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Dear Editor:
We have an abundant of appreciation to Mr. Dov Cohen of Dov Hikind’s office for helping us resolve the issue with our sidewalks vs. NYC.

It is so refreshing to deal with a public employee who really served the public.

Mr and Mrs M. Kushner
Editors note: Wow! finally a positive letter. Would love to get more of these.



Dear Editor:
My friends all are going to the mountains for Shabbos Nachamu. I am afraid I might be the only person on my block staying in the city. How will my children find shidduchim?
Shoshy B

Editor’s Note: It is not as bad as you make it. I am sure you will be able to find a minyan in Shul.



Dear Editor:
I am very worried about the Presidential office. It seems like every week someone else either resigns or gets fired. How is there going to be stability? Will anything get done? Seems like the only thing the President does is tweeting.
Joe B

Editor’s Note: It seems that this is Par for The Course in this administration.



Dear Editor:

Who makes up your parsha bonus question of the week? Every week I ask my Rebbi for the answer and he even has a hard time with the answers sometimes.
 Editor’s Note: This question cannot be answered because it would mean giving away our trade secrets!



Dear Editor:
Kashrus in Flatbush took a huge hit this past week. Rabbi Meir Goldberg of the Vaad was niftar. We all owe him a great Hakaras HaTov that he took the Vaad of Flatbush and upgraded its standards. He will be sorely missed. Yehei Zichr Boruch.
Flatbush Resident

Editor’s Note: No words can explain.



Dear Editor:
How could Netanyahu bow to these pressures of the Arab states and remove all security from Har 
Habayis. Are Israeli Soldiers lives hefker? The lives of the Salamon family that were slaughtered in cold blood al kiddush Hashem while eating a Shabbos meal mean nothing?
B D.

 Editor’s Note: I guess he is of the opinion that by removing these securities there will be less incitement and less Jewish people will be killed. 


 Dear Editor:
Brooklyn looks like is losing a lot of its Frum population. People are settling in Lakewood which is a great place to live. I hope that Brooklyn does not go the same route that Canarsie and East NY went. We need to have Jews living in more than one place for many reasons. There has to be a way to get young people to settle in Brooklyn. Our Yeshivas enrollment is down. 
Of course the best thing is that Mashiach should come and we al move to Eretz Yisroel.

Editor’s Note: I hope that you are just exaggerating.



Dear Editor: 
Putin just expelled 755 US diplomats from Russia. Is this going to develop into a cold war which might lead to a WWIII?
We need Mashiach desperately.
Josh M

Editor’s Note: Hashem has his plan and we just need to Daven! 



Dear Editor: 
North Korea keeps on testing ICB missiles. What happened to all the environmentalists? I would think for the Earth to survive we need to curb nuclear access to Lunatics. Obama was busy with emissions of our automobiles. I shudder to think what the emissions of a nuclear attack can create in our country.
Hashem needs to protect us.

Editor’s Note: Let us have emunah and let Hashem lead the world.