of hostilities as
    prerequisites for any deal. Without
    meeting these conditions, there can
    be no agreement. How can we deal
    with someone like this? How does
    the world not see how messed up
    this situation is? He is amalek.
    Vues Masters Note: B’chol dor vdor
    there are always people that hate
    us. The world is blind. We need the
    geulah today.