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    Dear Vues Master:
    Isn’t it sad that 3 big people in the United States
    government are self hating Jews? Blinken, Schumer &
    Sanders are all openly Jewish yet they are the first to
    ridicule Israel & the Jewish people. It’s really sad. We are
    our own worst enemies.
    Vues Master’s Note: There is a famous saying that
    sometimes we are our own worst enemies!

    Dear Vues Master:
    To all the celebrities that chose to wear the “Gaza
    Ceasefire Now” Pins to the Oscar’s… Firstly, Israel has
    no interest in this war. If Gazans (and yes I mean Gazans,
    as it wasn’t only Hamas but “civilians” as well that came
    across to murder, rape, torture and kidnap Israeli men,
    women and children) wouldn’t have committed such an
    unthinkable and unimaginable attack and declaration of
    war on Oct 7th, we wouldn’t be in the midst of a full scale
    war to rid Gaza of Terror and rescue our hostages. But
    enough about that, because Hamas has declined all the
    ceasefire negotiations, that honestly were so slanted and
    such a bad deal for Israel and really only benefitted Gaza.
    But back to the Oscars and the ceasefire now pins… those
    pins don’t call for a ceasefire, they call for the massacre
    of Jews… for being a celebrity, influencer, social justice

    advocate, you are really just a bunch of ignorant anti-
    semites. Get your history straight the pine are celebrating

    the lynching of 2 Israelis, who driving made a wrong turn
    and ended up in Ramallah. They were lynched and one
    of the terrorists raised his hands out the window showing
    the crowd his hands covered in their blood… To all who
    wore the pin, just, shame on you all for promoting hate
    and the call of death for Jews while pretending it’s a call
    for peace! Just come out vocally as the anti-semites we
    know you are, enough pretending.
    Vues Master’s Note: Maybe they should have pinned their
    mouth Shut!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Last week there was supposed to be an Israel Real
    Estate Fair at Rabbi Bergmans shul, Khal Bnei Avrohom
    Yaakov & on Tuesday night it was canceled. Khal Bnei

    Avrohom Yaakov in Brooklyn canceled the real estate fair
    supposedly amid legal pressure, calls for protests and a
    petition with more than 4,000 signatures to shut it down.
    The last stop on the company’s real estate tour, it was to
    be held in the Khal Bnei Avrohom Yaakov’s shul hall for
    community events and special occasions. The fair took
    place. in Teaneck & the Five Towns over the last week.
    There were rallies against the fair but everything was
    handled properly. “Askonim” from Flatbush reached out
    to rabbanim in the community & it was canceled. What
    kind of message does this send the Anti Semites? What
    kind of message does this send to the Jew * Israel haters?
    We can be scared. Our NYPD & Flatbush Shomrim can’t
    protect us? This is what happened in Germany. We can
    not let this happen again. We must be proud Jews & go
    on with our lives. I wish Kahane was around today. He
    would have gone berserk last week.
    Vues Master’s Note: I guess they didn’t learn their lesson
    from the Holocaust.

    Dear Vues Master:
    I was so upset with Schumer’s speech last week. What a
    self hating Jew. The biggest joke is that he calls himself
    the “Shomer Yisrael”. How dare he say anything about
    the Israeli government. As a Yid, I am happy that there
    are people like Ben Gvir & Smotrich in the Israeli
    government. Schumer shut your mouth.
    Vues Master’s Note: Politics Politics Politics! They are
    all in it for themselves!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Last week’s fun question in the Jewish Vues on your
    favorite Igros Moshe was a classic. It was fantastic.
    My rebbie brought it to yeshiva & we went over all the
    answers from the different rabanim. One answer was
    better than the next. We are so fortunate to have had the
    gadol Rav Moshe Feinstein ZT”L in our generation. May
    his neshama have an aliyah on his yahrtzeit on Taanis
    Vues Master’s Note: Great question and awesome
    answers! Enjoyed it myself!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Did you know?
    1) Only Meggilas Esther is referred to as a
    megillah in Chazal (Bavli & Yerushalmi)
    The other 4 are never referred to as a megillah.
    2) There is a מחלוקת if the מנהג of banging
    at haman is for children only (ל“מהרי (or for
    adults as well (צבי חכם(
    3) Some have the minhag to bang only where
    Haman is mentioned as. המדתא בן המן
    4) המדתא בן המן was not the son of המדתא
    5) According to the שני תרגום, The 50 אמות
    pole, they hanged Haman on, came from
    Noach’s Tevah.
    6) The name of the horse Mordechai rode on,
    was שפרגז) spare gas-super gas- safer gas)
    (תרגום שני)
    7) The Tur quotes from one of the גאונים to
    say תחנון on Purim.
    8) According to the Megillas Esther, one may
    not fast on the 13th of Adar אסתר תענית a
    day before Purim.
    9)The total words of Megilas Esther are an
    מ“ב תר“צ ס“ק ט) .words of number odd
    needs explanation)
    10) Esther & Haman are both mentioned 55
    times in the Megillah. (רוקח(
    Vues Master’s Note: Well now I do know it!

    Dear Vues Master:
    There are some jobs that involve working
    and getting paid for Shabbos work that might
    need a second look at. Of course the Rav, baal
    koreh, and guest Chazanim who all either do
    things during the week too for the shul or they
    prepare on a weekday which payment can be
    consolidated for with their Shabbos activity.
    However, what about someone who just hires
    a babysitter to watch their kids or baby every
    shabbos from 2-5pm? And the most common

    one would be waiters that are Jewish. Non-
    jewish Waiters may be paid as normal for what

    they come on Shabbos to do. But many times
    you see jewish guys coming to work just a
    kiddush that they will be getting paid later! So
    if there was a dinner meal involved the night
    before and they showed up before shabbos
    started, this of course poses no problem
    because they already did Friday work. But
    many times there is just a kiddush or also a
    Lunch attached to it and they weren’t there
    on Friday besides a different delivery guy.
    The halacha is that for the shabbos babysitter
    or shabbos day waiter to get paid, they must
    do something either Friday or after shabbos
    connected to the job. It can be something light
    like putting sodas in the fridge in advance,
    or taking out some trash after. And in a
    babysitter’s case you can have them buy you
    something like an orange juice and then pay
    them the salary with the reimbursement. It is
    important to make sure that shomer shabbos
    waiters are fulfilling this condition if they are

    working for you exclusively during Shabbos
    hours, that’s the only way Schar Shabbos is
    Vues Master’s Note: Well maybe a halacha
    letter a week will keep the aveiros away!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Sonia was a good woman. While shopping one
    day, she had severe chest pains and was taken
    to the hospital by ambulance. The doctors
    immediately recognized the symptoms of a
    heart attack and began treatment. She had a
    near death experience, during which she saw
    G-d and asked if this is the end for her. “No,”
    she was told. “You have another thirty or so
    years to live.” Delighted to hear this, upon
    her recovery she figured that if she is going to
    live another thirty years, she may as well do
    something about her looks. Besides getting
    her hair tinted and contact lenses, she got
    cosmetic surgery, including a face lift, botox
    implant, liposuction, and a tummy tuck.
    But just weeks later, as she was leaving the
    hospital, tragedy struck. Sonia was struck by
    a car and killed. When she arrived before G-d,
    she asked “How could this be? You told me
    that I had another 30 years. Why didn’t You
    pull me out of the path of that car?” To which
    G-d replied: “I didn’t recognize you.”
    Vues Master’s Note: A person can fool

    Dear Vues Master:
    This is a letter from Rabbi Kook (Articles of
    the Rai’a, p. 107). It is as if it were written
    today… In these days of Purim, in these
    difficult hours that sufferings surround and fill
    the whole world. The goy is full of troubles
    from the outside. And greater is the trouble
    of our inner troubles, because the peace of
    the house is with us, peace of the house israel
    Let us remember these days and their events
    as they are written before us in the Book of
    Esther, which is said in the Holy Spirit. And
    the Holy Spirit stands above all the suits of
    the times and above all the changes of the
    generations. And the eternal saying of “go
    and conquer all the Jews” is bound to revive
    us again this time, and raise us from all our
    inferiors. But of course here will ask those
    who know how to ask, and also those who
    do not know how to ask: is it possible, now,
    that you say “go enter all the Jews”? How
    will you put in one fold, in one frame all of
    them, all their factions and all their parties,
    how will the scattered bones across all the
    hollow of the wide exile, the intense exile and
    the spiritual exile to get closer to each other,
    to be for a one floor lesson called General
    israel , which is about to demand Hassanu,
    his downfall and his return? Even if you tell
    him that this dispersion, both material and
    spiritual, we have one place where we can’t
    control. And because you will say, we see

    with our eyes the terrible inner trouble, how
    Jews rise against Jews, how brothers turn
    against each other to wolves and snakes, and
    how will it say: “Go punish all the Jews”?
    While everyone who says that a lie in the evil
    De Haman says “we slept with one scattered
    and divided” is nothing but a mistake. Truly
    scattered and divided is one nation, but in all
    it is one nation. And the Lord will say how
    it is possible to be two opposites on one
    subject, with one on one side and scattered
    and divided on the other. Don’t dwell on
    the object. There are wonders in the world.
    And this nation whose whole stand in the
    world is padded with wonders of wonders,
    it shows in its being also this wonder, and
    in its own essence because it is one nation,
    despite what it is scattered and divided. The
    truth of the thing about our great disease, the
    disease of exile, between the disease of exiles
    that in fact hit us with full frown, between
    the disease that is exile in force, which has
    been covering us since, on which hand came
    the exile catastrophe “and before our sins we
    were expelled from our country and moved
    away from our land”, it envelops us and
    makes us a scattered and divided nation, but
    the eternal peace… will not lie. Exile with all
    its horrors must come to her, and now that the
    wind begins to come from the four wings of
    the earth, from the troubles that surround us
    beyond this and from the spiritual revelation
    that fills our battle also together to return and
    build in the land of our lives beyond this,
    we are close to recognizing that there is a
    cure also for our disease of dispersion and
    separation. And finally with one we are and
    with one we will be, and this time israel will
    rise, in his eternal saying of “Go and punish
    all the Jews”. But once again the difficulty is
    great and stands on the path of redemption
    like an iron wall and a stumbling stone after
    all the dispersion and separation eats us up in
    every mouth. You are also supposed to make
    it difficult, because as the self-medicine of the
    individual uses it is already in fact to reveal
    springs of herself and of health from within
    the man himself, from his soul to his soul,
    from the unknown soul, fertilized and covered
    so much until the man himself does not know
    his essence, because it is known that mental
    illnesses and their physical consequences,
    They do not nest except on the ziberian side
    of man, and that is his well-known side,
    especially his public and famous side. But
    his genocide, his unknown side, he is always
    full of courage, full of life and power, and
    from the treasure of his genocide health there
    is great satisfaction, to influence his known
    and public side, deceiving him into thinking
    that he is sick and exhausted, at a time when
    he really has a brave healthy soul and is full
    of life and courage. And what is found in
    particular, is found on a much larger scale
    as a whole. And in general Israel in the fact
    that finally is really one nation “and as your
    people Israel one gentile in the country”, we
    have to admit to our mistakes that we think to

    describe ourselves, the essence of Judaism by
    its outer appearance, by the publicity that is
    its Ziberianism. And this comes from the fear
    that we are afraid of the cluster of our faces.
    And we’re only discussing the same side of
    our dispersion and separation. And also the
    artists of all times that they hurt us with the
    venom of their hatred, and especially during
    this transition, they perceive the weak side
    according to which it is the public and known
    side, but proven by these shocking ones we
    have made us feel that we have an unknown
    general soul, a great national soul from which
    we have distracted our minds, and it is full of
    itself And she has the power to get us back
    on our feet, renew our lives like the world
    and also stand against all kinds of Amaleks
    who want so much to steal our snakes. And
    Judaism the unknown Tamira unknown to
    us also for ourselves, this is the great soul of
    the great nation carrying the suffering of the
    world and the light of the world in it, she is
    aware of us in these great days, and from the
    unknown place in the soul of the nation, we
    will like the blessing of “go bury all the Jews”
    and we should cherish very much in these
    days of Purim until days The next Purim has
    come upon us for the good of generations this
    great and tamarind treasure whose name is put
    is our blessing and the richness of our lives,
    and our one nation’s virtue will conquer the
    whole side of our scattered and divided. And
    out of all the pudgy and loving redeemers,
    and out of all the known and hateful slaves,
    out of all their various councils, sits in heaven
    will play, to give us the light of salvation and
    redemption of the worlds, and out of the status
    of “Until little knowledge between the cursed
    Man and the blessed Mordechai”, will come
    supreme recognition to find the unknown Jew
    within us, and brother to brother will realize,
    and hand in hand will give Nathan, And a
    great voice will be heard: Stand up and let’s
    go to the house of Elkino, and in the days of
    Mor and Hadas it will be said that even today
    we will sleep with one united nation and a
    group standing in our protection, to build all
    its ruins from the inner treasure hidden from
    the eye, in which a genoese is the blessing of
    “Go and enter all the Jews”. And “commit
    Inish to Basumi in Puriah until a lack of
    knowledge between the cursed Haman and
    the blessed Mordechai,” and said to life, to
    life, and good life “and peace” to all the Israel
    and said Amen.
    Vues Master’s Note: Wow! Powerful!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Rav Yeruchem Silber, who learned in Rav
    Yisroel Zev Gustman’s Yeshivah in Eretz
    Yisroel for six years, shared a story that he
    heard from Rav Gustman himself. A few years
    before Rav Gustman opened his Yeshivah, he
    went to see the Tchebiner Rav, zt”l, to ask him
    for guidance about opening the Yeshivah, and
    he said that he wanted to open it in the Geula

    neighborhood. The Tchebiner Rav indeed
    advised Rav Gustman to open a Yeshivah,
    but surprisingly, he told him not to open it
    in Geulah. He said, “Geulah doesn’t need
    another Yeshivah, but Rechavia does. Go
    build a Yeshivah there, and bring Torah to
    that neighborhood.” The cost to purchase a
    building in Rechavia was significantly higher
    than in Geulah. Buildings were almost four
    times higher there. The Tchebiner Rav gave
    him a Bracha that he would be successful
    in this endeavor. Rav Gustman told Rabbi
    Silber, “What did I do? I went to the Kosel
    and spoke to the Ribono Shel Olam. I said,
    ‘Ribono Shel Olam, the Gadol HaDor, the
    Tchebiner Rav, advised me to buy a building
    in Rechavia and open a Yeshivah there. The
    Rambam writes at the beginning of his work
    that everything is from You, and the words of
    the Gedolim are really Your words. Hashem,
    I have a dilemma. I can buy a building for
    the Yeshivah in Geulah for $40,000, or I can
    buy in Rechavia where it costs $150,000.
    The Tchebiner Rav told me to purchase the
    one in Rechavia, so that means that You say
    so as well, correct?’” Rav Gustman waited
    a moment before continuing. “All right,
    Hashem, Your silence means that You agree!
    However, I have no idea where the money
    for this will come from. But the truth is,
    Ribono Shel Olam, the money is all Yours,
    and since You agree with the Tchebiner Rav
    that I should open a Yeshivah, I suppose that
    means that You will help me find the means
    to purchase it. Wherever I open a Yeshivah, it
    would only be because it is You Who would
    be giving me the means to do so. So please,
    Hashem, I ask You to please help me follow
    the direction of the Tchebiner Rav!” With
    that, Rav Gustman walked away, completely
    content with his request from Hashem, and
    within days, he had the money he needed for
    the building of his new Yeshivah, Netzach
    Yisroel, in Rechavia!
    Vues Master’s Note: It sure beats today’s
    charidy campaigns!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Those who get angry, their life is not life.
    Therefore, Chazal have instructed us to
    distance ourselves from anger, to the point
    that he can conduct himself with complete
    disregard and indifference in regard to
    feelings of anger, even for things that tend
    to provoke someone to be angry. (Kitzur
    Shulchan Aruch 29:4) Dismissing Anger
    The Likutei Piskei Teshuvos cites a few
    Segulos that can help someone control his
    anger. The Noam Elimelech advises (Tzetil
    Katan) that if one feels anger coming on,
    he should say the words from the Pasuk in
    Shemos (3:8), “HaC’nana’ani, HaChiti,
    HaEmori, HaPerizi, HaChivi, V’HaYevusi.”
    The Chasam Sofer (Drashos for 7 Adar) says
    that if one feels anger rising up, he should
    take hold of the corner of the garment that

    he is wearing. The Kav HaYashar (85)
    writes that one can also look at his Tzitzis,
    and this will also help the anger settle down.
    Additionally, the Kav HaYashar notes that
    the time when one puts on his Tzitzis in the
    morning, it is an Eis Ratzon, an auspicious
    time to daven to be saved from anger, among
    other bad Middos. He also includes a Tefilah
    specifically for this, which he learned from
    his Rebbe, HaGaon Rebbe Yosef ben Rebbe
    Yudel, zt”l, and this is the text of the Tefilah:
    “May it be Your will, Hashem my G-d and
    the G-d of my fathers, that I should not
    become angry or cause You to become angry.
    Ribono Shel Olam! Grant me the Middah
    of humility and the Middah of submission.
    Remove the path of falsehood from before
    me, and favor me with Your Torah! Guide
    me in the way of Your truth and unify my
    heart to love and fear Your great, mighty,
    and awesome Name, with all my heart, soul,
    and resources!” Rav Dovid Orlofsky said
    that one time a friend of his told him about
    when he was waiting on a line in a store,
    and the person who was in front of him was
    dissatisfied with something the shopkeeper
    had done. This fellow then took the ‘obvious’
    next step, and he started screaming at the
    shopkeeper in a blazing fit of rage, until he
    was literally red in the face from his furious
    shouting. “However,” Rabbi Orlofsky said,
    “to my friend’s great surprise, no matter what
    the customer said to him, the guy behind
    the counter just wouldn’t get upset. Not a
    twitch of reaction could be seen on his face.
    He just sat there calmly taking it all in. My
    friend was shocked. He had never seen such
    calm, such reserve. ‘How did you do that?’
    he asked the shopkeeper after the incident
    had ended, and the angry customer had left.
    ‘How can you take that type of aggravation
    and not get upset?’ The shopkeeper looked
    up at him and explained, ‘It’s simple. I have
    a very serious heart condition. Without
    exaggeration, If I get upset, I could die. It’s
    just not worth it to me.’” Rav Orlofsky said,
    “What a powerful lesson! If we are given
    such a choice, between controlling our anger
    or facing dreadfully dire consequences, then
    we can find a way to maintain that extreme
    level of control. We just need the push that
    will help us get there, but we can do that in
    every situation we find ourselves in as well!”
    Vues Master’s Note: Why did you not tell this
    story to my friend before his heart attack?
    Now I am angry!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Reb Efraim Margolios, the Matteh Efraim,
    zt’l, was a giant in Torah. He had Torah and
    gedulah (Torah knowledge and wealth) since
    he owned a large bank. Once, a pauper came to
    the bank asking for a loan. The Matteh Efraim
    gave him the shtar to sign, and told him to find
    a guarantor, an arev, who guarantees that the
    money will be repaid. No one wanted to sign

    for the pauper, so the pauper wrote in the line
    הזהב נאם ה‘ צבקות ,arev the for designated
    ולי הכסף לי. In other words, the pauper was
    saying that Hashem is the arev. The Matteh
    Efraim had rachmanus on the pauper and lent
    him the money. One day, the Matteh Efraim
    was ill, so his wife ran the bank instead of
    him. When she returned home, her husband
    asked her what happened at the bank. She
    told him that the poritz borrowed a large sum
    of money. He knew that there wasn’t money
    left in the bank that day, so he asked her how
    she had money to lend. She replied that there
    was a pauper who owed money, and he paid
    up that day, and that’s how she had money
    to lend out. The Matteh Efraim checked the
    records and saw that indeed, there was a debt
    from the pauper who couldn’t find an arev.
    The Matteh Efraim asked his wife whether the
    pauper himself came to the bank to pay up, or
    he sent someone to pay for him. She said that
    the pauper sent someone to pay for him. The
    Matteh Efraim understood it must have been
    Eliyahu HaNavi. He asked himself, “Why
    did I have to be home today? What did I do
    wrong that I missed the opportunity to meet
    with Eliyahu HaNavi?” He figured that it was
    because when the pauper asked for a loan, he
    told him to bring an arev. He should have had
    rachmanus and given him the money as a gift.
    Vues Master’s Note: I guarantee you he
    never made that mistake again!
    Dear Vues Master:
    Annual PSA: Fresh or frozen raw poultry
    and meat in original packaging is acceptable,
    but ground, cooked or repacked requires
    Pesach certification. Buy now and freeze for
    Pesach before prices go up.
    Rabbi Efrem Goldberg
    Vues Master’s Note: I don’t see any meat in
    original packages!

    Dear Vues Master:
    Why did they cancel the Israel real estate
    event at Rabbi Bergmans shul? A coalition
    of pro-Palestinian groups claimed victory
    and called for a rally instead of the planned
    protest. The Israel Real Estate event was
    slated to be the final stop on a tour that
    included exhibitions in various cities,
    including Teaneck, New Jersey, Montreal,
    Toronto, and Lawrence, which had well
    over 400 people attending the local event
    at Young Israel of Lawrence/Cedarhurst. Is
    our NYPD & Flatbush Shomrim not strong
    enough to handle this? I’m very upset about
    Vues Master’s Note: Ask the Askonim.
    Dear Vues Master:
    Why is there no JDL anymore? It is an
    embarrassment that an Israel real estate

    show in Brooklyn was canceled. There are
    more yidden in Brooklyn than any place in
    the world outside of Eretz Yisrael. Why did
    this happen? We appear weak when we do
    this. If only Kahane was around……..
    Vues Master’s Note: Kahane tzadak!

    Dear Vues Master:
    I was so impressed with The Jewish Vues
    cover last week having the Satmar Rebbie
    & Rabbi Elefant from the OU working
    together to deal with a major issue within
    Klal Yisrael. Last year a lot of rabbanim
    were speaking up about the issue with the
    pasul mezuzahs and no one at the end of
    the day did anything about it. I’m glad that
    the OU stepped up. I would doubt that most
    Jewish newspapers would put a picture of
    the Satmar rebbie in a publication like the
    Jewish Vues but that’s what makes your
    paper so great. I’m sure that you received
    a lot of backlash for doing something like
    that, but it’s good for Klal Yisrael to see
    that we are all Acheinu Kol Beis Yisrael.
    Yasher Koach & keep up the great work
    you guys do for Klal Yisrael.
    Vues Master’s Note: Next front cover is

    Dear Vues Master:
    David Alter grew up in poverty during the
    Great Depression. His family couldn’t afford
    to keep him in school and so at a very early
    age he went to work to help put food on the
    table. But David was a very personable and
    hardworking fellow and at 21, he found a
    good wife who helped him to prosper and
    succeed in business. But he never learned
    to read and write. He signed his checks XX.
    One day, he received a call from his bank
    seeking to confirm his signature on a check.
    “Mr. Alter,” the banker said, “I’m calling
    because for years you signed your checks
    XX. This one has three Xs and I want to
    make sure its your signature.” “Yes, it is,”
    David replied. “Since I’ve become wealthy,
    my wife thought I should have a middle
    Vues Master’s Note: Ha! My middle name
    was trouble!