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    Dear Editor:

    I was appalled when I saw how twisted the logic of the Arabs are when they fight. They will put anybody out there, in danger, as long as they keep fighting. Read the following international law that prohibits the use of children to see how truly uncivilized the Arab world is:

    Article 38 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (adopted in 1989) condemns the recruitment and involvement of children in hostilities and armed conflicts. In 2000, the UN General Assembly adopted a treaty that raises the age limit for compulsory recruitment and participation in combat to age 18. Article 36 of the same UN document calls on states to protect children against any kind of exploitation.

    When Arab children are killed or injured, it makes headlines in Western media reports. But rather than investigate who is behind the participation of children in armed confrontation, Western journalists tend to report what they see on the streets.

    Moreover, the age-old news adage, “If it bleeds, it leads,” is all the more true when the victims are children. No matter what the circumstances, the sight of a wounded or dead child is heartrending.

    Hamas is killing Palestinian children because they make effective delivery systems for killing Israelis. They also sacrifice them because wounded or dead children paint Israelis as heartless and cruel in the eyes of the world, and the Israelis themselves.

    The death of Arab children on the front lines – extolled as shahids or martyrs – has become a cynical weapon in the arsenal of Hamas and other Arab leaders. As long as the deaths of children serve their cause, Palestinian leaders will continue to employ this strategy. Using Palestinian children as combatants and targeting Israeli children must stop; the world community must take a clear moral stand.

    Editor’s Note: You’re not kidding around, are you?


    Dear Editor:

    We never heard the end of the beer controversy. Is it permissible to buy beer or not? How could two hashgochas who rely on each other when it comes to other things, but regarding mechiras chametz they will not rely on each other?

    Yankel Berger

    Editor’s Note: If we wait long enough, the controversy will be gone, since the turnover of merchandise will be complete and everything will be permitted.

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    Dear Editor:

    Last week Rabbi Eisen from the Vaad of the 5 Towns announced that all establishments with the Vaad’s hasgacha starting in June must have a camera on all entrances and exits to the stores. This is crazy. Isn’t this like big brother watching? What happened to ne’emanus? I’m sure other hashgachas will be following in the very near future.

    Editor’s Note: If we would rely just on ne’emanus, we wouldn’t need any hashgacha at all. Obviously, the fact that people make money by running these stores may impinge upon their ne’emanus. A hashgacha agency that gives hashgacha can decide what tools are needed for them to facilitate their hashgacha. If one doesn’t like it, they can find a different hashgacha.


    Dear Editor:

    I don’t understand why the DOJ is going after Trump’s lawyer. As soon as he gets sentenced in jail Trump will

    pardon him. Why waste time and tax payers’ money?

    Jim H

    Editor’s Note: You are 100% right. It is politics as usual. Do you know how much money they waste on stupid investigations that bring no fruit?


    Dear Editor:

    I heard Bingo was selling tickets to fly to Miron on Lag Baomer. It is an amazing thing that Bingo is helping the community by driving down prices in all areas. We hope that others learn from them and continue making kosher life as a yid affordable. Thanks.

    Tzivia Delman

    Editor’s Note: In theory, I agree with you. However, think about all the mom and pop stores that are struggling because of stores like Bingo. They are struggling because they don’t have the buying power that a large store like Bingo has.


    Dear Editor:

    Why do some Shuls sing Carlebach songs and some don’t? Are his songs kosher? Was he a frum Jew or not? I really am confused when it comes to music these days. If songs are copied from non-Jews but then are sung to Jewish words by Jewish people does that make the song Jewish?

    A Jewish Person in Flatbush

    Editor’s Note: Two Jews, three opinions. There is no clarity when it comes to the above topic. Speak to your LOR (local Orthodox rabbi).


    Dear Editor:

    What is this new Kol Koreh against Quicken Loans and ribbis? Are they the only Jewish owned bank? We need full disclosure here. If we are dealing with ribbis here then we can get a hetter iska here.

    Shaya B

    Editor’s Note: Hey, the rabbis have to start somewhere. I am sure there’ll be more banks and lenders included in the next Kol Koreh.

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