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    Dear Editor:

    What are we doing to alleviate the shidduch crisis? There are many youg good girls who don’t even go out. They may get a date once every half a year? The boys seem to go out all the time. Something does not add up. If boys are constantly going out and girls very rarely, who are the boys going out with?

    Zorach B

    Editor’s Note: The truth is all a person needs is one person to be their bashert. It therefore doesn’t matter if that person goes out often or goes out infrequently, they just need to meet the correct one. It would be nice if more people would get involved in helping out in this area.



    Dear Editor:

    There are stores already selling costumes for Purim. Mi Keamcha Yisroel! It seems they feel that Yom Kippur is Yom Kippurim.

    Letz Joke

    Editor’s Note: What you are actually seeing is Halloween right around the corner, not sales for Purim. If you are looking for a good price you can definitely keep an eye out when the Halloween costumes go on sale. Hachacham einav b’rosho.



    Dear Editor:
    How come the left is trying to rename all the statues and bridges that are named after confederates? Do they think we can change history?

    Yankel T.

    Editors Note: History is cyclical. In a few generations from now you will see that they will remove those that are being put up today and they will redo it again.




    Dear Editor:
    What happened to the Eclipse? I was driving the whole time and nothing happened. I think Trump said that it is fake news.

    Boruch Stein

    Editor’s ResponseThe eclipse last week was 75%. In 2024 there will be a 90% eclipse in the tri-state area.



    Dear Editor:

    I wanted to share with your readership Reb Avigdor Miller’s comments regarding Mars or other planets.

    Q- Why does the Rav keep saying that there is no life on other planets? Just because life follows a certain pattern here, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a different form of life on some other planet.

    A- Life, you have to know, must have ingredients that make life possible. Do you know what life is? Life is the ability to take things from the outside and to assimilate them into your body in order to replenish the worn out cells. The taking in of these outside ingredients to rejuvenate the body. And to provide you the energy needed for life. You have to have something – something to provide for life! And therefore, whatever it is, let’s say you want a different life form on some planet somewhere. Ok, let’s say you want people with wings. You still have to eat. Your still have to breathe. It can’t be otherwise. Look, just because you want to imagine that there are beings that don’t have to breathe and don’t have to eat – look, ha’motzee mei’chaveiro a’lav ha’raiyah. You’ll have to prove such a thing. It’s a meshugas! So you have to prove that meshugas. Otherwise, we know that life is a certain thing. It’s a certain system. A certain process. Life needs nourishment. Life needs air. Life needs water. Without air and water and without food, you can’t have any life.

    Oh, so you’re telling me that maybe there’s life that doesn’t need any food and air. It doesn’t need water. (The Rav laughed) A meshugas! All kinds of crazy ideas. Think up as many crazy ideas as you want – but I’m not michuyav to worry about the crazy ideas. Ha’motzee mei’chaveiro a’lav ha’raiyah. You have to prove it. That’s all.

    Avi Miller

    Editor’s Note: The only people who think there’s life on Mars comes from Mars.



    Dear Editor:

    I was recently asked by someone for a piece of unlined paper for a kvittel that they were sending to a certain rebbe. I asked them about the reason, but they weren’t able to give one, although they did tell me that when a gabbai gives you a piece of paper to write your kvittel on, it is always unlined. Can anyone explain this?

    Berel Schwartz

    Editor’s Note: I would suggest you pose this question to someone who is well versed in Chassidus.


    Dear Editor:

    Please remind your readership that in less than one month we will all be judged maybe we should be spending more time saying tehillim and less time in front of the TV.

    Sadie Zlatowitz

    Editor’s Note: Could not have said it better myself. Let us hope we will all be zoche badin.