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Dear Editor:

I’ve finally done it. I’ve gotten rid of my smart phone. First it started with my deleting what’s app. It was too time consuming. I was too busy checking out everyone’s status pics. I was annoyed at reading the silly things people kept putting on the chats. I realized that it had become a hindrance. A few months later I downgraded to a regular phone. Yes, I can be reached even when I am not at home via cell phone, but I cannot be busy responding to every email and what’s app text anymore. My life is mine again. Boruch Hashem! Wishing you all a wonderful and healthful year.

  1. Friedland

Editor’s Note: Great! You are out jail! Most people who have smart phones are practically married to them. The smart ones are those who get rid of them.



Dear Editor:

Now that we’ve reached this point of starting another school year, I would like to remind all mothers out there that they should be careful to remind their children not to stand near the curb while waiting for the bus to come. I have seen too many scary scenarios of almost misses when cars and busses drive by quickly. I will also add to all the parents who wait with their children, that it is an opportunity to bond with them and not with your phone.


Editor’s Note: Couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for the advice.



Dear Editor:

I wish a refuah shelaima to the diabetic who wrote in last week. It must be really tough to go to simchos and not have anything to eat. I am on a regular weight loss diet and I just don’t go near the food. I wish mazel tov to the baalei simcha and then leave. Perhaps you may find that to be the best way of dealing with the situation. May you have many simchos to attend this coming year!


Editor’s Note: Yes, that may be so, but it’s still not fair that  a large segment of people who come to wish mazel tov cannot partake in the simcha.



Dear Editor:

How could the radio forecasters be so wrong about Hermine? I guess they might be just as wrong when they predict who will win the election.

Boruch Jacobowitz

Editor’s Note: That’s why we call them the “neviyai hasheker.”



Dear Editor:

Elul is here. I am very scared and overwhelmed. School is starting. It is so scary. Any advice on how to cope?

Sora Mishkowitz

Editor’s Note: Speak to your Rav and learn some mussar seforim.



Dear Editor:

Can you print the regular Vues in the same layout as the Country Vues. It is a much better read. Also, can you make the fonts bigger? I have a hard time reading your articles since they are so small.

Sadie Finestone

Editor’s Note: We appreciate your feedback. We will take this into consideration.