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Latest Recipes

Rosh Hashana Brisket
INGREDIENTS: 5-6 lb brisket 3 medium onions 1 Tbsp vegetable oil 3 cloves of minced garlic salt and pepper to
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Ask the Physical Therapists

Kids in the Kitchen
Pediatric occupational therapists help children develop and improve many skills such as fine motor, executive, and visual perceptual skills. We
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Alan Hirsch Speaks

Should I Move Upstate This Summer?
The thousands of families who head upstate for the summer months really enjoy the area. From Swan Lake to Woodbourne,
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Ari Hirsch Speaks

Two Jewish Musicians, Sandy Koufax’s Decision, and the Power of a Kiddush Hashem
One of the most popular “Fun Question” pages I have ever made was the question, “If you could have three
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Latest News & Articles

Dating and Relationship Advice

Dear Rabbi and Shira,  I am responding to the lovely girl who was upset that she was not getting any dates due to the mothers of the boys who rejected…

The Order of Food

Hashem commanded Noach in Bereishis 6:22 to bring all types of food into the Teiva for you (Noach and family) and them (all animals) to eat. The Gemara in Berachos…

The Symbolism of the Rainbow

In Parashat Noach, we are introduced to the rainbow. HaKadosh Barukh Hu promises that He will never destroy the world again and uses a rainbow as a reminder of this…

Let “Us” Make Man?

And G-d said, “Let us make man in our image, after our l i k e n e s s … ” (Bereshit 1:26) When the Torah describes the steps…

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