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    Dear Editor:

    It is a true bracha from shamayim that the biggest Oheiv Yisroel to sit in the Oval Office, President Donald Trump, succeeded a raging Anti-Semite Barack Hussein Obama. Whereas Obama ym’s let the UN pass an anti-Israel resolution and refused to commute the sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, despite bipartisan support for Rubashkin from Congress, former US Attorney Generals and many other high officials who admitted to a miscarriage of justice, President Trump gave his very first, and thus far only, commutation to a frum Yid. While most presidents issue pardons and commutations mostly only after their last presidential election or just before leaving office, President Trump issued his less than a year into his first term. And this came just after President Trump issued his Jerusalem decision. And, of course, The Donald’s long history of being supportive of frum Yidden both long before he ever ran for public office as well as since running for and assuming the office of the presidency of the United States.

    Yasher Koach President Trump on behalf of all of Klal Yisroel, particularly the Torah community.

    Yossi G

    Editor’s Note:  We should thank Hashem for helping us have someone in the White House is pro-Jews.


    Dear Editor:

    I saw last week there was a controversy regarding naming Haman’s horse. We need to be very careful not to cause a chillul hashem. If we are a publication that is written for everybody to read, then you must be cognizant of this at all times.

    Boruch D

    Editor’s Note: You are 100% right. However, this was written in a joking way since it was in the Purim edition. Sometimes we can’t be so politically correct.


    Dear Editor:

    I heard that this year the tzion of Rabbi Elimeilich of Lizhensk was on fire. I hope that we can re-build this holy place and have it available again next year. I heard that many people were helped with yeshuos after visiting the kever.

    Yoily F

    Editor’s Note: I am sure the tzion will be rebuilt and hopefully so will Yerushalayim and the Bais Hamikdash be rebuilt soon.


    Dear Editor:

    Recently, someone extended a purim seuda invitation to those persons finding themselves “uninvited” to a purim seuda. Perhaps a shul or organization can coordinate invitations for those persons needing a meal on Pesach. We all say in the haggada, “May all those hungry come to eat,” giving true meaning to the phrase.


    Abraham Ganz

    Editor’s Note: With all the gemachim we have today I am sure there is some organization who takes care of this. If there isn’t, there definitely should be something started! May everyone everywhere have a kosher Pesach!


    Dear Editor:

    I was appalled when a shadchan asked for a picture of my daughter because the other side would not proceed without one. Is this the new norm? Why would the person need to see a picture in advance? The guy will see the

    girl when he goes out with her. I think this practice is really lacking in tzniyus.

    Yankel Vegh

    Editor’s Note: I agree with you. It is totally unnecessary to see a picture. A picture cannot do justice to the personality of the girl and/or her middos. Looks often times become tertiary to the more important essence of a person.


    Dear Editor:

    How far does the minhag of not eating gebrokts go? Should I not eat at my in-laws on Pesach because they eat gebrokts? How about the issue of kailim used for gebrokts before Pesach? How about kailim used on Pesach? Is there any difference if the food is hot or cold? I am so confused. Why is there no problem with eating gebrokts on the last day of Pesach?

    Confused in Flatbush

    Editor’s Note: This is a question for your local Orthodox rabbi and for you to discuss with your parents so you can find out what their minhag is. When it comes to Pesach people are very sensitive since chometz is assur even b’mashehu.


    Dear Editor:

    What is the problem with Trump? He changes cabinet members so often that even the Press does not know who is who. Do you think if Hillary were President she would have switched people this often?

    Sora A.

    Editor’s Note: I guess Trump demands perfection and if someone is not doing a perfect job he will be replaced. It’s good that Hillary is not president. She may have not switched staff as much as Trump is doing, but her staff members would not have been doing a better job than Trump’s staff.