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Latest Recipes

Rosh Hashana Brisket
INGREDIENTS: 5-6 lb brisket 3 medium onions 1 Tbsp vegetable oil 3 cloves of minced garlic salt and pepper to
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Ask the Physical Therapists

The Reflexes Part II
There are many primitive reflexes. The ones that we focus on in Rhythmic Movement Training are: Moro Reflex: The Moro
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Alan Hirsch Speaks

It is rare that we find a political candidate, let alone the President of The United States that keep their
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Ari Hirsch Speaks

Getting to Know the New Owner of the NY Mets Steve Cohen
September 14th, 2020 will be a major day of significance in the story of the New York Mets baseball franchise.
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Latest News & Articles

Two Jewish Musicians, Sandy Koufax’s Decision, and the Power of a Kiddush Hashem

One of the most popular “Fun Question” pages I have ever made was the question, “If you could have three people over to your house, anyone from the beginning of…

Teshuva Power

Did you hear about Macy’s? After C O V I D – 1 9 caused it to shut its doors for five months, the mega-retailer expected to come back booming….

Keeping Moshe Alive

In Devarim 32:48 the posuk says that Hashem spoke to Moshe in the middle of the day. Rashi quotes the Sifri that discusses that the Torah mentions that it was…

Is the Akedah Ethical

It seems that every few years, someone argues that the message of the Akedah, the binding and near-sacrifice of Yitzchak (Gen. 22), is something other than that we should follow…

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