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Dear Editor:

One point that has not been mentioned yet by anyone is the fact that the homeowner has to pay the water tax for all the additional water being consumed.  Also, what happens when the reservoirs are low and restrictions are put on water usage?  Are we to give priority to the trees or let children who have nowhere to go in the summer not use the hydrants to cool off?

Esther S.

Editor’s Note: Great point! But with the crooked politicians that abound all around they will find a way to reconcile your difficulties.



Dear Editor:

I was appalled last week when I saw that all of the Jewish Social Websites featured a video of the policeman shooting the terrorist in the Tel Aviv Terrorist Attack. I feel that we become desensitized when we watch murder being committed. It would behoove the heimishe news web sites to be a little more sensitive to what videos are shown to the public.

Thanks for your great paper.

Jake Goldberg

Editor’s Note: There is a saying, “You are what you eat.” We’ll amend that to say, “You become what you see.”



Dear Editor:

There is a social media site that posts simchas, like engagements, weddings and births in the Jewish world. This website includes pictures with the announcements. I don’t think all the couples featured on the site have been asked for permission to have their pictures posted. Where is hilchos tzniyus in relation to this? People should definitely have the choice if they want to be posted or not. We should rise above those other goyishe sites where the more gossip that be posted, the better the website is. That is not the derech of Klal Yisroel.

Hendy Bamburger

Editor’s Note: Your point is addressed in Shulchan Aruch as “hezek reiyah.” Al pi halacha, the web site can be taken to Bais Din and the plaintiffs can be awarded compensation for the intrusion of privacy.



Dear Editor:

I find many people stay up Shavuos night, but do not learn. Instead, they shmooze the entire night. I wonder if it would not be better for them to go to sleep rather than stay up all night and ending up talking lashon Hora etc.

Rabbi Rosenberg

Editor’s Note: That may be so. But then again, maybe they’ll hear a good shiur and really get turned on to learning! It is the time for kabbalas haTorah and can influence the entire year’s worth of learning.



Dear Editor:

I’m very excited that Starbucks coffee is now serving cholov yisroel milk in ten of their stores (including their new store on Flatbush Avenue). Do you think it’s okay to purchase coffee in a store like that, which does not have a hechsher?

Clueless without coffee

Editor’s Note: I would venture to say that unless you feel comfortable eating or drinking in the home of the person behind the counter, I would not rely on such people as far as kashrus is concerned. I personally have seen where they use a cholov yisroel bottle and have refilled it with non-cholov yisroel milk. Don’t forget they’re not charging you extra for the milk, so they are taking a loss. Now that you are an informed consumer, make your educated choice.



Dear Editor:

I make a plea to all the schools who will be celebrating the graduation of their students during the next week or two. Firstly, please start your ceremonies on time. It is extremely unfair to the family members who rush to get the graduation on time and then sit and wait for the actual graduation to start. Secondly, keep the program short! Nobody has the patience to sit for too long. We are truly happy for our children and grandchildren who have reached this wonderful milestone, but we do not want to sit too long!

Thank you!

An Exasperated Parent

Editor’s Note: Think of it from the graduates’ perspective: it is their time in the spotlight! Be careful not to shortchange the graduates! Mazel Tov wishes are extended to all the graduates!