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    Dear Editor:

    I feel like we are losing some nostalgia. Every year after Pesach my parents would take me to buy an afikoman gift in Toys R us. I hear that they are closing up. What a shame

    Tzachi Hirsh

    Editor’s Note: I suppose all good things come to an end. May I suggest you visit your local Shomer Shabbos toy store and support our brethren?


    Dear Editor:

    How u put a letter saying ym”s on President Obama u magazine has no limit to

    accusing him falsely as a anti Semite thats a true lie it’s not the first time but to write ym”s thats really over the limit is he then the president still always busi with him when he’s not president over a year I didn’t agree with all his policies but calling him a anti Semite thats a lie and the writer praises so much Trump well who has is a bigger racist who didn’t wanna call put David duke when he endorsed him was that also < obama > who said there were two sides in Charleston in summer by the protest where they killed a innocent bystander it’s a shame u write this Obama was a friend of the jews that a a fact he had different approach to Israeli conflict and had disagreements with bibi Ur magazine makes it sound like he’s the cause apt all the prob in the world well he’s out and the prob just get bigger and so it was b4 he was in the white house to u just like to blame every thing on him stop making him a scape goat btw there r bigger anti Semite around also unfurtinally alot of them between us to do stop and stop blaming him and bashing him so much maybe tikme to focus on other prob the people who make chilled hash-am day and nite alot unfuretunally purpose what’s with that did u ever mention that in ur pro zionist magazine It’s not only ur magazine accusing him falsely since the day he became president day in and night well maybe by writing it so much u wanted him to become one he gave the most money to Israel and so on u write abt rubashkin but what’s with the jew <forgot his name > who was prisoned in cuba and who got him out ! That u totally forgot did u give him credit at that time when President Obama got him out when his health was deteriorating ov course not stop painting him like the biggest anti Semite ever. The writer holds strong of Trump does he hold of his temperament to of his messed up cabinet firing People every other day does he hold of his bigotry comments his racist comments his comments about abusing women who has a tape about improper behavior towards women who has now a whole legal fight with his lawyer about a pop star how many lies did he say in his 14 months in white house who degrades world leaders respected in the world just for one word what he smells wrong who accused a president just because he’s a African that he was not a legitimate president bed he was not born in U.S.A. when that proved to b the biggest made up lie just for he to become famous did he ever apologize till today of course not and I think u know the answer if he will ever. I hope Muller does his job and finds him guilty bed he’s meanwhile doing a good job I hope he brings him down he does not. Deserve to b sitting in the white house he belongs behind bars I just hope he doesn’t fire miller like he likes to fire every one who just thinks loud against him he wants to become a dictator like he praised lately the leader from China. Anyways it says before moshiach would come the Zionist state will b destroyed and the whole Zionist movement like the holy Satmar Rebbe ztz”l said it should be without Jewish blood.

    Yoily Schwartz

    Editor’s Note: I am not sure what you are saying in your message since there are no sentences. Please try to write more coherently next time using standard grammar.


    Dear Editor:

    I don’t get it! You printed lots of Purim photos, except for thTWO WINNING PHOTOS!!! What gives? (Talk about V’nahafoch Hu!)

    Editor’s Note: I guess you answered it yourself?


    Dear Editor:

    While I appreciate the good our president has done, I am concerned by the excessive praise heaped upon him by some of his frum followers. He is, after all, merely a human being. Is it not unseemly to be overly praising a person, even if that person is the president of the United States?



    P.S. I am also concerned about the vilification of Barack Obama, who is also only a human man.

    Editor’s Note: Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. That’s why we have this forum.


    Dear Editor:

    Just wanted to remind everyone that in the month of Nissan we have a special Bracha to make on the blossoming fruit trees. With all the snow and wintry weather I wonder if we will be able to find a tree to make the bracha on during the month of Nissan.

    Boruch J

    Editor’s Note: Just wait and see! Spring is around the corner and we’ll see the blossoming trees.


    Dear Editor:

    Did you ever wonder why today we don’t have a Jewish hit song that lasts for more than a month? I think it is because we are a generation that needs some thing new every minute and out attention span is so diminished because of social media. What are your thoughts?

    Sury Stern

    Editor’s Note: Too true. What did you write about again? I was busy moving on to my next activity…

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