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    Dear Editor:

    Now that Fall has officially come our way I would like to remind everyone out there to put on the proper outwear before going outside.

    Sadie Goldstein

    Editor’s Note: Thanks for the warning. While we’re at it, here’s a reminder for everyone to get their yearly flu shots.



    Dear Editor:

    I would like to thank Kol Halashon and Torah Anytime.com for giving me the opportunity to learn. I am homebound and cannot get out to attend shiurim. This is my only venue that allows me to learn. Chazak V’ematz!

    Editor’s Note: The zchus these organizations have is absolutely amazing! We should continue funding them so they can do their great work.


    Dear Editor:

    It is with great distress and dismay that I approach the Yom Noraim every year. It is a sad truth that I am admitting to, but let me explain why this is so. It is because my husband leaves my wonderful children and myself behind while he flies off to Uman for Rosh Hashana. It brings a lot of stress into our lives and I see no benefit from it. You may say that I don’t realize the wonderful year I may have had was due to his davening in Uman last year on Rosh Hashana, but I am of the opinion that Hashem will hear our tefillos wherever we may say them. Who can stop this craziness?

    Rebecca W.

    Editor’s Note: I believe you have made a good point here, but many greater people encourage this. Despite the fact that we may not understand it, we have to accept it.


    I’m trying to figure out, is it better for men to leave there family and go to Uman for Rosh Hashana or spend time with their family over Yom Tov.


    Dear Editor:

    The Black Lives Matter Movement is an enigma to me. How do they expect that violence will stop against black people when they reciprocate with violence after every epidsode that has occurred? Why do they think evil will stop evil? It’s time to start showing the world that we abhor violence and wish to stop the violence.


    Editor’s Note: These guys are not there to stop violence; to the contrary, they are always looking for excuses to get violence going. They are racist and promote racism in this country. Our liberal politicians must stop bending to them.


    Dear Editor:

    The fact that people are comparing Shimon Peres & the Chofetz Chaim because they both died at the age of 93 is absurd.


    Editor’s Note: Chas V’shalom- the two can not even be in the same sentence!


    Dear Editor:

    My family minhag is to shlach kaporas with chickens erev Yom Kippur. I can’t stand doing it. Can I use money instead?



    Dear Editor:

    Is it just me or are there too many pizza stores on Avenue M these days?

    Craving for Meat



    Dear Editor,

    Isn’t it amazing how no matter who the democrats put up as a candidate, they automatically get the Jewish vote.

    The person can be a supporter of Arafat, voted most unbelievable candidate of all time and still will get 70% of the Jewish vote. Not even close.

    Why are we so blind to the flaws of the democratic party.

    Look what we had for the last for year!

    Baruch M