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    Dear Editor:

    Today, Twin Oaks Village and neighboring communities had the special opportunity to host 3 Sofrim from the world renowned Hanacha K’Halacha Tefillin Program. Free of charge, Boys from Bar mitzvah age, up to a 95 year old had many issues inspected and corrected. Four men needed Retzuos changed and expert advice was given when people were directed to see a Batim Macher to correct Re’buah issues. All in all, everyone was excited to have the opportunity and they showed much appreciation. To learn more or to help sponsor a future program please call the director and founder, Mr. Avrohom Schachter at 718-377-6735.

    Editor’s Note: Thank you Mr. Schachter for doing this service for Klal Yisroel. In addition, thank you for your hard work for Hakhel. Please let us know how people can subscribe to your Hakhel e-mail.



    Dear Editor:

    I love reading Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss articles but there are times like week’s “why some prayers go unanswered “ when I feel he oversteps his bounds.

    He is trying to rationalize Hashem why he does not answer. Rabbi Weiss brings proof from gemara,midrash etc. Moshe rabbeinu also asked why righteous people suffer and he did not get an answer. There is a pasuk in Yeshaya and one in Tehillim where Hashem says ‘you will pray to me and I will not answer.’ My mashgiach, Reb Avigdor Miller, a great tzaddik and a big talmid chochom, wrote a book implying why the 6 million jews died as If Hashem told him the reason. It seems this generation speaks to Hashem and he confides to them. It seems obvious he runs the world. He gave a thought to the queen of Spain to send out Columbus to discover new land since Hashem knew that in 500 hundred years 6 million will; die and we will need a new land.

    Shmelke Bernstein

    Editor’s Note: I cannot speak for Rabbi Weiss, but I can give my opinion on this matter. I am sure Rabbi Weiss did not get a prophecy from Hashem, but yet we have a mitzvah in the Torah to cleave to Hashem. Part of this mitzvah is analyzing and studying why Hashem does what he does and learning how to behave properly from it. All these articles and comments that gedolim say are not answers to why things happen, they are things we should take upon ourselves so that these things should not happen in the future. It is sad that today we do not have prophets, but the gemara does tell us, “A chochom is better than a prophet.” Let us listen to the sages of today’s day and age and the sages of yesteryear and with that we will be able to bring Moshiach tzidkeinu.


    Dear Editor:

    In Rabbi Steinfeld’s article about Tefillas Haderech he wrote:

    “There is an eitzah to say Tefillas Haderech in the Shemoneh Esrei in the bracha of Shema Koleinu right before they travel “

    Where in Shema Koleinu would I insert Tefillas Haderech , where the other inserts are added?


    Editor’s Note: You are correct, Tefillas Haderech would be said in Shema Koleinu where you would add Aneinu on a fast day.


    Dear Editor:

    I was really disappointed in how many people were interested in the Olympics. We as a nation are against these type of things. We are a nation of the book and as we say in the tefillah before we start learning “we run and they run but the difference is where we run to.”

    Ve’dai Lechakima B’rmiza.

    Mordechai Shoichet

    Editor’s Note: It is sad how much of the Greek culture has infiltrated K’lal Yisroel. The camps have Olympic contests, which is totally against our hashkafa. I would suggest they change the name.


    Dear Editor:

    As the summer is coming to a close I would like to remind all the mechanchim and mechanchos that when they give out their school supply list to think good and hard whether everything on the list will be used. It seems that we buy all the stuff on the list every year and the children don’t end up using half of the stuff! In the interim, hard earned Yiddish Gelt gets thrown out.

    Thank You.

    Shaindy Weissberger

    Editor’s Note: Parents must realize that not all children end up using all their school supplies even though they are supposed to use them! If you are a frugal mother, you can save it for the next child to use in the future.


    Dear Editor:

    Help! Camp is almost over what do I do with my children till school begins. Any advice?

    Malky Schoenfeld

    Editor’s Note: How about spending some quality time with your children? They sure could use some family time.


    Dear Editor:

    America does not negotiate with terrorists! You can ask Obama. He did not pay the planeload of cash for the four Americans that were freed. How could the press accuse him of doing such a thing? This was a negotiated treaty with Iran who only co-sponsors terrorism across the globe. Remember these lies are here to stay if Hillary gets voted into office. Her line will be, “What’s the big deal?” like she dealt with Benghazi. Remember we are seeing an upside down world where Israel gets criticized for holding a terrorist who killed people in prison and is on a hunger fast. Iran and Iraq etc. who are very compassionate just execute people. Somehow we don’t condemn them as they are peace-loving people. This sounds like a movie script, but when will the good guy end up winning?

    John O’Shannessy

    Editor’s Note: You are pointing out to us the times before the redemption of Moshiach. The Talmud teaches us that when the redeemer is supposed to arrive, there will be a lot of Chutzpah, the elite will be ruled by peasants etc… Our world is not a movie script. It is all a plan from the one above.


    Dear Editor:

    First off, there is no such place called the Town of Monticello. The Village of Monticello; yes, but town; No!!! Second do you really think everyone in Monticello is Jewish and goes by a Jewish calendar? The answer is NO!!! Please get your facts straight before saying they didn’t want religious Jews there!!!!  This was scheduled way in advance. Next time, contact the organizers if you want them to accommodate you!!!!


    Editor’s Note: Your first point is irrelevant, whether it is a town or a village. To respond to your second point, this is not the first year that Jews came to Monticello. When they scheduled the Bagelfest which seems to have a Jewish style theme, they could have looked at the calendar if they did want to have religious Jews involved. Just saying.