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Dear Editor:

I am not Jewish, but I do read your magazine and especially your page. I have read a couple times about how the Jewish people feel the police target them and in the latest issue, how unfair it is to pay local school taxes when your children don’t attend those schools. Well as a year round resident of Woodbourne, I too pay school taxes and don’t have children who go to school. Also, in the spring, usually in May, the police set up numerous road stops to check our vehicles for inspection, registration and seat belts! I don’t see any during the summer months. If the Jewish community wants respect, they have to give it also. I grow tired of cleaning trash off my lawn, of listening to horns blaring all hours of the night and being woken up at 3 am to music blaring from the camps! Some of us are not on vacation and need to go to work in the morning. Respect and acceptance goes two ways.


Editor’s Note: I got stuck twice last week on the 52 for seatbelt checks. The problem that was referred to is that we pay school taxes in two places, not one. As far as music blaring late at night, I don’t think that this problem is only the fault of our community, everyone across the board should be more aware of other people while they are enjoying themselves.


Dear Editor:

Where is someone supposed to park in South Fallsburg? There are no legal parking spots left for the 15 stores they have in town?


Editor’s Note: Why don’t you send this letter to the police department and they will take care of it?


Dear Editor:

Is it wrong for me to go chulent hopping on Shabbos morning from one bungalow to the next if I really don’t like my own wife’s chulent?

Hungry in Hurleyville

Editor’s Note: I think the issue may be with your marriage, not the chulent pot.


Dear Editor:

Everyone pays the same taxes. Catholics send kids to parochial school. Other folks don’t have children. Retired people don’t use schools and they live on fixed incomes. All these people pay taxes! As far as parking tickets, you made me LOL. TRY PARKING LEGALLY and you won’t get a ticket.

Wendy Fried

Editor’s Note: It’s easy to say, park legally, but it may not always be possible when there aren’t enough spots. Come try living in the city and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Dear Editor:

I was in front of a store and someone who wasn’t even wearing a shirt, started yelling at me that my hat was ugly. I think he really doesn’t want us coming up for the summer, so maybe we should stop coming upstate and stay where we live so we will avoid another embarrassment (like your pimples are ugly…)

Simcha Dicker

Editor’s Note: I hope you have enough self confidence that you should not become distraught when someone tells you your pimples are ugly.


Dear Editor:

I agree that something has to be done about the crazy rental prices. I can’t afford to move, but we desperately need to with our growing family, K”H. And why are tuition prices so so high? I mean, way over our budget! How do people survive? My husband works full time, long hours and yet we make nowhere near our monthly expenses. The prices are just so out of hand. Please do something.


Editor’s Note: As it is the Rebbeim and teachers are not being paid enough. If you lower the tuition rates, what do you think they will get paid after that? It seems to be a vicious cycle with no end in sight.


Dear Editor:

Mayor DeBlasio is a genius. He just imposed a penalty of 150 dollars to any store owner who keeps his door open when the air conditioner is running. I hope he gets elected 5 more times. I can sure use more food stamps.

Moshe Schreck

Editor’s Note: I don’t know if Mayor DeBlasio is a genius or not, but why would you keep your door open when the air conditioner is on?


Dear Editor:

Hirsch’s  Editorial (The Vues July 9) bemoans the Israeli government’s passivity in not responding sufficiently to Arab terrorists.  Yet, he barks up the wrong tree.  He should be faulting the Israeli public for not forming a counter terrorist underground to repay the murderers in kind..  The flag of the Irgun Zvai Leumi showed an arm holding a rifle over the map of the original Palestine (that included Jordan) with the words Rat Takh (Thus Only).The Irgun was formed by Zev Jabotinsky in 1936, to repay Arab terrorism.  It worked! And it was the only thing that ever has.  In  1936, the Jews of the Yishuv numbered about half a million.   Yet, an half million Jews under the strictures of a hostile British administration were able to form a secret underground to repay the Arabs, while, today, six million Jews in Israel under no hostile restraining rulers are unable (???)  The government of Israel today only reflects the ethos of the typical Jews who have always been history’s cows who are milked, eaten and worn, and never bite!  However, pre-Holocaust Palestine attracted a populace with a higher percentage of atypical Jews than existed in the diaspora, and a higher percentage than is found in Israel today!  Israel was created and preserved in her times of peril by her atypical Jews in spite of the typicals.

In the early 1980s, some young Jews in Israel formed counter-terror groups. They were all Jews from Brooklyn. Limiting their membership to such was their attempt to keep the government from penetrating their organizations, but it couldn’t protect them forever. Under a likud administration they were caught and tortured into confessing.  Fawning cringing Peres and the morons who admire him, like Amos Oz, kvelled on all the admiration they fantasized Israel was getting for erasing their terrorists.  But the Arabs read it only as the bootlicking of the frightened.  I argue that it was self destructive, and one of the major mistakes in Jewish history. The road to the gas chamber was paved with a presumed ethical superiority.  The road to Israel’s destruction is paved likewise.

The Israeli government, obsessed as it is with PR, and mayim ruha goyim, will never take the steps needed to end the terrorism.  But “G-d helps those who help themselves.”  Once again, Jews must take matters into their own hands, and once again raise the Irgun flag!  “Thus Only.”

Michael J. Libby

Editor’s Note: I guess this would be one of the differences between Satmar and the Zionists.