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Dear Editor:

In the last edition of your magazine there was an article about “Famous Ali’s Quotes.” If I did not know better, I would think this man was such a wise and noble man. I think you forgot a few of his quotes. How about this one?

“In my name and the name of all Muslims in America, I declare support for the Palestinian struggle to liberate their homeland and oust the Zionist invaders.”

Or this one…

“All Jews are devils.”

I do not think you should eulogize such an individual in your magazine.

Ana P.

Editor’s Note: Your point is well taken. Anti-semitic comments have no place in our paper.

Dear Editor:

I was always a big Mohammed Ali fan growing up. Should it bother me that he said numerous anti-Zionist things over his lifetime?

Confused Fan

Editor’s Note: Yes, it should bother you. You’ve got your priorities straight. Ali was no role model. He used his religion to get out of the draft. Otherwise, he kept no moral laws.



Dear Editor:

My wife wears an outfit all the time that I dislike. How can I tell her I dislike it without hurting her feelings?


Editor’s Note: You can’t. So learn to like it.



Dear Editor:

I see people trying to hitch a ride all over the country. I want to stop & let people in, but in this crazy world I’m worried that a crazy person will come into my car and try to mug me. What should I do?

Susan Goldman

Editor’s Note: You should definitely not stop. It is against the law to pick up hitchhikers. Chayecha Kodmin.



Dear Editor:

I notice every summer that people are very lenient with the way they dress when they are upstate. People would never wear what they wear in their bungalow colonies in Brooklyn and on Long Island. Do people realize that tzniyus does not just apply 10 months a year?

Rebecca W.

Editor’s Note: Obviously not. For if they did, they would be dressing the same way in the city and the country. Thanks for the reminder.


Dear Editor:

I’m so happy that you decided to put all of your articles on your new web site. I like to look at old Rabbi Gil Student & Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss articles and they are all there. Keep up the good work!!

Marvin G.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for visiting!


Dear Editor:

I love your new web site thevuesonline.com. It has a very clean look and it’s very easy to navigate through. It’s about time!!

Jay B.

Editor’s Note: Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither was our website. A lot of hard work went into it.


Dear Editor:

Your website looks ridiculous!  Why don’t you just display a page saying: Page Under Construction?

Chavi Hornig

Editor’s Note: As Holmes is famously quoted, “Patience, my dear Watson.” The site gets better and better with each passing day.



Dear Editor:

I can’t stand when people double park on a highway. People do not realize that they are not on Central Avenue or Avenue J. Accidents occur everywhere over the summer. How can we get the word out that people should not stop or double park on a highway?

Careful Driver

Editor’s Note: I guess these people think, “It’s my way or the highway!” Seriously speaking, you’re right.



Dear Editor:

Can we please tell people walking on the side of the highway to stop walking in the MIDDLE of the highway. Every summer there are many accidents upstate and many of them are caused by people walking in the middle of the highway. Please remember that the highway in the country is not Ocean Parkway’s pedestrian zone.

Editor’s Note: You’re right. And add to what you described, the women who walk with their baby carriages, putting their children at risk.



Dear Editor:

Why do the grocery stores upstate charge so much more than the stores in the city? I know that they are only open for 2 months but there is no reason for them to be charging 20% or more than city grocery prices?

Running out of Money

Editor’s Note: Shipping all the items to the country costs a lot of money. Renting out space for the entire year to enable a grocery to be open for three months costs a lot money. How do you expect them to keep the prices the same as what you are used to during the year?