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Dear Editor:

Thank you for a fine publication. In reference to the article about new trees being planted, I’d like to make a short comment. The article states, “the city requires homeowners to maintain the trees’ upkeep by watering it.” A tree is a beautiful part of nature and yes it requires work. Water the new trees & enjoy.  Unable to find time to water a tree? Well, go outdoors, water & maintain that tree. You will be combining an exercise regimen and taking part in nature.

Mrs. K. Brieger

Editor’s Note: That’s very nice advice, but not everyone has the time nor the wherewithal to do this! Some people need to get their exercise in other ways. If the city wants the trees to be taken care of, let them figure out how to water them themselves. We pay enough taxes that we shouldn’t be taxed with this additional chore. As it is the city doesn’t clean the streets, they just move the dirt around and give us alternates tickets.



Dear Editor:

The Vues, week of June 4th- June 10th 2016 in getting to know….

Gary Carter

Ephraim Fischbein writes that Gary Carter died last week.

He died on February 16, 2012.

Ephraim also goes on to write that he died “…less than a year after being  diagnosed with the disease.”

What disease did he die of?

Editor’s Note: Thanks for writing in. I hope Ephraim reads this letter and responds to you in the future.



Dear Editor:

I am reading your magazine that just came out and it mentions that Gary Carter died a few days ago at age 57 in Florida. We all know that he died a number of years ago. I’m just wondering if this is a typographical error or ????


Editor’s Note: Thanks for writing to us. It’s amazing how sports figures spark interest in everyone. Lehavdil, if the facts about a gadol’s petirah was incorrect, would you have noticed? Although, last week did mention that Rabbi Steinfeld’s article quoted the wrong gadol. So there are people paying attention to that too! Keep being alert!



Dear Editor:

My son comes home now every day with a request for money for some party in school. Why does every teacher bunch his or her parties for the same week? Then we wonder why our children are obese. There should be a protocol from the school limiting the prices and amounts of end of year parties. It’s really gotten out of hand.

Mrs. Weiss

Editor’s Note: Why are you trying to take away your children’s enjoyment in education? End of the year parties are actually very important. The children should leave school with a positive taste in their mouths. The parties give importance to the many milestones they reached over the school year. Don’t be a party pooper!




Dear Editor:

I appreciate this forum for expressing our views. Are you looking for people to respond to these letters? I am a retired school teacher and would love to edit your letters. Thank you.

Carla Rosner

Editor’s Note: Are you trying to take away my job?



Dear Editor:

Please let me congratulate you on your great publication. It has something for everyone. Would you be able to publish some stock news? Thank you very much.

Bill Johnson

Editor’s Note: Don’t give any ideas like this, before you know it we may be printing the sports scores too!